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Infinity Explained 10/?
By Cs

Chapter 10
Infinity Fractured


This feels absolutely amazing. It feels like I'm both of them and with them at the same time. I can one moment feel my hands touching Duo, and next I'm kissing Heero. I curl up in the seat and try to stop feeling these things. But I can't, they've finally found each other and I'm stuck in the middle. I gasp as I feel lips trailing down my neck. My hands are covering smooth skin, tangling in long hair.

I'm both, I'm one. I'm pressed against a hard body; I can feel the lust pulsing out. I open my mouth to moan, and hear it echo. How can I be all things at once? My mind feels as if it's being ripped apart. Fractured by love? I'm forgetting who I am and I just don't care.

A hand is running down my stomach, caressing my back. Lips, teeth, tongue. My pants are being slipped off; I'm pulling down Heero's pants. Suddenly I've got my hand wrapped around his aching need.

I feel something I have never felt before, a hand is wrapping around something I know I don't even have. I'm writhing inside this gundam. My head is thrown back, I'm pressing hard into that hand, I'm feeling that throbbing dick in my hand.

I scrape my teeth along a smooth neck and nip. Stomach to stomach, erection to erection. A long erotic dance of love. Heero moans into my mouth as I start pumping him. His hips thrust in time to every beat.

I trail my hands down his back, and loosen that braid, letting my hands be captured in its long confinement. His lips are on mine, teasing them open again.

He's pressing against me more urgently now, whimpers coming from his open mouth. I take my time and slow down a bit. Pushing him back onto the bed, I climb onto him and trace hot kisses down his chest.

Feeling those lips on my skin, his hand won't stop, but won't lead me to the edge. I arch my back and press more firmly against him. Words fall out of my mouth and I don't even hear them. Just don't stop touching me.

I can hear him begging me not to stop touching him. I can't stop now, not now. I take him into my mouth and love the way his hips buck off the bed. Your meant to be mine.

All the times we could have been doing this. All that wasted time. I feel myself explode; I can't stop my mouth from moaning. Duo, don't stop, don't ever stop.

I swallow it all and it still isn't enough. I want more, need more. I claim his mouth again, and rub my desire against him. It's give and take; it's his turn to take what I give.

It seems like I've been waiting forever for this. I'll give anything he wants. I'll do anything, be anything. I'm already hard again; I might never get enough of him.

I ease back onto an elbow and watch his face. I've never seen him like this, never seen these emotions cross his familiar features. I caress, I stroke, I tease. Burn for me. That's all I want now, I want you to burn. I want to crawl inside you and never leave.

I look into his eyes and all I can see is my own desire reflected back at me. I'm only human after all. Touch me.

I see the silent plea, and grant his wish. My hands cover him again, as I slide my thighs between his. All those times you've watched me. Don't close your eyes now, it's just beginning.

My body shudders as I feel those hands over me. I try to keep my eyes open, I want to see him. But I can't watch as his lips lower to my stomach again. His eyes are burning. I feel the softest of touches where I've been craving them.

When I touch him there his whole body melts under mine. I know what he wants. I know what I need. Are you finally going to surrender it all to me?

Yes. The one person I'll always trust, the one I always want. I'll let you take charge of my body. I wrap around him wanting him to feel whatever it is I'm feeling.

I can't go slowly anymore, this needing is too much. As I give him my virginity I know I'm getting his. I always knew he would be the first.

All I can do is quiver as I feel him slide inside of me. There is no pain; he would never let me feel pain. There's just him, filling me, making me whole.

I throw back my head and let the tears course down my face to splash on him. Nothing can feel this good. But it does, I don't even need to ask if he feels it. I know he does.

So close, why I am crying. Everything is touched with a steady beat. My entire body is feeling pleasure. More, just a little more. All of it, all of you.

As he calls out my name with such need I know I'll never be able to separate from him again. Our bodies tighten together, release together. I'm never leaving; I kiss those panting lips, never.

I hold him tight and kiss him as best I can. I don't think I'm breathing anymore. No, he's breathing for both of us.

It's more than love; it's a bond, a tie. We've been connected forever. I rest against him, I'm still filling him.


I'm becoming aware of myself again, slowly. Wow, I really hope this doesn't happen a lot. I don't think I can handle it without bursting into flames. They're still holding onto my mind. I can't seem to break free, damn connections. I surrender to them. What else can I do? They seem to be resting now, so am I.

I wake from a light doze only to feel them start touching each other. Oh god, not again. I can feel hands sliding along me once more.



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