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Drinking Games <part 2/?>
By ClarySage

"I'll take 2!"

The shopkeeper shook his head gloomily and added on the two small bottles. Duo didn't even blink at the grand total; it would all be well worth it.


Duo hummed happily to himself as he tramped back to the safe house. He hadn't been gone long so hopefully no one would be in the kitchen just yet. Glancing up at the window where he knew the room he shared with Heero was he smiled. At the door he balanced the heavy bag on his hip and turned the brass knob quietly. He paused and listened for a moment. No sounds emanated from the kitchen though he could hear water running somewhere upstairs in the apartment. : Probably just Wufei taking a shower after meditating. :

Closing the door behind him as silently as he could, he snuck into the kitchen. He let out a loud sigh as he saw it was still empty.

Quickly he opened the bottles of alcohol and slipped a few drops of the Policat Potion into each one. Then as an after thought he put a bit more in what he knew was Heero's favorite. Smirking he but the caps back on and tightened them hoping no one would notice that they were no longer sealed. He slipped the bottles into a cabinet above the fridge and pushed the shot glasses in after them.

: Now, how am I going to get them to play? :

He pondered this for a bit while absently turning the radio back on and pouring himself the rest of the coffee he had made earlier. The somewhat jittery boy had just settled into his chair again when he heard the thumps of someone coming downstairs.

Wufei was surprised to see Duo sitting at the kitchen table looking like he had been awake for hours. Usually the braided boy slept till noon. He made a face at the coffee Duo sat drinking.

"That stuff is disgusting, why don't you switch to tea?"

"Because unlike tea coffee gets me going in the morning, tea just never did it for me." He tapped his toes to the din of the radio.

Wufei frowned and turned the volume down a bit. He couldn't stand to have his good mood fly out the door just because of some loud music.

Rifling through the cabinet above the stove he found his morning blend of tea and started the kettle going. He looked over at Duo. The braided wonder looked like he was thinking hard about something. His forehead was wrinkled in concentration, his eyes narrowed and focused on the window above the sink. The Chinese pilot looked out the window just in case there actually was something out there, but no, Duo was definitely thinking.

Wufei wondered what the baka could be pondering so deeply. The sudden shrieking of the kettle broke the silence in the kitchen, and he turned his attention back to his tea. He pulled out a chair and sipped.

"All right, what's the problem?" He gazed over his mug at the still distracted boy.

Duo fidgeted, and glanced down at his hands.

"You doing anything tonight Wu-man?" His amethyst eyes were begging for a no. Wufei was surprised, he mentally went over the reasons he should say he was busy, then shrugged. Sometimes the braided boy had some pretty fun ideas. He shook his head no.

"Why? Are you having a party or something Maxwell?" He bared his teeth at the now smiling boy.

"Uh actually, I was just thinking it might be nice for the five of us to hang out tonight. It's been a while since we all let loose and just relaxed." He tried to sound as nonchalant as possible, but he knew if he could just convince Wufei to do it, the rest would most likely join in as well. The dark haired boy thought about it for a moment then nodded.

"Ok, that actually sounds good. So what's the plan?" He waited to hear Duo's latest hair brained scheme.

"I thought we could all get a nice buzz on and just… be together. You know?"

The dragon was surprised, that didn't sound half bad, and it had been a while since they had all just spent some time together relaxing and getting silly. : Even I could use a night off. :

"Want me to help ask the others?" He gave Duo a sympathetic look, he knew they usually said no before the other boy had even asked.

"Would you? That'd be great!" He grinned his patented grin and slapped the table. : Yes! With Wufei on my side Heero can't possibly refuse! :

When Trowa eventually made his way downstairs he was mildly shocked to see Duo and Wufei deep in conversation. He edged around them trying to ignore what seemed to be a private conversation. But he kept catching a few words "drunk" "remember that time..". He looked around for the coffee. : Ah, a fresh pot. : Getting out his favorite mug he poured himself some of the strong brew.

"Oi Trowa, Quatre not up yet?"

"No, I think he's a little exhausted still." The tall boy blushed, and hastily added. "From our last mission that is. Uh he's been having nightmares again." Ruefully he rubbed his sore ribs. His blonde angel tended to lash out at the demons in his dreams. He looked up and saw that both boys were watching him. "What?" he noticed they were smiling too. : Scary. :

"Maxwell has had a good idea for a change. He thinks we should all spend some time together tonight and relax. How would you and Quatre like to get nice and drunk and forget about the world for a while?"

Trowa smiled, that sounded just right for the evening, and maybe he could get some bruise-less sleep if his love were dead drunk.

"All right. I'll tell Quatre when he wakes up. Who's going to invite Heero?"

Wufei and Duo looked at each other then looked at Trowa.

"Quatre." All three boys said in unison.

Heero had just managed to break a complex string of code into bite-sized chunks when there was a soft knock on his door. He briefly thought of telling who ever it was to go take a flying leap but decided he should at least find out who it was first. He got up a bit stiffly and opened the door. A sleepy looking Quatre stood there, his hair sticking up slightly.

"Morning Heero, I…"

"It's 3 in the afternoon Quatre." He crossed his arms over his chest and watched as the smaller boy swallowed that information.

"Well, I just got up and…. , can I come in for a moment?" Heero shrugged and stood aside, he closed the door behind the still sleep-tousled boy.

"Duo and the others have decided that we should spend the night getting drunk." He blurted out. Heero gazed at the little Arabian, for a moment it was on the tip of his tongue to say no, then he realized it would be a perfect chance to watch his obsession without being watched himself.


"We thought it would be a…" Quatre started to say when Heero's response sunk in.

"Oh, all right." He smiled at the stony face.

"Duo will be thrilled, he was sure you would say no." And with that the blonde boy turned and went back downstairs, his steps light and swift on the carpeted stairs. When he got to the kitchen the other three boys looked up and waited for the answer.

"He said yes!" The small boy was positively beaming.

"Great!" Duo bounced out of his seat with excitement. The others knew he had a thing for Heero so they weren't that surprised by his reaction.

"Ok then so we'll meet back here after dinner… what are we doing for dinner tonight anyways?" He suddenly looked concerned.

"Pizza?" Suggested Quatre.

"Perfect, then we won't even have to leave the house, and hey who says we have to wait until tonight! I'll go order the pizza now.Umm what does everyone want?"


"Anchovies! "

"I want lots of cheese!"

"Pepperoni." They turned to stare at Heero who had silently entered during their discussion. Duo barely contained himself at the sight of Heero in his lounging outfit. Loose-fitting black pants and a large white t-shirt, his bare toes stuck out from under the long hem of the slightly frayed pants. : How can he look so good even in clothes like those? :

"How about I order 3 pizza's split half and half with different toppings?" Suggested the longhaired boy. Everyone nodded ascent to this idea, that would work out just about right. While Duo called the delivery place the others sat around and chatted. It wasn't often they got a chance to catch up with each other, they always seemed to be going off on their separate missions. Duo smiled to himself, it was nice to see everyone together for a change. He watched Heero out of the corner of his eye; the other boy seemed to be listening to Wufei complaining about the repairs he had to do on Nataku. : Guess I should…get started. : He went to the table and stood, waiting for the others to notice him. Eventually it was Quatre who looked up and saw the slightly nervous boy waiting patiently. The blonde boy tapped Trowa and gestured, Trowa nodded. Wufei noticed and shut up about Nataku. All four of them stared in silence at Duo. There was a knock on the door. : Dammit! The pizza is here. :

Quatre ran to the door with Trowa following him, a few words could be heard and then the door slammed. They came back into the kitchen the smell of hot pizza wafting into the room with them. Duo's stomach growled loudly. Quatre giggled while Wufei looked disgusted.

"Let's eat!" They each picked their preferred pizza and in no time at all there was just a few crumbs littering the empty boxes. Wufei was declaring the injustice of Duo snagging the last piece and was trying to wrestle it away from him. They wound up on the floor, the pizza getting squashed under Duo.

"Awww my pizza!" Duo wailed loudly. Wufei didn't even bother to look shameful as he picked himself up and dusted off his pants.

"Serves you right Maxwell, justice was not with you." He smirked and sat down. Duo stuck out his tongue at the smirking pilot and went to change his now pizza covered clothing. He tramped upstairs muttering about people who thought justice was getting the last slice of pizza. When he got to the room he shared with Heero he quickly stripped and tossed his cloths into the closet. Standing naked he grabbed some cloths and slipped into them. Feeling a bit better now that he no longer had pizza smeared over his back he headed back down to the other boys.

"So where's the drinks Maxwell? " Wufei was looking into one of the cabinets. Duo cleared his throat, everyone turned to look at him.

"I thought we might play some games," he smiled around at them.

Walking to the fridge he reached up and opening the cabinet began pulling out the shot glasses. He put each boys personal shot glass in front of them. Teal for Quatre, Green for Trowa, Black for Wufei, Royal blue for Heero, and a deep purple one for himself. The others stared at this unexpected gift looking a bit shocked. Duo grinned widely and began pulling out the alcohol. He placed the five bottles on the table, Wufei reached for one and the braided boy smacked his hand away.

"Kisama!" His face took on a red cast. Duo smiled contritely.

"No drinking now Wu-chan, you have to play by the rules." He sat down in the one empty seat left at the table and took on the air of a schoolmistress.

"Ok, the name of the game is truth, dare, or drink. How you play is … the first player starts by asking a question of the person to their left personal or otherwise. The person being asked can answer, take a dare, or take a drink. The catch is that the person asking the question chooses the drink. When the dare option is taken, the questioner gets to choose the dare. If the dare is refused then the person being asked must drink twice the amount. Once the question is answered or the dare taken the person questioned gets to ask anyone of their choice in the group the next question. Ok?" Duo looked around happy that everyone seemed to be cooperative tonight.

"Is everyone ready? I'll start." As the boys nodded Duo turned to Trowa who was on his left. : This is going to be sooo much fun! :

"Hmmm," his eyes narrowed in thought. "Ok Trowa, when was the last time you got to be on top?" The uni-banged pilot blushed a bright red and looked at his lover. Duo grinned.

"Dare." Duo thought for a moment.

"I dare you to spank Wufei twenty times." The Chinese boy flushed. "Nani?!" Heero tried to hide a smile. Trowa licked his lips nervously. "Uhhh," he glanced at Quatre who nodded that it was ok.

"I am not going to let you…" Wufei let out a yelp as Heero, who had snuck up on him from behind grabbed his arms and bent him over the table. Everyone laughed as Trowa started spanking, ignoring the muffled yells from the furious Wufei.

"17, 18, 19, 20!" They yelled as Heero let the struggling boy go.

"Your turn now Trowa." Trowa smirked and dodged the fist that Wufei aimed at him. Wufei gave Duo a menacing look and sat down somewhat cautiously. The braided boy grinned impishly and motioned to Trowa that it was his turn.

"All right…. Heero, are you a virgin?" Duo watched with utter fascination as Heero turned a brilliant red.

"Drink," growled the cobalt-eyed boy. Carefully choosing one of the bottles Trowa poured a shot for Heero. He glared and quickly guzzled his drink, then he turned a menacing gaze on Duo. Wincing a bit the longhaired boy squirmed and fiddled with the end of his braid.

"Duo, " he watched as Duo squirmed "are YOU a virgin?"

Trying to avoid everyone's eyes he stammered. "Yy-yes." Their eyes all opened wide in surprise as Duo tried to look anywhere but at them. Heero cleared his throat, oddly satisfied by this answer. : Man, I'm feeling strange, why did I ask him that? :

Quatre started to giggle.

"Your turn Duo."

"Umm, ok, Wufei!" Laughter now danced in Duo's violet eyes as Wufei stiffened.

"Is it true… that you secretly like coffee?" He choked back a laugh as Wufei turned an interesting shade of purple.

"Kisama, " the embarrassed boy muttered under his breath. "Yes, I like coffee." He smiled suddenly, "Is there any left?" They burst out laughing, as Wufei jumped out of his chair to make a fresh pot.

As it perked he thought about whom to ask a question of.

"Quatre, you haven't had a turn yet," he smiled at the small boy, showing way to many teeth for the blonde's comfort.

"Is it true you like to make Trowa wear a dress sometimes?" Duo let out a guffaw as Trowa blinked and tried to slip under the table. : How the hell does he know that? :

"Dare," said Quatre glancing at his lover, who was trying to hide under the table. Wufei nodded, and poured himself some coffee. He sipped and looked thoughtful.

"All right then, I dare you to go get the dress." Quatre almost blurted out that it was in the washer then quickly shut his mouth and shook his head no. Wufei flashed a wicked grin and poured from one of the bottles into the teal shot glass. Quatre grimaced delicately and downed it, then rapidly drank the next shot Wufei poured. He shook his head a bit and felt woozy as the alcohol hit his system.


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