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- something, timestamp: something -
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A Moment in Time (Two)
by comet <comet@ao.net>
(with assistance from Heidi and input from Ninjababe)


- Friends, timestamp: a year after EW -


"Hello, Wu," Duo said. He was sitting outside in the sun on a bench under a tree. "What can I do for you on this fine afternoon."

"Can the bullshit, Duo," he said. "Explain this."

Duo wasn't surprised by the language that came out of Wufei's mouth, while the Chinese boy could be calm and collected and sometimes aloof, he could also be a bit on the crude side, especially around some of his friends. "Sit down Wu, before you wear a hole in the grass." Wufei complied, sinking down to sit on the bench next to his friend and handing the paper to Duo.

"This would be our class standings," Duo said, reading the title line off the page.

Wufei quirked an eyebrow at him. "No shit, really."

"This cause we're tied, ne?" Duo asked, grinning. "You need a girlfriend, Wu. Help you relax a little."

Wufei visibly relaxed a little. "I'm not ready for that yet." He admitted then turned his head to look at Duo. "And stop trying to change the subject." He knew his friend was trying to get out of talking about their tied standings and having to admit that he wasn't the goof-off he normally portrayed.

Duo gave Wufei a look that clearly said "who me? would I do something like that?"

"Yes, you."

Duo grinned at his best friend. He knew just what to do to get Wufei's mind on something else, and to get him to relax a bit more. "Want to go out dancing with me tonight?" he asked.

Wufei nodded. "Sure," he answered almost reluctantly. "Someone has to keep you out of trouble."

"Funny, man."

The small smile that appeared on Wufei's face was exactly what Duo had been hoping for. "Come on, we can rummage through my closet for something for you to wear. Better yet," Duo said, "you and Heero are about the same size and height -- we can look in his closet too."

Duo jumped up from the bench and pulled his friend along with him.


- Time to Go, timstamp: sometime between First Meetings and A Change of Perspective -

Duo looked around the large open office, and two desks down to where his friends and lover's desks were located. He'd made up his mind, it was time to leave. Wufei knew of his decision. Well, he knew that he was thinking about it, they had spent an evening talking about it and the possibilities for something else. Now, now he needed to tell Heero.

Easier said than done, he thought. Okay, I'm probably over thinking this. Heero will want me to be happy. Duh, he berated himself, that's a given.

Duo got up from his desk and went to perch on the side of Heero's desk. "We need to talk, Koi," he said quietly. "Let's go to lunch."

Heero nodded, stood up and grabbed his jacket. Duo noticed Wufei giving him a thumb's up and smiled.

Twenty minutes later, Duo still hadn't said much and their relative quiet was broken by Heero stating, "You're leaving the Preventers."

Duo looked up from his sandwich, but didn't keep eye contact with Heero. He only nodded a response. Heero reached across the table and lifted Duo's face. "It's okay, Koi," he said. "Now tell me why you're leaving."

Duo stared at Heero and remained quiet for a moment, organising his thoughts. The he began. "Circle10 bought my game," he said, a small smile returning to his face, "then turned around and offered me a job to design and program more."

Heero let a small smile play around his lips, waiting for Duo to continue. He wasn't upset with the news, in fact, he was quite happy that Duo had sold the game he'd been working so hard on. He didn't have long to wait before Duo continued.

"I'm going to faze out of one job and into another," Duo said. "Next few months I'll work part-time at both places. Then I'll just be on-call with the Preventers. In case you guys need me."

"I'll always need you," Heero answered.

"I meant with the Preventers," Duo said, as a light blush colored his checks.

"I know."

Duo leaned over the table, not caring who saw them, and hissed Heero. "I so do love you," he said once the kiss ended.


- Two on Two, timestamp: sometime after First Meetings but before A Moment of Quiet -

"Left, left," Duo yelled out.

Zechs and Trowa both moved as Duo yelled out, unfortunately for Duo he hadn't wanted Trowa to move. Trowa had other ideas though and intercepted the ball and passed it to Ronnie who then threw it into the basket.

"Now," Trowa said, grabbing the bouncing ball and passing it to Zechs, who then passed it to Duo to take out, "we're no longer tied."

"Talk is cheap," Duo muttered.

"This coming from you," Trowa joked, taking a position near Duo, while Ronnie moved to try to get around Zechs.

A few minutes and one distraction later, Duo successfully passed the ball to Zechs. And once again, the game was tied. This time Zechs handed the ball to Trowa who took it out of play.

Trowa nodded at Ronnie, recognising the signal, Ronnie backed up. Trowa smiled at the other Zechs and Duo then threw the ball over both their heads and directly toward Ronnie who was standing just under the basket.

Duo was stunned, he hadn't expected a move like that. "Is that fair?" he asked his just as stunned partner. Zechs only shrugged his shoulders and started walking towards the bench.

"Hey," Ronnie said, also walking towards the bench, "You guys won last week."

The bench sat on the other side of the fence that surrounded the half basketball court on the roof of their building. Why did the court have a nine foot fence around it? Easy, to keep the basketball from sailing off the roof and into someone's car six stories down. Something both Trowa and Heero had done before they put up the fence.

"Same time next week?" Trowa asked, picking up a water bottle to drink from.

"You bet," Duo said enthusiastically. "rematch!"

Zechs simply nodded since he too was drinking from a bottle of water.

Ronnie gave a thumbs up sign. "We can make it two wins in a row," she told Trowa.

"I don't think so," Duo answered the challenge as the group started walking toward the roof access door.

As the roof door swung closed behind them Zechs agreed with Duo. "Me neither."


- timestamp: after First Meetingsand before Change of Perspective -

"So," Duo asked, "who is he?"

Hilde glared at the Duo, Duo glared back. Hilde sighed. "He's wonderful, that's what he is."

This time Duo sighed. He leaned back in his chair and stared at the vidphone. "Hilde."

"You're in big brother mode," she commented. "Not that I expected anything less from you, but still." A light entered Hilde's eyes as she saw someone move in the background. "Heero," she called. "Help me, get him to move to another topic."

Heero walked back into range of the vidphone and smiled. "What's Brian do for a living?" he asked.

While Duo was shocked that even Heero knew Hilde's boyfriend's name and he didn't, Hilde was giving Heero a look that said "gee, not exactly the help I was looking for there."

Duo shook the feeling off and repeated Heero's question. "Yeah Hil, what does ole Bri do for a living?"

"He owns a small family cafe a couple of blocks from the yard," she said.

"Successful?" Duo asked, mentally taking notes.

Hilde nodded. "He's a great cook and he has a large number of regular business. It belonged to his grandparents before they died and he loved the place so he took the place over from his aunt." Hilde's face lit up as she talked about him for the next several minutes. "I went there on a whim. He was coming around to all the tables an we just hit off it was..."

Heero, who had stayed standing behind Duo the whole time nodded at Hilde's choice. Remembering the last guy, granted that had been more than a year ago and she'd supposedly been dating Brian for the last several months. How she avoided telling Duo something like that was beyond him. "So," he quietly asked Duo, "you like him better than the last one?"

Duo turned his head to look Heero in the eye. "Anyone is better than the last one! He kept thinking it was cool we drove 'deathbots'!"

Both Hilde and Heero laughed at the comment. "Okay," she said, "so Ricky nearly pushed you over the edge." When Hilde paused she could have sworn she heard Heero mutter something about Duo almost taking him over with him, but shrugged it off as not hearing him correctly. "But," Hilde warned, "Brian knows nothing about you guys and," mimicking Duo for the one word, deathbots," she continued with, "so no scaring him." She stared at Duo. "I really like him."

Duo with offended innocence asked, "Would I do that?"

"Yes." She looked at Duo again. "I really like him," she repeated. "He's nice, a bit off center." She was smiling again.

Away from the visual of the phone Heero smiled. At this rate, he thought, the two of them will be on the phone for another hour. He snickered at his next thought. We'll either be going there by the end of the call or she'll be coming here. He smiled again, and shook his head as he thought about his lover, "He's crazy," he said quietly.

Duo turned his head and grinned when he heard his lover's quiet comment. "So are you," he mouthed back.


"Now arriving at Gate 4," a voice over the intercom announced. Though Ronnie ignored the rest of the announcement since she wasn't headed for Gate 4.

She came to Gate 7 and stopped to read the message board. "On Time," it read. She looked down at her watch and back up at the board. "Uh huh," she muttered, taking a seat in one of the very uncomfortably looking spaceport chairs.

Twenty-seven minutes later, with the board still reading "on time" even though the flight was now seventeen minutes late the doors to the gate opened to let the people off their flight. Ronnie stood up and moved out of the way of the people greeting their loved ones and moved to stand so that she could see the passengers as they disembarked. The flight had been packed and the person she was waiting for must have been sitting in the middle of the shuttle.

Ronnie approached a girl about the same height as her with short purplish-black hair. "Hilde?" she questioned.

"Ronnie?" the girl questioned back.

The both said, "Yes. How? Duo." The two laughed and stepped out of the way of the rest of the passengers.

"Duo was paged to a crime scene," Ronnie said, as the two started walking toward the spaceport exit. Not needing to stop at baggage claim as Hilde was carrying small backpack and a bag. "He asked if I'd pick you up."

"And Heero?" Hilde asked.

"Same crime scene," came the response, "I think." Ronnie paused when she heard Hilde sigh. "You two didn't hit it off?"

"No," Hilde laughed. "But over the past few years that changed. You?"

"Better than you'd expect. Though, that might have had to do with the fact that I'd yelled at Wufei earlier for standing in evidence." Both Ronnie and Hilde laughed at that. "Or," she quietly added, "he's now very sure of his relationship with Duo."

"Definitely that," Hilde said as the doors parted to allow the two girls out into the parking lot.

As they climbed into Ronnie's jeep, Ronnie asked, "So, how's Brian? And why didn't you bring him?"

Hilde blushed a little. "He's great, and I didn't want Duo to intimidate him. But, he's coming in tomorrow," she said, "his aunt was delayed and he didn't want to leave the cafe alone."

Ronnie chuckled. "You know Duo will want to meet him in person."

"I know." Hilde sighed. "But I'd hoped to put it off for as long as I could."

"He ran a full check on him."

"Did he now?" she asked. "Why tell me?"

"Oh, 'cause I want to be there when you yell at him. I just know it will be worth it."

This time Hilde chuckled. "I think we're going to get along just great."

"Me too."


The two girls entered the large room where Preventer Agents had their desks still laughing over something or other.

Seeing them, Duo whispered, "Why do I think I'm in trouble?"

"Because you're smart," answered Wufei, seeing the two girls approach.



- end -


End Notes:
There was a slight typo in First Meetings regarding Ronnie's and Heero's heights. Trowa is 6'1"; Quatre is around 5'7"; Heero around 5'10" as is Wufei; Ronnie's 5'8"; and Duo is around 5'9".

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