Warnings & Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing as well you know, but i would gladly purchase the boys for a night of... eh. This fic contains: au, ooc, si, yaoi, 1x2=2x1?, sci-fi?, sudden things, meteors, my sanity, etc,etc,etc....

Infinity Explained 11/?
By Cs

Infinity Saved
Chapter 11



Not again! This has to stop; I don't think I can take it again. Teeth are nipping at my ear, hands sliding over my hot skin. I pant and try to sit up. I've gotta stop them; they don't know what they're doing to me. I open the cockpit and almost fall out as another wave of pleasure hits me. Must stop them, I have to. I can't seem to collect any energy in this state, so I settle for climbing down the giant suit. I slump when I reach the bottom. How am I going to make it back? I can't even think let alone use energy. Oh god, stop, stop, stop, please?

I manage to make my way over to the hanger door some how. Oh not there, that feels nice. Dammit, I can't loose control again. Why do I have this blasted connection to them!? It's too intense; I slide the door open and crash to my knees in the hall. Come on boys take a break for a moment would ya? That's good, right there. Ah stop!

Suddenly there's a loud noise right above my head. I look up and see an intercom. It's screaming its head off. Whatever it's shrieking about I couldn't care less. They've stopped, for now. Better get back to them while I have a chance. I bring up an invisibility shield and start running.

I slide to a halt in front of their door and start banging on it with a fist when it doesn't open immediately. Come on! Abruptly it hisses open and Duo and Heero come running out. They crash into me and we fly to the floor. Ouch, my head. I sit up and hold my hands over my ears.

"What is that noise?!" I screech. It's starting to cut into my mind like a hot knife.

"It's an alert, the ships gone off course." Heero says this in his usual monotone, then gets up and starts jogging down the hall. I look at Duo and grin.

"Get what you wanted?" A blush answers me as he to gets up. Extending a hand to me he helps me to my feet and we run after Heero.

"Why would the ship be off course?" I yell as we come in sight of Heero's back.

"Maybe it was the fight earlier, all I know is we have to push it back on course." Heero yells over his shoulder.

"How the hell are we going to do that?"

"The Gundam." Oh shit, not the Gundam again. And sure enough we are rounding the curve and I can see the hanger doors. I blush a little at the thought of what I've just been put through in there. Luckily neither of the guys is looking at me.

"Listen I can help, who can I ride with?"

"It's my turn to take you out. Come with me." Duo grabs my hand and pulls me over to his fighter. I keep a tight grip on him and fly us up to the opening.

"Do you think I'll ever be able to do that Infinity?" His eyes are a little wide. I give him another grin.

"I'm not sure Duo, we'll just have to wait and see. In the meantime get us going!" I spin him into his chair and flop down on his lap. Quickly I strap us in. Ok, so maybe this isn't the best way to do this. I probably could have used a field around myself like I did before. But I really hate standing in vacuum with only my mind protecting me. At least his lap is comfy. Heero is already opening the outside doors even as our hatch closes. I feel Duo's arms flex as we speed out of the ship.

"What do we need to do? Why can't the ship shift itself back?" I turn slightly and look at the braided boy.

"It's to big, it can't maneuver quickly enough, and we don't have much time." He sounds tense, why don't we have enough time? He answers my unspoken question.

" When we shifted off course we headed towards a meteor field. We have to shift the ship back before it hits the tip of the field."

I nod a bit, ok. "Why not just destroy the meteors?" He gives me a look from the corner of his eyes.

"It's a thousand mile swath of them, there's just to many." My mind briefly boggles at the thought of that much space rock heading towards us. Or are we heading towards it?

"Duo, I think I might be able to do something." I reach out and take hold of his mind.

// Link with me, have Heero move the ship; we'll handle the field. //

// Are you sure? //

// Ya, trust me. //

He doesn't say anything to that. Instead he turns on the COM link and tells Heero what to do. Good boy, this shouldn't do too much harm. I wrap myself inside Duo's mind, and start showing him the lines of all energy once more.

// Gather it Duo, gather as much as you can. Hold it in. //

I start to gather the energy as well, letting it fill me. As my teeth start to clench from the effort of holding so much I turn and look into Duo's eyes.

// Now, trade with me. //

// What? //

// Just do it! // I show him how to merge the energy, what we hold in our minds becoming one. I pick up the power like a sword and slash it out over the beginning of the field of stone in front of us. Millions of meteors explode in a silent burst of light. Pretty.

// Back us up! We won't take the impact! // Still shuddering from the power, we slip into the dubious safety zone around the ship. My teeth are rattling, but I hold on.

// One more time Duo; we need to shield the ship in case anything comes this way. // Even as I tell him this rock pieces are flying towards us.

// Hurry! // I rip the energy from around us and quickly attach myself to Duo's power. I build a shield to cover the ship and us. Quickly I slap an extra shield over Heero. Who happens to be hovering somewhat protectively over us. Fragments burst as they hit the pure energy surrounding the ship. I feel something wet run down my cheek as I fight to hold the shields in place. Just a little longer. The last few stone fragments hit the shields and everything stills. I sigh with relief and relax against Duo.

"Infinity, what's this?" He touches a hand to the wetness coursing down my cheek and holds his hand in front of my eyes. I groan, there's blood on his hand. I guess I used a bit more energy than I could handle on this one.

"It's blood silly boy, haven't you seen stuff like that before?" I give him a weak grin. He glares at me and shifts in his seat slightly.

"Blood doesn't just start pouring out of no wound. You don't have a scratch on you." He says it almost accusingly. Oh hell, this definitely isn't a good sign.

"It's nothing, just take us back ok?" He's giving me a dirty look. But he nods and starts back. There's a grim look in his eyes as we make our way back to the hanger.



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