Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, but i know theyre watching me just the same. This Fic Contains: yaoi,lemon,1x2,3x4x5, heheh , stuff, cameras, and one ficwriter.



Fanfiction Surveillance

A GW-boy Undercover Mission

MissionFFS Day 1 Time 13:06

Duo sighed and kicked his feet up onto the console. He couldn't believe the crappy surveillance job they'd been forced to do. Only an hour had passed into the mission and he was already bored out of his mind. He scratched his head and looked back at the bank of screens in front of his feet. Ten different angles, everywhere this girl went they had her on film. Their mission was to only observe her. No matter what she did, remain undercover. But what did she do all day? Absolutely nothing.

"So what has she done so far?" Heero asked, looking up from a magazine on computer gaming. Duo snorted and blew a shock of long bangs out of his eyes.

"Are you kidding me? This chick doesn't do anything until after Noon apparently. She hasn't even gotten out of bed yet for crying out loud!" A crash was heard from another portion of the house they were hiding out in.

"Duo! Will you keep it down! I'm trying to get some sleep before my shift!" A brief growl was heard then the slamming of a door from down the hallway.

Duo stuck out his tongue. "Quatre's just pissed cause I interrupted his `snuggly' time." He rolled his eyes at Heero's bent head.

"Anything good in that magazine or what Heero?" The braided boy got up from his chair and tried to peer over Heero's shoulder.

"Hn, no. No good games this month, and I already know all the cheats for the ones that are out. You're supposed to be watching those screens Duo, get to work." Heero never once looked up from his magazine.

"Yeah, boring work, does this chick ever do anything but sleep?" Duo mumbled under his breath as he slumped down in his chair once more.


Day 1 Time 13:54

Apparently she did eventually rise, as the camera showed her starting to stretch and yawn from under a mountain of blankets.

" Ooo, she's finally getting up." Sarcasm rolled off Duo's tongue. He glared at Yuy who was still reading the computer magazine. An eyebrow rose, but Heero still didn't bother to look up.

"The screen Duo. You're supposed to be watching, not commenting."

Duo glared some more at the immovable stone of Heero Yuy, then gave up and turned back to watch their `mission'.

An arm appeared and slammed against the scruffy digital clock next to the bed. Then as if having second thoughts a head slowly appeared. Another arm threw itself from beneath the covers. Duo sighed heavily and put his feet back on the console. This could take a while.

After ten minutes of apparently fighting a losing battle the girl managed to emerge completely from the blankets. Then she fell asleep for another twenty minutes. Heero sighed; putting his magazine down he went to check out what Duo was muttering about now.

Once more the alarm blared and she jerked upright, hair flying everywhere. Slamming her hand down on it, she slowly put her feet on the floor and then stood up and stretched. Duo could practically hear her bones cracking. Another half hour passed while the girl went to the bathroom, brushed her teeth, washed her face, and then made a pot of coffee. Heero and Duo were taking bets on what she might have done the night before to be so tired today.

"I say she went clubbing and drank too much," Duo said with a nod of one who's been there before.

Heero opened his mouth to say what he thought "…"

"No, I say she stayed up late having sex." Wufei interrupted from the doorway.

"I think she stayed up late watching old movies and talking on the phone," suggested Quatre from behind Wufei.

"Hey, glad you're in a better mood now," Duo grinned.

Heero glared at small blond, now determined to say what he thought she had been doing last night.

"I think she…" Heero tackled Trowa who had just appeared behind Quatre in doorway. Holding his hand firmly over Trowa's mouth he said loudly, "I think she stayed up late playing computer games."

Everyone stared at him in disbelief for a moment and then Duo started to laugh. Wagging a finger at Heero he managed to gasp out, "Yeah right buddy, you're just saying that because it's what would keep you up late."


Day 1 Time 14:25

"Pay attention to the screen Duo, the screen." Heero gave his best stern authoritative glare and pointed a finger at the dozing boy.

Duo huffed and sat up straight, then turned to the monitors. She still wasn't doing anything. Just sitting in front of her computer and guzzling coffee. A cigarette dangling from one hand, hands poised over the keyboard. With a faint frown she picked up the mouse and slammed it against the countertop. A faint grumbling could be heard from the speakers on either side of the bank of screens the boys were watching her on. Then as if banging the mouse had helped somehow she grinned at the screen and started typing. Duo leaned close to the monitor till his nose was touching it. He squinted trying to make out what she was typing, until Heero cleared his throat next to the braided boys ear.

"Gah! What? What? I was watching!"

"Duo we have a direct hook up to her computer, you can watch it from this monitor here." With that Heero flicked a switch near Duo's elbow and a screen located within the console lit up. Duo stared with fascination at what was being typed.


//Heero panted trying to answer, but all he could feel was Duo's body so tantalizingly close. He tried to think but his brain seemed to have run off somewhere. Duo maneuvered the panting boy until his back was against the wall, his hands sliding under the loose shirt. He brought his lips to Heero's and barely touched, teasing. Heero tried to take control, his hands wrapping around Duo's waist, pulling him closer.//


Duo looked up from the small screen and stared at Heero. They exchanged quick glances.

"What is it?" Asked Quatre, coming over to stare down at whatever they had suddenly become so absorbed in.

"I think I know why we're supposed to watch her." Heero slapped Duo upside the head lightly.

"Baka! Of course this is why we have to watch her. She's writing about us!" Heero glared at Duo and then glanced back down at the monitor. Wufei walked over, wondering what all the commotion was about and glanced down at the screen. Opening his mouth to make a comment that would not exactly endear the Chinese boy to a certain Heero Yuy, he paled and stiffened at the next words that came up.


//Outside three sets of glazed eyes met. The moans coming from the closet were enough to have made them all slightly out of breath. Wufei gestured off to the living room, and starting crawling on hands and knees leaving his bottle by the door. The other two followed him, making their way to the couch. Crawling onto it they collapsed in a drunken heap. Quatre threw an arm around each of them and grinned. "I guess we don't have to lock them in." When neither boy answered he looked up at them, "Uh guys? You look kinda…" He didn't get a chance to finish as Trowa's lips clamped onto his and Wufei slid his hands over both of them. In no time at all clothes went flying all over the room and they became much too busy to even think about the closet.//


"What the hell is this!?" Yelled Wufei, deafening them all for a few seconds. Duo covered his ears and didn't even bother to look up from the next words that appeared on the screen. Heero grunted and kept staring at the screen as well.


//Heero had forgotten everything; he couldn't even remember his own name. His body felt like it was going to shatter as he started to quiver uncontrollably. Duo hummed over the hard flesh, his hands sliding up smooth stomach. : Who ever knew the perfect soldier would be so noisy! : With a deep groan Heero gushed into Duo's waiting mouth and slowly collapsed onto the floor in front of the grinning boy. //


"This is too much!" Heero was red from his ears to his toes. Duo grinned up at him and laughed.

"Your sooo submissive Heeerrro." He tittered and held his hands under his chin while batting his eyelashes. Heero absently smacked him upside the head again.


Day 1 Time 18:47

"What's she doing now?" Heero looked up from his laptop and waited for Quatre's reply.

"She's still dancing around her house while brandishing a wide variety of cooking utensils." The blonde boy seemed to be paying special attention to the cooking that was going on.

"So what's she making for dinner?" asked Duo from the couch across the room. His arm was thrown over his eyes and he held a can of soda in the other hand.

"I can't really tell, but it has a lot of cheese in it, what ever it is." Quatre squinted at a different monitor trying to figure out exactly what it was she was making.


Day 1 Time 20:03

Duo came in and leaned over Wufei's shoulder to look at the monitor. The girl was now sitting again at the computer and playing a game the braided boy recognized.

"Heero should see this. She actually IS playing a computer game. Maybe his theory about why she stayed up so late was right."

"I still think I was right," countered Wufei, crossing his arms and nodding to himself.

"Wufei, all she's done all day is sit at her computer and cook while dancing around. I don't think she even leaves her house. I seriously doubt she had sex with anyone last night." Duo rolled his eyes and went back over to the couch for another nap.


Day 1 Time 23:42

"Well? Is she still up?" Heero poked his head around the doorframe and glared at Duo. The braided boy was slouched in front of the screens playing on his Gameboy and not paying any attention at all to the monitors in front of him.

"Huh?" Duo jumped a bit and tried to hide his game. "Oh Heero, you scared me. Yeah she's still up. Typing more stories about us."

Heero came over and looked down at the screen imbedded within the console. His eyes widened a bit as he read.


//Heero shuddered as he felt hot lips press against his neck. Duo's hands slid beneath the green tank top and slithered up the smooth chest. He toyed with a hard nipple and continued licking and kissing the pale neck. The Japanese boy was molten all over, his skin seemed on fire as the wet mouth trailed its way slowly over his neck and chest. He thrust his hips up to meet Duo's as the other boy found a sensitive spot right below his ear. He was aware of lips smiling against his skin, and then there was a sharp tug on his spandex shorts. Heero gasped.//


"Is all she ever writes about us, sex scenes?" Duo nodded and read the next few lines. Then he looked up at the strangely red faced boy.

"She likes to put you on bottom a lot Heero, maybe you're just not as masculine as you think you are." He grinned and dodged the fist that swung towards his head. Ducking another fist coming from the other direction he rolled off his seat and fell on the floor laughing.



The end….. For now