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Drinking Games <part 4?/...4?>
By ClarySage

Heero stood in the small hallway staring at the closed closet door. : What am I doing? Am I actually going to go in there? With Duo?! : He heard someone say something in the kitchen but couldn't quite make out what. He reached for the knob, picturing Duo as he had been dressed a few minutes ago. : Or undressed. :

He felt his palms begin to sweat and turning the knob, stepped into the dark and confined closet. He heard laughter from the kitchen as the door shut behind him.


Duo had been sitting on the floor when he heard soft steps approach from outside. He tried to control his racing heart, as the steps stopped in front of the door. The knob turned and he shot to his feet, backing against the wall. Since he had closed his eyes he didn't even see who entered, and when he did open them again it was dark once more in the closet. He heard soft breathing and smelled a scent he recognized to well. Heero Yuy was in here with him. : What the hell is he doing in here!? :

Heero could hear his heart pounding as he tried to orient himself in the small room. He reached out and felt his hand brush against soft skin. He shivered not knowing what to do next. He had had enough fantasies about this beautiful braided boy, but for some reason was unable to think of a single one at this moment. Tentatively he moved closer to the oddly quiet boy.

"Duo?" he whispered into the dark. A hand fumbled for his,and as his eyes slowly adjusted to the little bit of light seeping in under the door he was able to see Duo. The other boy was backed up against the wall looking for all the world like a scared rabbit. : Now why would he be afraid of me? : Suddenly Heero thought he understood, controlling his lust he reached out his free hand and touched Duo's face, he felt the other boy shudder. : Does he despise me so much? Maybe I should just leave; Trowa didn't say how long we had to be in here. :

He started backing towards the door when he felt the hand still holding his give a little squeeze. He stopped breathing as Duo pulled him closer. Duo was almost sure Heero would kill him but he seemed unable to stop himself as he pulled the other boy close. He felt Heero bump into him and let out his breath in a whoosh of air, he hadn't even known he'd been holding. He leant forward carefully until he could feel Heero's breath on his cheek.

"What are you feeling now?"


Back in the kitchen the three boys were starting to feel very drunk. They had managed to kill off one bottle between them and were starting on a second. Quatre was still sitting on his lovers lap, though he seemed to be slipping lower and lower, as he got tipsier. Wufei was leaning back in his chair, feet flung onto the table and a bottle gripped firmly in one hand.

"What do you think they're doing now?" asked Trowa, his eyes a bit to bright. Wufei snorted as Quatre snuggled firmly against the banged boy, nibbling on the slim neck.

"If they haven't started kissing yet then I'll lock them in there till they do!" said the inebriated blond boy.

"Yesh!" cried the other two somewhat drunkenly. Wufei got up carefully and made his way to the closet still holding his bottle in a death grip. Trowa and Quatre glanced at each other, and then getting up cautiously followed their friend. : He has such good ideas some times! :

They leaned against the wall for support, and snuck towards the door to listen.


Heero panted trying to answer, all he could feel was Duo's body so tantalizingly close. He tried to think but his brain seemed to have gone off somewhere. Duo maneuvered the panting boy until his back was against the wall, his hands sliding under the loose shirt. He brought his lips to Heero's and barely touched, teasing. Heero tried to take control, his hands wrapping around Duo's waist, pulling him closer.

"Tsk tsk," white teeth flashed briefly, and grabbing the naughty hands he held them against the wall. He pressed against Heero feeling the slim boy arch into him. : God! He's hard as a rock! : He paused, "Heero? How do you feel?" A low moan answered him, "tell me, or I'll stop."

"G-good, don't stop Duo, you can't stop. I feel so strange." Amazed at his own words Heero shut his mouth. Duo realized that the Potion must do more than just make you hard, apparently it made your whole body feel good. He was feeling it too. He chuckled softly and let go of Heero's hands only to slide off the white shirt. Gently he started to kiss his way down Heero's chest, his lips hot on the slightly damp flesh. His left hand toyed with the drawstring briefly then untied it. The black pants slid down and Duo was shocked to find Heero didn't wear any underwear. : Well? What did you expect baka? Teddy bear boxers? This IS Heero. :

Smiling at the throbbing toy that was revealed he licked his way down and flicked his tongue out to take a taste. Heero's hips bucked and he slumped against the wall his fingers reaching for something to support him. Finding Duo's head he wove his hands into the silky hair, moaning loudly as the hot mouth closed on his painfully hard erection.


Outside three glazed sets of eyes looked at each other. The moans coming from the closet were enough to have made them all slightly out of breath. Wufei gestured off to the living room, and starting crawling on hands and knees leaving his bottle by the door. The other two followed him, making their way to the couch. Crawling onto it they collapsed in a drunken heap. Quatre threw an arm around each of them and grinned.

"I guess we don't have to lock them in." When neither boy answered he looked at them, sweat-dropping at the lust filled looks he was getting. "Uh guys? You look kinda…" He didn't get a chance to finish as Trowa's lips clamped onto his and Wufei slid his hands over both of them. In no time at all clothes went flying all over the room and they became much too busy to even think about the closet.


Heero had forgotten everything; he couldn't even remember his own name. His body felt like it was going to shatter as he started to quiver uncontrollably. Duo hummed over the hard flesh, his hands sliding up smooth stomach. : Who ever knew the perfect soldier would be so noisy! : With a deep groan Heero gushed into Duo's waiting mouth and slowly collapsed onto the floor in front of the grinning boy.

"Duo?" he felt the braided one slide his hands under and around his limp body pulling him close. Cloth whispered in the dark room as Duo removed his boxers. Finding a shoulder he inched his way up Heero's shaking body, his lips hovering over the gasping mouth. Nibbling lightly he slid his tongue into Heero's mouth and moaned. He felt fingers tighten in his hair and deepened the kiss. Stopping a moment the violet-eyed boy shifted his hips and stared down at the object of his long felt lust.

"Do you want me to stop?" As if to answer such a question was silly

Heero wriggled from under Duo and glared at him in the darkness. "If you stop…If you ever stop", he let out a low growl, "Omae o korosu!" Duo started to laugh.

"You know Heero," he found an ear and started to nip on it, "Sometimes you know just what to say."



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