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Infinity Explained 3/?

By ClarySage

Duo is not making this any better. He's stopped rubbing against the floor and has rediscovered his own hands. This is not going to be good. He rubs his hands down his thighs and back up again. Its like he's never felt a touch before. I really can't help but watch. He's so achingly beautiful, innocent even. Apparently his friend can't help but watch him either. Interesting, is there something between these two other then friendship? I carefully lean back on the air and relax. I'm now laying flat on the air energy. Gradually I roll over until I'm on my stomach. Air is so comfy to lie upon. I lean my head on my hands and watch the boy writhing on the floor caressing himself.

What's amazing is that he isn't naked yet. Usually the other times I've used this power their naked within minutes. Hm, he must still be holding onto some of his control. Strong kid if he can even partially resist. I'm actually kind of impressed. I'm so busy watching the perfect creature on the floor that I haven't noticed Heero. He's standing next to me and apparently waiting for something. I sigh; I suppose he wants to ask some more questions. You would think a kid that doesn't talk that much wouldn't have so many.

"Ok, spit it out." I turn my head and look at him with half closed eyes. Oops, I've left the light on in them, heh don't want to blind the boy. I tone it down a bit.

"Well, can't you stop this?" Heero looks somewhat uncomfortable. Which is understandable considering Duo is now rubbing against his ankle.

"I've never tried to before, I don't know if I can. And if I actually can stop it, I don't know what side affects there might be."

"Side affects? Like what? What could be worse than this?"

I smile slightly, "Lots of things can be worse than this Heero Yuy. What if I accidentally send him into a spiraling depression? Then we'll be worse off then we are now." He nods his head, good he understands. Now how is he going to deal with Duo? Who by the way has now started to take his clothes off. I turn my full attention back to Duo. How can I help but watch such passion? He's stripping off his priest clothing, I can see he's even enjoying the feel of the cloth leaving his body. I really need to try this on myself sometime.

"Hey Heero." I glance over at him, he's watching Duo strip.

"Hn?" Nice boy, I swear he must be the least talkative person I've ever met.

"Is he really a priest?" I've just been kinda curious about that, it might explain this reaction to the passion spell. The braided boy is undoing his pants now; they have to be some of the weirdest pants I've ever seen. They have these strange bulges in the thighs. Very unbecoming, you wouldn't catch me dead in pants like those.

"Sort of." Ok, that's a decent enough answer. But I really wish he would elaborate a bit more.

"He was raised in a church for a while, they dressed him like that. I guess he took to it."

Wow I can't believe he's said this much. A church? I wonder what kind. I look at Duo. I'm staggered when I notice the cross on a chain around his neck. No, this can't be. I haven't seen anything familiar in so long. Centuries have passed. But this can't be where I came from. Everyone is dead. I know my world is gone. I saw it die with my own eyes. I was there for it's final breath. I died with it.

Heero seems to sense my sudden change of mood. He steps away from me a bit; maybe he feels the confusion coursing through my energy shield. I don't know. All right, passion spell be damned. This is serious now; I have to know where these people come from. I prepare myself. Mentally going over what I will need to do to reverse the energy from Duo without hurting him. I lower myself to the ground, and step onto the carpet with my bare feet. Weird texture to this stuff. I think it's related to rubber maybe. Rubber carpet?

"Back up Heero, I'm not sure what is going to happen. I don't want you to get caught in it." Apparently he understands what I'm about to do. He makes no comment and merely watches me as I approach the now naked boy. Kneeling down next to Duo I grasp his hands in mine. I still have a shield around me, but I can feel an odd pulse come from his hands even with it on. It doesn't seem to hurt now though, I guess the shield is working. It's the first time I've ever used one like this. So I guess it's a good thing it's effective. Duo's eyes are closed tightly. He's seems to be enjoying my hands. I blush a bit as he starts to use them on his own body. Yoikes! For a priest this guy sure is horny. Well, actually for a priest I guess he's not as horny as he should be.

This is going to be a new spell, I don't know if it will work. I certainly hope it does though. I need to get some answers out of these boys. It's been fun playing, but the time has come to get serious again. I exert some strength and manage to pull our linked hands off of Duo's body. I hold them next to his head and lean over him. When he opens his eyes to look at me I can't help but feel a small bit of… What? Attraction? Well, how can I help myself, he's naked, beautiful and trying to rub against me.

I smile at him, "This isn't going to hurt a bit." It's probably a lie. Since I'll be taking all this pleasure from him, pretty much anything after it will be somewhat painful compared to pure ecstasy. But I really will try to keep that from happening. I hear a gasp from Heero as I press my lips to Duo's. Shush, it's necessary. I build the power from within and then release it. I need to take not give this time. Gradually I open Duo's mouth with my own and begin drawing the breath from his lungs. I change the angle of my breath, and carefully begin to draw the energy out of him. Oh, what a rush. I better be careful not to take too much or I might start drawing from his personal energy. That would be pretty bad, as it would most likely kill him.

I feel him begin to struggle against me. Good he's coming back to his senses. I remove my lips from his and lean back. The lust is gone from his eyes now. Just as well, I think it was distracting Heero way too much for his own peace of mind. It's a shame really; I was just starting to have some fun. Oh well, some things just aren't meant to last. I let go of Duo's hands, and stand up. He's looking a bit helpless lying on the floor naked and confused. I know he remembers what he's just been doing for the past hour. The spell doesn't block memory at all; it only induces physical pleasure that is unreal in its intensity. Sure enough he starts to blush furiously and covers himself with his hands. I hand him the clothes he stripped off a few moments ago. I'm a nice girl I am.

I don't think I've ever seen someone get dressed so quickly before. I lead him over to the bed and make him sit.

"How are you feeling Duo? I need to know if your feeling any pain or discomfort." He's staring at his bare toes with something like keen mortification. Poor guy. It could have been worse; I could have let it run its course. I think he would be much more humiliated if he had humped Heero's leg or something. As it is he only rubbed against it a little. I try not to smile.

"I feel very embarrassed. What did you do to me Infinity? And why did you stop?" Aww he liked it, heh maybe next time I'll let it run its course. Heck maybe next time I'll do it to all three of us. We're all the same height when lying down after all. Now that is tempting. Oh right, to business.

"I need some answers from you, and you weren't exactly in any condition to give them. At least not any answers I could use." I let my teeth show in a feral grin.

"First, where are you from?" He probably thinks this is a really odd question, but I've had many different answers from others and none ever ring a bell. I wait for his response with some trepidation. I don't know what I will do if he says Earth.

"L2." I sigh with relief. As much as I would like to finally find someone from my home dimension I don't exactly know what I'll do when it happens. "Well at least you're not from Earth." I blurt it out with the wave of relief I feel. He's silent, why do I have this sudden feeling of horror? Both boys are looking at me now. No. No please don't say Earth, Don't tell me you know where it is. Don't tell me you have that planet. I've given up on ever finding it again. That lovely green and blue planet floating like a marble in space. I still miss it.

"Earth? Is that where you're from Infinity?" Duo asks me, I think he realizes that this is a very serious thing to me. I nod my head glumly.

"It's impossible that I'm from your Earth though. My planet was destroyed long ago. In a war to end all wars. It was wiped from the solar system, from the galaxy." I can feel tears come to my eyes. I haven't thought of my home for so long. All the people I knew there, all the people I didn't know. I was the only one to go on. It happened in minutes, and then it was as if it had never existed at all. I was jerked to another place, another time. Sometimes I'm amazed I haven't gone mad.

"Where is this place? I need to know where I am. What year is it?" This time Heero responds, I think they like to take turns. Strange boys. I think they are closer to each other then even they know.

"This is the Milky Way, the year is A.C. 197." All right. Right galaxy, wrong year. Wait a minute, how can it be A.C. 197? When Earth died it was A.C. 2030. I guess this isn't my home, just something very similar. This would explain the likenesses and parallel time lines. If they had Christ then they must have had a very similar history to mine.

"Do you have somewhere on this ship I can study your history? I need to find out as much as I can." Duo seems to have gotten over his earlier embarrassment and stands up.

"Heero, you still have that program on your computer?"

Heero nods, "Ya, I think it shows most of our history." He goes over to the desk and turns on the computer I hadn't bothered to notice earlier. Briefly he flicks through a number of odd-looking computations, and then a dark screen comes up with white letters.

"This is our history from as early as it was documented. Almost everything in this is fact. It explains cultures, technology, and our various wars." I sit down at the computer and look for a way to scroll through the information. What's scary is that this computer looks like the ones we had. The parallels are chilling. I just hope that they don't have wars like ours turned into.

I turn my back on the boys and begin going through the mountains of information. Fortunately another of my powers is quick learning. I crank up the energy in my brain and get to work. Hours pass as I study this history. The Gundams are very interesting; we never had anything like that. We just had giant bombs capable of destroying planets in one shot. I'm starting to feel tired now; I'm almost to the end. I feel a chill as I come to the last few paragraphs. They are in a war. Not like ours was, no, theirs is much worse. Maybe that's what I was truly sent here to do. I was sent here to save a planet, to save a galaxy, a universe. Maybe I was sent here to save these boys.

I sigh deeply and stretch out the various kinks in my back. I turn around to look at Duo and Heero. They've fallen asleep on the bed. Slumped over like dolls, all boneless. Adorable, I guess they had been watching me, since neither is lying down. Duo's head is resting on Heero's shoulder, and he's snoring softly. Cute, but where am I going to sleep? I guess I should wake them up, such a shame. I lay a hand on Heero's shoulder and gently shake him. His eyes pop open instantly. Nice reflexes. But I understand now why he has them. He is a soldier; he was trained from childhood for war.

"I'm done now, and I think I know why I'm here. I'm here to save you." I whisper this, since Duo is still sleeping against Heero. He shifts slightly and lowers Duo's limp body to the bed; gently he tucks a blanket around the boy. He stands up and waits for more.

"I've lived thousands of lives, and in all of them I've seemed to have a purpose. I'm never sure why I'm there, but there always seems to be something important I need to do in each one. Maybe it is fate, destiny using me as a tool. All I know is that I'm here now." I clear my throat and go on. "I've never told anyone about myself before, I usually just try to blend in. But this time it's different. I don't know why. This is also the first time I've ever come to a world that is so close to what my own was like. What I've learned from your history has told me what my reason for being in this place is. You're going to destroy yourselves just like we did. I must stop that at all costs."

I sit down next to the passed out Duo; tentatively I reach out a hand and stroke his cheek. When innocence goes to war it is one of the most horrible things to see. Touching him no longer seems to hurt me. Maybe it only affects me when he is awake. Well, that is a mystery for another time.

I turn to gaze at Heero, "My powers are pure energy. Everything contains energy of some sort, motion. It's one of the few things that goes on forever. Something like myself, perhaps that's why I have these powers. Every time I am created again, I come from pure energy. That is why I never change; I carry my body inside my own mind. And my mind is power as well." I feel Duo move a bit. He's waking up now. I might have taken some of his personal force when I neutralized the effects of my spell.

I'm still stroking his cheek, he's so soft. Created for war, meant to be loved. Maybe I can make a difference. I almost feel like crying.

"Duo, wake up." A soft moan answers me. His eyes open slowly; I bring up a small shield so I can look at him, touch him, without trauma. I'm absolutely mesmerized by his eyes. So deep, so innocent. He's taken lives, hundreds of them, and yet he is still just a boy. I give him a small burst of energy through my touch. That should help him a bit. And it does, he sits upright in an instant. Quivering with energy. Oops, maybe I gave him too much, he already has quite a bit of power himself. Another mystery.