Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, I'm just not that lucky! This story contains, weird stuff,very weird stuff. C&C is welcome since i'm wondering what anyone who reads this thinks of it. And ya it's probably ooc, au, strange, and slightly si.


Infinity Explained

By Cs


A long time ago I thought I was just like everyone else. Doomed to forever be a nobody, nothing. Then one day I started to have this belief. It became stronger everyday. I was different, and I would prove it. I knew without a doubt that I would be back. Not necessarily to the same dimension, but I would be back. My belief was simple, and yet it gained strength daily. When I died in this life I would be free, free to go to whatever or wherever I wanted. All of my dreams and fantasies would be realized, nothing could stop this. I just never knew that when it finally did happen, the nightmares would come with me on my journey.

And so here I am in yet another life. I never do know how I get here or why any specific dimension is chosen over another. Sometimes I try to see if I recognize something, but I never do. This one just started, in space. It's always weird how I never seem to age or change in the way I look. I think that's because I'm really dead. But then, why does each life seem so real?

In each life I travel, looking for something that I can say I've seen before, been to before, dreamt of before. It wasn't long into this endless dream that I realized I was truly different from everyone I encountered. I could do things this time around. And it just got stronger with each life. More and more power each time, it almost goes to my head. So why do I die each time? Well I search for it of course; I always look for death behind each door. Each time I think that this will be it, now I'll go to the endless blackness we all end up in. And who knows? Maybe this is it.

So in searching out death so often can I help it if I started to enjoy it? Oh not dying of course, that's almost never any fun. What I started to enjoy was, research. Or at least that's what I call it. Maybe I say it like that so I don't feel guilty. That's something I never could get over I suppose. I renamed myself after the first few lives had past, when I realized I could possibly go on forever. Infinity Orobos. I always did think it suited me. But there is one thing that always terrifies me. The one thing I always try to avoid, to never do. And yet it happens over and over again. It has actually happened so often I've had to mark myself. Ah but then I get ahead now don't I?

It all has to do with mirrors. They say if you look into your own eyes often enough your soul will be stolen. Well mine doesn't get stolen, it fractures. At first I was just curious. I mean what could looking into a mirror hurt? Ha! A lot I know now. For some reason ever since the beginning of these lives, it can hurt me. Ok not a physical pain, more like a separation from myself. Now why do you ask does this upset me? Hurt me? When you have lived so many lives you tend to change with each life, and yet you remain the same. So when I first looked into my own eyes I laughed, and then it got me. I began to separate to fracture. Who am I? My face was no longer my own but somebody else's. My thoughts were not mine, they were a strangers. It `s weird; mirrors never had this affect on me before this whole charade started. I used to be able to look into them with no problems what so ever. But now, I've learned never to look into my own eyes at any cost. I can't afford to fracture; I fear I won't be able to get back to myself if I do it to often.

So after a while, I decided that in each new life I would mark myself. This way if I ever started to fracture again I would be able to remember. Remember everything I am and ever will be. The sign? Ah that's easy. The snake that eats it's own tail and is there for infinite. I always tattoo it on myself, out of sight of your average person. A small circle of a snake on my right arch. Na it didn't hurt I swear.

My research started when I decided I needed to pick up some skills. In one life I became an assassin. It's kind of a shame I learned to like it so much. I mean it is interesting the way people can die. I wonder if they ever come back like I do? I've never found another person like me, so I guess I may never know. But I guess there's a bright side, at least the people I visit can never come after me.

So, I suppose you want to know what I'm doing now? I'm about to kill someone. Oh don't give me that look, he deserves it. Ah I guess I never explained that. I don't just kill anybody, I kill only the really evil well deserving of death type people. Which I suppose can account for half the population of almost any dimension I've ever been to. I can always tell the truly bad ones, it's a gift I guess. I'm standing outside this weird door. They all open almost automatically around this place. It's actually kind of creepy. I have yet to figure out how you lock them. I don't think it would be safe to ask. What would I say anyways? Sorry your dimension is new to me? I think not. Though I haven't learned how to lock these doors, if they even do lock. I have learned how to open them. And I do so now slipping very quietly into this dark room. I suppose the occupant is asleep. Actually, I know he is. After all I told you, I've developed certain powers. Though every power I have is centered within my mind. In other words if I'm asleep, and yes I still do that, if I'm asleep I can be attacked. But just try to get me when I'm awake! Some have, they've learned I think, not to try again. But then again, they're all dead, and who knows if dead people learn anything? So I've put this guy to sleep, or rather, I've just made sure he stays that way. So many little deaths, so little time. But I'm in no hurry. I pull out my weapon of choice. Ya, I still like weapons. All pointy and fun they are. Oh yes my weapon of choice. It was actually the first weapon I ever used to deal death, but that's another story. He never wakes as I slip the sharp needle into his ear. Oh what a thrill. No blood, well, hardly any, and a very easy to clean the object of his murder. I wipe off my needle under his bed and stick it back into my hair with its partner. Is that so weird? At least I always have something to hold my hair in its place, and a killing tool. So useful. I pat the dead man on the cheek; even if he ever comes back he won't know I did it. I can't help but smile at that. I slip gently from his presence and out the room. Time to look natural.

Ships, who knew they smelled so bad? I certainly didn't. They smell like humanity, all sex and pheromones. Disgusting actually, I suppose it's the canned air. I'm making my way to the cafeteria now, though I don't know if that's what they call it around here. Looking around I see there isn't really that many people around at this time of night. Or is it day? Its always confusing being on a starship, no sense of time. I make my way over to a table and sit down. I'm wonder what I should order. Coffee? Or maybe something to eat? Bah it's been a long and endless day. I'm still sitting here trying to decide when I hear a someone clear their throat at my elbow. Damned waiters. I look over, surprise! It's not the waiter. Maybe they don't have those? Damn! So who is this guy? I look him over real careful. He's nice to look at; I bet a lot of people take their time looking at him. He's got long brown hair neatly held in a single braid down his back. And the most amazing eyes I've ever seen, their purple. Interesting, I wonder what he wants? He seems to be looking me over as well. And then our eyes meet, and I fracture. I nearly scream as suddenly and overwhelmingly I become distant from myself. I'm losing track of who I am, fast. I manage to break my eyes away and look at the table. Damn, I'm panting. Who IS this guy?!

Without looking at him I gesture towards my table. "Sit." I guess he must hear something in my voice because he actually sits down across from me. I take a few deep breaths. This is definitely not normal behavior for someone around here. I'm almost sure he must be suspicious of me already. I hope not, I hate being chased. I hear him clear his throat again. "What? You have a cough or something buddy?" He chuckles at this; I suppose it could be considered a joke. Weirdo. When he starts to talk I'm mildly surprised by how deep his voice is, he doesn't look that old. Carefully I take another peek at him, I avoid his eyes like the endless mirrors they are. Nope, he's still gorgeous. Oh shit! He's talking and I haven't even been listening. I catch the tail end of a sentence. "…You are one too?"

I blink "What?" He's looking at me kinda strangely, this does not bode well. He gives me a look and starts all over again. This time I listen.

"Who are you? I've never seen you here before, but you look like someone I know. Or someone I think I've seen before. Do I know you? You seem to have death all around you. I myself am the god of death. Well not really, but I've done enough with it to make it seem like I am. Are you one too?"

I'm amazed he managed to say all that without a single pause for breath. Man! Can this boy talk. Unfortunately I was watching his mouth the entire time, still trying to avoid those eyes. This guy does not have a mouth you should watch, there's something almost illegal about it. He's smiling now, waiting for an answer I suppose. I go over everything he said. He thinks he knows me? That's odd, no one has ever thought they knew me before. He still waiting, quick Infinity think of an answer!

"My name," I pause and try to make it dramatic, "is Infinity Orobos." he's staring at me like I've just turned into a large and angry bear. Weird, what did I say wrong?

"Infinity?" he says looking kind of strange, almost like he really does recognize it. I nod.

"Yup, and you are?" I watch him closely, he shakes himself like he's in some sort of bizarre dream and looks at me. I'm still trying to avoid those unnerving eyes. " I'm Duo Maxwell, " he pauses and keeps trying to meet my eyes, " and I've been looking for you."



Wait a minute! Just hold on one freaking minute. He's been looking for me? Me?! Impossible! No one knows me here. Ok I just need to get this guy alone and kill him. It's my only choice really. If he knows me then possibly he knows what I do. Maybe that's why he told me he's death. What to do? I know, I'll just question him for a while first.

Maybe it's all innocent, maybe he's just seen me around the ship or something. Though I know that's impossible, I only started this life today. There is no way he knows me! Now I'm really starting to get scared. Who is this guy? Who he says he is? I doubt it. Oh shit, he's giving me that look. I still haven't said anything to him. Calm, I need to just calm down.

"You've been looking for me?" I try to say it without clenching my teeth. He's nodding his head.

"Yes, I don't know why. But tonight I just had this urge to come here. I knew I was looking for someone. I just didn't know who. It was strange, I think I'm supposed to know you."

Ok now this is severely odd. No one, I repeat no one has ever said this to me before. Maybe it's just some weird pick up line? I've had enough of those you think I would recognize one when I hear it. But if this is a pick up line it's one of the oddest I've ever heard. I steel myself and look at his face. Wow! He is cute! He's looking bewildered, hm maybe he is innocent? Best to hold judgment I suppose.

"All right Duo, I don't know why you feel this way. But I do think we need to talk about it. No one has ever said what you have to me. Do you have a … compartment we can talk in privately?" I hope he doesn't notice my stumble; I still don't know how they refer to things around here. I don't need to make any more mistakes at this stage of the game. Whoops! He's nodding yes and getting up. I really need to start paying more attention; I think I'm losing what little sanity I have left.

I stand up so this boy can lead me wherever his room is. I'm a little surprised for a moment when I notice I seem to have a bird's eye view of the top of his head. He's so short! He only comes up to my shoulder. He's looking a bit surprised by my height as well. Hm guess some things are never expected. He turns away from me and starts walking away. I sure as hell hope this guy can tell me more about this urge he had. Hell! Maybe he just wants me in the sack? I shrug and follow his cute ass out the whispering doors. Did I mention these doors whisper? Very disquieting stuff.

He's walking a bit ahead of me now; to bad he's so short. I speed up a bit and walk beside him. We are walking down one of the many endless seeming corridors around here, his braid is awfully cute. But I think it could be a liability in a fight. I wonder if he fights? Oh yeah right, he says he's killed. Well I'm the expert on that, and if you ask me that hair could seriously mess you up in a fight. It's one of the reasons I wear mine up.

He stops and looks at me. What?! What is he looking at me like that for? Do I have something on my face? Controlling the sudden urge to wipe at my cheek, I try to wait patiently. He looks so thoughtful.

"Infinity," he says it like it's a foreign thing. "Would you shake my hand?" Ok now this is truly weird. It's not just me right? I'm not the only one who thinks this is a weird thing to ask? I guess I'm giving him this look cause he starts to turn away and walk again.

"Wait!", I walk over to him and quickly grab his hand. Who the hell is screaming? There's this weird ache spreading through my hand into my arm. I look into his eyes. Shit no! Don't do that Infinity babe, you know which way lies that path. Suddenly people start to poke their heads out doors, what the heck? I realize I've been screaming my head off while he holds my hand. Uh oh this is not good. How am I going to get out of this? Luckily he seems to be quick to catch on.

We start to run down the corridor together, he's let go of my hand, thank god. Apparently no one is that interested in why some girl is screaming her fool head off in the hallway. No one comes after us demanding an explanation. Phew! Now what the hell just happened?! I stumble to a halt and grab his braid to pull him backwards, he's still running. Ok so I don't mean for him to be jerked backwards and fall on the floor. But I still can't help but smile a little as he gives me this cute little glare. He gets up and brushes at his black clothes. What? Space dust on the rug? It's so hard to find good help these days.

It's now I notice he seems to be wearing some sort of weird priest outfit. A space priest? Who knows, this place is weird man, real weird. I try to wipe this look off my face, damn sometimes I show way too much. He's starting to reach for my hand again, oh no boyo! I don't think so. I slap his hand away.

"Hey, let's just wait till we are somewhere a bit more private huh? I don't think we need to wake up any more people." He nods at this suggestion. Good boy. So I'm back to looking at him from the corner of my eye. He's still way to good looking for his own good. Will these damned halls never end? Oh wait he's stopping outside a door. Hey! I think he's actually unlocking it. I better watch to see how this is done. I guess I seem to be watching a bit to intently cause he's giving me this really weird look. I back off; better not scare the natives hun.

He finishes unlocking the door, ah a button key, unusual. I suppose I'll have to get one for my compartment. I actually don't even know where I am supposed to be on this great big bloody ship. I mean one minute I was dying and the next minute I was here and whole and knowing I had a job to do. Well I did the job, yeah that guy I killed. But now what? The door is whispering open, when suddenly there's this cold metal thing pressed to my head. What the? A gun?

You've got to be joking? Who uses guns in space? Slowly I look over at the gun, this doesn't help since now it's pointing right between my eyes. I follow the hand attached to the gun up a really nice looking arm. And wow! What a face. Is this ship just stocked to the airlocks with hot guys? It's really to bad I'll have to hurt him. I mean after all I can't just let everybody get away with pointing dangerous objects at my face in a threatening manner can I?

I'm not going to hurt him to badly. I like him already, he's got balls. Duo is just standing here and watching. Hmm, interesting, I suppose they must know each other. I move my arm real slowly so as not to make him shoot me accidentally, he looks very surprised as I break his arm in one super fast move. They never expect that. I mean to look at me I'm just some skinny girl with big blue eyes and an attitude. For some messed up reason they never actually think I can hurt them. I feel kinda bad, Duo is giving me death looks and whispering to his friend. I wait, it doesn't matter if he attacks me. I think if he does I'll put them both to sleep and then prepare them for a few questions. Oh don't worry, I promise I won't actually torture them. I'll just make it really hard for them to attack that's all.

But they don't attack, the wounded boy is on the floor clutching his arm and Duo is standing over him like I'm the one who just pulled out a gun. Ok, ok I'll make it all better I promise. I lean down and put a hand on the kids arm, I'm not surprised at all when he tries to raise the gun with a broken arm. Didn't I say I could tell this guy had balls? I slap the gun away and pat his cheek. Sweet, he just wants to kill me for breaking that arm I think. Amazingly Duo is just looking at me now. Maybe he's afraid? I reach for the kids arm again and run a finger along it. I can feel the break in there. Another gift of power, I can heal minor injuries. Well actually it depends on what you think minor is. I can heal pretty much anything, unless the brain is dead or the head is gone. The seat of your soul is in your eyes; maybe that's the explanation for it. So I run a finger along that invisible pain, and all of a sudden I have a very confused boy looking up at me. I kneel beside him and extend a hand. This guy doesn't hesitate a moment, he takes my hand. Firm grip, very good, seems everything is back to working order. I sigh as he picks up his gun. Ok so balls of steel and brains of lead?

"Don't make me break your arm again." I make it sound less like a threat then a promise. He gives me the most evil looking glare I've ever seen and nods his head. Good, I think he's actually going to behave himself now. I pull him up to his feet and am again surprised. Is this ship filled with cute short guys?! Sheesh this is too much.

He doesn't seem fazed by my height at all and backs up so he's not blocking the door. He gestures into the room. All right I can go with that. I saunter into the room. Holy crap! Is this a closet? You've got to be kidding me? People actually live in these things? I look around for a place to sit, not much to choose from. Let's see, we have bed, another bed, or a desk. Ah desk chair, perfect. I sit down and turn to see both of them staring at me like I'm the devil. Maybe I am? I kind of like the idea. I give them both a supremely evil grin I've been practicing and watch them both pale a little. Fun stuff, I wonder if I can make them pee their pants? I shake my head a bit and wait for them to say something. Unfortunately I think I might have really given them a scare, as they don't seem to want to say anything. Do I have to do everything myself?

"All right, who are you?" I point at the gun happy guy. Pretty eyes on him, really messy hair though. He stiffens a little, maybe he's not used to women taking charge? "Come on kid, I'm really starting to want some answers around here. First your friend tells me he's been looking for me when I know that's…" I shut up and started again, I almost let the cat out of the bag with that one. "Uh unlikely", I finished somewhat lamely and for a moment forgot what I had been about to say. Oh yeah right why the heck am I here? " So your friend drags me back to his room only to have a gun pointed at my head. And I would just love to know, who are you? " I give him my own personal glare of death. It doesn't seem to work to well. Maybe I need to practice that one more often? I shudder, then I would have to look into my own eyes I suppose, not a good thing. I'm a patient girl I can wait. Ok, no I can't, why is this guy taking so long to answer me?