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Infinity Explained 6/?

By Cs

"Earlier, when I was fixing Duo's energy. I saw threads of power connecting the three of us. And then I noticed another strand attached to me. Whatever it is started pulling on me then, and just a little while ago did it again. Only harder this time." I gulp and look at them, they're looking right back at me. Heero has an intense statement on his face, but then he always seems to have that. "I think whatever it is, is trying to kill me."

This actually would have made a great dramatic speech, accept that just as I finished saying something was trying to kill me. My stomach growled. What?! It's been a very long time since the last time I got to eat. As a matter of fact, it was a lifetime ago. I roll my eyes at the boys.

"Uh I think I might be hungry, what's to eat on this ship anyways?" This could be a slight understatement. Since actually I'm starving, and desperately need food. Now.

"I'll go get some food, take care of Duo." Oh great, I think I've pissed him off, oh well. I help Duo sit on the bed next to me. The door slides open and shuts behind Heero quietly.

"How you feeling Duo? Anything still hurt?" I pat his arm softly, there are no tears but he looks like he might cry any minute.

"I'm ok, what was that Infinity?" Ah, questions. But how to answer them in a way he can understand?

"That, well, it was, you see…." I stop and think for a moment.

"It was something that happened to me when I tried to cut the energy thread between me and… the thing." I see a small smile tug at his lips. Something funny? I don't think so.

"What?" I give him a quizzical look.

"I was just thinking that you're a lot like Heero. You both won't tolerate dominance." I blink, dominance? Me? Never. No one controls me dammit. I guess I am like Heero. Duo goes on, ignoring my best pondering look. "So what are you going to do about this thing? You can't just let it keep doing this to you."

"I don't know Duo, I was wondering myself what I should do. Any suggestions?" Surprisingly he nods at this.

"Can you follow the thread? If it was me I would follow it back to its source." Why am I blinking so much? This actually makes sense. I can follow that thread. There's just one problem though.

"I don't know where it goes, it could be light years away. Not to mention I don't have anything to go to it with. I mean I can see it mentally, but I can't follow it. I can't travel that far from my body. So how would I get to the source?"

"Gundam." He looks sagely at me as if this were an obvious thing.

"What? But, those aren't meant for long-term travel are they? I mean we can't go for months living in a Gundam. Where would we sleep?" I did manage to get some pictures from the histories of these giant fighters. So I know they are way to small to live in. What is he thinking of then, I know he isn't stupid. So why did he suggest the Gundam?

"We won't travel for long in them, we can scout the area in the direction of the thread. It will give us a chance to leave the ship for a while, and we can help you. Also if it turns out whatever is on the other end of your thread is hostile, we'll be able to fight it." This makes sense. Why didn't I think of it? Ah hell, I haven't been thinking since I got here. Or so it seems to me.

"All right, we'll do it." Just as I say this the door slides open to reveal Heero. He's holding a massive amount of food in his arms and looks very pleased with himself. I'm pleased with him to, ah a sandwich! I snag the sandwich that's almost falling out of his arms and rapidly start to wolf it down like the ravenous girl I am. I can't help but let out small "mm's" as I chew and swallow. Oh this is so good, I haven't had real earth type food in so long. Do you know that I haven't seen a sandwich in about 30 lifetimes? Imagine, no stacked bread, cheese and meat for over a thousand years? Understand why this is so good I'm wrestling with Duo for the next one?

Heero is giving us a look that plainly speaks for itself. He thinks we're idiots. I stick out my sandwich-coated tongue at him and then burp softly.

"No Duo, I want that one!" I wail and fling myself on him. He's got the last peanut butter one! I haven't had that in even longer then the usual kind. Unfortunately he's already shoving it into his mouth. I growl softly at him. I raise a hand and gather some energy. Suddenly there's a piece of something better being dangling in front of my eyes. I gasp and grab for it. Cake! Heero chuckles softly as I yank it out of his hand and start biting off huge chunks of it with my teeth. I think I'm in heaven, and this guy is a very nice angel. I give Heero a chocolate covered smile of gratitude, and fall backwards onto the bed. Oh my stomach. I haven't eaten so much in a while now. I pat my bulging belly contentedly.

Duo starts telling Heero the plan around a mouthful of another piece of cake. He doesn't look to surprised at Duo's stroke of genius. He must be used to it I guess.

"So when would you like to start Infinity?" Heero turns to me and looks like he's trying to ignore the chocolate still covering most of my face. I wipe a bit of it off and lick my hand. Delicious!

"Now? I'm ready whenever you are. The sooner we find out what this thing is the better."

"All right, why don't you clean up and I'll take you to my Gundam." I give a glare and wipe off some more chocolate.

"How are we gonna all fit in one suit? They're not big enough for 3 are they?"

"Duo's going to stay here." Both Duo and I look at Heero. Duo opens his mouth to say something, and then shuts it quickly. Ah, they need someone to stay and guard the ship and Heero has chosen Duo for that. I see.

"Sorry Duo, looks like your stuck here for a bit longer." Duo gives me a sorrowful look and nods. "Next time, ok? I promise."

I finish wiping the chocolate off and head for the door. I wait for Heero to lead me. Throwing Duo one final look of apology I head out the door behind Heero. Time for the stars.

"Um, Heero? How will we fit even 2 people in your suit? Isn't there only one seat in it?" He's blushing rather nicely for some peculiar reason. Wait a minute here, why would he blush at such a simple question. Oh no, he's not actually thinking….

"Heero? Tell me I don't have to sit on your lap?" He blushes a brighter red and nods. Oh my, I wonder how long this trip is going to take? For some reason I have feeling I'm going to have a very sore butt after this trip. Oh shush! I don't mean that in the way you think. I mean, looking at his lap there isn't a lot of comfy padding there. Looks like mostly muscle and bone if you ask me. For an hour? No problem, but two hours? Three hours? I groan and cover my face with one hand. What have I gotten myself into?

We walk along the corridor and are rather to soon for my comfort outside the hanger. How they managed to fit a hanger into this ship is beyond me. But they did, and here goes another whispering door. I side step and gaze up at the huge metal beasts. Wow. These things are cool. I head for the opening I can see in the ferocious hunk of metal. I suppose I've seen stranger things in space than this… but not many. What amazes me is that this thing is capable of moving through vacuum. Excellent engineering they must have here.

Heero is scrambling ahead of me up into the cockpit. I shrug and give in to the energy. I gently drift upwards surveying the Gundam as I go. They must have really been bored, this thing is polished to a high gloss and I could swear it had something like a wax job recently. Poor guys. I jump lightly into the cockpit and eyeball Heero. Nice harness, kinda sexy. Oops, can't think those thoughts. Bad girl.

"Uh Heero… Do we share that harness too? Cause I just have the worst feeling that you're a horrible driver." I get a Yuy glare for this flippant comment and he undoes the harness. I leap onto his lap and settle down. God, I feel sorry for my butt already. Maybe I could use some energy on it later? I have no clue how to go about healing a sore rump.

Heero's glaring directly into my face now. I glare back and then realize he's waiting for directions. I concentrate on seeing beyond mass. I can see the slender strand leading off into space.

"That way." I point to the portside of the ship. Swiftly the cockpit door slides shut and the hanger door hisses open. I grip Heero's forearms and pray this won't be a bumpy ride. But even as we lift off and zip out of here I know it's going to be hellish. I just knew he would drive like a maniac. Ok fine, I drive like a maniac in any vehicle you put me in. But, at least I'm in control then.

Maybe pointing isn't the best way to go about guiding him. I tentatively stretch a tiny tendril of energy into his mind. Since we are already connected with one thread this shouldn't be very difficult. It isn't. As I enter his mind I sense confusion and then acceptance. He knows I won't try to take control; I just want to communicate better. I let him see the enemy thread through my eyes. I can hear a hiss in answer coming from his mind. He's even less talkative in here then he is with his body. Figures.

I prod him a bit with a thought. //You want him don't you? I can see it. Your connected you know. Meant for each other.//

//If we are then what is this thread connected to you? And why are you connected to us?//

I sit back against him and blink a few times. Good point. Why am I connected to them? I thought that their being connected meant they were truly for one another. But then why would I be connected to them as well? Third wheel? Hope not, Heero seems like the jealous type. I shut up my errant thoughts and continue guiding us through the vacuum. One problem at a time, I'll solve this extra one later. I close my eyes and look upon the thread. What can be at the end of it? A loud noise suddenly rings through out the Gundam.

"What the hell is that?" I yelp. Heero reaches in front of me and switches on the monitor. Duo is on it, and not looking at all surprised that I'm sitting on Heero's lap under this tight harness.

"We've got trouble, something is attacking us," I can hear faint screams in the background. "It appeared out of no where and is ripping the ship to shreds with some sort of new weapon. You better get back here fast. I'm already heading out to see what I can do." With those words he signed off, and I am left staring at a blank screen. I don't even bother to voice my thoughts this time. Already inside my head I can hear Heero. //Shit, shit, shit, shit, that idiot.//



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