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A Moment in Time (One)
by comet <comet@ao.net>
(with assistance from Heidi and input from Ninjababe)


Duo was laying on the grass, staring up at the night sky. He'd returned to L2 after the Mariemaya incident, but the work at the salvage yard wasn't enough to hold him there. Instead he'd given the deed to Hilde, told her the place was hers, and came back to earth.

Why earth? Lady Une had offered him a job as a Preventer and a chance to go to college. Adventure and education, two of the four things he needed in his life. He had the third, his friends. Quatre, Trowa, and who'd have guessed that Wufei would end up as his best friend.

The fourth thing he needed. Heero. And, after six months of working and going to school, Heero came back into the picture, having taken the same offer from Lady Une. Actually, all of them had eventually taken the offer. Wufei had just been the first, having a need to insure justice in his world instead of the backbiting injustices they had all lived through and fought.

That was all almost a year ago. Now he was in a park that had a clear, uninterrupted view of the night sky, looking up at the stars. "I always wondered if you looked up at the sky," Duo said to the boy sitting next to him.

"Hai," he said. "But I like looking at you better."

Duo's cheeks colored slightly, but he enjoyed the moments that Heero was truly himself, and not the closed-off individual he appeared to be. Duo smiled up at him, and moved his head to rest in Heero's lap. "Watch," he told Heero, as several lights streaked across the night sky.

"It's raining stars," Duo said.

Heero looked from Duo's face to the sky and back again. "Hai," he said, seeing a different kind of star from the ones falling in the sky as he bent over to kiss Duo.


The landscape only appeared red, but once there you discovered that it was really several shades of red and brown, and a little orange, all interwoven together, creating a marbled effect when you looked close enough.

"Luce," the blonde man called. "Are you coming?"

The woman in question came out to sit on the small patio. "Yes," she said, after it was apparent that she was there.

The two sat together, quietly watching the night sky of Mars. Then it began. The meteor shower was spectacular to watch as they lit up the Martian sky in different colors. It was like watching the northern lights back on Earth.

Zechs put his arm around the woman and drew her closer, leaning down he whispered into her ear. "I'm glad we came here," pausing for a moment he then added, "together."

Noin turned and smiled. "As am I," she said, bringing his head down so that she could kiss him.


Quatre was still enamoured with rain. He was from desert people and the colonies in the L4 region had similar atmospheres. The tall boy with him enjoyed the view as he watched the blonde twirl around in the rain.

"You'll be sick," the boy called.

Quatre only turned around to look the boy in the face. "Then join me," he called.

The boy did as he was requested. The blonde walking up to him and wrapping his arms around him. "Trowa," he said quietly. "I've decided to take the Lady's offer. Will you join me?"

Trowa looked down into the eyes of the person he'd fallen in love with, and saw the emotions he was feeling reflected back at him. He nodded. He'd already told his sister that he felt the circus had given him part of his life back, but that he needed to find the rest. She'd only looked at him and stated the obvious, "he's visiting this week."

"And what of your businesses?" he asked Quatre.

"Iria and Cecilia have agreed to run eighty percent of the Company," he answered. "They want me to stay partially active until I'm ready to return."

"Then, yes," Trowa said, leaning down to brush a soft kiss across Quatre's lips. He had his life in his arms and wouldn't deny him anything.


"You're shivering," Wufei said.

"Duh," the girl with him said. "We were out in the rain and now we're standing in an air conditioned hallway."

Wufei stepped behind the girl and wrapped his arms around her as they moved into the elevator. "I have an idea on how to change that," he whispered into her ear.

The doors to the elevator opened on the fifth floor and Wufei guided them to his apartment. Once inside, he pushed her against the door and reached behind her, tugging the band that held her hair back in a ponytail. She smiled at him and tried to return the favor.

Wufei stopped her by tapping her on the nose, causing her to scrunch up her eyes and nose at him. He laughed. Somewhere along the lines it had become a habit for him to tap Ronnie on her nose like that. She didn't seem to mind, at least when he did it. And, he liked her reaction and the smile she gave him afterwards.

Wufei tugged on her hand and pulled her to follow him, stopping only briefly in the living room to share a kiss. They continued into the master bedroom and its bath. "Wait here," he said, walking up the few steps to the large bathtub, turning on the water, and adding a few spoons of bath salts. Turning back around to her he said, "I think this will warm you up." Her cheeks colored as he said that.


"Then, yes," Trowa said, leaning down to brush a soft kiss across Quatre's lips. Quatre was beyond happy and reach up to wrap his arms around Trowa's neck while deepening the kiss.

Quatre turned them around and around in the rain. Trowa laughed at him, but Quatre didn't care. Trowa was coming with him. "I love you," Quatre told him.

Trowa stopped Quatre from spinning around again, and kissed him. A deep, soul-reaching kiss, that spoke volumes to Quatre. "Let's go inside," he said.

Quatre saw Trowa nod and grabbed his hand, intertwining their fingers. Trowa looked down at his love and smiled. "To new beginnings," Trowa said quietly.


Noin turned and smiled. "As am I," she said, bringing his head down so that she could kiss him. She turned back to watch the sky. Zechs though didn't, he was watching her.

After several minutes, Noin finally spoke. "I want you to come with me," were the first words out of her mouth. "This was a great experience," she continued, still not looking at him, "but it's time we go back. That you go back."

"This time it is I who will follow you," he said quietly. "Anywhere you wish to go."

Her heart stopped. She turned to look at Zechs, mouth agape. She quickly recovered. "Zechs," she breathed. "Thank you."

He smiled at her. A soft smile that seemed to be reserved only for her and Noin melted again as she leaned up to kiss him.

"I love you," he said when they parted.

After that, the meteor shower paled in comparison.


Heero looked from Duo's face to the sky and back again. "Hai," he said, bending over to kiss Duo.

Heero had wondered from place-to-place after the events with Mariemaya. He'd wanted to find out who he was and what he could be. He'd done the same thing a year earlier. And, both times it had helped him recognise things about himself, and within himself.

Throughout his wanderings he'd kept tabs on the other pilots. There'd only been a slight surprise when he found out that Duo had accepted Une's offer. Though, it shouldn't have surprised him, he'd always known that Duo liked fun and challenges. What had surprised Heero though, and really shouldn't have, is that Duo took his studies seriously. Well, ninety percent of them. He'd even managed to shock Wufei with that one, and was still giving the ex-Chinese pilot a run for his money in most of their classes. It had also bought Wufei and Duo closer, not romantically, but into something they both truly wanted and needed--an unconditional best friend.

Duo looked up at Heero and away from the stars. Heero could tell that Duo was gazing up at him without having to look down. "You're smiling," Duo said. "Whatcha thinking about?"

"You," Heero replied, causing Duo to smile at him. Giving Duo another kiss on the nose he whispered, "Watch your stars, Koi."


Turning back around to her he said, "I think this will warm you up." Her cheeks colored as he said that.

"You wouldn't?" she asked as he came down the steps and walked towards her.

"I wouldn't, what?" he asked, giving her a grin that he'd definitely picked up from Duo. He bent down to kiss her while wrapping his arms around her.

Ronnie didn't struggle as Wufei picked her up and walked back up the steps and then slowly lowered them both into the warm water, while never breaking the kiss. "This," she said, into the kiss.

"Hm, but I was right," he said, "it did warm us up, but now look," the grin widened, "our clothes are very wet. I think I know how to solve this."

"I think I do too," she replied, reaching for Wufei's shirt.

"You've stolen my heart," he told her quietly.


- end -


End notes:
- The Heero/Duo story is set a little over a year after EW.
- The Quatre/Trowa story is set about six months after EW.
- The Noin/Zechs story is set about two years after EW.
- The Wufei/Ronnie story is set after the Life Rules story Out With It.