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Infinity Explained 5/?

After I calm down a bit, I realize that this is just punishment from an unjust creature. Damn fate and destiny to hell! I sit down on the floor and almost cry. I'm stuck on a colony ship searching out new planets to settle. And the worse thing is I've met up with, I look up and glare, these two. The most attractive guys I've seen for quite a few lives. And they are so completely wacko I don't know if I can take it! Calm down Infinity hun, take a deep breath and try not to kill. I let my shoulders slump.

"All right, how far are we on this mission then?" I look at the boys from under my hair. I never did manage to get it pinned up. They look at each other then back at me.

"About half a year from the nearest planet that looks habitable." Duo smiles brightly at me. Grr, must he sound so happy? Well then again I suppose he has reason to be. I mean judging from the various exchanges I've seen these guys have they really want each other. I barely control a snicker. Oh my. That could be fun. A half-year of nothing to do but roam a ship and mess with these guys?

"Well then," I pause for a moment, "What do you guys do all day?" Duo laughs.

"We don't do anything really, nothing to defend against just yet. So mostly I sit and watch vids, and Heero ransacks the computer for stuff." He shrugs and looks at Heero.

"We had to leave Earth kind of fast after peace came." Heero says.

"Oh really? Woman trouble huh?" I give Heero a knowing smirk. He chokes and looks like he doesn't know weather to laugh or run for the nearest exit.

"Yeah," says Duo, "this girl who established peace on earth wouldn't stop chasing Heero, so he asked me if I would go with him on one of the colony ships." He gives Heero a penetrating gaze. "Though he never did say why he asked me."

"Duo?" His friend looks surprised. I guess he never bothered to explain his reasons. I know his secret, but apparently Duo hasn't a clue. I carefully hide a smile and watch them.

Heero clears his throat and manages to look embarrassed. "I didn't want to leave and never see you again." He looks guilty for a second, I can just tell he's about to lie. "And besides, you're my best friend." Oh ho! I can't help it, I start to giggle. Heero flushes and Duo looks perplexed. I look quickly back at Heero, but he's to busy trying to look innocent. I know what he really means though, Duo's not just his best friend, he's his soul mate. They are bound together, meant for each other, and even Mr. Yuy knows it. All they need is a tiny push. I gather some energy and coax it into blindness, don't want them to see what's coming after all.

Abruptly I feel a sharp tug right over my heart. I gasp and hunch forwards. Ouch! God dammit! That freaking hurts! I release all the energy I've gathered and open my minds eye. Where the hell is this coming from? At first it looks like it's coming from the boys, but then I see a slender thread of energy snaking out from behind them. It's reaching right through their bodies and is attached to me. It's the thread I noticed earlier. Whatever is on the other end is hauling on the link.

Gasping in pain I grab hold of the thread and start playing tug o' war. This hurts like hell, but if whoever or whatever is attached to me feels like I do it's well worth it. I let out a growl of frustration. Break damn you! I don't care if it kills me, I won't stand for this! I start cutting through the thread with my mind. And everything goes black.

I callused hand is touching my cheek. I feel something against my lips and open them. Ah water, ice cold, delicious. I let out a sigh of gratitude, what happened? That thing was pulling on me. I let out an involuntary shudder at the remembered feeling. It felt like my heart was being ripped from my chest. I had tried to cut the thread. No wonder I ached so much. What had I been thinking? That was probably the problem, I hadn't been thinking at all. Just reacting, like usual. Another hand smoothes the hair back from my forehead. I can hear a whispered conversation going on above me. I've probably worried them. Slowly I crack open one eye. Agh! Light! I close my eye quickly.

"Hey guys, " I cough and try again, raising my voice as much as I can, "could you turn off the lights or something?" Is that me talking? My god I sound like I'm dying. I can see the room grow darker from behind my closed lids. Much better. I crack open an eye again, then slowly open the other. There's a slight light coming from the computer and I can see the boys standing by me. Duo looks real worried, he's so sweet. I try to give him a reassuring gesture but find I can't even lift my hand. That's the last time I try to break an energy strand. But what will I do if it happens again? Whatever's on the other end sure doesn't seem to like me. And I'm really starting not to like whatever it is.

"Help me sit up." I whisper in the darkness. Heero comes over and slides an arm under me. With an ease that tells me exactly how strong he really is he lifts my back off the bed. I clench my teeth; thank god I haven't eaten in a while. Never the less I let out a small burp, ooo I really don't feel good. Heero climbs behind me and props me up on his chest. I lay and pant for a bit.

"Heero, I have to heal myself, but I need you to stay here and hold me up." My head lolls onto his shoulder, I look at him hoping he understands. No fears, this guy always seems to understand things like this for some reason. I get a small nod from him and close my eyes. One more request, "Duo, I need your help too." I can see his braid bob a bit as he to nods. He walks closer to me and waits. Knowing what it might do to me I ask, "Take my hand." As his warm hand slips over and around mine I can only feel a small jolt of pain. Not bad, apparently something is wearing off. Concentrating I start drawing energy,

"Open yourself Duo, give me your will." It doesn't even faze me as he does exactly this. He does have power, I don't know why, but it's there. I only draw tiny amounts, I don't really need his energy, I need his will to live. I'm not letting on how serious these injuries really are. Bit by bit, I steal his blueprints. It's the only way I have to know exactly what might be wrong inside my own body. It hurts everywhere. I merge our blueprints and study them. There. Right below my ribs and in the pit of my stomach. I see a small red haze of disturbance sending tendrils throughout my body. Drawing from Duo's blueprints I sort through my threads, I can feel him jerk as I accidentally twitch one of his threads. Guess he does feel this. "Sorry." I say through clenched teeth. One last repair, I grip his hand hard, and extract the haze.

My body shudders involuntarily as I slowly remove the pain and heal myself. I can feel Duo tremble in response, and then I do what I have to do as quickly as I can. I'm sorry Duo, but I need you to hold on. I transfer the haze over to him. He lets out a scream and falls to his knees still clutching my hand. Hang on, it's almost over. I lay a hand on his sweating forehead and gather healing energy from around me as rapidly as I can. Then I send it through his body, and heal the miasma of pain I forced onto him.

I collapse back into Heero and close my eyes. Duo is on the floor gasping. I stroke his head. "I'm sorry Duo, I had to." I feel his small nod of understanding under my fingers. I caress his cheek; I can feel a tear leaking out from his eye. I wipe it up and lick it off my finger. Tasty. I think I need to find out what's on the end of my thread, before it kills us all. I push off of Heero and sit up.

"I need to find its source." They both look at me blankly. Oh ya, I never did explain what was going on to them did I?

"Earlier, when I was fixing Duo's energy. I saw threads of power connecting the three of us. And then I noticed another strand attached to me. Whatever it is started pulling on me then, and just a little while ago did it again. Only harder this time." I gulp and look at them, they're looking right back at me. Heero has an intense statement on his face, but then he always seems to have that. "I think whatever it is, is trying to kill me."




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