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Infinity Explained 7/?
"Well met Infinity"

By Cs


"We've got trouble, something is attacking us," I can hear faint screams in the background. "It appeared out of no where and is ripping the ship to shreds with some sort of new weapon. You better get back here fast. I'm already heading out to see what I can do." With those words he signs off, and I'm left staring at a blank screen. I don't even bother to voice my thoughts this time. Already inside my head I can hear Heero. // Shit, shit, shit, shit, that idiot. //

I'm thrown back against Heero as he suddenly puts the pedal to the metal. So to speak. Oh hell, now my whole body is going to be sore! Racing back towards the colony ship I know what we will find. I don't know how, but I think it's going to be there. Whatever is on the end of this strand. I look with my mind and sure enough, I can see it. A slender strand winding it's way around behind us and back towards the ship. I slip gently around inside Heero's head and show him what I see.

// I had a feeling that's what it was. Infinity, I think it knows when you can see it's thread.//

// Yes, I know. That must be why it keeps pulling on it everytime I've taken notice. We've got to get back there fast! //

My only reply is a burst of even more speed. I can see the ship looming ahead of us. There are flashes of light briefly lighting the void, and I can just make out Duo's Gundam battling fiercely. I can't see what he's fighting yet. But as we come closer I can make out something incredible. My mouth drops open. It's a small figure glowing with energy. It's a human girl.

// Heero? //

// I see her. //

// Then it's not just me going insane? //

// No, is she using the same power you have? //

// It looks like it, swing in closer. //

He does just that, and we come in close range. I can now make out that she looks around my age. But then, I look eighteen, looks can be deceiving. She seems to have a shield of solid energy protecting her from the vacuum of space, and she's whipping vines of force around like there's no tomorrow. Amateur.

// Heero, can you open this thing? //

// You want to get out and fight her don't you? //

// How'd you guess? Let me out. //

I unsnap the harness and apply some gravity to my feet. I slowly walk over to the hatch. Raising this many shields at once might be a bit difficult. But somehow I think I'll manage. I start to gather force. It comes to me like it always has, this time I take more and more until I feel as if my hair is standing on end. Oh wait, it is, sort of, well it's kinda floating actually. I forgot to put it back up in my haste to get going I suppose. I cast a separate shield over the small opening of the Gundam. Turning back towards Heero I give a sharp nod.

// All right, open the hatch. //

// Good luck. //

// Like I'll need it. // I cast one final thought at him

// You owe me. //

I draw a final breath, and then bring up my own shield, the hatch swings open and I slide through the energy barrier I've put at the door. Then I dive through space towards the glowing figure. Immediately the girl attacks me, but she's no match. I whirl to face her, and bring up a hand to ward off the force vine she sends my way. Weakling. Out here there is so much energy I feel like I'm infused with it, bloated with power. I make my shield bigger, and then I dive after her. Duo and Heero have moved their big boys back to protect the ship. Now I can play with her all by myself.

I almost collide with her, but just as I planned my shield doesn't bounce off hers, it sinks into it. I harden it around us, and give her a Yuy glare. Playtime is over; I'm going to kill her. She's given me enough pain to make me rather angry. All right, I'm pissed I admit it. Barely controlling my rage I walk across the shimmering blue field and stand before her. She's beautiful. I stare at her; she's staring at me as well. Her hair is very long and dark, falling past her waist. And she has large glimmering green eyes, which look a bit wild right now. What really is catching my attention is that she's naked. Yes naked. In space. She's either insane, or very strong. My vote is on the both.

She tries to send another vine at me and I slap it back at her and watch as it explodes into blue sparks.

"Nice try, got anything better to throw?" I smirk and let my mind slide along the thread that connects us. Then I explode inside her mind. She tries to fight me for a moment, but I give her no choice. Unlike with Heero, I take control.

// Better stop sweetie, you'll hurt yourself. //

A feral growl is my only answer, as she tries to break free of my mind, thrusting at the barriers inside her head.

// Oh no you don't, I'm tired of you tugging on this. // I give the strand a sharp jerk and she falls to her knees crying out in pain. I have no pity, she started this little war.

// I didn't, I had to find you, but when I felt you looking at the thread I knew I could get you to find me instead. //

// Oh yeah? Then why are you attacking the ship? //

// I didn't mean to, //

// LIAR! // I roar inside her head, and walk closer to her. I lay a hand on her forehead and stare into her softly glowing eyes. I know she wants to kill, I can taste it. She is pure evil, she must be. She knew what tugging on that thread would do. She didn't want me to find her. What she had felt when I saw that thread was terror. She never wanted me to remain alive.

// I'm going to kill you now. //

I fish around in her mind and come up with her name. I'm shocked for a moment, it's an old Earth type name, it came from a text we had there. The Bible. Her name is Cain. A traitors name for this girl? Appropriate.

// Who are you? // I can feel her mind trembling inside of mine. Suddenly I feel a sharp ripping in my side. That bitch! Where did she hide a knife? Shit! I slap a hand over the gaping wound in my side and raise my free hand to kill her. When abruptly she's gone, she just isn't there anymore. I close my eyes and look for the strand; I can see it stretching once more into oblivion. For the hell of it I yank as hard as I can on it. I feel a scream come pulsing back to me over it. That makes me happy, until I hear my blood hiss as it hits the shield. Ah hell, no time for passing out in vacuum. I give a small push against nothingness and drift towards the ship. I pray I won't pass out until I'm in the hanger again. A Gundanium fist closes around me and Duo carries me back.

Faintly I can hear Heero's voice echo inside my head.

// Who was she? What was she? //

The Gundam is finally inside the airlock. I can feel the pressure outside of my field change as the hanger door slides shut. Taking a deep breath I release my shield and answer.

// Cain. The enemy. //

I can hear Duo shout as he leaps from his fighter. I turn towards him; he's got a mean look on his face. Why is he mad at me? In a few seconds he's by my side, his hand slides over my own covering my wound.

"Your hurt, come on."

"No Duo, don't! I can heal it myself." He gives me an angry look. Then without another word scoops me up and starts carrying me towards the exit. That does it; blackness descends over my eyes yet again.


I groan as awareness creeps over me once more. My side is on fire with pain. I feel someone lean over me. My breath hisses between my teeth as a soft cloth touches my side.

"Jesus Heero, she's nearly cut in half!" Duo's voice is filled with anger.

"She said she would heal it herself, let her be."

"She isn't moving, we have to do something!" Duo's voice almost sounds frantic. I'm having trouble hearing; it seems to be swinging in and out in time to my pulsing wound.

I feel a warm hand on what feels like my very cold skin. But I can't quite tell. I don't feel anything but pain.

Quiet suddenly descends on my battered mind, unexpectedly I can feel energy course over my wound. My body spasms, the energy is too raw, unfocused. I slide along the tendril that connects Duo to me; he lets me in with no hesitation.

// Show me what to do Infinity. //

I guide is hands with my mind, and show him how to see the threads of power that are all life. I know he can see a hole in my life print.

// Draw from your own pattern, mend the hole in me. //

I don't even need to warn him to be careful; he's already gently repairing the gash in me. I wonder how he has the ability to maneuver energy like I can.

// We have to talk later… Duo… thanks. //

Right before I pass out again, I hear Duo hit the floor with a thud.



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