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Infinity Explained 4/?

By Cs

"Duo, wake up." A soft moan answers me. His eyes open slowly; I bring up a small shield so I can look at him, touch him, without trauma. I'm absolutely mesmerized by his eyes. So deep, so innocent. He's taken lives, hundreds of them, and yet he is still just a boy. I give him a small burst of energy through my touch. That should help him a bit. And it does, he sits upright in an instant. Quivering with energy. Oops, maybe I gave him too much, he already has quite a bit of power himself. Another mystery.

"Hi sleepy head, time to get moving for a bit." I help him to his feet. He stands shuddering with extra energy. Damn, am I always going to use too much power? I don't dare try to take some out again, who knows what kind of damage I'll do. Besides this should fade in a few minutes. Hopefully. I have a feeling I don't want to see Duo on an energy high. Just call it a hunch. I stroke his back like he's an excited animal of some sort.

"Calm down Duo, it will pass in a moment." I can feel the muscles in his back tense and release. Shit, I did give him too much. Ok, it's all right, maybe I can do a little something to calm him down. A balance, how to find a balance. Ah, I've got it.

"Heero come here for a moment. I need your help." He glares at me again and I start to realize that this must be a very normal statement for him. Either that or he just hates everyone and everything. Despite the glare he comes to stand beside me. "Stand in front of him and hold him. Don't let him go no matter what." I get a nod of understanding. Heero wraps his arms around the shaking boy and looks at me over Duo's shoulder. Good he's obeying, though he doesn't look too pleased. Hm, he'll just have to suffer. I need a buffer between Duo and myself. I can't touch him directly when he's awake, and I have to let down my shields for this. I hug Duo from behind, pushing his braid out of my way. Bah! Braids. I stop myself from making a comment; I need to fix this problem I seem to have started. I grasp Heero's forearms, which are holding Duo. I concentrate, focusing on the energy waves pulsing through the room. I expand my mind and take hold of the pattern of all energy. This is big stuff; I really hope I don't blow us to bits. Well, I would survive.

I follow the pattern until I can separate out single lives, I can see souls now. And yes Duo's is unbalanced thanks to my tampering. He also seems to have a strange glow surrounding his life blueprints. The weirdest thing of all is I can see that it's attached to something outside of himself. I follow the thread of energy and am not very surprised when it leads straight to Heero. Apparently destiny has plans for these two, and for me. I can see one more thread attached to both of them, and it leads back to me.

But I need to find the original blueprints for Duo's energy. I start sorting through the threads that make him. Ah that one's out of place. Twitch. Hmm, maybe I'll just leave this one here. Quickly I go through his entire being and flick everything back where it belongs. Vaguely I can feel him against my chest, the cloth on his back seems to be protecting me. I need to balance this, not disrupt it even more. Ok, I think I'm done. I double-check everything. Hm, I really should examine this connection more closely. I know there's something very important about it.

I let my minds eye stare at the patterns and connections for a bit. I can't seem to find a reason for this link. The bizarre thing is that there are colors in the energy. That's a first. Usually it's just a whitish-blue in color. But there are different colors connecting us together now. Rainbow hues of solid force. That's when I see something else. Another strand leads off from myself, connecting far away to something. I can't see it…. What am I connected to?

All of a sudden I can feel whatever's on the other end of this thread tugging me. I grit my teeth and pray it doesn't snap the thread. I have a nasty suspicion that would be very painful. Just as rapidly the tugging stops. This is so weird! What the hell is going on?

I shudder and let out a deep breath, slowly coming back to full awareness. I'm slumped on my knees and Heero is still holding Duo in a death grip. I wonder if I should tell him I'm done? I hide a smile. Maybe I'll just let him think he needs to do that for a bit longer. I know Duo is back to normal, but he really doesn't seem to mind being held by Heero. I don't know if they felt me messing with the lines of energy. I shrug and carefully stand up. Woo, dizzy spell. I swiftly fall to my knees again and crawl towards the nearest bed.

I climb heavily onto it and collapse. I close my eyes and stretch. It's been a long day. That nap I had earlier was just not enough. You would think with an endless supply of energy I wouldn't get tired. But hell, in spite of it all I am human. Just different from your average human. I curl up on my side and let darkness gather me in its arms for a little death. During my deep sleep I'm still conscious of the two bodies that eventually snuggle on either side of me.

I awake gradually, letting my awareness catch up. I shake away the remaining dream fragments, and feel warmth next me. This is a first I must admit. I sigh a bit, and open one eye. I can see the black cloth covering Duo's back and a bit of braid. I stifle a yawn, must be Heero behind me then. Mm, this feels nice, I don't want to get up but I know I have to. Well, at least I can let them rest a little longer. I wonder where the showers are on this ship? Certainly there isn't one in this room. Where would it hide? This thing is the size of a closet. A walk in closet, but a closet never the less.

I stifle another yawn, and open both eyes. Ugh. I let my body lighten a bit and carefully remove Heero's arm from around my waist. I hover gently towards the ceiling and turn around to look at them. Nice, cute guys. I gently levitate Heero's arm over Duo. That's better. I grin to myself, and aim for the floor with my feet. Standing firmly on the floor I stretch and let out a big yawn. Mm, ick my hair is everywhere, better fix it. I pull the needles from my hair and loosen the millions of little braids. I never mentioned that? Heh, easy to care for, I had it done like that in another life and decided it was a good choice. My hair falls to my knees in crimson ropes and I loop it over an arm. I just haven't had the heart to cut it. I run a finger over a few loose braids and tighten them up. Ah energy is so useful.

I hear a sound from behind me and look over my shoulder. Heero has his eyes open and is staring at my unfettered hair. A give him a wink and point with my free arm at where his arm happens to be. He turns an interesting shade of red and looks confused for a moment. God I love making them all flustered.

"Where do you put it all?" he whispers softly, eyeing my hair again. I grin at him.

"Would you believe me if I told you it's in L-Space?" He snorts and rolls his eyes.

"No." I give him a cheeky grin and start wrapping the hair up. I twist it and turn it and finally get it all pinned up with my hands.

"Hey Heero, hand me those needles next to Duo would ya?" His eyes go wide as he stares at the needles lying next to Duo's arm.

"You killed him, it was you." He gives me an accusing look. I give him a look in return and tack on sneer for affect. He had known it already; I just wanted to confirm it.

"You knew it already though, so don't make a fuss now." But something else has been bugging me. Something I can't put my finger on.

"Heero? How come there's a war on and you're here? I checked the manifest for this ship and it's nowhere near the Earth." I give him a puzzled statement. It's not that I hadn't thought about this weird fact before. I had just forgotten to bring it up. What with Duo's energy flux, which yes, I admit it was my fault. I can't be perfect all the time ya know. Heero's giving me a look I can't decipher. What? What can be the problem?


"Uh, Infinity, those records you read. Well they haven't been updated in a few months." I gesture for him to go on. Why do I get the feeling he's going to say something I won't like?

"We aren't in a war anymore, peace was established about 3 months ago." I can feel my jaw drop open. All I can do is blink for a moment. Come on brain! Kick start into action. What the hell is going on? There is no war? Why am I here then?

"But… I thought, then why are you on this ship? You said you were killers!" I point a condemning finger at him. Duo's starting to stir, that kid sleeps like a rock.

"When peace was established they decided that it was time to start expanding. So they sent out colony ships to search for planets we could live on. This is one of those ships. We are here because they might need defenders if they run into a life form that is hostile." All I can do is blink at him vacantly. Ok, this explains a few things, but not nearly everything.

"Then why didn't you say something earlier when I told you why I thought I was here?!"

"Because, you seemed so sure. I just didn't want to burst your bubble." For a second I swear I can see a glint in his eyes. Why that little…. He did it on purpose! I sputter for a moment trying to get a grip. I am gonna kill him! I raise my hand to start the energy, and Duo opens his eyes.

"Infinity! What are you doing?" Duo sits bolt upright in bed and gives me a glare worthy of Heero. I sigh, damn no killing this time. Speaking of killing….

"Who was Admiral Kenshjon?" When I killed him and then read the records I thought I had known the reason for his death. But now? I shake my head, this makes no sense. I couldn't have killed an innocent man could I?

"He actually was worthy of death. He was an evil bastard." Surprisingly this comes from Duo. I turn and face him and raise an eyebrow. " He liked to kill during the war, and he liked to kill children. He would take them and …do things to them. Of course no one ever brought him in on it. How could they? It was a war after all." He shrugs and glares and looks really pissed. I think he might actually be one of the few people who can look cute no matter what. Well, at least I didn't kill an innocent. That would have been bad, very bad. I don't like to kill people who don't deserve it. Also, it would be kinda scary if my senses were misfiring like that.

"So then, this ship is," I cough a bit and pray they don't know how cliché this is gonna sound, "searching out new life forms and planets, boldly going where no one has before?" I try not to laugh. I actually feel like I'm going to start screaming hysterically any minute now. They're nodding at me. Well what do you know? A colony ship. This could get interesting.



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