Warnings & Dislaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, but sometimes... i think i might have in a previous life. This fic contains: 1+2, yaoi, sci-fi? crazy stuff? many lives, lust and love? two boys and a girl, au, si, ooc, and probably just really wacked stuff. C&C is welcome,wanted, craved, needed and all round asked for!Otherwise i might think ur not paying attention :/ thoughts... eh u'll see will be in // marks


Infinity Explained 9/?
By ClarySage

Ch. 9
Infinity Road


I open their minds to my endless memories. I know what they will see; it will even be possible to respond. Opening a door I thought to keep shut for a time longer, I flood them with my lives.

I'm standing outside staring into the night sky; there are no sounds, no lights. The stars don't even appear. The moon is gone. What was thought impossible has happened. In a burst of light the world is destroyed, every nuclear weapon, biological weapon, and missile has gone off at once.

I am awake; there is a sky overhead, heat filling my body. Where is this place? A strange animal is moving towards me across an endless desert. I bend to my knees and bow before what surely must be god. But it isn't, god doesn't exist here.

Traveling the desert I find that it is all there is here. An entire world without water. I'm reminded of a book I read long ago. The people here, if you can call them people, are savages. But I have nowhere else to go. Why am I here?

I find that I don't age, my life is never-ending, or so it seems. When the weapon slices me in half and my blood spills upon the ground I don't even cry out. I'm dead again, perhaps permanently.

Another life, I find I'm on a planet that is medireview; wars are everywhere, factions, and politics. I actually start to enjoy myself here. A lunatic of a man discovers me. He wants to train me to kill. Perhaps I will go with him, I need to learn something. My gift after my first kill is a pair of sharp needles polished to brightness. A metal only found here, they will never break. Or so I am told. As my master places them in my hair, I feel like I now know what I should do.

Leading me to a platform is a tall man dressed in black. I stand before a throng of thousands. I'm here to pay for my crimes, the deaths of hundreds. But none of them were innocent, all were deserving. When my head is rolling on the platform for the gratuity of the crowd I am already crossing into the next life.

// Do you always die like this? //

// Yes. When you don't age, violent death seems to be the only end. What else could kill me? //

Another life, I'm still a killer. But now I know to be more discreet. I sense a power starting within me. I can manipulate small pieces of energy. I don't know why, perhaps it is because of the crossovers. Who ever is in charge let's me keep the clothes on my back, though they seem to change just a bit with each life. My needles are still with me. My looks never change.

Death comes for me in a painful way this time; I'm tortured into near insanity. I pray for the end, eventually it comes. This time I notice as I leave my shell of a body. Hunched over in it's own blood, caked with filth, I let a tear slide down my invisible face and turn my back. I realize this may never end; I'll always come back to life.

// Why you? Why do you always come back? //

// Where are these places? I've never seen them before. //

// Different worlds, dimensions, planes of existence. All I know is that once I believed I would come back always, someone decided it would be true. Perhaps if your will is strong enough these things come to pass. //

Light, blinding blue light, I can feel my mind stretching into the darkness, traveling along Infinity. Death, life, death, life, and never it seems do I find happiness or love. But I live on; I don't really seem to mind anymore. I've never met anyone I've known before. The power is growing stronger within me. I can maneuver energy; it helps to save my life more often. No one else seems to be like me, not that I ever ask. I think I would just sense it, know if someone was.

Lives flash past with more and more speed, life, death, life. This time seems no different. I appear in a strange room, I know why I am here. I sense evil nearby; it's time to kill again. But I don't mind anymore, maybe it's why I keep going on.

// You've lived all those lives? //

// And many more, they never end. //

// Then why do you keep going? Why not stop? //

// I think because, endless life is better than endless death. It's also probably more fascinating too. //

I break the link between our minds. Both boys are watching me with a new understanding. I think they know now why I am who I am. The way I am. Duo reaches over and wipes the tears from my face. I smile at him.

"Now do you understand?"

"No, but I know that your right, life should go on, even if it means pain, death, and loneliness." He says it so softly I wonder if he knows, if he to wishes to go on forever. To some it would be a dream come true. But I know better, in all dreams there are nightmares.

I let go of their hands and turn my back to them; I get up and go over to the door. Turning I look once more at them. I think I need to be alone for a while, let them be alone.

"I'm going to go wander the ship for a bit. I need some time by myself." They nod, walking out the door I hope they will talk to each other. Not all of us have to be alone for eternity.

I'm walking aimlessly around the corridors, not many people pass me. When they do I just put up a mild shield, I don't care to be noticed right now. The shield averts their eyes like I'm not even here. Suddenly I feel strange, warmth is creeping over me, it's as if someone is touching me, loving me. What is this? I pause in my walk and close my eyes; I open myself to the energy. I see the threads attached to my heart leading off around the bends in the hall. Ah, my attachment to Duo and Heero. What can they be doing? As if in answer I feel small gentle tugs on the strands of energy that bind us. Odd, it doesn't hurt at all, it feels… good. Next thing I know I'm on my knees in the corridor, my legs giving out for no reason. I gasp as electric sensations course over my skin. Pleasure? Why would pleasure be vibrating along the binding threads?

I cling to the wall and pull myself up; I think I better find someplace private for this. I have a vague idea what it might be. Keeping my invisible shield up I practically run towards the hanger. It's the only place I can think to hide. I'll go into one of the gundam and wait this out. I don't even get lost on the way, and when I reach the wide doors of the hanger I leap into the room and fly towards the gundam. These currents of passion are nearly blinding me now. I can barely feel anything else.

I float up to the cockpit of Duo's gundam and sink into the seat. Waves of pleasure are pulsing over my skin, entering my brain. I open my mind and follow the threads back to Duo and Heero.

I can see them only as blue energy fields, hear only their thoughts. I don't think they realize I'm with them. They seem to be very distracted right now. I moan as they touch each other for the first time. I've never felt this before, but then I've never been connected to people like this. Apparently they've finally found each other.