Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, but i know they're watching me just the same. This Fic Contains: Heheh, stuff, cameras, cake, games, and one ficwriter. Also please note that the time is military time at all times, it makes it all that much more less confusing…


Fanfiction Surveillance
Part 2
Another GW-boy undercover mission
By Cs

A brief quote By <laughs softly> Rockwell

// I always feel like somebody's watching me.
And I have no privacy.
I always feel like somebody's watching me.
Tell me is it just a dream? //



Mission FFS Day 2 Time 2:23

Duo opened an eye and peered at Heero, still girl watching. He tried to roll over and hide his head under an arm, but the silence emanating from the bank of screens and from his companion was extremely disquieting.

"Hey Heero, is she Still up?" Hearing an affirmative grunt from across the room, the braided boy rolled onto his stomach and did his best to burrow himself beneath the couch cushions.

Heero sat uncomfortably in front of the screens. She was a higher level then He was! He couldn't believe it, was she doing it without cheat codes? He glanced surreptitiously over at Duo, finding him halfway under the couch; he again returned his attention completely to the game their `mission' was playing. If only he could sneak a game in while on duty. Glancing over his shoulder one more time he eased out of his chair to go get his gaming disk. Mission be damned, not like she was going to blow anything up with no one watching her.


Day 2 Time 3:40

Quatre peered sleepily into the surveillance room, and blinked at the four other pilots sitting ranged in front of the monitors. Wandering over, he stood next the Trowa and peered at the screen currently receiving the most attention.

"You're kidding me? Right?" The blonde boy asked incredulously. "Nope." Heero shook his head slightly, disbelief and something else lighting up his face.

"But it's almost four in the morning!"

"She doesn't seem to mind much." Wufei responded from the other side of the console, his head resting on his hands as he leaned in for a better view.

"But… a cake?"

The five boys stared at the girl making the cake for a moment. Quatre cleared his throat and made a slight growling noise.

"Is that chocolate frosting?"

"Yup, she has butter cream vanilla too." Said Duo, wiping a bit of drool from his chin and not bothering to look away from the vision on the screen.

"Do you think she can eat that whole cake all by herself?" Asked Trowa.

The boys examine the figure of the girl for a moment, comparing it to the sheer amount of cake being made.

"Nope." Said Heero, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms behind his head.

"Do you think she would notice if we broke in and stole it?" Asked Duo with a strange longing look at the monitor. The other four turned to look at him, various statements ranging across their faces.



Day 2 Time 5:51

Wufei yawned and let his head relax against the seatback. Idly he wondered if she would notice the entire cake was missing. Well, if she did perhaps she wouldn't question its disappearance too closely.

Heero came in wiping a bit of chocolate frosting off his mouth, his eyes briefly glaring at the monitors before looking over at the yawning Chinese pilot.

" She still asleep?"


"You get some of that cake?"


"Think she'll notice we took it?"

"Who cares? Besides she'll never know it was us."



Day 2 Time 12:17

Duo stretched and fell into the chair in front of the monitors. It was almost beginning to seem like a holiday watching this girl. They stayed up late, had cake, played games. Glancing at the bedroom monitor he noticed she was still cocooned beneath a mountain of bedclothes, one arm barely visible. The braided boy threw his feet onto the console and leaned back, it was probably going to be at least another hour or two before she managed to get out of bed.

Glancing quickly around to make sure no one else was in sight, Duo carefully took his Gameboy form it's hiding place. He managed to get in about ten minutes of game play before a loud cough behind him, just as he was about to beat the sixth dungeon monster, nearly made him jump out of his skin.

"Duo, how many times do I have to tell you that this is a mission?" Heero stood behind the slightly jumpy Shinigami, arms crossed over his chest.

"Aww, come on Heero! We stole her cake! How can you possibly consider this a serious mission after that? Besides, I know what you did last night." Amethyst eyes took on an evil glint and a very sly smile spread across Duo's face.

"How do you know? I was really quiet…" Heero trailed off, realizing that it was after all possible Duo didn't know a thing.

"So, did you at least beat her?"

A slow blush actually started to spread across Heero's cheeks, and Duo grinned at the embarrassed boy.

"I think she cheats." And with that, the highly mortified pilot turned and stalked from the room.

Duo laughed softly and pulled out his Gameboy again, glad that he had thought to pause it rather then turn it off.


Day 2 Time 14:02

"Is she awake yet?" Quatre asked from the doorway, his bathrobe slipping off one shoulder.

"Yeah." Trowa smiled at the petite blonde, then turned his attention back to the screens.

"Did she notice?"

Gesturing at a monitor, the sometimes clown leaned back to give Quatre some room to view the scene unfolding on the screen.



"What's she doing?" There was a puzzled note in Quatre's voice, as he peered at the monitor trying to figure out what on earth the girl was up to.

"She's looking for the cake."

"But why is she in the closet?"

They both stared at the scene for a moment, Quatre rubbing his head, feeling a pain coming from right behind his eyes. Probably too much sugar last night. Was it possible to get a sugar hangover?

"I think," said Trowa, pausing and looking with concern at his beloved, "She thinks she misplaced the cake."


Day 2 Time 16:37

Heero sighed and glared at the monitor for a moment. She was Still looking for the cake. Occasionally she would get close enough to one of the sound feed-ins that he could even make out soft cursing, and once he even heard her singing softly "If I knew you were coming I'd have baked a cake." Idly the Japanese pilot reached over and drank some ice-cold milk, and then he turned his attention to the rather large piece of marble cake with marble frosting sitting next to his elbow.

"Is she still looking for the cake?" Duo asked from the doorway, coming in and leaning against the console, eyeing the large plate of cake next to Heero.

"Yeah, I seriously think this girls got problems. Who goes looking for a missing cake?" Taking a large bite of the aforementioned cake, Duo grinned around a mouthful of chocolate and vanilla.

Heero seemed to turn several different shades of red and then settled for a nice purplish blue color, his eyes even appeared to bulge slightly as he gave Duo one of his better death glares.

"Eheheh, Heero?" Backing slowly away from the enraged and now partially cakeless boy, Duo cautiously put his hands up in an `I'm innocent don't kill me' gesture and looked for an escape route.

"My cake."

"Geeze Heero, there's still half of the thing in the fridge!"



"Do you know the price for daring to take some of my cake?"

The braided boy squirmed and shuffled his feet for a moment.


A loud thump and several short shouts later, a very pleased looking Heero Yuy exited the surveillance room. There appeared to be several ounces of milk and some frosting clinging to his hair and face. Behind him, in the silent room, could just be seen one very quiet Duo.

Wufei cleared his throat at the extremely messy wing zero pilot.

"What did he do this time? Never mind, what did you do to him this time?"

A small smile spread across Heero's face, he gestured into the room.

"Go look."

Duo sat, tied to one of the chairs in front of the monitors. Most interesting was what he was tied to the chair with, and what was keeping him so quiet.

Wufei started to laugh, his arms clutching at his sides as he pointed one shaking finger at the glaring Duo.

The rather angry looking boy was tied very securely to the chair with his own braid, and to top it off, somehow Heero had even managed to stuff the end of that braid into Duo's mouth. Several smears of frosting also decorated the glaring pilots face and shirt, and there even appeared to be some milk dripping from his bangs.

"Heero? Remind me never to steal your cake."



The End… Or is it?

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