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Even The Best Laid Plans
By ClarySage



"Ya, no no, I'll be there."

Duo grinned into the phone.

"It's been so long maybe I've forgotten how."

Heero, typing at his laptop nearly choked hearing this.

"I'll see you later then."

Duo glanced at the back of Heero's head, was he listening? : I hope so!:

"I'll try, right. Later!"

Duo let out a sigh as he hung up the phone. His gaze fell on Heero. :He's so tense:

"Well looks like I'm going out tonight, no missions for a week!" He grinned again, easing closer to Heero.

"Wanna come with me? "

Heero's shoulders tensed.

"Where baka?" : Forgotten how to what? : He turned in his chair, giving a hard glare.

Duo swallowed a laugh; that death gaze didn't fool him. He sat on the bed near the cobalt-eyed boy.

"Out." He grinned.

Heero let out a low growl.

"Ok, ok I'm going dancing, it's been to long!" He gave Heero a wolfish grin. : Fall for the bait:

"You should come with, I'm inviting Trowa and Quatre too. Wufei is busy, so...." he shrugged.

"Hn" Heero eyed the braided boy.

* * * *

: How did I let him talk me into this? : Heero glanced around at his surroundings. The black front of the club was almost completely unadorned except for a small sign above the door !Dante's! Trowa and Quatre stood behind him holding hands. Duo was already at the door of the club, tapping his foot in time to the music pumping into the night air. Heero glared at Duo's back, and stalked over.


"It's free to get in right now. " The black clad boy explained.

The bouncer looked at the boys standing before him. That dark haired boy looked like trouble, the blond and the one with the bangs looked in love and lusty, and this braided one... His eyes took on an appreciative air. How could anyone resist?

They each had a hand stamped (with a small devil), then followed Duo into the loud dark club.

"Duo!" The boys all turned at the exclamation, Duo grinned.

"Chana!" He threw an arm around the girl who emerged from the throng, quickly introducing her to the others. Duo smiled as their mouths dropped open. Chana still had that affect on guys, no matter what sex they might prefer.

He admired her outfit for the night, knee high calf-hugging black boots, black skirt barely covering her rear, and a tight black long sleeved shirt showing a nice amount of breast. Her waist length midnight black hair he noticed she had left loose. : Perfect:

"Let's go get a drink before we dance." Chana said grabbing Duo's arm and hauling him off to the bar. Heero followed them while Trowa looked lustily at Quatre and quickly dragged the blond angel back into a nice secluded corner.

Heero watched Duo and the girl, his eyes following their backs. :She's beautiful. I wonder how they met:

Jealousy gripped Heero hard. By the time he had made his way to the bar, he wanted to kill the girl. She was sitting on a bar stool, one leg hooked around it the other brushing against Duo as he stood beside her. She was whispering into the braided boys ear and occasionally stroked his arm smiling.

Heero controlled his rage and ignoring them ordered a drink. But his stony eyes kept returning to Duo and Chana. She was smiling now with her eyes closed as she listened to Duo whisper in her ear. She laid an arm on his shoulder as he leaned even closer. Heero growled to himself softly. : He's practically on top of her!:

He took a calming breath and gulped some of his drink. He shuddered; this was going to be a long night.


Duo stopped whispering and motioned to the bar, their drinks had arrived. They both grinned; the braided pilot took Chana's hand and slowly licked a wet swath between her thumb and index finger. Heero's eyes narrowed even further as he watched out of the corner of his eyes as Chana returned the favor. : Favor? Do I want this too? :

Duo and Chana laughed as Chana picked up a saltshaker from the bar at her elbow and sprinkled it on the wet flesh of her hand. She smirked and handed it to the braided boy. Heero watched with fascination as they each took a slice of lemon from a paper napkin on the bar. Then, laughing once more they proceeded to lick the salt, bolt back the shot, and suck on their lemon wedges. Heero couldn't help but give a tiny shudder as he watched Duo suck on the lemon. : Wish it were me. Gah what am I saying!? :

Then as if sensing the eyes on him the black clad boy slowly turned on his bar stool and gave Heero a look he couldn't read. The violet eyes opened wide for a moment then narrowed. Chana tapped Duo's shoulder then motioned towards the packed dance floor, Duo nodded and took her hand. The Japanese boy shrugged and turned to watch them disappear in the mirror behind the bar. : What do I care if they dance together? So what? :

He pictured Duo's slender body pressed against the girl, his blood turned hot and then cold, he clenched his hand into a fist.


The music was loud and Duo could feel it, like a giant heartbeat as he danced. His hands flickered and his braid flowed with a life of its own, as he moved with Chana to the solid sound. People made room for the two beauties as they whirled and moved in time to the rhythm. As the song ended Duo grinned and pulled the raven-haired girl close, his lips pressed against her ear.

"So? What do you think?"

"Haha! Your right Duo, he definitely feels something for you." She felt him smile against her ear.

"Do you think this plan is working then?" He smoothed his hands down her back as a slow moody song started up.

"Oh yeah! I swear he wants to kill me." She looked into

Duo's shining eyes and smiled hugely.

"I guarantee you'll know for sure by the end of this night."


Heero wished he were invisible as he moved closer to the dance floor. He'd quickly grown tired of watching Trowa and Quatre in their semi private corner. The two boys didn't seem to be noticing anything but each other. The blond seducer was sitting astride Trowa's lap facing him, they appeared to be melded at the lips.

Trowa had his hands on the small boys firm ass, caressing and teasing his lover. Heero blushed as they ground themselves together. He could almost hear the muffled moans. It was too much he had to find Duo.


"Don't look now my friend." Chana whispered into Duo's ear.

"Looks like he couldn't stand to leave your pretty behind in my evil hands."

Duo smirked and quickly glanced around. He squeezed Chana's side slightly, and moved even closer to her.

"Lets give him a show he won't forget."

Chana nodded and turned so her back was to Duo. She leaned against him as his hands moved on her body to the throbbing music. When the music picked up the beat a bit more she spun slowly around, and threw an arm around Duo's neck and a leg onto his hip. She nearly spoiled the erotic looking dance by giggling when the violet-eyed boy started to lick her neck. Their hips ground together as the music pounded.

Duo glanced at Heero from beneath half closed lids, the slender boy looked almost in pain. His hands were fisted at his side, and his breath was coming in quick short gasps. So far everything seemed to be going according to the plan. Neither Duo nor Chana noticed the slim redhead making a beeline though the crowded dance floor, heading right for them.



Even The Best Laid Plans (part 2)
By ClarySage

Duo glanced at Heero from beneath half closed lids, the slim boy looked almost in pain. His hands were fisted at his side, and his breath was coming in quick short gasps. So far everything seemed to be going according to his plan. Neither Duo nor Chana noticed the slim redhead making a beeline though the crowded dance floor, heading right for them. Chana gasped as she felt sharp fingernails bite into her arm. She quickly broke away from Duo and whirled around to face the owner of that tight grip.


Duo was amazed as his friend blushed dark red then looked guiltily at the stunning girl.

" I can explain I swear! " Chana grabbed Duo and Zillain's arms and strode swiftly from the dance floor. They reached a darkened corner where a couch slumped against the wall. Chana sat and pulled them down to sit on either side of her.

"Ok explain. Now. " Zillain said through clenched teeth, giving Duo a glare to rival one of Heero's.

"Well, um, remember how I got you to notice me?" Duo was astounded when the redhead broke into a wide grin.

"Oh yeah! You danced with that blonde bitch, and I nearly killed you." She grimaced prettily.

"So your… trying to make me jealous again? "

"No! No! Heh Duo is just a friend." She gestured at the still somewhat confused braided boy.

"He uh asked for some help with a little guy trouble he's been having. "

Zillain raised an eyebrow, and eyed Duo up and down. He blushed.

"Oh? "

"Well, he likes this guy, Heero, and the feeling seems to be returned but … he won't make any moves. Other then watching him and glaring a lot." She grinned at Zillain.

" Kinda like you used to hmm?"

The royal blue eyes of the redhead looked at Duo again.

"So I suppose I've ruined your plan? "

* * * *

Heero watched as the tall redhead grabbed Chana's arm. : What are they talking about?! : He just had to find out. As stealthily as he could he followed them towards the rear corner. He stuck to the deep shadows and inched towards them. Apparently none of them had noticed him. He was listening to their conversation only half interested when he heard something he had been waiting for though he hadn't even realized it. : He likes me?! He likes me!? He wants me to notice him? As if I could ignore him. : He stilled when what was said next sank in. It was at that moment he looked at the redheaded girl and noticed she had seen him. :Oh shit! Don't say anything! :

He was impressed when all she did was give him a steely glance worthy of one of his own. Then she surprised him by quickly looking at Duo and Chana, and then winking at him. She gestured subtly at him to follow her and excused herself from the two sitting on the couch. Strutting towards the bar she gave Heero a guarded look. He followed her.

When they reached the bar she ordered a drink from the bartender and turned towards the slim boy as if she had just noticed him.

"So you heard hmm? Well, as you might have gathered I was once in your shoes. But when I did notice her I never stopped noticing. I thought that what I felt was only lust. It wasn't. She still drives me crazy you know." She looked into his eyes, noticing the understanding in them.

"You get it now? It's never wrong, and if it's felt then it's enjoyed. Whatever you feel for that boy over there you better make up your mind quickly. Or else I can promise you will always live to regret it. "

She almost fell off her stool when he smiled at her. : Beautiful boy:

"What should I do next then? " She knew what he meant. What had she done next? :Oh yes, I nearly beat the crap out of that blond girl:

"Well, I have a plan."

* * * *

Duo watched as Zillain got up and walked away, and then turned to Chana.

"Would you mind explaining what that was all about?" He looked somewhat hurt.

"Oh Duo. I'm sorry I know I should have told you but… there just didn't seem to be any reason. " She smiled sweetly at him and batted her lashes.

"So SHE'S the Zil you've been seeing? I thought…" He trailed off.

"You thought it was a guy? Haha. Well I guess she can kinda sounds like one huh?" She looked thoughtfully at where Zillain had walked off.

"But let's worry about your little problem first. I don't know what to do now!" She looked at Duo sorrowfully.

" Well, I think we showed Heero enough to make him feel something. So maybe things will work themselves out? " He gave her a crazy grin and squeezed her shoulder. Then he saw who was walking towards them and froze. Following Zillain with a drink in hand was Heero. His dark blue eyes alight with a strange look. : If I didn't know better I'd say he was starving for something. :

The dark haired boy walked slowly up to Duo his eyes holding a challenge. He extended his free hand and wiggled his fingers in a come hither gesture. Duo looked up at him questioningly. : Does he…: Heero smiled. : I don't think I've ever seen him smile before. Maybe he's drunk? :

Duo shivered a bit at the look he was getting and carefully got to his feet.

"Heero? "

"We need to talk baka, let's go home." He grabbed

Duo's hand and nodded at the two girls snuggling on the couch. The braided boy nearly fainted when he caught Heero winking at Zillain. : What the hell happened? :

Heero looked around for Trowa and Quatre and spotted them still making out in the shadowed corner.

"Guess we can let them come home when they want." He smiled again turning Duo's knees to butter.Duo opened his mouth to say something but quickly snapped it shut again. : I better be careful, who knows what he might be thinking: The night air on their faces was chilly and slightly damp. Heero was still holding Duo's hand as they walked towards Quatre's safe house. Their footsteps echoed in the empty street. The sound of the club faded, as they got closer to home. Heero paused at the door and faced the braided boy. His eyes seemed to caress Duo in the dim light. The violet-eyed boy shivered. :It's just the cold. No…it's that look he's giving me. It's as if I'm what he's hungry for. :

He turned his face up slightly. Heero leaned forward, his lips parted. Then he pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the door. Duo could feel the blush slipping up his cheeks. : Oh god, what if what he has to say isn't what I hope it is? What if he doesn't want me? :

He hung his head and followed the spandex clad form inside locking the door behind himself. Heero turned and gave him an unreadable look then headed up the stairs towards their room. Duo watched the flexing muscles as he climbed behind Heero. : He sure does have a nice…: He shook his head at the naughty picture of the other boy completely naked and climbing stairs. : I have got to get a hobby or something. : The cobalt-eyed boy turned and glanced at Duo as they reached their room. His eyes moved up then down.

: I swear I can feel those eyes touching me. :

The braided boy gulped then followed Heero into their room. He stood looking down peering through his lashes at Heero as the other boy sat on one of the beds and slipped off his shoes and socks. :Is he going to say anything?!:

He jerked in surprise when he felt Heero take his hand again. "Duo?" Heero spoke softly as if he might spook the longhaired boy. Duo had never heard that tone come out of Heero's mouth before.

He shivered again and looked at that mouth. :I want to kiss him so badly. What is he thinking? :

"Are you cold? You keep shivering. Would you like a blanket or something? " : Would you like me?: Heero slowly ran a slim finger up the length of Duo's arm and gently cupped his face. He watched avidly as Duo shivered again. : Well, looks like my plan is working. :

The braided boy closed his eyes, as if he couldn't stand to keep them open much longer. He felt himself getting harder. He licked his suddenly to dry lips and tried to open his eyes. He felt Heero caress his cheek then softly touch his lips with one finger. : Uhn.. what is he doing to me? :

His legs felt like they had no bones in them. Heero felt the other boy beginning to slump and quickly steered him towards the nearest bed. : Don't tell me he's going to faint? :

Duo sat wordlessly on the bed, his eyes closed and his breath coming fast. He felt Heero reach over and trail a finger teasingly over his lips. Without thinking Duo licked at the callused digit. Then he froze. His eyes opened slowly to look at the dark eyed boy. The slightly salty finger was still in his mouth, he rolled his tongue around it. Heero shivered, as Duo sucked and nibbled on his finger. : So warm, soft. I wonder if he would… :

Heero reluctantly removed his hand, and moved a little away from Duo. He breathed heavily for a moment, his eyes growing dark with something unfamiliar. Duo pressed the advantage he seemed to have. He leaned closer to Heero his lips parted slightly. Suddenly he was crushed against the other boy and warm lips were opening his, a soft tongue slipping into his mouth. They both moaned as their tongues met. Duo slipped his arms between them and rested his palms on Heero's chest. He felt his already painful erection get still harder as he slowly pushed the stronger boy back onto the bed. He was half lying on Heero one of his black clad thighs pressed between the other boy's legs. Duo could feel the heat and hardness through the spandex shorts. He rubbed against Heero and both groaned. He broke the kiss and looked into eyes just as glazed as his own. : He is so sexy; let's see what else he likes. : Duo smiled seductively and tilted the other boy's head slightly to one side.

Heero shuddered as felt hot lips press against his neck. Duo's hands slid beneath the green tank top and slithered up the smooth chest. He toyed with a hard nipple and continued licking and kissing the pale neck. The Japanese boy was molten all over, his skin seemed on fire as the wet mouth trailed its way slowly over his neck and chest. He thrust his hips up to meet Duo's as the other boy found a sensitive spot right below his ear. He was aware of lips smiling against his skin, and then there was a sharp tug on his spandex shorts. Heero gasped.

"Duo?" He opened his eyes and almost closed them again so intense was Duo's heated gaze.

"No undies, nice." His fingers slid along a sleek expanse of skin. He watched as Heero writhed on the bed desperately trying to get him to go lower. Abruptly Duo got off the bed, glancing at Heero's half naked form sprawled on the blankets. A wordless plea drifted from him. The violet eyes traveled over Heero's body slowly drinking in the smooth skin and tousled hair. Duo unhurriedly took off his jacket, never taking his eyes from Heero. Then he bent over and carefully removed his boots and socks, barely resisting the urge to tickle the other boy's feet. Silently he stared into the lust filled eyes and started to strip off his shirt, Heero sat up and ran his hands over Duo's firm stomach, his tongue flicked out across the bare flesh. His fingers wandered down to the waistband of the tight black jeans Duo was wearing, he slowly undid the button and unzipped them. He grinned up at the braided boy.

"No undies? " Before Duo could respond Heero had the slim pilots trembling hardness in hand.

"Uhn. Heero." His eyes closed at the sensation of Heero's hands running over the length of his frustration. : Who's in control here? Uhn…what plan? :

Duo gripped Heero's shoulders as the dark haired boy nuzzled his hipbone. It seemed as if he had gone deaf, his toes started to turn numb. Heero smiled wolfishly and leisurely licked the tip of the violet-eyed boy's rigid member. Duo's entire body stiffened and he slowly crumbled onto the floor, Heero followed him down his mouth sliding firmly over and around the now throbbing tool. :Mmmm those moans are enough to make me want to never leave this bedroom again. : He licked his way around the hot flesh, his free hand starting to toy with the tip of Duo's braid. : The things I could do with this. :

He let that thought go; there would be time to play later. Briefly he lifted his head and stared at the moaning boy. His head was thrown back, his mouth open, eyes closed. : He's so beautiful. :

Heero slid over Duo's trembling body his hands smoothing over silky skin as he made his way leisurely towards the other boys panting mouth. Their lips met and both whimpered, as electricity seemed to shoot through them. They broke, gasping. Their eyes met, Duo smiled shyly up at Heero. He lifted the forgotten tank top over the other boy's head and slipped his own jeans the rest of the way off.Pushing Heero back against the bed he straddled his lap and rubbed against him. Their lips came together again. Heero slid his hands down the braided boys back caressing the smooth skin; he pulled Duo hard against himself and nearly screamed with the sensation. : Is this how Trowa and Quatre feel? No wonder they never seem to stop touching. :

His tongue dueled lightly, and all he seemed to be able to hear were the small sounds of pleasure coming from Duo. He reached between their bodies and grasped Duo's dripping cock, slowly jerking it as if it were himself. : And how many times have I wished it were Duo? : He got his hand wet with the slippery fluid and intensified the kiss. : Now for real fun. : Heero suddenly stopped kissing the bewildered Duo, looking into the amethyst eyes of his soon to be lover he lightly skimmed his wet hand between Duo's legs. The other boy jumped slightly in surprise when he felt a finger delicately pushing into him. He wrapped his arms around Heero's neck when he felt the next finger. Gritting his teeth Duo tensed slightly, cobalt eyes met his.

Heero tenderly kissed his open mouth as he started to move his fingers inside the other boy. Suddenly Duo let out a loud moan, his body stiffening. He squirmed and started rubbing harder against Heero. His lips seem to be pleading with the dark haired boy his body quivering uncontrollably. Heero couldn't wait any longer; he lifted the other boy up slightly and quickly impaled his shuddering body.

The braided boy let out a silent scream his back arching, and his hands clawing at Heero's shoulders. They stilled for a moment getting used to the sensation of their bodies being joined.

Duo was beyond thought now, his body gradually relaxed, and what had been a deep pain only moments before swiftly became an almost unendurable pleasure. Sensing the relaxation Heero slowly began moving, thrusting smoothly into Duo. His mind went blank and all he felt was the heated body gripping him.

As the tension in him became greater he moved more briskly. The sound of their bodies slapping together filled the air. Suddenly Duo tightened around him, his body clenching like a fist, his mouth opening to emit a loud shout as he came. Heero felt himself erupt as his name left Duo's lips, he held the other boy tightly against himself as wave after wave of ecstasy road through him. The spent boy collapsed onto him, his body still shaking with the aftermath.

Gradually Duo's sense returned to him, he felt Heero shift slightly.

He nuzzled the perfect soldiers perfect neck.

" I thought we had to talk? " He lifted himself off Heero and promptly collapsed onto his knees.

"Sometimes you talk to much." The usually cold eyes were warm and sleepy in the dim room. He helped Duo to his feet and guided him over to the bed, lowering the dazed looking boy gently onto it.

"Sometimes even the best laid plans go astray hm? "



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