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Infinity Explained 2/?

By Cs


Maybe I need to practice that one more often? I shudder, then I would have to look into my own eyes I suppose, not a good thing. I'm a patient girl I can wait. Ok, no I can't, why is this guy taking so long to answer me?

"My name is Heero Yuy, " he looks me in the eyes, and luckily he doesn't seem to have that drastic affect on me that Duo has. Thank god for small favors. He's watching my face as he says this; maybe he thinks I'm an enemy? Well, I did just break his arm, but then I healed it to. How many enemies do nice things like that? Besides which, he started it!

"As for why my companion dragged you back here I can't say. " He's giving Duo another one of those evil glares that he has. Poor Duo, he looks completely confused. I guess he really doesn't know why he found me.

Suddenly I hear a strange sound, loud and almost overpowering. What the hell is that? Duo and Heero are on their feet looking at me. What? What did I do? Oh ya well maybe I did something, like a little killing. But they don't know that. Do they? Heero jerks his head at the door and they both go sprinting out of it. Well shit, now what do I do? Follow them or stay here and catch some sleep? I think sleep is gonna win over on this one. Ah good the alarm or whatever has stopped. The silence is almost deafening now that all the noise has ended. I can hear feet running outside. You think this thing would have better insulation. Hmph I would hate to think what's keeping me and space separated. I settle down on the bed closest to me. Well, I guess they won't be back for a while. Sleepy time now.

Someone is shaking me awake. Ah hell where am I, and what time is it? I squint and look into a stunning pair of violet eyes. And I'm lost. Who am I? Where is this place? What is this place? I'm falling and I can't see anything but endless dark.

A hand is on my arm; I can feel fingers gripping it tightly. Where am I? I slowly open my eyes, there is a stunning boy standing over me. Heero Yuy, my ever so helpful mind supplies. Right, the guy with the gun. "At least I can look at you." I say to him. He looks confused at this. Probably because he has no idea what I'm talking about.

"Why did you scream when Duo woke you up?" Uh oh I don't like the sound of that. What the hell is he talking about? "What the hell are you talking about? " I sit up, and am amazed when I feel light headed and dizzy. I also seem to have a splitting headache. I hate headaches. I ease back down into a prone position. Damn this feels like a hangover. But I could swear I haven't had a thing to drink.

Heero still has his hand on my arm, I look at it. He gets the hint and removes it. I'm waiting for him to go on. But he really seems to have a talking problem. Where the heck is that other guy, Duo? As if this thought has called him into being he materializes at my elbow. Well not exactly at my elbow and not exactly materializing either, more like standing nearby. He looks down at me and smiles. Pretty boy.

" After we went to see what the alarm was about we came back here and found you sleeping. I shook you awake and you opened your eyes. " He paused for a moment as if unsure what had happened. Heck I'm even more confused then he is. After a deep breath he goes on, " When you opened your eyes you looked into mine and… you started screaming that you didn't know who you were?" He ends with a questioning tone, like maybe I hadn't said that. But at least this explains to me what happened. He made me fracture. Damn. I better reassure myself of who I am now. Who knows what kind of damage he's done to me. I look at them and nod.

" Ya, I probably said that, I don't remember though." I try to sit up again, more slowly this time. My head only pounds a little, and I'm not quite so dizzy.

"Let's just say your eyes are dangerous to me and leave it at that, ok? " I sigh; I know what's coming now, questions. I don't care; these people are perilous to me. I move to the edge of the bed where Duo is standing, and put my feet on the floor. Without looking up I slide off the boot on my right foot. Their both watching me, I can feel it. I slide the sheath off my calf, always handy to have a few extra weapons. I toss the dagger onto the floor, a gift from another life. I pull down my stocking and throw it next to my boot and dagger. There, there is the sign of who I am. The snake that eats it's own tail. And I remember now, I am infinite, I am Infinity. I smile now, happy again remembering all that I have done and will do. It may be hell, but it is after all my hell.

" All right, I guess you want to know who I am. But first tell me, what was that alarm about? " I'm still staring at my tattoo. I look up, so are they. Heero shakes himself a little, and looks into my eyes. Ah safe boy, I can look at you with no problems.

"Someone has been murdered; they found the body of Admiral Kenshjon. Apparently he had been stabbed through the ear by some sort of sharp needle like weapon. We were told to be on the look out for a killer." He smiles slightly, " But then we are all killers around here, so what's one more? " He said this with all the passion of a desk clerk late at night. Oh my, what a nice kid. And a killer? I think I'm in love.

I make a face. Ok, I guess I can trust these two. If they wanted to hurt me they could have gotten me while I was sleeping. But they hadn't, instead I had been drowned and forgotten. Damn those magnificent eyes of Duo's.

"Fair enough, now I should tell you my story I suppose. This may take a while. Let's get comfortable shall we? " I slip off my other boot and stocking, another knife. I seem to have a lot of weapons on me. Safety in numbers I suppose. Lying back down on the bed I fold my arms behind my head and gaze at the ceiling.

What should I tell them? The truth? I've never told anyone the truth before. Not about who I really am, where I come from. But there is something about these two; I don't know what it is. I feel this sudden craving to tell them all about myself. Instead I rest for a moment, closing my eyes. Maybe it's best to just show them some power, they probably won't question that. Or at least it will forestall any questions they might have till later.

Carefully I start to apply my mind to my body. Sounds difficult or nasty hm? But what I am doing is going to be fun. For me at any rate. Most likely it will scare the hell out of these boys though. I open my eyes and let them glow; I begin lightening every inch of my body. Hovering a bit above the bed I sit up and look at them. I'm sitting on thin air now. I cross my legs Indian style and hold my hands up above my head. Ok I probably look somewhat silly, but it's going to get real interesting in a minute. I let the power develop between my hands, a solid ball of it. They both are squinting at the light above my head now and have backed up almost to the wall. Trying to be as dramatic as possible I drop my hands to my sides and let the pulsing globe of power hang above my head. Then I start to speak. This is the best part of the whole act. I can add many things to my voice, it's one of the first things I learned to do for some reason.

"I am Infinite, I am never ending. All who come before me will be as a flash of light to my life. " I let it echo and careen about the room as solid noise. Impressive stuff this is. Well at least it scared the crap out of some barbarians once. It seems to be impressing the hell out of these two. Duo looks like he's actually shaking with fear. Then I hear this laugh start up, I look suspiciously at Duo. He's covering his mouth and almost crying with the effort not to laugh. Jerk, I'll show him. I float the power ball over in front of him and sink it into his chest. Oh, that's much better. He's stopped laughing now; he's staring at his chest like it's going to explode any minute. But it won't, as a matter of fact he should be feeling really good. That was my pleasure spell.

So shocking huh? I can't help it. I really don't want to scare these two. I just want them to know who is in charge here that's all. I watch Duo, waiting for the emotion power to wind its way through his body. What I've basically done is twine together pure energy and pure emotion to form a ball of solid passion. Like I said, it impressed the hell out of some barbarians once. They didn't stop humping their horses for a week. Sickos. Luckily I've only used a minor version of that on Duo. There were a lot more of them when I used this power for the first time. I've learned to control it much better now. I hate losing control.

Ah it's hitting him now. Since I've got a power shield sustaining me I can look at him without fearing his eyes. And right now those eyes are beginning to glaze over with lust. God I love being a bad girl. Heero is looking from me to Duo and back again. He's gonna get a big surprise any second now. As if on cue Duo turns to his friend, and a single word tumbles from his lips.

"Please? "

Heero gives me that glare he loves so much. "What have you done to him? "

I smile, this is so much fun!

" I gave him pure passion energy, don't fear for him. He is actually going to enjoy this very much."

Glaring some more he puts a hand on Duo's shoulder, " Are you all right Duo? "

" I wouldn't touch him just now if I were you. " I say it quickly, but it's already to late.

Duo looks at Heero's hand, his eyes flow up that arm and look deeply into Heero's. Uh oh this could be trouble, but then again maybe it won't be.

"Help me Heero… please?" I watch as Duo slides his hands up Heero's arms. He looks absolutely adorable when he begs. Heero has a confused look on his face. Well why not? I guess I should explain to him exactly what his friend is feeling. I would hate to see him get upset over something Duo does in the next few minutes.

"He's feeling absolute pleasure right now. Every part of his body has become extremely sensitized. Every touch is excruciatingly wonderful to him. And you've just touched him. I wouldn't blame him for anything he does now." Heero looks at me while I'm saying this, then turns back to his friend. Who happens to be on the floor now, trying to take off his boots. Ah they always do this. For some reason the clothing seems to be a source of almost overwhelming sensation. Ha! Wait till he feels the air on his skin, that's even worse then clothing can be.

Moaning with pleasure the braided boy slides off his socks and wiggles his toes. He lies down on his back in the middle of the floor and closes his eyes. Both Heero and I watch him. I of course know what he is bound to do next. Maybe some day I should use this power on myself? They always seem to like it so much. Wiggling like a kitten Duo rubs against the floor. I wonder if I should even this out a little and use the passion power on Heero as well? I look at him; he's giving me a death glare yet again. Ok maybe not the best of ideas. He might not forgive me.

" How long does this last? " Heero asks. I cough a little and look embarrassed.

" Um, it lasts about oh… 5 hours. Give or take a few hours. "

"What?!" Ouch what a voice. Does he have to yell so loud? Sheesh, all I did was give his friend some bliss.

"Do you mean to tell me he's going to be rubbing against the floor and moaning for 5 hours?! " I look guilty for a moment, then sit up straighter.

"Well this is all your fault! You're the one who made me all paranoid by pulling that gun on me! " He looks completely bewildered now. I guess he's got reason; I haven't made a whole lot of sense.

Duo is not making this any better. He's stopped rubbing against the floor and has rediscovered his own hands. This is not going to be good. He rubs his hands down his thighs and back up again. Its like he's never felt a touch before. I really can't help but watch. He's so achingly beautiful, innocent even. Apparently his friend can't help but watch him either. Interesting, is there something between these two other then friendship? I carefully lean back on the air and relax. I'm now laying flat on the air energy. Gradually I roll over until I'm on my stomach. Air is so comfy to lie upon. I lean my head on my heads and watch the boy writhing on the floor caressing himself.