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Drinking Games <part 3/?>
By ClarySage

"All right then, I dare you to go get the dress." Quatre almost blurted out that it was in the washer then quickly shut his mouth and shook his head no. Wufei flashed a wicked grin and poured from one of the bottles into the teal shot glass. Quatre grimaced delicately and downed it, then rapidly drank the next shot Wufei poured. He shook his head a bit and felt woozy as the alcohol hit his system. Then giving Duo a not so innocent look, he patted Trowa's leg and thought for a moment.

"All right Duo you started this," he paused for a moment and thought of a wicked question to ask, "Do you want to have sex with a man or a women for your first? " Quatre leaned back a smug smile on his face; Wufei choked on his coffee and started to cough. Heero slapped the choking pilots back, as Duo stared in shock with his mouth wide open.

"Dare!" He almost shouted, blushing furiously. : Damn him! :

Quatre gave him an angelic smile and batted his lashes. "I dare you," he pretended to think about it for a moment "To give us a striptease!" Surprisingly Duo actually looked like he was considering the notion, then he nodded. : I wonder if the Policat Potion is taking affect yet? Hehe, I think I'll just find out for myself. :

Duo stood and walked over to the softly playing radio, he fooled around with it for a moment then turned up the sound as he found a song he liked. <Insert any song you would like to see Duo do a strip tease to, I prefer something slow and sexy myself ^_^ > Without turning around he slowly stripped off his shirt, trying not to blush again.

Heero watched silently, glad he had decided to wear such loose clothing for a change. He couldn't take his eyes away as Duo leisurely removed his black t-shirt, muscles flexing across his pale back. Duo carefully pulled his braid free of the tight shirt and swung around, he dropped the shirt onto the floor and glancing at the others laughed a little self-consciously. Heero watched avidly as a long fingered hand glided over Duo's stomach and started toying with the button of the ripped jeans he had put on after the pizza incident. His breath caught as the button was undone and Duo looking down shyly began to unzip, his black boxers slowly coming into view. Under the table Quatre's hand slipped higher on Trowa's leg and started to knead it. Trowa quietly scooted his chair closer to the seductive boy. Wufei carefully poured himself a shot, looking around at the others who all had their eyes glued on Duo. Before the half naked boy could take the last of his clothing off the song came to an end. A shouting man came on advertising for some odd hygiene product the tension in the room suddenly broke as Duo started to giggle, turning down the radio he faced his companions.

"All right! That's all you get!" His cheeks were flushed and he was panting. He sat down at the table without even bothering to put his pants and shirt back on. : Let them look! : Indeed they seemed to be doing just that; Heero's burning gaze was sliding over Duo's naked chest, making him a little uncomfortable.

Duo realized it was his turn to pick a victim.

"Umm, Heero?" He met the other boy's now seemingly hot gaze. : Wow I think that stuff is working! : Heero shook his head trying to dislodge all these suddenly searing thoughts that seemed to be filling it. : He isn't supposed to notice you looking. :

He averted his eyes and tried to get back some semblance of his usual coldness.

"Heero? Do you ever… masturbate?" Wufei chuckled and everyone looked interested in the answer. Heero shrugged, "Doesn't everybody?" Then as if realizing what he had just let slip he started to blush furiously. Duo gaped at him. : I wasn't expecting that! Mmm, I've never seen Heero blush before, he's so …intense. :

The Japanese boy looked around at the others daring them to say anything, but everyone was quiet. : My turn, now who should I torture? :

His eyes fell on Quatre and Trowa; he looked down and noticed that their hands were moving under the table. : Well, well, well. :

"Trowa, I dare you to make out with Quatre right here at the table for five minutes!" He sat back smiling. Quatre happy with this dare threw himself onto the taller boy's lap and started kissing him, rubbing all over his startled lover. Wufei snuck another shot as all eyes turned to watch the show. : Gah! All they ever think about is sex! : He glanced up and felt himself grow warm. : What the? They are kinda sexy. : He remembered the feeling of Trowa's hand on his ass earlier that night, and promptly grew painfully hard at the thought.

Duo watched as Quatre apparently forgetting his audience began to slip his hands up Trowa's shirt and grind against his lap. He could hear soft moans coming from them and decided maybe their five minutes were up. He snuck a look at his cobalt-eyed friend and was shocked to see the other boy looking hot and bothered by this display.

Heero couldn't seem to stop himself from watching as the two boys climbed all over each other. A part of his mind told him that this was not something he should enjoy so openly, but luckily he was able to lock that part of his mind in the back vaults of his brain. He kept seeing Duo in all kinds of compromising positions, that braid trailing down his back, those lips opening in long moans. He shuddered and tried to collect himself.

"Ok! Your five minutes are up!" He yelled, the lovers broke panting and grinned with embarrassment. Trowa caressed his angel's backside and tried to focus. :Oh, the game. : He looked around at the glowing faces of his friends and decided that he really needed to get Heero and Duo together somehow. They seemed to be blind to each other and yet they so obviously wanted one another. Still stroking his beloved, he thought of a plan to get them alone in a secluded place.

: Probably should get a few drinks in them first though.: Quatre nuzzled his neck and he had trouble concentrating for a moment.

"Mmm, uh Duo," he looked at the suddenly wary boy, "I dare you to take 2 shots, and then go sit in the hall closet and wait for the next part." The braided boy blinked at this, wondering what might come next. Nodding he held out his glass as Trowa poured him a shot. Shuddering a bit at the after taste he held out the glass again draining it and coughing a little. Standing up a little precariously, he made his way to the hall closet that was just under the stairs. He peered back into the kitchen but couldn't hear or see anything. : What can Trowa be thinking? :

Luckily the closet was not used to store much, and all there was in it were a few warm coats. He sank down onto the floor and sighed. Back in the kitchen the others waited to hear the click of the door being shut. They looked at Trowa.

"And now, Heero, take 2 drinks and go join him!" Grinning he picked up what he knew was Heero's favorite drink and poured a shot.

For some reason Heero didn't even bother to argue, he had actually wanted something like this to happen. Quickly downing the two drinks he didn't even look at the others as he left the room.

Trowa looked from Quatre to Wufei, then grinning he picked up one of the bottles.

"Let's have a few drinks hmm?" Smiling they each took a bottle and started laughing as they heard the closet door click shut for a second time.


Heero stood in the small hallway staring at the closed closet door. : What am I doing? Am I actually going to go in there? With Duo?! : He heard someone say something in the kitchen but couldn't quite make out what. He reached for the knob, picturing Duo as he had been dressed a few minutes ago. : Or undressed. : He felt his palms begin to sweat and turning the knob, and stepped into the dark and confined closet. He heard laughter from the kitchen as the door shut behind him.