Warnings & Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, but i do own lots of pictures ^_^ of various states of gw-boy gorgeousness. This fic Contains: yaoi, 1x2, si,ooc, au, stuff, sci-fi, etc, blindness?, sex?, and an easy repair job.


Chapter 13
Infinity Blind Sided


I feel the arms around me start to shake. A chuckle comes from the other side of the room. They think this is funny? Well I don't find it funny in the least. I'm blind! I would glare at them if I could see.

"What the hell are you two laughing at?" I sound angry, but then I am angry.

"Um, Infinity?" Suddenly there's a blinding light. I squint against it and realize I can actually make out Heero standing across the room. Wait a minute here, the light was off? That was all? I just freaked out because it was dark in the room? I'm going to kill them! I hear a giggle coming from Duo. Heero is actually starting to laugh so hard he's clutching his stomach.

"It's not funny dammit! I thought I was really blind!" I turn in Duo's arms and glare at him. Suddenly his eyes widen and he gasps. Now what.

"What?" He looks almost afraid now, but his arms are still around me.

"Your eyes, they've changed." Heero stops laughing as well and comes over to look into my eyes. I glare up at him.

"What? How have they changed? Why are you guys looking at me like that?" Something is definitely wrong, and I'm starting to worry now. Their faces have become serious too suddenly, and I feel uneasy. Heero turns and walks to the desk. Opening the drawer he pulls out a small mirror.

"Look for yourself. " He holds the mirror up and I turn my head away.

"I can't. It will make me separate from myself, fracture. Just tell me what they look like ok?" He nods and looks once more into my eyes.

"The pupils have turned red." I stare at him in shock. How can this have happened? It's just like the dream. What does it mean? I turn and face Duo.

"Are they really? Is what he says true? Your not just pulling my leg? Making a joke? Please Duo tell me it's not true." There's a desperate edge to my voice that even I recognize. But already he is solemnly nodding his head. I close my eyes. Things could be worse I suppose. I could really have been blind. But this? I just don't know what it means.

"What does it mean?" Duo asks softly. I shake my head.

"Apparently I used to much energy that last time. But I don't know why my eyes have changed. This has never happened to me before. I'm. scared."

Heero and Duo exchange glances and I feel Duo's arms tighten around me.

"Maybe it's not so bad? Maybe it doesn't mean anything. Just try to forget about it ok? We'll figure it out I'm sure." I look down at my hands. All right, I won't think about it now. Maybe the answer will come to me later. But I'm still afraid.

"Ok Duo, you're right. But just answer one question for me?" Once more I turn to face him. "Do they clash with my hair?" Heero lets out a guffaw as Duo starts giggling again.

"No," he manages to gasp out, "They look really cool." I grin at him.

"Well then, that's not so bad." Then I start laughing too. I just hope they don't notice the almost hysterical edge to it.

Heero manages to stop laughing and looks serious once more. Uh oh, what now?

"Infinity, before you fell asleep you said something strange." I give him a questioning look and gesture for him to go on. I know what he's about to ask. I guess we have to talk about it sometime.

"You asked us not to have sex while you were sleeping. What did you mean by that? And how do you know we've even had sex?" I grin at him and wink.

"Guess what boys? You know those attachments we seem to have between us? The threads of energy that connect us? Well. " I can feel a blush rising in my cheeks.

"I felt you have sex for the first time. I couldn't seem to separate myself from you. Weren't you aware of my presence at all?" They both look at each other then back to me.

"Eheheh, it's not like I wanted to be there! You wouldn't let me go! So I asked you not to have sex while I was sleeping because I have a feeling I would have felt it. And I really needed to get some rest." I smile innocently at Heero. Then bat my eyelashes for good measure.

He's looking at me with his mouth hanging open a little. Did I actually manage to shock him? I hold back a laugh.

"Are you saying that everytime we have sex you're going to feel it? Be there with us?" Duo sounds a little flabbergasted as well. I guess it is kinda weird to find out that someone is with you when you think you're having a very private moment.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I don't know why we're connected and I don't know why I can feel you two having sex. The only reason I can come up with is because you were feeling very intense emotions. So maybe that's the explanation." I shrug and look thoughtful. I suppose I should tell them how it was.

"It was actually very intense for me as well you know. I didn't just feel you having sex, I was you. I was both of you at once and also myself at the same time. And let me tell you, that is something I've never experienced before." I can feel myself still blushing at the mere thought of what I felt.

"I mean I've had sex before, maybe not in this life, but I have had it before. But I have never been a man in any life." Maybe I shouldn't tell them that I'm actually a fully-fledged virgin in this life.everything heals when I enter a new dimension. Which is probably a good thing considering when I leave a life I'm usually mutilated in some way.

"There was this one planet. It was a place where sex was almost the only thing everyone did. It was a really strange life that one. Apparently the origins of the practice were due to a plague that had wiped out most of its population. So sex was not only a sport it was a way of life. They needed to reproduce as much as possible in order to repopulate their planet. I learned quite a few tricks from that life. Like having sex for eight hours straight can do very peculiar things to your sanity." I grin in remembrance.

"Eight hours straight? No breaks? " Duo sounds amazed at the idea. I squeeze his arms and nod.

"Ya, no breaks. Unless you count different partners as breaks?" Heero is looking rather stunned at the idea. Well what can I say? When in Rome..

"But that isn't the problem now. We have to figure out a solution to this. I mean I can't go falling all over the place having orgasms in hallways because you two decide you're horny for each other." I give Heero my best imitation of his glare. He looks at Duo; I feel the braided boy nod slightly.

"What? You've come up with a solution already? I couldn't think of a thing to do." I ease out of Duo's arms and look at him. He's got a weird smile on his face. Why does this give me a bad feeling? I turn around and glance back at Heero. His expression mirrors Duo's almost exactly.

"Well? What have you come up with? Oh hey by the way, have my clothes come back yet? I love this kimono but I think I might be more comfortable in my own clothes." Yes I'm trying to change the subject. For some reason the looks they are giving me are making me very uneasy. Luckily the subject change appears to be working. Heero walks over to the wall and opens the closet. Reaching in he pulls out my clothes. I grimace when he hands them to me. There's a huge jagged hole were the knife cut me. Well, maybe I can use a little energy on it.

I run a finger around the edges of the hole, then suck up some energy and start the repairs. As I trace my finger back over the gap it closes and heals like it's never been torn. Ah, much better. I stand up and stare from boy to boy, then I shrug. So what if they see me naked? They'll probably see it again if they haven't already. I slip off the belt from around my waist and let the robe drop off my shoulders. Then I shimmy into my clothes. There are built in undies in the pants, I really love this outfit. It's been almost perfect for every life I've been in. It fits in, and doesn't call attention to itself. I look around for my stockings. I've just now realized I've been running around this entire time barefoot. Sometimes I wonder if my memory is leaking out of my ears.

"Either of you see my stockings?" I look up from my inspection of the floor to find them both staring at me. They've got that weird look in their eyes again. Heero bends down and reaches under one of the beds. Straightening he turns and hands me my stockings.

"Thanks Heero. So what's your plan to stop me from feeling the two of you going at it?" Mind you I'm trying to put this as delicately as possible. Once more they look at each other then at me.

"Who says you need to stop?" I blink at Heero. What can he mean? I just explained why I don't want to fall all over the place because they're having sex. Wasn't he listening?

"What do you mean? I just told you why this can't go on." Duo is getting up from the bed and walking slowly to me. Heero edges closer as well. They both stand next to me, a little too close for my peace of mind. And why are they both smiling?

"You could join us." I splutter and gasp for a minute. Did I just hear what I think I heard? Maybe I've gone temporarily insane, there is no way I just heard Duo say that.