Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, but that's ok, I only want the boys, not the damned show! This Fic Contains: yaoi, 1x2? 3x4x2? 5x2? lemon and lots of it, nc-17, humor?, a game, and stuff.


Nothing ever works right for me. My self-destruct, my missions, my relationships. You name it, and it's gone wrong for me. Right down to today's little plan. It was so simple; I figured nothing could possibly go wrong. Ok, well a few things could have gone wrong, but I planned for those! Instead something else went wrong. I suppose I should explain my plan huh? Well, all I had to do was get my four companions to play a little game with me. An old game, just for the hell of it, call it a private mission of mine.

But do you think I could get them all to play? Yup, I did, that wasn't where the evening went wrong. No, it happened a little later on. I'd managed to get everyone right where I wanted them…



Heero turned to look over at Duo in surprise, then quickly turned away and let his statement fall back into its normal place, deadpan with a slight smirk. Shrugging slightly Duo continued to explain to how to play the game.

"So all you have to do is get up when the music starts, and dance around, then when the music stops you sit in one of the chairs as fast as you can. Whoever is left out of a chair then has to be the one to start and stop the music. Everyone got it?"

"Maxwell," Wufei growled out, "Why do you always pick the silliest games for us to play?"

"Hey! Is it my fault it was my turn to pick one? We all agreed we would take turns choosing a game to play each Saturday night. And this time it happens to be my turn." With that, the boy with the braid stuck his tongue out at Wufei, and then went over to stand beside the portable radio he'd brought out for the game.

"Everyone ready?"

"Do we start out standing up or sitting down?" Asked Quatre, hovering above his seat, completely undecided.

"Uh, go ahead and start out standing. And remember you have to dance as long as the music is on!"

"We really should have remembered to bring a pack of cards." Muttered Trowa under his breath, Heero nodded in agreement.

"Next time they won't be forgotten, I'll make sure of it." The wing pilot responded out of the corner of his mouth, glaring at Duo. The cobalt-eyed boy noticed that Duo was watching him closely a wide grin spreading across his face.

Without another word Duo turned on the radio, randomly picking one of the channels on the tuner display. An old song blared out and Duo turned it up so that the little radio almost bounced across the table with the beat of it. "It's the end of the world as we know it!" Screamed the radio, the four playing boys looked at each other, shrugged, and vaguely started to dance in place.

Abruptly Duo shut off the radio and all four pilots stopped dancing and plopped down in the seats still behind each of them, all except for Quatre who stood looking blankly around for an empty chair. Duo silently looked at them, they looked back just as quietly. Sighing to himself a little, our braided friend decided that maybe he should have expanded on the rules just a tiny bit.

"Your supposed to move around, not just stand in front of your chair!" Duo's shout practically broke a sound record as he screamed this out, and his voice cracked on the last word. Glaring with annoyance at his friends within the circle of chairs in the middle of the room, he took a deep breath and went on a bit more calmly.

"Ok, one more time. When the music starts you have to dance around." He made a circling motion with his hand, and then deciding this might not even be enough to explain what he meant, walked over and demonstrated. Gyrating around the circle of chairs wildly, braid swinging behind him and almost taking out Wufei's eye, Duo danced to no music. But it didn't matter; all eyes were on him anyways, he just had that effect on people.

"Get the idea now?" Panting a bit he stumbled back over to the radio and glared his best impression of the Yuy glare at the staring pilots.

"Yeah, I think we get it now." Quatre said apologetically, elbowing Trowa when he didn't respond.

"All right then, let's try this again." Turning on the radio once more Duo was amazed that the same song was still playing. //Guess it must be a long one//, he thought, then shrugged and nearly fell over laughing in glee at seeing his dancing friends. Never in his short life had he thought he would see such a show.

Holding Trowa's hand Quatre was twirling around the taller boy, intermittently bumping against him, and blushing when he did. Wufei was doing something completely different from anything Duo had ever seen; apparently he was using his martial arts knowledge as a dancing reference and was whirling around the chairs doing the occasional high kick or complex block and hit movement.

Finally Duo turned his eyes to Heero, and felt his jaw drop in surprise. He never thought Heero could actually dance, but the display the other boy was putting on was absolutely mesmerizing. As his body twisted and coiled in time to the fast music, his eyes were closed in concentration. Amazingly though, he never missed a step or bumped into one of the others, despite having his eyes shut.

So entranced by Heero that he didn't even notice when the song ended, Duo jerked out of his reverie when a commercial came on, blaring even more than the song had. Quickly he changed the station, looking for another song, and within a few seconds he found one and let it play. Unfortunately, he almost immediately became distracted by Heero again, and this time he wasn't the only one. The other three boys were also watching the writhing pilot, their eyes glued to every delicious movement Heero made, even as they too danced.

Grinning, Duo suddenly shut off the music and watched, as everyone seemed to awaken from a trance, and they all scrambled for a seat. Trowa was left standing for some reason or another, most likely because right before the music stopped Quatre had been distracting the living hell out of him by shyly grinding against him. Ok, so maybe that's not a thing you can do shyly, but Quatre still managed it. Also note that in the process of distracting Trowa so thoroughly the blonde boy was still able to get a seat, this is probably due to his excellent strategic sense, or possibly, sheer luck.

Trowa winced as Duo slapped him on the back and pushed him towards the radio. It was the clown's turn to be the one left out now. Trowa was determined to make it amusing, at least to himself. So, leaning over the radio he carefully chose a station. Soft classical music drifted over them all, and the banged boy recognized it immediately as Brahms.

Quirking an eyebrow at the choice of music, Heero again started his pulsating dance, only this time someone was giving him a run for his money. Wufei surprisingly danced very well to slow music, if you'd ever stopped to wonder if he could dance at all. His movements were languid, erotic almost, his body moving like a well-oiled machine. Better then a well oiled machine perhaps, because his hinges were supremely flexible, allowing him to perform all kinds of strange undulating moves and breathless spins.

Duo quite out of his league when it came to slow songs merely danced as best he could. Which of course was better then your average Las Vegas show girl, his braid whirled about him, and occasionally seemed to be his partner as it wrapped itself around his waist then released him as he turned. Then it would swing beside him like the best of lecherous dance partners, seductively brushing his hip and briefly patting his rear.

Quatre then was left with no choice but to pull out all the stops. His ballet lessons from early childhood took over, automatically moving his body through the music. This mildly shocked Trowa, he'd never known Quatre had taken ballet lessons and was determined to ask him later about it. Of course he completely forgot, but that's another story.

Remembering that he was at some point supposed to stop the music, Trowa reluctantly did so. This time Wufei was left standing, he'd gotten somewhat distracted by the swinging of Duos' braid, and possibly his slim and swinging hips, but Mr. Justice would never admit to that.

Pouting slightly, Wufei went over to the radio and searched for a song, seconds later Gregorian monks chanted within the melody of a modern day synthesizer and a girl briefly spoke in French. Grinning slightly Wufei turned to watch his friends try to dance to it. Not too surprisingly they were dancing rather well, apparently the boys had rhythm as well as a keen sense of what looks good on a dance floor, but then what red-blooded Gundam pilot wouldn't?

Wufei was a little disappointed when everyone seemed to be able to move so well to the music, he really wanted to try and get them to look ridiculous, in order to heighten his own entertainment. But he relaxed and even smiled as Duo's braid managed to wrap around Heero's waist, pulling the rather startled boy up against the violet eyed Shinigami.

What unfolded next was even more interesting. Heero didn't seem to mind one bit that he was now `trapped' against the braided pilot, briefly it seemed as if he would break away from Duo and run, but then he seemed to come to his senses, and realized that would be a very stupid move. It would rip Duo's braid off most likely, since it was wrapped Very securely around the Japanese boy. So instead he decided to spare his friend, and dance with him. This was of course not the real reasoning behind his action, it also wasn't going to spare Duo anything. For some reason Heero always managed to step on toes and elbow ribs when dancing with a partner. Perfect soldiers aren't necessarily perfect dancer partners, Relena found that out the first time she danced with him, and never tried to get him on a dance floor again. Even royalty can only take obsession so far.


Back To Duo…

It was at this point my plan went horribly wrong. You see, I finally had Heero exactly where I wanted him, and all the others were getting relaxed and starting to enjoy themselves. So I thought it would be the perfect time to put part two of my plan into action. I never counted on what happened next though. Who knew Heero didn't know how to dance With people? You would think he's got concrete blocks for feet, or least that's what my big toe thought after he managed to break it with a Very misplaced dance step.

So they wound up stopping the game and checking out my injury. Then Quatre helped me upstairs to bed with everyone else following behind us. Heero looked very apologetic as he carefully set my toe and wrapped it up, finally packing some ice around it. And of course now my plan was completely messed up. What a night! When Heero finished with my toe, and I had swallowed some pain killers Trowa found, I told everyone I was going to go to sleep and rolled over to prove my point. I heard the door shut and footsteps going downstairs, then I let out a sigh and began feeling really sorry for myself.

I sat for a while leaning against my pillow, trying not to notice the dull throbbing pain in my foot. My mind kept going over what I'd done wrong this time. The painkillers finally started kicking in, and soon I was drifting in-between waking and sleeping, my mind swimming through a sea of haziness.





The door slid silently open and a pair of dark eyes peered in the room, scouring it for braided gods of death. Finding one, as was to be expected -since this was the room of one Duo Maxwell- the dark eyes snuck into the room joined by the rest of the boy that they happened to be attached to.

Wufei paused beside the bed tilting his head to one side and drinking in the sight of the soundly sleeping boy snoring softly. Needless to say the Chinese boy did not notice the serious amount of alliteration in that last sentence, and therefore continued on with his observations without bursting the narrators narrow little bubble of feeble-minded humor.

Creeping over to the other side of the bed the raven-haired boy knelt next to Duo and reached out a hand to caress one smooth cheek. Eyelids flickered but the braided boy didn't awaken. Most likely due to the small amount of sedative in the painkiller he'd taken earlier. At least that's what the pilot of justice reasoned.

Wufei grew a bit bolder and slid his hand down the side of Duo's face, his fingertips dancing along the slim neck and vibrating with the steady pulse thrumming through Shinigami's body. His other hand was doing a few more naughty things, like sliding over the firm rear of the braided boy and gently squeezing.

Unfortunately several layers of clothing separated the justice loving boy from his ultimate objective of getting Duo completely naked, hot, and horny. But where there is a will -and a vivid libido- there is a way. With such thoughts firmly in mind Wufei leant forward and began to nibble at the exposed neck while both his hands peeled off articles of clothing tossing them to the floor without a care.

Soon the sleeping boy was almost completely nude, and still not awake. At least that's what Wufei thought.

In fact Duo was slowly waking up as he felt the tugs of his clothing being removed and the brief caresses on his skin as it became uncovered. Not only was his brain stirring, other parts of his body were also become more `alert' as the warm mouth continued to assault his neck and ear.

Trying not to call attention to himself Duo shifted his hips slightly and managed to grind his erection against the bed sheets, muffling the moan that involuntarily fell from his mouth at the contact. Hot lips trailed over his neck and down his bare shoulder, a tongue sneaking out to lick at the sensitive skin inside one elbow before continuing down to his hand and nibbling at his fingertips.

"Mmmm...Wu…aaahh." moaned the pleasure filled boy, his body growing achy with all the stimuli. It took him a few seconds to realize he had said that out loud, the sudden stillness calling his attention to it.

"Duo? Are you awake?"

A small debate waged itself inside Duo's head for a moment and he nodded. Then, realizing it might be too dark in the room and his nod most likely hadn't even been seen, he decided to answer in a different way.

Reaching out he captured the roaming hands and tugged them to his lips, sliding his tongue out to delicately lick each individual digit even as he pulled the other boy onto the bed beside him.

"Like my dancing?" Duo asked, in between his licking and nibbling. A soft exclamation was his answer, but whether it was an answer to his question, or an answer to his trail blazing hand, was unknown. Soon enough however neither boy cared too much about answers, questions, or the fact that they both happened to be extremely vocal in bed.



It could have happened that way… or perhaps it really happened like this?


Slim hands turned the doorknob and a small figure entered the darkened bedroom. Briefly some errant light shone on a head of golden hair, then another naughty little ray of light lit up a pair of green eyes standing behind the blond. The smoldering green eyes were of course attached to a head, a rather handsome head with an extremely outlandish haircut consisting mostly of a unibang.

In a few silent seconds the door shut again and both green eyes and golden hair were hidden in the shadows. Luckily there still seemed to be some light, coming from somewhere, because the boy on the bed was nicely visible.

A long braid trailed over the edge of the bed, the lithe form curled slightly, pert rear end tempting unwary onlookers into hentai thoughts. Though the two boys standing in the shadows didn't need any more naughty thoughts then they already had.

Melting out of the shadows the two boys separated and went to either side of the bed. Quatre knelt on the floor in front of Duo, while Trowa slid onto the bed behind the braided boy. They smiled at each other over the oblivious sleeper, a twinkle in the green eyes as they met the equally sparkling aqua eyes across the way.

Working with the same goal in mind, they both began to peel off Duo's clothing. Soon a lean stomach came into view, followed by a smooth, lightly muscled chest and delicate shoulders. These luscious attractions were not ignored for long by Quatre, his lips finding their way inevitably over all that bare skin, and his tongue sliding out to take a taste of a hard little nipple, teeth briefly grazing the sensitive flesh.

At the same time this gorgeous image was being revealed and adored, another view was coming into range. Slender hips were sliding out of pants, and within moments boxers were being dragged off to expose an already throbbing shaft just waiting to be licked. Then Trowa tossed his pants aside and started to remove Duo's.

Surprisingly enough, the death god's rod was also standing at complete attention, saluting as it were, a bit of moisture already leaking out to tempt a few mouths into action. Not even needing to be enticed, both boys lowered their mouths to it, exchanging a bit of tongue as well as groping one another in the process.

A few staggered moans managed to fall from Duo's lips, as tongues, mouths and even teeth explored his aching cock. Within moments a wet tongue had found it's way to the pert bottom of the braided boy and slid against the delicate skin before plunging into the willing body.

"Aaaaaa…mmmm…more." Nobody cared that Duo had at some point woken up, least of all Duo himself. And his plea did not go unsatisfied.

Trapped between the two sensuous boys, the American could do nothing but shiver and moan as one tongue took him from behind while another mouth slid further down his pulsing erection.

Soon enough a rowdy bout of "who will come their brains out first" began, and many mouths wound up only able to scream in rapture.



But then again… maybe this is how it really ended?


Heero slowly turned the knob and peered into Duos' room. The braided boy was still turned onto one side, his back to the door. Soft noises were coming from his sleeping form, and Heero couldn't help but listen to the small murmurings and exhalations of the passed out boy.

The dark haired pilot felt like a complete and bumbling idiot, it wasn't the first time though. For some reason he always tended to be his most klutzy around the violet eyed boy, personally he blamed it on Duo's somewhat dramatic personality.

Though really it was because he wanted to jump onto the beautiful boy and molest him till the sun came up, went down again, and then came up once more. But of course, Duo didn't have the faintest idea that Heero felt this way. Heck, Heero barely had an idea of it himself.

Sliding into the room and closing the door behind himself, Heero inched over to the bed and took a long moment to look down at his mild obsession. Mild in that he didn't think of Duo all the time, only every five seconds or so, which is very mild when it comes to perfect soldiers. It's a well documented fact that most perfect soldiers can spend Every passing second thinking about something in particular, and Heero's obsession only occupied his mind half that much. So, it wasn't that bad.

Duo was curled up on his side; his braid wrapped around one of his arms. The dark clothed pilot had even forgotten to get undressed for the night, something that disappointed Heero to no end.

So, thinking that he might be helpful, Heero began to very slowly and carefully remove the ice from the broken toe, and strip the sock off of Duo's other foot. Wouldn't you know that Shinigami has perfect toes? Not to mention his cute little ankles which turn and curve just right.

Absently caressing the uninjured foot, Heero decided that maybe Duo might also want his pants taken off for the night. So as carefully as he could, he unzipped the black pants and slid them down the hips of the softly snoring boy.

At this point in time Heero's obsession was pretty much occupying his entire mind, instead of that every five seconds that was mentioned a few moments ago. But really he couldn't be blamed for his absorption; half naked braided pilots would probably have this effect on almost anyone.

Tossing the pants aside, our Heero contemplated the t-shirt Duo was wearing. Then deciding that this too should be removed, the prussian-eyed boy did just that, quickly and efficiently, leaving Duo in only a pair of little black boxers. Which by the way, are indeed what the god of death likes to wear beneath his clothes.

Deciding that perhaps body heat would serve better than a blanket ever could, Heero eased down onto the bed. Ok, so maybe Heero's decision making was a bit awry, it wasn't winter, the air conditioning was on in the house, and there was a perfectly good blanket right there. But can you really blame him for wanting to snuggle up against a boxer clad Duo, even if it was on the pretext of keeping him `warm'?

Wrapping his arm around the soundly sleeping boy, Heero rest his head against the pillow beside Duo, and as softly as he could, kissed the bare neck in front of his eyes. The longhaired boy shivered and snuggled back against the warmth behind him, his head turning slightly to face Heero. But luckily the painkillers seemed to be making him sleep heavier then usual and his eyes didn't open. Prussian eyes drifted shut briefly in what might have been a fervent prayer, as Heero cautiously nuzzled one elfin ear.

Duo, as you might guess, was having the Most erotic dreams. In his little fantasy world Heero was nuzzling his ear and nipping at his neck. It also seemed like his dream pilot was holding him very closely, one arm wrapping around his waist while the other stroked his side. Just this touching alone was enough to drive the braided boy nearly mad with pleasure. After all, when your crush/obsession starts to nibble and stroke you, even if it is in your dreams, you take notice of it.

Other parts of Duo's body were also starting to pay attention, specifically a part located around the middle of his lean frame. This part had come to attention several moments ago and now stood rigid in the confined space of Duo's little black boxers, begging for some notice.

Heero had not yet detected the bulge he had created by being so close to Duo and doing the things he was doing to the other boy. But soon enough his attention -and his hand- drifted from ribs to stomach, to hip, to abdomen, and from there it just went lower. Eventually his wandering paw meandered a path all the way into the little black shorts, carefully extending within the limited space of clothing.

Tentatively he touched Duo's rock hard, and so far ignored erection. It leapt against the heat of Heero's hand and the braided boy shifted to lie more firmly against the warmth at his back.

At this point you may wonder some things about the perfect soldier. For instance, how perfect can he be if he's molesting his companion while he's drugged and asleep? Ah, well you see, Duo was awake now. So technically it was no longer molestation. That, and the braided death god was loving every minute of it.

Pretending to be asleep still, Duo rubbed against the hard body behind him, a shaft similar in state to his own grinding against his rear. Heero's hand took a firmer grip and began sliding along the throbbing staff in his hold, his mouth nibbling on the unsteady pulse in Duo's neck while his other hand held one smooth hip.

Both boys had their eyes closed, bodies moving and writhing together on the bed. Duo tried to control the urge to roll over and bury his face against the boy stroking him so nicely. His hips shifted and rolled at once pushing against the body behind him then straining forward into the hot hand wrapped around him.

Scorching breath was panted into his ear and then Heero's teeth nipped lightly at his neck and trailed over his skin until they reached one bare shoulder. Where lips, teeth, and tongue all joined in on an over all assault against the innocent piece of anatomy.

Duo's body quivered at the sensory overload, his toes curling, including the broken one, making him moan both at the pain and the pleasure of it.

All movement stopped for moment, and ragged breathing filled the silence. Both boys opened their eyes in the semi-dark room, bodies frozen for an eternal amount of time.

"Duo?" No answer, just a barely audible sigh and a shift of hips.

Taking this as a good sign, the Japanese boy pressed firmly against the well-muscled little buns, once more beginning his war on Duo's body. A few muffled moans managed to make it past the braided boys tightly clenched teeth and through his closed lips, but not enough to stop the action.

Heero was about to lose what little of his sanity was left, each clench and thrust of the incredible body in his arms sent new waves of pleasure through the prussian-eyed boy. And he felt that with any second now he would have to start sliding those boxers off and do some more thorough investigating of Duo's sleek body.

Not one to ignore his emotions, Heero followed the impulse and slithered the shorts off a little at a time, eventually baring not only one silken hip but several inches of curved rear end and quite a bit of solid erection.

Duo bit his lip as he valiantly tried to remain as if sleeping while his boxers became a memory. He squirmed against the intense heat emanating from Heero's pants where they ground against him, his body betraying his efforts to remain still.


Heero wasn't sure if Duo was still asleep or not, but it was getting to the point where he no longer cared. And that moan had almost made him come in his pants. Breathing hard he began to tug off his own clothing while managing to keep a firm grip on the dripping cock restlessly twitching inside his hand.

Clothes flew off the bed to land with soft thuds against the floor and Heero began a serious assault on his `sleeping' friend. Duo's rear was pressing tightly against his groin and the sounds coming from the other boy were driving him crazy. Soft little gasps and quiet moans, not to mention the tiny shivers and quivering of almost every inch of Duo's skin rubbing against him.

Apparently the god of death was waging his own little war on the perfect soldier, wearing down every defense and sneak attacking all barriers. Duo's body was heating up and his skin felt like it was too tight while being strangely hard and tingly at the same time. Or at least certain parts of his body were tingling and hard…throbbing, straining, and growing even larger. Other parts of his body were just getting hot and needy.

It was around this time that Heero realized he desperately needed something to lubricate and slick up the whole affair. His mind worked quickly, offering up all kinds of slippery substances. Finally an answer managed to wiggle its way into the cobalt-eyed [1] boy's head and made itself known. There was a small bottle of lightly scented massage oil in his bathroom kit, even the perfect soldier liked to have some lubrication for his `nocturnal activities'. And after all, massage oil was innocent seeming enough not to attract unwanted attention from his friends. Or so he thought.

Sliding off the bed and reluctantly releasing Duo, despite the small moan of protest, Heero made his went to the bathroom and dug through his kit in search of the oil. Mere moments later the small bottle was in hand and Duo once more had a molten body pressed against his back, as well as a very hard erection pressed against the cleft of his hot little rear.

Heero took a moment to smooth his hand over the damp and heated skin of the slim body beside him. Before opening the oil and pouring a generous amount onto his palm, a bit spilling over to land on the braided boys back.

"Duo?" he tried again, but there was still no answer, except for a determined wriggling of hips and a barely audible moan. With a shrug Heero slipped his oiled up hand between the cheeks of the other boy. One finger sliding into Duo and stroking gently, while the other hand swiped at the oil that had dripped out of his hand and onto the soft skinned battlefield.

With absolutely no mercy, Heero wrapped his now slick hand around the aching cock of the writhing boy and clamped his mouth onto the tender flesh of Duo's neck. This completely broke all of the restraints on Duo's mouth and rather loud groans filled the room as another finger joined the first already inside of him. Both fingers working tirelessly inside the sheath of Duo's body until a third finger entered the fray, wreaking havoc with every stroke within Shinigami's tight heat.

"Aaaaaa…ooohh…just mmmm." Were what Duo managed to say, but when a fourth finger entered him not even that much got out of his mouth, all that was heard was a soft gasp followed by the quiet noise of cumm pulsing out onto a warm hand and the sheets formerly known as clean.

Heero, deciding that this should be enough to win the war of seduction, removed his fingers and replaced them with his hard length. Sliding slowly into the welcoming heat of Duo's body.

Both boys let out loud moans as they felt the intense connection of their bodies melting together. Eventually Heero began to become aware of the soft pulsing and throbbing around his shaft and pulled out only to slide even deeper, eliciting a muted "Please?" from Duo's lips.

Understanding that this was a cry for more, the perfect soldier began pounding slowly into the willing body of Duo, his fingers sliding along the again hard cock standing at attention.

Completely losing all control, the American boy thrust back onto Heero's hardness taking every solid inch of it into his body. Arching into a bow as it hit something inside him that made his eyes squeeze shut and a scream plummet from his mouth.

Once more the sheets took a beating and became bathed in sweet sprays of creamy pleasure. The war, was won, both boys having `come' out of the battle victorious.


And so the final question that may drift through your mind is " What the hell was Duo's little plan anyway?!" Ah, well… I just wanted to get laid.


The end


[1] Yes, yes, I know cobalt is a different color from Prussian, but his eyes change with the light or perhaps mood, I think<grin>

Hoped you enjoyed this effort at mass pwp lemonism, feedback is cherished and hung beside the non-existent fireplace with tender care and warm mushy feelings.