Author: Cobalt116
Rating: R, maybe NC-17(eventually)
Title:..............(Ideas please???????)
Summery: Well, if you read the story, then you don't need a summery.
Disclaimer: I don't own them much to my displeasure, I mean come on, they are just scrumptious. I am just borrowing them to play around with, and will return them in a reasonable amount of time, with only a little damage done to their persons.

( ) = Beginning and end of internal thoughts
* * = Beginning and end of flash backs


They fell asleep holding onto one another in a grip of perfect love. Their love was not open for everyone to see, but if you look, you can see it in the way they stare into each other's eyes and the way their hands brush as they pass one another. Even though only one would actually admit to being in love to anyone else, you need not even ask him, for it shines for all to see in his clear violet eyes.

Heero's eyes opened as he heard a sound from the boy beside him. It was a whimper, the dreams must be coming back, and no matter what, he could never wake him in the middle of one. Heero gathered the boy in his arms and whispered to his dreaming mind, "I love you Duo." As the words seemed to penetrate his dream filled mind, Duo calmed into a dream less sleep. Heero smiled at Duo's peaceful face, "Works every time."

Duo woke to the feeling of warm lips caressing his neck, so he stretched his neck to encourage more exploration, the lips stopped. Duo turned to find out why those lips had stopped their wonderful exploration and Heero pressed his lips to Duo's. Heero says in a quiet voice, "Hey sleepyhead." Duo stretches the kinks out of his body as he smiles his response.

Heero gets out of bed and leaves a disgruntled and frowning Duo still lying in the bed. "I have a mission." Dou heaves a sigh as he gets out of bed also. (There is always a mission)

One Week Later………

Duo is laying sprawled in a chair, in the living room of the pilot's new safe house. He is watching Quatre and Wufei argue over the plans for their next mission. (It would be so much easier if Heero were here, and as I catch Trowa's eye, I know he is thinking the same thing as me.) (But, no one has seen or heard from Heero since the night he left for his mission a week ago. All he had to do was destroy another OZ base; sounds simple right, then why isn't he back yet.)

Trowa cast Duo a sympathetic yet worried statement, he knows what has Duo being so quiet and this time he knows of nothing that can help the poor Gundam pilot.

Heero was laying in the cell they had put him in upon his capture,"Baka", he said aloud to himself. How could he be so stupid, it was an easy job, he got careless. The perfect soldier never gets careless, what can be wrong. He knew. It was the look in Duo's eyes when he left.

* He made the mistake of thinking of Duo, and remembered the look. He couldn't do it, he couldn't self-destruct, but it was the only way to destroy the base, he didn't have any firepower left. The mission information was wrong, it had said it was a minimum-security base, they were wrong. There were Leo's everywhere. (I can't do it, I can't leave him.) He hit the hatch button and jumped out, he could make a run for it, and hope he was fast enough. *

He could hear a commotion down the hall, and pushed his ear against the cold metal door to see if he could hear anything. "Get those pilots in the cell pronto," he could hear one of the officers at the base scream to his subordinates. "That one, the one that's fighting so much, we'll take him for questioning first." (Oh, that can't be good, he'd been through questioning before, he knew of no one that could take their form of questioning without passing out or even dying if they didn't confess first, except himself.) But he was the perfect soldier and had been trained for such eventualities.

The door to Heero's cell was thrown open and three very familiar gundam pilots were thrown in. He knelt by each to check and make sure they were all right. He didn't need to worry; they were all unharmed. He helped Wufei to his feet, as Trowa helped a still shaky Quatre to sit on the only cot in the room.

Heero looked at the boys as a thought occurred to him, "Where's Duo." All the boys looked up at the door to the cell. Heero got a sick feeling in his stomach, as they all heard the first scream, which seemed to echo through out the whole complex. He knew he had heard that scream before, though it was in pleasure, not this heart wrenching painful scream that was echoing in his heart. A word spoken so softly one could not tell if it was a word or a sigh, "Duo." (Oh God, please no, someone stop them. I can't listen to him like that; I can't listen knowing I can do nothing to help him.)

Minutes, or is it hours later………

How long had he been caught in his own thoughts, and why were they all staring at him?

The screams had stopped.

The silence that followed was deafening. All the boys were staring at Heero as he stood staring at the door to the cell, praying to a God he had long forgotten existed. The door opened with a squeak, all eyes in the room were focused on it. The limp body of Duo was thrown into the cell to land at Heero's feet, and the door was slammed shut with a resounding thud, that echoed in the tiny cell.

Heero knelt by his Koi's body, too scared to check for a pulse. He looked up at Quatre, begging him to do what he could not.

Quatre walked over to kneel next to Heero; he looked at him before leaning over the lifeless body of Duo. He touched his shaking finger to Duo's neck, as a deathly silence seemed to descend on the room. Quatre looked up at Heero with tears streaming down his face. (Oh God!)

A small shaky smile slowly formed on Quatre's lips, as his still shaking hand slipped from Duo's neck. Duo had a pulse, he would be ok. It took minute for that truth to sink into Heero's mind as he was kneeling by a body that for all thoughts and purposes looked dead. (He's ok, I didn't loose him, I didn't loose him, I didn't loose him, I didn't loose him……………..)

A single crystalline tear fell from Heero's eye as he gathered the boy into his arms; not caring if they all saw his weakness, all he cared about was that right now Duo was ok. Later when confronted with what happened he would deny everything, but right now, he just felt the beat of Duo's heart pressed against his own.

A couple days later………

Duo was lying in bed recovering from his heinous ordeal, as he liked to call it, when he wanted sympathy from a certain quiet, laptop-obsessed, pilot. He groaned as he sat up in the bed, "Hee-Chan."

"Hn," was the one syllable response he was used to by now.

"Can you come give me a back rub, my muscles are tired from laying in this bed all day."

"Then get up"

"How rude, and after the heinous ordeal I have been through"

"Hn." Not even looking up from his laptop.

"What was that, I didn't quite understand what you were saying."

"I didn't say anything, but I do have a meeting to attend."

"What meeting, I don't remember any meetings on our schedules?"

"That's because it's my meeting."

"Well what's it about?"

I don't know, Relena didn't give me specifics, just set up the meeting."

"RELENA!!!" Duo screeched, "What do you have to go see her for, the whinny B****."

"Duo," Came the warning growl from Heero, whose head was still buried in his laptop, "Not know, I don't want to deal with you at this moment."

"DEAL with me, you don't want to deal with me," Duo said in a hurt and angry voice. (After everything that girl has done to make life harder on them by throwing herself all over Heero, Heero just doesn't care about me, and I'm finally seeing the truth.)

*"So Heero what happened after they threw me into the cell after my oh so fun torture session." Heero answered in his usual monotone voice, "Nothing of importance, Quatre checked your pulse while I found a way out of the cell, and then we got out of there as fast as we could carrying your dead weight." Duo's heart broke at those words. (Maybe he doesn't love me.) *

"Fine then, you won't have to DEAL with me anymore."

Heero finally looked up as Duo shut the door behind him. Same replay decidedly different ending… * "…and then we got out of there as fast as we could carrying your dead weight." Duo turned and slowly walked away with his head down. (Baka, why do I do that to him and to myself? I love him, and I tell him I do, and then I do stupid things like this, BAKA BAKA BAKA!!!!!) *


It was two months later and still Heero had heard nothing from Duo, since their fight that had ruined his life in under a minute………


*Heero searched all over the house for Duo when he got back from his meeting with Relena, (he had finally got it through her thick skull that there wasn't going to be anything between them, and that he really did love Duo. She even hugged him and wished him luck when he left, who would of thought, all he had to do was admit he loved Duo to her and she backed off. Love really is a powerful thing. Dou we can finally be together without any obstacles.) Where was Duo? He checked their room one more time, and this time noticed an open drawer. When he looked in he noticed that all of Duo's cloths were gone. He left the room to check the hanger for his Gundam, when he noticed it was missing he figured Duo had received a mission. So, he went to his Gundam to check the mission's log, to see where Duo was sent. When he entered the cockpit he noticed a piece of paper taped to his computer screen:

I have realized that you can never truly love me the way that I need, so I am letting go now to save my heart from any more pain than what it has already gone through because of you. I hope your are happy in everything that you do, and I am sure Relena will be happy to see you finally free. You can never know how hard it is to leave you, but I cannot come second to Relena and all your missions, I deserve better than that.

Love Always and Forever,
Dou Maxwell

Heero stared in shock at the note in his hand, he was so out of it he never saw the other Gundam pilots enter the hanger or see when they took the note out of his hand to read what had disturbed him so much. And because of this, he didn't even feel it when Quatre folded him in his arms and cried for him, because he could not.*

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