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timestamp: set about two days after First Date

Life Rules: Your Date
by Heidi (beaglepack@earthlink.net) and comet (cometsmind@earthlink.net)


Wufei didn't see Duo the day following his friend's date with Heero, but that was typical of their current class schedules. He also hadn't heard of a shooting at the movie theatre so he figured the refreshment guy was safe and both friends had gotten over their nervousness. And all went well. Hopefully.

The commissary was only lightly filled with students eating and studying. Conversations, music, and clicking of the keys on laptops were the standard noise. Wufei had been only been there ten minutes, his books just opened and his lunch barely eaten when he saw books and a bag drop down onto his table. Seconds later, Duo followed into the only other chair at the table. "I believe," Duo started, "that having a Dr. Slaughter teach Criminal Procedures is just irony working overtime."

Wufei had had that same thought last semester when he'd been in Dr. Slaughter's class. "Could be worse," he said, reaching for his drink, "he could be teaching the Serial Murder class."

"True that."

Looking up at Duo, Wufei finally asked, "So, how was the date? I did not receive a call to bail you out of jail."

Duo grinned. "It was great!" he exclaimed, a little louder than intended. Several people had turned to look over at his table before returning to their own lunches or studying. "Dinner, movie, stopping a convenience store robbery, and ice cream." Duo waited, knowing his friend wouldn't disappoint on the response.

"That's nice," Wufei responded automatically, then paused to process exactly what had been said and nearly spit tea over them both. "Repeat that."

Duo's grinned widened. "I said, the movie was good. Heero was wonderful. And, okay, I admit I might have been a little nervous. The food was tasty. We stopped a robbery at the convenience store a block from here. Then had ice cream."

"A robbery? You just can't stay out of trouble can you?"

"Hey! It wasn't me," Duo said, defending himself. It wasn't his fault if trouble appeared near him. "Heero and I went in to get a drink and the next thing we know these guys in masks, straight out of a movie came in and told the clerk to empty the cash drawer. We were back by the coolers. I grabbed a can of beer and tossed it to the other side of the store to get the crooks attention away from the clerk and where we were."

"Whatever possessed you to get involved?" Wufei asked shaking his head at his friend.

"That poor girl behind the counter was terrified. I couldn't let them get away with that," Duo stated quite bluntly.

"So what happened next?"

"Well Heero snuck around the end of the row in one direction and I went the other. I got the guy who went to check on where I threw the can and Heero got the guy still at the counter. The girl called the cops while we held the thieves down. It all went off without a hitch and we were home an hour later." Duo paused, "After a stop at ice cream shop around the corner that is."

"Did the police recognise you or Heero?"

"Nah," Duo answered, stealing chips from Wufei's plate. "We looked like two average college kids out to buy chips and drinks."

"Then you can go buy your own chips." Wufei smirked at his friend and moved his plate out of Duo's direct reach.

"Yeah, okay," Duo said, bouncing out of his seat. "Back in a sec. Oh, and Heero asked me out again."

Wufei sighed. Life could only get more entertaining now.

- end -

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