Tosses a silly Poem into the air. Catch!


I wish I wish upon this fish that I could have a sacred dish
Two boys two hearts and all good things
Tight butts good looks and no rings
I wish I wish for that
And a knish


For well I ponder sweet and cheery
The Duo head and heart are weary
Where Heero is too dark for light
It seems he doesn't give into flight

So if you read this sodden rhyme
Let me tell you it's a lime
Laugh if you like
But do beware
Sometimes things come
On a dare

One day while walking I saw a braid
It swished and wished and then it swayed
A hand was seen and then a smile
These things I tell you can go on for a while

Next came one who takes all breath
I swear it's that or else his chest
Taught and wiry and ever lean
I vow I want to lick him clean

But alas I spy across the way
An evil one who should be spayed
Her hair is all but golden brown
And I can see she wears a frown


And why should she frown?
When here walks up a clown?
A merry boy with green eyes
A serious one with slim thighs

I let out a sigh and squash the bug
I slip it silently under the rug
And now my boys can live in peace
I watch some more with no surcease

Happiness is often found
In little bits grown underground
Or so says Duo picking a flower
With Heero will this ever have power?

A glance a kiss and then some thanks
I pray to god this is no mistake
For it's like some porno I once found
Oops better hide here comes the clown

Toddling up all private jokes
He smiles, winks, and takes a poke
Down he goes upon the ground
Hee-chan stands and wins this round


Duo all so brave he is
Makes his way over and gives some bliss
Heero is within his power
My god this day, what a lovely hour


And so I watch what unfolds
A hand, a thigh, something pretty cold
That picnic basket or else what's left
And a cherry tomato stuck in a cleft

Tongues and teeth and then Oh my!
I think I have something in my eye
I hold back a sob and something else
When Heero takes off his heavy belt

How willingly his slave does writhe
He winks, blinks, and yanks out a scythe
I have to leave this is to much
But let me tell you these two have the touch!


OMG pardon me, that just came out of no where while I made some peppermint tea….