This is the first story I've ever posted. Mostly because I have a real hard time finishing them (pictures are so much easier!), but hopefully, if I get positive feedback, it will be an incentive to do more. I've been thinking about doing this story for a while, but finally (as odd as this sounds, it's true) the image of Relena dancing in a night club to The Thong Song gave me the inspiration to do it. Enjoy.


Unexpected Things

-by Clay

DISCLAIMER: I don't own 'em... but I could pretend to. ^_^

WARNINGS: Um... well, it resembles angst now, but I'm not sure it will stay that way.

NOTES: Okay, I think this might start out as a very cliché story, but it should take a substantially different twist in later parts. I think. I hope.


"Give me another chance, Duo."

It was a beautiful day: cloudless blue sky and a light breeze. The park around the two men was filled with the constant sound of people living, marked every so often with the joyous screech of a child at play.

Duo turned to his former lover. Heero stood a few paces back on the dirt path. At 19, he probably looked better than he ever had, his dark hair still alluringly unkempt, his features still strong yet strangely beautiful. The year they'd been apart seemed to have had little effect on the ex-Gundam pilot; he was calm, yet his decisive nature still shone through. The statement had been a demand, not a question. Still, something was missing....

"You know," Duo smiled bitterly, "I was having a pretty good day until now." (1)

Heero felt his stomach drop and a thin sheet of anger wrapped itself around his heart. He kept calm. He'd never get anything accomplished if he got mad. "I did nothing wrong."

The braided boy laughed and it was filled with the same bitterness. "You proved me right."

"No." The fact that Duo was keeping himself distanced bothered Heero to no end. "God no, Duo, I--"

"No?!" Duo took a jerky step forward and Heero noticed for the first time the tension strung through the young man's body. "And it took you a year to figure that out? You needed a year with Her before you realized what you wanted?! Bull shit!"

"Then why am I here?"

That made Duo stop short. Confusion flashed across his face tinged with something that could only be described as raw longing before his defenses slammed back into place. "I don't know. Why are you here?"

Heero moved forward experimentally and when Duo didn't try to run or back away, he settled comfortably close to the other man, close enough to whisper his next words. "Nearly a year ago you told me to leave. You told me to go to Relena because she loved me. Because I'd regret not knowing what could have been. So I left."

Duo hung his head and tried to speak, but nothing more than a choked whisper came out. He cleared his throat and began again. "Yes. And you apparently liked what you found."

"So I left, but do you know why?" Duo's eyes were still downcast, refusing to look up even as Heero clutched at his shoulders. "Do you want to know? I left because you were trying to get rid of me. Because, at that moment, I knew you didn't want me anymore. You didn't love me anymore."

Duo's head shot up. "What? Hee--"

"When you said those words to me, you destroyed everything. Why would you bother to give me a life outside of the war just to take it all away? You *were* my life, Duo. Don't you get that?"

"Were? As in no longer?" Duo spat the words out, knowing full well that he was being irrational. Still, his pride was intact and what with the pain of seeing his lover again and Heero's words sounding vaguely like an attack, he couldn't ignore the challenge.

Heero growled, shaking Duo slightly. "Will you shut up and listen? I know it's been a year. I know that things will never be the same. I'm trying to say that despite all that, despite everything, I still lo--"

"Duo? Duo, where are you?"

The deep, soft voice drifted toward the pair and Heero recognized it immediately. His arms suddenly became lax and Duo instantly recoiled, eyes shining slightly as he took another step back.

"I... I'm sorry, Heero."

Footfalls sounded behind the Japanese man, but Heero refused to turn around, refused to acknowledge the other's presence. Duo was looking somewhere above his left shoulder, his eyes reflecting relief and something that could have been sadness in their violet depths. Suddenly, the footsteps stopped, and Heero could feel the scrutiny of their owner.

"Duo.... I've been looking everywhere for you. Where have you been?" And then in a quieter, warmer tone, "I was worried."

"I... Heero... We...."

Heero spun around and plastered what he knew would pass as a non-threatening expression on his face. "Hello, Wu Fei."

Wu Fei frowned slightly. "What are you doing here? I thought you and the Queen," the last word spoken with a hint of disgust, "were on Earth."

"Relena and I happen to be on L2 for the week and I wanted to see Duo. Show him there's no hard feelings."

Crossing his arms over his chest, Wu Fei pushed past Heero to stand protectively by Duo. "How did you know he'd be in the park?"

"Duo didn't tell me you two had gotten together. Good. We both need to move on."

Heero was deliberately ignoring his question. That type of behavior was highly out of character. Wu Fei narrowed his eyes, watching Heero with morbid interest. Something was wrong.

"In fact," Heero continued, "you two should join us for dinner one night. Relena says that there are good clubs around here. She wants me to go dancing with her."

"I... I suppose." Wu Fei was rather uncomfortable. Heero was being too talkative and much too polite. Well, for him, at least. But instead of avoiding whatever the young man had planned, he decided to meet it head on. "sounds like fun."

Meanwhile, Duo stood watching the transaction in mild terror. Heero still wanted him? But he seemed kind of happy with.... That's when he realized it. Happiness. That was what was missing. He'd never realized Heero was happy when they were together. It had been a gradual thing that had grown with time; Duo had slowly, but surely forced Heero out of his perfect killer mindset and allowed him to live. But now... now, though he acted no different, the light in his eyes had gone out. Duo watched as Heero and Wu Fei finished talking, Heero throwing him one last defeated glance. Could it be that he was wrong? Were he and Heero meant to be after all?


End part 1


(1) Duo's line: "I was having a pretty good day until now."; I know this seems like a pretty light statement, but I've actually had this said to me by someone I cared about, and believe me, it leaves you feeling like shit. Just thought I'd share. ^_^