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Infinity Explained 8/?

Ch.8 Infinity Questions

Is it me or am I passing out an awful lot? It seems that the entire time I've been on this ship all I've been doing is fading to black in one way or another.

So once again I swim my way back to reality. I can hear the soft clack of a keyboard and someone breathing nearby. I slowly open my eyes. Duo is lying next to me on the bed. His eyes are closed, but he looks ok other than that. I guess he's not suffering from anything worse than utter exhaustion. If I'm guessing correctly this is one of the first times he's used energy. I reacted the same way, the first few times. For some reason even though energy is endless, it makes you tired when you use it too much. One of the universes many mysteries I suppose.

I reach over and silently lay a hand on his cheek. What is he dreaming of? Anything? Maybe he's dreaming of Heero. I smile at this thought. Then just for the hell of it I slip into his mind. Why not? He doesn't try to stop me; but of course he can't since he's sleeping.

Thoughts drift up from the darkness of his dreaming. I get flashes of images like pictures flying past in a book. I can see a country blasted apart by war. Children running through filthy streets in rags. A church blown to bits. Strange men in white lab coats. Three handsome boys standing along side more Gundam. And then through it all I see Heero's eyes watching, waiting.

Wow this kid has got it big time. I really need to do something to make them see how blind they are to one another. It's like Duo knows Heero wants him but isn't sure. And why not? From what I can gather Heero's not very outgoing with his feelings. I turn a bit on my side and then realize that my clothes are gone. I'm lying naked under a blanket next to Duo. What the…?

I guess my clothes weren't in the best of conditions after that little blood bath I had. Hell, what a perfect situation. I mentally throw up my arms in disgust. Well at least Duo isn't naked. I don't think I could handle that. I do have hormones after all. I lift the blanket just to check; yep he's got clothing on.

Come to think of it, where are my clothes now? I'll need something to wear. I slide the blanket off of Duo and around myself as quietly as I can. Then I raise a small energy field to stifle any noise I might make. Slipping silently up behind the busily typing Heero I tap him on the shoulder.

"I don't suppose you have anything I could wear?" I watch as he jumps about a foot in the air and then whirls around with a gun in his hand. Where the heck did that come from?

"Calm down Heero I just need some clothes, you're so excitable." I give him my best innocent grin. He's glaring again. Very slowly he sets down the gun.

"Borrow something of Duo's." I grimace, and look over at the sleeping boy.

"Heero, I wouldn't wear those pants if you payed me." He actually starts to laugh. For a while now I've wondered if he even could. "What did you do with my clothes?"

"I put them in the laundry service, they should be back in a few hours. Though they will have a large hole in the side." He frowns at me, and gets up. Only a hole? Easy enough to fix, I just need something other then this blanket for now.

"Here, I might have something you can wear of mine." I follow him over to what appears to be a blank wall. He presses a small indentation and suddenly there's a closet within the wall. Impressive, now to find something to wear. I start leafing through the rack of clothes. He looks roughly my size, except maybe for the height difference. I glance at his waist. And possibly the hip difference, mine curve, his don't.

"I don't think any of your pants will fit me." I mumble from behind some uniform shirts I'm flicking through. Then I spot something that catches my eye; I grab it and pull it closer. An old fashioned kimono, black with a multi-color dragon embroidered on the back, it's eating it's own tail. Wow, this thing was made for me. I take it off the rack and hold it against me, looks like a perfect fit.

"You can't borrow that." I give him a questioning look. "It… it was a present." Ooh, I nod sagely; I bet it was from Duo.

"From Duo huh? Let me borrow it, and I won't tell him how possessive you are of it." I give him an evil look. He gives me his glare of death, but it doesn't even faze me. Smiling sweetly I drop my blanket and turn my back on him. I slip on the soft robe and wrap the matching belt around my waist. I turn back around to find Heero still glaring at me. I think I've actually managed to embarrass him, there seems to be a bit of color rising in his cheeks. Ignoring his obvious discomfort I glance towards the bed where Duo is still sleeping soundly. Maybe I'll tease him just a little. I sidle close to him, and turn to whisper in his ear.

"I don't suppose," I pause and breath softly into his ear, "That," I pause again and smile, "You might," once more I stop, I think he's actually panting. Holding back a giggle I continue, "have seen my needles around here?" I grin and brush past him looking around the room.

He's standing behind me apparently trying to get a grip on himself. Where are my needles? I could swear I left them around here somewhere. I turn back to him only to find he's still watching me. I raise an eyebrow. Walking over to the desk, he slides open a small drawer and pulls out my hair sticks. He holds them for a moment, an undecipherable look on his face.

"Why did you put them in there?"

"I didn't think it would be a good idea to leave a murder weapon just lying around in our room." That makes sense; maybe I shouldn't even wear them. I really don't want to be put to death again. I take them from his hand and trace a loving finger over each one. I've had these things for so long now. Almost as long as I've had those clothes he's sent to the laundry. I shrug and place the needles back into the drawer.

"I don't think I'll wear them for a while." I twist a bit and grab some of my hair, I sniff it. Ew, I really need a shower soon, ships do not nice smells make.

"Hey Heero? Where are the showers on this thing anyways? I'm starting to get a bit ripe." I scowl at a loose braid and tighten it with a small burst of energy. I glance up and notice Heero is trying not to meet my eyes. Why does this give me the same feeling I had earlier when I had to sit on his lap?

"Heero?" He actually starts to blush again, and still refuses to meet my eyes. Then he walks over to another wall and presses a small button. The wall slides open to reveal a tiny cubicle just big enough for one person. I gape for a moment, then turn back to him and frown.

"Heero, there's no door. How are you supposed to have any privacy?"

"You don't, these rooms are either for couples or same sex roommates. Modesty isn't a big thing with someone you spend most of your day with." I bet.

"Betcha still watch though don't you?" I grin and wink at him. He growls a bit then looks over at Duo. Aha! Got you! I enter the shower and look at the various little knobs and buttons wondering what each one does. Then shrugging I take the belt off from around my waist. I turn to face Heero again the kimono partially open now. I give him a look and he politely turns his back and sits down at the computer again.

I take the robe the rest of the way off and toss it next to the sleeping Duo. Then I fiddle with the buttons for a moment. One squirts out some sort of weird goo, another some noxious substance, finally one of them seems to turn on the water. Hot water hits my head and I gasp. Ouch! To hot, I fiddle some more and manage to get it a bit colder. Much better, now which one of these things is soap?

After much cursing and sprays of water and bubbles I finish my shower and turn off everything. It's now I realize I don't have a thing to dry off with. I cough softly to get Heero's attention; he swivels in his seat and stares at me. You would think he's never seen a naked girl before the way he's acting.

"Uh, how do I dry off? Got a nice little wall that hides the towels?" He blinks then gets up and comes over to me. Reaching in beside me he presses a small button below all the others. A blast of air bursts from the walls of the shower. Letting out a soft shriek, I almost jump out, but Heero is blocking my way. Air is pummeling me all over the place, but I seem to be drying rather nicely. My hair is going to be such a mess after this. I moan dejectedly, wonder how Duo handles his? Eventually the air cuts off; I make a face at Heero's back, and grab the robe. Feeling its softness wrap around me once more I feel a bit better. At least I'm clean now. A sigh comes from the bed and I look down to see Duo's eyes fluttering open. Bet he has a massive headache. Raising his head a bit he squints up at me then with a small groan closes his eyes and relaxes again.

"Aww, got a big headache don't you?" He gives a small nod and grimaces. I lay a hand on his head and silence the pounding that must be ringing throughout his skull.


"Yeah, how come you can heal me so easily, but didn't heal yourself?"

Questions already, I thought he at least might wait until he managed to wake up a bit more. Ah well, I shrug and sit next to him.

"Usually if I'm wounded that badly I don't have much of a chance or inclination to heal myself. Most of the time I die." Smiling softly I pat his head.

"Thanks Duo, I don't know why you can manage the energy, but I'm very glad you can. I don't think I'm ready to die this time. Not just yet at any rate." I look up to see Heero standing next to me looking puzzled.

"Infinity, are telling us you really have died before?"

"Of course I've died before, many times. I told you. Oh no, wait; I guess I haven't actually told you have I?" Patting the bed next to me I push Duo over a bit.

"Sit down, I think it's time you find out just what I have been through." I stare into Heero's eyes intently, and then I take his hand in mine. Then I grasp Duo's hand. "I'm going to show you what it is to live a thousand lifetimes. Some things may be a bit confusing, but perhaps this will explain better than I can in words."

Opening my minds eye I slide along the thread that binds us and ease into their minds.

// Brace yourselves; it's going to be a long and bumpy ride. //



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