Warnings & Dislaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, but then you knew that right? This fic Contains: yaoi, 1x2?, dreams, blood, weird stuff, au , ooc, si, and pain.

Infinity Dreams
Chapter 12


My head is killing me as we slide into the hanger once more. Heero leaps from his gundam even as it settles down. My head is resting against Duo's shoulder; it bounces a bit as we land. As Heero climbs up towards us Duo releases the harness and catches me before I slide off his lap. Damn, he looks really mad. Is it my fault I over extended myself? Sheesh.

He's wiping more blood from my face and looking worried now. Heero jumps into the cockpit, takes a look at me and scoops me up. Strong guy, but I knew that.

"Come on. You did too much didn't you Infinity?" I nod weakly as he starts climbing down again with me in his arms. Duo is following, occasionally reaching out a hand to steady us. My vision is getting blurry, a red haze descending over my eyes. I blink, but it's not going away. This isn't good.

"You just had to go and destroy stuff didn't you?" Heero says accusingly, I manage a smile.

"You woulda done the same given the chance." The hanger doors slide shut once more behind us. I sure hope we don't have to use them again for a while. Saving the ship is cool and all, but I really need some rest. I snuggle against the arms holding me, and shut away my red vision.

"What did you do out there Duo?" I can feel Heero shift to look at the other boy.

"I'm not sure, we gathered energy and shared it. Then somehow she managed to destroy half that meteor field in one shot." He sounds impressed, well, he should be. That was hard.

"Nothing has power like that." Heero's voice sounds a bit unsure. Nothing has power like that, heh maybe I do.

"Well apparently she does, you saw what happened."

"So why is she bleeding then?"

"I don't know, after she put up those shields is when I noticed. I think she used more power than she could handle this time." His voice sounds so solemn, don't tell me he actually cares about me?

"Then maybe she's just exhausted now? We'll let her rest for a bit." Oh yeah, that sounds nice. I crack open my eyes and look up into Heero's face. Man does he look grim. He also looks like he's covered in blood. Before he can look down I shut them again quickly. I don't want to worry them more. Then I hear a door sliding open. He lays me gently on a bed. I just need to say one thing before I let unconsciousness take me.

"Hey guys?" It comes out as a whisper, damn I'm weak. I can feel them lean closer and I nearly crack a smile. "Could you try not to have sex while I'm sleeping?" I can just imagine the looks on their faces as I drop into the dark abyss awaiting me.


I know I must be dreaming. Soft red light is washing over me. A sea of utter blackness is at my feet. I step into the water and start walking. As the dark sea closes over my head I draw no breath, nor do I rise to the surface.

It's clear under the water; everything seems to be lit now with a blue glow as if moonlight is seeping under the waves. There's no sound in the stillness. As I walk I can see twisted shadows lying everywhere on the ocean floor. I don't pause when I see what they are. People. They're lying all over the place, but for some reason they don't look dead. I keep walking, there's something large and dark looming ahead of me. My steps hesitate for the first time since entering the water. There's something ahead, something I know I don't want to see. My feet keep moving even as I wish for them to stop.

I look down as I walk close to one of the bodies, and I recognize it. I look up and around at the endless sea of bodies littering this place. They're all me. But I know I'm not dead, I can't be.

The darkness ahead is thick like tar. I push my way through and am standing in front of a cave filled with blackness. I enter the cave and continue walking. I can't stop. I want to stop. Out of the corner of my eye I can see mirrors stretching beside me. I don't see my reflection though; instead I see shadows flitting inside them. I'm almost to the end, there's another mirror in front of me.

In this one I can see my own reflection. It reaches out its hand and pushes it through the pulsing mirror. Without being able to stop I link my fingers with it and look into its eyes. Blood red pupils stare back at me.

I wake screaming. My eyes are open but I can't see anything.

"Duo! Heero! Help me! " Immediately I feel hands holding me, arms wrapping around me.

"What is it? What's wrong?" Duo's voice.

"I can't see."



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