Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, but I do own several clones of each character, and they all live in my bedroom. This fic contains: sex which I like to believe is the same as saying lemon, no plot, possibly angst, OOC if you can figure out who the hell they are, AU but how do you know for sure?, and stuff… as for what couple it is… <shrug> whoever you want ^_^ though I secretly had some ideas…


The Unnamed Two or Who Can It Be Now?
By Cs

Lips, soft as feathers and smooth as silk can glide so nicely over unclothed flesh. I've always enjoyed touching another human, if I could, I would crawl up inside him, and sleep away my life content at last. His breath tickles my ear and falls softly onto my neck as I stretch against him. His hands are amazingly gentle when they touch me; they feel so nice as they glide over my chest. I whisper encouragement as his lips trail slowly across my shoulder.

Sighing as sharp teeth nip at my skin I arch against his lithe form, pressing my body as close to his as I can. I need to be with him completely in order to feel that calmness again, that purity of emotion. My hands trace over his face and I can feel the bones beneath his skin like markers on a dark night. Such a face is not easily over looked, I can't ignore it. A rough moan falls from his mouth as I press harder against him and lick at his throat.

I wonder who will win this miniature battle tonight? Pushing my advantage I ease him back against the wall and begin teasing my way down his chest. Licking at his nipples makes him gasp and writhe for a moment, until my hand finds its way lower. As I close a fist over his full erection I can't help but smile. His mouth opens slightly as I start stroking the solid flesh inside my hand. I never really care who ends up winning; all I want is the completion, that breathless quiet that descends inside my mind when we're together.

When he starts thrusting into my hand I hold him firmly and kiss him until he becomes almost feverish with desire. His tongue slides against mine, so soft and warm as it strokes my own. Abandoning myself I let go of his hardness and loose control. His fingers tangle in my hair and the soft moans he makes only spur me on. I slide onto his lap and rub against him, breaking the kiss only to throw back my head as I feel his hot flesh slide against me, so close to where I need it to be.

I wonder if he really wants to win this time. Planting my knees firmly on either side of him I rub our sweating chests together and lick his open lips briefly. Invitation, come out and play or invite in for a party? His lips curve into a smile as he receives my message clearly. His hands become demanding and rough as they pull me tighter against him. His palms are hot on my skin, and his fingers are almost too much for me to handle as they slide inside of me, stroking. Choking back a shout I spread my legs wider on either side of him and push against his pleasuring hand.

Slamming down against him again and again all I can think about is the feel of him inside me, filling me. I want him too much, need to be whole again. Sensing my growing urgency he withdraws his fingers only to replace them with his aching arousal. A groan starts deep in his chest and wells up to spill like an avalanche from his lips. I can barely hold back my own moans of pleasure, this is what I was waiting for, this sensation of being so `with' him. It lasts forever, and ends to soon on these dark nights.



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