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Infinity Remembers
Chapter 18


Slowly I lever myself up onto my elbows and gaze off into space for a moment.

"I thought Cain was the enemy?" Duo almost seems to have an accusing tone to his voice.

"She is, at least I think she is. I'm not sure anymore though. I've known her before, I loved her." I sigh deeply and sit up, swinging my body over Heero I land silently on my feet and look down at the floor.

"When I grabbed her name from her mind, I thought it was from the bible. You have that too don't you?" Duo nods his head and I continue. "Religion was very big on my home planet. Hell, it was Earth's eventual downfall." I start pacing the floor, my eyes on my feet as they move automatically back and forth.

"If you can believe it, the war that ended Earth was due to a religious debate. Well, that's putting it mildly I suppose. In my world A.C. stood for After Christ, not After Colony." I give them a moment to let that fact sink in.

"But did you have A.D.?" Heero asks, a puzzled statement on his face.

I raise a questioning eyebrow, " A.D.? What's that?"

"Anno Domini, it's the name for the years following B.C." Duo answers.

"Well, we had B.C. and we had A.C. and after that we had nothing. Perhaps some day I'll tell you about that, about what it was like to live on an Earth ruled by religion. For now though, let's just stick to the story of how I came to know Cain." I slow down my pacing and ponder where to begin.

"When I showed you some of my lives, do you remember the one where I was trained to become an assassin?" They both nod, and I go on.

"I met her in that life. It was her father who approached me and asked if I would like to be trained. I didn't find out why until much later though. Apparently Cain had seen me defending myself against three thugs in the open-air market. Needless to say the ruffians didn't hold up well when I attacked them." I glance at the boys and see that they've relaxed against each other on the bed.

"She had watched the whole affair, not once bothering to help me. Soon after is when her father Shaharazanada approached me with his offer of training. I didn't refuse, I needed something to do in that new life, and his offer seemed to tug at me for some reason." I wonder if she was connected to me even then. I couldn't see energy at that point in my lives.

"It wasn't until a year later that I finally met Cain. That name wasn't the one she had been born with; it was actually her rank, as leader of the league of assassins. Her family had been killing professionally for hundreds of years, and much like a kingdom, she inherited the title and respect of all her subjects." I smirk remembering what happened when we first met.

"After my first official kill she called me to her. Our first meeting did not go well. I tried to kill her - ok; I didn't try to kill her. But she really ticked me off; she behaved as if she expected that I should bow before her for the pleasure of getting to kill under her leadership. Instead I gave her a black eye and broke her arm. What can I say? It must have been love." I grin at Duo who's grinning right back at me.

"When I first met Heero I shot him." He sounds almost proud of it, I quirk an eyebrow at Heero.

"Twice, actually," Heero says grimacing slightly. I grin at him; this amuses me beyond measure for some reason.

"Go on with your story Infinity. What happened after you broke her arm?" Duo says, wrapping his arms more firmly around Heero, who is still glaring at me a bit.

"Well, she did the weirdest thing. I thought she would call the guards and have me thrown in the dungeon, or at the very least kill me. But she didn't, instead she rang for the doctor, had her arm set and then sent for refreshments. All the while the smile never leaving her face." I close my eyes and picture her, as she was that day. Pure calmness, I swear she never got upset, just smiled away like she could do anything better than you, and do it ten times faster. And yet, in the end, she wasn't good enough.

"So did you love her?" Heero asks softly. I open my eyes and smile.

"Yeah, but it took another two years before she got me to notice that what I felt for her was love. She said she knew the minute she saw me in the market. But I think maybe she lied a bit, with Cain you could never really tell what she was thinking." I shrug and sit on the floor abruptly, letting my hair envelope me.

"After that day I never seemed to leave her side. She made me sleep on the floor in her bedchambers until her arm healed. She used to laugh and tell me it was only fair since she had to be uncomfortable too. I ate at her table and killed in her name. Without even realizing it I fell in love with her. We made a great team of killers, constantly trying to out do each other in all ways. She became my best friend, my rival, my lover." I crawl over to the bed and rest my head against Heero's leg. Then sighing softly I stare at my feet for a moment, as if maybe they have answers that I'll never have.

"No one ever expected Justice to put a stop to us, the League. Justice was one of the higher-ranking governments of that world. It was a world constantly at war with itself, where politics ruled, and chaos was a way of life. But apparently one of our number had killed the wrong person." Not like they cared, they just thought we were becoming too powerful, dangerous.

"One night when there were no stars, and the sky was heavy and dark, they came for us. I woke up to screams; flames were leaping outside the window. The next thing I knew I was outside in the courtyard. They dragged Cain in front of all of us, and then…" I stop and take a ragged breath before continuing. "They stripped her and proceeded to whip her into unconsciousness, then as if that were not nearly enough, they let every soldier in their company rape her. I couldn't do anything, nothing at all to protect her. They had us in chains and bound together, and I was barely aware of the tiny energy power I had in that life."

I sigh and whisper the rest softly. "When they were done with her they left her body lying on the stones bleeding out her life. Then they led us off to the executioner… before dawn that day I was dead too." I barely manage to finish; my voice trails off as I say the last few words. I feel a hand stroke my hair and close my eyes for a moment.

"But why she is here now, and attached to me like you two are, I just don't know."

"Maybe she has unfinished business with you." I can almost hear the smirk in Heero's voice.

"So this is why you won't let anyone get close to you?" Duo questions quietly. I nod my head miserably and wrap my arms around my knees.

"I've actually made myself forget this, almost since the day it happened. But I guess since all of these THINGS have been happening between the three of us, well, it just kept pushing to the surface of my memories again. I don't ever want to leave myself vulnerable like that again." I mumble the last bit against my arms.

"So you're a coward." I glance up quickly and glare at Heero.

"I am not a coward! Why should I give up my security?" I jump to my feet and clench my fists. "I will NOT fall in love EVER again!" I can feel the tears of anger start leaking from my eyes and I wipe at them vigorously. Then glaring at the two before me I turn on my heel and start for the door.

"Infinity! Stop!" I whirl and face them. "What?" I glare at Duo.

A small blush mounts his cheeks, as he looks me up and down slowly. I feel my own face flush as I realize I'm stark naked and have been for some time. Oh hell. I flop onto the floor and cover my head with my arms. Why me? Why here? Why these two?

I feel a hand on my arm and jerk away growling under my breath. Then as if I haven't hinted enough, I feel arms stealing around me from both sides. I will not give into this, my mind rages, even as a soft voice whispers in my ear. "Are we going to have to wait years before you realize what you're feeling now?"



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