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Infinity From Another Point of View <a different take>
Chapter 16


"I don't know, I was only trying to show you what I see," I whisper back.

I touch his face again. His face. No, my face.

"Heero? Is that… are you really in there?" He looks down into my eyes, with my eyes. And I know, just like that. It's him in there all right; I've messed up somehow.

"You messed up didn't you Duo?"

I look over my shoulder at the pulsing shield that Infinity is hiding in. We're just going to have to get out of this by ourselves. I shouldn't have tried this without her. But I just wanted to show Heero what all that energy looked like…. I give him my best puppy dog eyes. I'm almost tempted to go and get a mirror just so I can see what he looks like when I do this.

"Do you really mind that much? You just said you wouldn't mind knowing what it was like to be me." It's so strange to see my own eyes glare at me like his do.

"I didn't think it would be happening anytime soon. Besides, this isn't exactly what I had in mind. What are we going to do now?" I laugh and start caressing his skin… no it's my skin. This is strange, but definitely worth pursuing.

"Lets just stick with our original plan, ok Heero?" I drag him down on top of me and slide my tongue into his mouth. My mouth…

It crosses my mind briefly that I'm about to have sex with myself. Maybe it's a new form of masturbation. I start to laugh against Heero. He removes his lips from mine and glares at me again.

"You like this don't you?" That glare looks so different coming from my face; I grin at him and wonder what he sees.

"Yeah, I do. So do you want to keep going anyways? We can stop if you want." But do I really want to stop this? I reach behind him and play with my braid. His braid? This is so confusing.

"It's your body, do what you want with it." He smiles at me. It is my body, but he's in it, and I still want him. I guess we're closer now than we've ever been before. I flex my arms and note just how many muscles go rippling through them. Cool.

I wrap my arms around Heero and kiss him deeply. I can taste myself. I can't seem to shrug off this weird feeling.

"Do you think this is completely off the wall Heero?" I whisper against his lips.

"Yes, but I don't want to stop." I lick his lips and slide my tongue along his. Ah what the hell, this may be my only chance to experience something like this. I slide my hands over his back and pull him against me. I never would have guessed Heero Yuy would be so pliant. I know he trusts me no matter what I do. I slip my hands up under his shirt and slide it off, throwing it behind my back. I kiss my way down his chest and lick at a hard nipple. Then I nip at it and listen as he gasps in my own voice.

I push him so he's lying down, and then sit up. I think I want him to feel what my hair is like when it's loose. I reach under him and pull out the braid. I slide the black ribbon off and unwind it slowly. He's watching my every move as if memorizing it. Maybe he is, he always could remember every little detail. I pull his submissive body up again and balance him against me while I finish unraveling the braid. When it's all free at last I push my fingers through it and let it fall against his back in a cascade of silk.

He moans and leans his head against my shoulder as I continue to glide my fingers through my own hair. I run my tongue along one bare shoulder and chuckle when he starts to shiver. I always did have sensitive skin. Sliding one hand down his back I slip the other into his lap, and squeeze the straining erection I find there.

"These pants have to go." I mumble against his neck.

"Mmm, yeah." His eyes close as he says this. I undo the pants and pull them down below his hips. I'm so glad I don't wear any underwear. He sits up on his knees and helps me take them the rest of the way off. His eyes are smoldering now. I'm so sexy!

Throwing the pants to the foot of the bed I once more glue my lips to his. I'm wearing way too many clothes for this. I stop kissing him long enough to take off my shirt and toss it somewhere in the vicinity of his pants. Then grinning I slide off my own pants. I tackle him while they're still flying through the air towards to rest of our clothes.

"Oops, I forgot something," I nuzzle his ear and purr softly into it before pulling away. Avoiding Infinity's shield I walk over to the wall and open the closet. Reaching in past the clothes I pull out the small tube I brought with me from Earth. I forgot to use it last time we had sex. But I won't forget it again. I grin to myself and try to keep from running back to the bed.

Instead I walk slowly over to him and wiggle the tube, raising my eyebrows suggestively. His eyes open wide for a moment then close half way. A small smile appears on his lips.

"This is just getting weirder and weirder Duo. But I think I like it." A slight pink flush rises in his cheeks.

"Me too. Do you realize I'll be taking myself for the first time, no, you'll be taking me…" I stop talking, confused again. He takes the tube of lubricant and slips it under the pillow then pulls me down against him. Brushing his fingertips over my cheek he kisses my parted lips gently. Then as if he can't hold back any longer, he groans and rubs against me. Thrusting his tongue against mine in such a way that I know what he wants. What's he's asking for.

"It doesn't matter whose body I'm in, I'm still having you." He growls against my mouth. I moan and slide one of my thighs between his legs at these words. He's hot and pulsing against me. I find an ear and nip at it. His arms are wrapping around me and he's panting.

I reach between us and stroke his throbbing cock. He presses more firmly into my hand and holds me tighter. I know exactly where all the sensitive parts are, and take full advantage of it. His body jerks as my fingers glide over the area just below the head. Then I feel one of his hands slide down my back and caress my ass. I bite my lip then groan as one long finger finds the tight heat I so recently got to be inside of. I grip him harder and start moving my hand up and down in rapid beats. His hips rise up trying to follow my hand. I tremble slightly as his wandering finger slides into me. Now I'm the one following his hand as he starts caressing me from the inside.

So this is what it felt like for him. I start panting as another finger joins the first one. I'm having trouble concentrating on what I'm doing to him. I thrust back against his hand and take his mouth again moaning into it as he picks up the pace. I suddenly realize I'm not alone in my own head. I can feel a tentative bond tugging at the edge of my mind. Heero's pauses and looks at me strangely.

"Duo? Do you feel what I feel?" I nod, at a loss for words. She really does feel us; I can sense her with us this time. Then I grin down at him and run my hands up his stomach. He shivers as I grind my hips against his. In answer I feel him begin rubbing that special spot inside me. I lose control of myself briefly as tiny lights explode in front of my eyes.

"Ohhh, right there." I manage to gasp against his neck. Our erections rub together as his hips start slamming harder against mine. I don't think I can take much more of this stunning torture. Reaching under the pillow I grab the tube and unsnap the cap. I slide my mouth down his neck and lick right above his shoulder. Trying to keep myself from cumming all over him I squeeze some of the lubricant onto my fingers and close the cap again. I reach between us and slide my hand briefly over his rock hard member on the way to my ultimate destination. Heaven.

He writhes beneath me as I slide one wet finger into him then quickly add another. I push his legs up a bit so I have better access. His free hand is trying to pull my hips against him as I continue to delve my fingers into his tight space. He gasps as I hit the spot. I repeatedly glide my fingers against it moaning as much as he is. I can't wait much longer, but I want him to feel well loved this time. I want to give him as much as I can.

"Do it," he pants in my ear. I nuzzle against him and try to nod. He's still got his fingers in me, carefully rubbing me from the inside. I wipe the rest of the slick substance onto my length and then grip his shoulders. I look into his eyes which are glazed with lust and slip my tongue into his open mouth. His tongue slides softly along mine and I gasp as he adds another finger to my already aching body.

Cautiously I guide my throbbing dick against his heat and start to push into him. He arches his back and moans loudly his head shaking from side to side. I stop and brush the hair back from his face.

"Does it hurt?"

"Nnnoo no no, don't stop now. I want you inside me." With that erotic plea he thrusts against me and screams as I fill him. His legs wrap around me as I start to pull out, his fingers sending jolts down my spine as he pushes them roughly into me. I twine my fingers through his hair and bite his neck. Then I slam back into him and nearly come as my name tumbles from his lips with a sexy moan.

Ragged entreaties drop from his mouth as I slowly slide out again, teasing him a bit more. Then I shift my hips and leisurely slide into him once again. He gasps as I manage to rub against that sensitive spot inside him. I savor his mouth with mine as it opens wide to emit a long drawn out moan. Picking up the pace I rapidly pound into the soft body below me. He's tightening around me and nearly screaming now. His hand is loosing all rhythm as he starts slamming back against me.

Suddenly I lift us both into a sitting position. My legs underneath me, his splayed on either side of my hips. He manages to keep his fingers inside me even as I whimper at the sensation this new position causes. I slip my hands into his hair as he takes over and starts riding me. I'm so completely within him that I can't think anymore. All I feel is his hot body slamming down onto me over and over again.

I reach between us and grab his twitching member. I jerk him quickly, keeping in pace with his thrusting movements. Just as I begin to think I can't take anymore I feel him clench around me. I moan his name as I spill myself inside him. He screams in pure ecstasy and cumms between our bodies.

Shudders rack both of us as we wrap ours arms around each other more thoroughly. He slips his fingers out of me and strokes my ass. I kiss him deeply, panting into his mouth. I chuckle against his lips.

"Was it good for me?" He moans softly, and squirms in answer. I nibble on his lips and look over his shoulder, then look for the energy field. I blink in surprise; the bubble of darkness is gone.

"Heero?" I shift us slightly and look around the room. Infinity is crouched on her knees in the center of the floor. She's naked except for the crimson tide of hair cascading over her body. Her arms are wrapped around her knees and she isn't moving. I ease out of Heero and kiss him again, then gesture over to where she's seemingly in a coma.

"I think that got to her." I can't wipe the silly grin off my face.



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