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Drinking Games <part 1 >
By ClarySage

Duo shifted slightly in the hard wooden chair. He sighed and swung his feet onto the kitchen table. Clutching his warm mug of coffee in one hand he sang along loudly and slightly off key to the radio blaring on the windowsill. He waved his free hand in time to the rambunctious music. Once again he was bored, no missions for a while was all well and good but boredom was a hard thing to put up with. He would just have to come up with something to do. He leaned back against the chair and stared thoughtfully up at the ceiling idly sipping the slightly bitter coffee. : Damn Quatre always gets the strong stuff. :

Suddenly he had a plan, he quickly guzzled the rest of the slightly tepid beverage and put the mug in the sink. Turning off the radio he headed towards the door grabbing his jacket on the way. Trowa and Quatre were still in bed he knew. Wufei was usually meditating at this time. And Heero was probably glaring at his laptop and typing away at something. The braided boy knew his partner hated these times almost as much as he himself did. Tonight maybe he could get the other pilot to forget about missions or lack of them.

Saving the universe could be tiresome at times, what everyone needed was really good night of drunken partying. He grinned to himself and eased out the door. Making his way down the quiet street he let his mind roam. He wondered if Heero ever thought of him the way he tended to think of the Japanese boy. He giggled, picturing Heero naked and soapy in a steamy shower. : Gah! I have got to stop thinking of him like this. It's not helping me one bit. Mr. Perfect soldier probably doesn't even think of sex. Hell, he probably doesn't even know what sex is! :

He kicked an empty can along the street, his hands shoved into the pockets of his tight black jeans. Duo was completely unaware that the object of his thoughts was leaning out their bedroom window watching his retreating back. The blue eyes traveled along the braided boys back, wishing his hands could follow that same path. He wondered what Duo was thinking of; he looked completely distracted over something. Heero shrugged and went to sit in front of his laptop again. He glared at the blank screen. He couldn't stand it when there were no missions; he tended to dwell on Duo just a bit to often when there was nothing to do. He leaned back against his chair and gazed into empty space. His has hands followed a familiar direction as he daydreamed of the braided baka. : I wonder if he ever does this? Hn. He probably doesn't even know what IT's for! He is Catholic after all. :

Duo accidentally kicked the dilapidated can under a bush, he briefly considered getting it but then happened to look up and noticed he was where he had been heading. He pushed open the heavy glass door and stepped into the cool dim shop. He nodded politely at the wizened shopkeeper behind the counter and walked over to peruse the many different bottles lining the shelves. : I should probably get some different kinds. : He grabbed five different bottles of liquor then decided to make it more fun. Carefully he chose five small shot glasses, a different color for each of them. It was a good thing he had been saving his money he mused as he effortlessly carried his supplies over to the counter top. The old man briefly eyed the stunning boy, and started to ring up the items.

Duo was letting his eyes wander when he spotted something interesting. A small box sat next to the register, it held tiny bottles of some clear substance. What had caught his eyes was the little sign pasted to the front of the box. "! Can't get it up? Not in the mood? Try Policat Potion! Guaranteed to bring that twinkle back to your eyes! " He smiled impishly at the shopkeeper.

" That stuff work? " He gestured at the sign.

The old man who had finished adding up Duo's purchases grimaced and looked at the box.

"Well now, it doesn't seem to work on the ladies all that well, but when my old tom cat accidentally got some he yowled and humped the table leg most of the night. "

: Perfect! If this doesn't liven things up nothing will. :

"So I just put it in liquid then? " Duo gestured at the five bottles lining the counter.

"Yup. Just be careful, too much and you won't get it down for a month! "The violet-eyed boy grinned widely.

"I'll take 2! "

The shopkeeper shook his head gloomily and added on the two small bottles. Duo didn't even blink at the grand total; it would all be well worth it.