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Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, and I also don't own The Beatles, surprise! surprise! This Fic Contains: 1x2? More relena bashing? Yaoi? A song? You can find the original lyrics and also a midi for "She's leaving home" at … http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Limo/3518/leavhome.htm Try reading this while listening to the midi, it's a hoot! ^_^

He's Leaving Sank
By Cs

Wednesday morning at five o'clock as his day begins
Silently closing his guestroom door
Leaving the teddy he hoped would say more
He goes downstairs to the kitchen
Clutching his big ole gun

Quietly breaking the backdoor lock
Stepping outside he is free

He (I chase him most of the time)
Is leaving (Sacrificed most of my pride)
Sank (I've stalked him as much as I possibly could)

He's leaving Sank after running so long
From his stalker fears

Pargan snores as Relena gets into her pink limo
Picks up the radar that's lying there
Sitting alone with her crazy stare
She breaks down and cries to her servant
Pargan my little prince is gone!

Why would he treat me so thoughtlessly?
How could he run away from me?

He (I've never caught him myself)
Is leaving (Only that longhaired elf)
Sank (I've struggled hard all this time just to spy)

He's leaving Sank after running so long
From his stalker fears

Friday morning at 9 o'clock he is far away
Waiting to keep the appointment he made
Meeting Duo dressed as a French maid

He (What did I do that was wrong?)
Is leaving (I didn't know stalking was wrong)
Sank (Duo's the one thing that I can't supply)

Something I've tried to deny
For so many years

He's leaving Sank
Bye, bye




<runs away laughing her arse off>