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Infinity Explained 15/?
By ClarySage


Infinity From A Different Point of View
Chapter 15


I stare at the field she's hiding in for a few moments. She ran from us. I thought she was braver than that. I look over at Duo; he's staring at the pulsing black bubble as well, and there's an statement on his face that tells me he wasn't expecting this either. I'm not even sure we know why we need her so badly. I knew Duo for years before I realized I needed him. It could have gone on like that for many more years. But then Infinity came to us, and before I knew it everything was out in the open. She said that there are infinite dimensions she can end up in when she dies…so what dictates which one she'll go to? She is here with us for a reason; something has guided her to us. The same something that gave Duo the urge to go prowling around the ship that night.

Duo reaches out a hand towards the bubble, his fingers are almost touching it. "I don't think it's safe to go touching that thing Duo."

He retracts his hand and looks at me. "Why did she run from us Heero? What is she so afraid of?" His eyes have a hurt look in them I recognize all to well. I used to be the cause of it. Dammit! Why does she have to hurt Duo? Why do I want to protect her too? For the second time in my life I feel I'm supposed be with someone. But…I look into Duo's eyes again, and I know I love him. How is it that my feelings for her can be equal to what I feel for him?

"You feel like I do, don't you Heero? Like there's a reason she's here, with us." He looks back at the dark shield standing in the middle of the room. "She's in there. I wonder what she's thinking about." I shake my head, I wonder too.

"She's a lot like you, the dangerous type." He laughs wryly and grins at me. I've never been able to resist that grin. Even when he thought I wasn't paying attention or just didn't care, I always notice that face.

"Yeah, maybe she is. But she's like you too. Always cheerful despite all the killing, trying to make you smile in spite of the pain she might be in," I reply. Duo closes the distance between us and puts an arm around my shoulder. Gazing at the shield he says quietly, "I'm glad you stopped running from me."

The emotions roil up inside my chest, and I turn to Duo and wrap my arms around him. Emotions aren't new to me, but being in love is. I wonder if feeling love for someone will always leave my mind so confused. So different from everything I was taught…

"You're the only one I'll ever let control me," I say softly, tracing a fingertip over his jaw as he leans back to look at my face. He nods silently and leans forward to kiss me. I let him lead, content to be loved by him. Who knew anyone could ever own me so completely? All these years spent fighting by his side, and many more years to look forward to… There may still be fights ahead of us, and we may die someday. But I think I'll just be…happy with what I've got. Suddenly Duo stops kissing me and winks.

"I can think of something she might feel through that wall she's put up."

I can't help but echo his evil grin. He turns me around and starts pushing me backwards towards the bed. I growl low in his ear and begin biting his neck gently. His hands run down my back as his mouth traces small patterns over my collarbone. Why did I ever avoid this? The backs of my knees bump against the bed and he pushes me down. For a brief moment I wonder what it was like for Infinity to be Duo. I wouldn't mind feeling what it's like someday.

"I just like you to be yourself Heero." I look up from the bed into his eyes. When did he start reading my mind?

// I know how she does it now; she showed me how to see those threads she was talking about. It's beautiful Heero. There are so many different colors; they glow like they're alive. //

I can feel something give a brief tug right over my heart. It doesn't hurt but it feels different from anything I've ever experienced.

// What is that? //

// I can see your soul. I touched the strand that binds us. //

// You're acting like her, Duo. //

// I can see what she sees. // He shrugs.

Abruptly I feel his mind enter mine completely. It's like I'm filled with him. But this is more than sex could ever be.

// Show me what you see. I want to see the thread that connects us. //

I'm looking out from a different perspective suddenly. I blink and stare down into dark blue eyes. A hand reaches up and touches my face – my own hand.

"Duo?" The hand reaches behind my head and pulls out a braid. I stare at it in blank surprise.

"What did you do?" I whisper.



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