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- something, timestamp: something -
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A Moment in Time (Three)
by comet <comet@ao.net>
(with assistance from Heidi and input from Ninjababe)


- The Communal Rooms, timestamp: before First Meetings -

Quatre and Trowa's apartment was "A," and Heero and Duo had apartment "C," that left "B" for the five of them to do something with since they owned the entire floor. They decided to shift walls around and move and change the bathrooms. The two "bedrooms" were now basically the same size. One was used as a weight and exercise room. It had several pieces of equipment, including a set of even bars. Thank the maker for high ceilings. The second room, the one with the two wide windows, was a music room. A grand piano graced the center of the room and several other instruments were sitting in cases or on stands around the room.

Part of area that would have been the living room was made into a martial arts practice area with a padded floor and a wall rack filled with practice weapons. The other portion of the living room had a large screen tv and entertainment center with several couches and chairs around it.

The dining room had a large table with some type of board game in progress spread out across it. "Come on Q," Duo said. "It's your turn."


"No, roll."

"Patience, young one," Quatre repeated.

"Screw patience," Duo said, "and I'm older than you." Duo watched Quatre move his piece three spaces and pass the dice to Trowa. He let out the breath he was holding. He was safe until Heero or Wufei went again, and that wouldn't happen until after his turn. Hopefully he could get his piece far enough ahead that he wouldn't have to worry again.

Trowa passed him the dice and he rolled. Eight. That would get him to a safe zone. Hopefully, he thought, the other two will pass the zone and keep going on their turns.

Heero did just that but Wufei stopped at the safe zone. "Uh, uh," he told Duo, "I know how you play. You're staying in front of me for a little while longer."

Duo grinned. "Maybe," he said. "It all depends on the next pass of the dice."


-An Evening Out, timestamp: set before Picture This -

Duo knocked on the door to apartment 4D. Okay, so knocking wouldn't be the right word. It started as a light taping, then picked up in speed and pressure.

"A simple knock would have done, Duo."

"I'll say," Ronnie said, opening her door.

Duo and Wufei just stood there, mouths open. Ronnie stared at them, a smirk gracing her face and a twinkle in her eye that clearly stated she was enjoying the moment. Duo was the first to speak, "Guess you're ready?"

"Yes," she answered, reaching to the coat rack beside the door for sheer hunter green shirt that she pulled over a rather tight, short black shirt with double spaghetti straps. "It's cause I have on girl clothes for a change, isn't it?"

"Just the clothes in general," Duo said as he held out his hand for Ronnie's key. She handed them over and he put them in one of front pockets of his black leather pants. The short black skirt she was wearing had slits on the sides instead of pockets. Slits that showed off a burn of a dragon with a long slender body in a rampant pose on her right thigh -- the result of an accident during her childhood.

As the trio got on the elevator, Ronnie finally asked where Quatre was.

"He and Trowa are still stuck on L4-02," Wufei answered, looking quite comfortable in a pair of tight black jeans and a black see through shirt that was similar to the dark violet one Duo was wearing. Going out with Duo was nothing new for the Chinese man, he had often accompanied Duo while they were both in college. "And Heero was paged by Sally."

"They're loss," Duo said. The elevator reached the lobby of their building and Duo bounded out. "And, I'm driving."

"Get us to the club alive," Wufei told his friend's back.

"Only way for us to dance, man," Duo called over his shoulder.

The club, FireStorm (*), was what most anyone would expect of a dance rave club. Loud, pumping music, multi-colored lights moving in patterns, a bar, and lots of people moving to the beat.

"Come on, guys," Duo called out over the music, "dance with me!"


Duo stood near the bar, waiting for his drink, body still swaying to the music as he watched his friends out on the dance floor. "Baby, you should be dancing with me," a voice whispered into Duo's ear causing him to stop his swaying.

Duo turned around to see a woman with long green hair standing there. "No thanks," he told her, moving to take his drink.

"I can give you a wild night," she said, following him from the bar and running her fingers down his arm.

Duo stepped back. "No," he said with more force than before, "thanks."

She swayed and twisted her body, moving closer to Duo, trying to elicit a reaction from him. "Come on baby."

"You must be hard of hearing or something," he said. "I'm not interested, I've got someone that can give me a wild night. Go find someone else. "

The woman huffed and was about to try again when Heero appeared near them and said only one word to the woman while looking into Duo's eyes, "Leave."

Duo had stopped looking at the woman when Heero appeared. "Glad you came, Koi," he said, body beginning to move to the music. "Dance with me."

Heero stepped closer, taking Duo's drink from him to take a sip, before moving even closer to kiss him. "Would love too, Love," he breathed into Duo's ear.

The woman huffed again and moved on to another guy at the bar, but Duo and Heero could have cared less as they moved out onto the dance. Heero turned Duo around so that Duo's back would be against his chest. He moved the hand not holding the drink to rest on Duo's hip. "Finish your water," he whispered to Duo, handing back the glass.

Duo nodded. When he finished the water he put the glass in the return bin next to where they stood. He then dropped that hand to rest on Heero's thigh. Together they began to move to the music, bodies swaying and turning, hearts beating, and hands waving and roaming.

As the songs switched, they started another dance. Again matching rhythm
for rhythm, beat for beat. Heero moved his head to kiss Duo on the cheek. As he pulled his head away he whispered, "They dance well together."

"Now to get them to see that," Duo muttered, as they continued to dance and watch their two friends moving together on the dance floor.


- The Gift, timestamp: right before the Life Rules story A Change in Perspective -

Duo stared at the box. "What is it?" he asked.

"Open it and see," Ronnie answered. "And no, it's not gonna exploded.

The two shared a smile as Duo opened the small box and pulled out packing material to slowly reveal a small statue of a woman. She held a key and lock in her hands. "Who is she?" he asked, then read the inscription carved around the base of the statue. "Her power is to open what is shut; to shut what is open."

"She's Carna," Ronnie answered. "The Roman goddess of doors and locks, and a goddess of health. She was known as the protectress of little children against the attacks of vampire-witches."

Duo looked back down at the statue. "Tapadh leat mo phiuthar," he told in Gaelic. "But why?"

Ronnie smiled. She was getting use to him referring to her as his sister, and her brothers were just loving the idea of having another younger sibling. "Your welcome," she told him. "She reminds me of you. Especially after seeing you breaking into Coroner's Office to get to their coffee maker," her grin widened, but faded slightly with her next statement. "And vampires are just another way to look at plagues. She's you--locks and health."

Duo picked up the small statue from the box and gently sat it on the dinning room table. "Must find a place for it," he said.


- end -

End notes:

(*) one of the authors lives in Florida. If you didn't know this, a section of that fair state is known as the lightning capital of the world. Anyway, a nice bolt in the middle of one of their latest storms started another fire (which are also frequent there at certain times of the year).

1) Information on Carna (also spelled Cardea) can be found at The Encyclopedia Mythica website (www.pantheon.org) and many books on Roman Mythology. The quote on the statue is from Encyclopedia Mythica and is created to a writer named Ovid.

2) Scottish Gaelic. Tapadh leat (used with people you are familiar with) is thank you and is pronounced [Tach-ba-lave]. mo phiuthar is my sister and is pronouced [mo pewh-uhr].

%% You might have noticed a story named Change of Perspective mentioned within these snippets. Don't worry, you haven't missed anything. Change of Perspective is not yet complete, but will be soon. Change is a backstory and has many scenes about Heero and Duo. %%