Once again another midnight conversation with Angel turns into a fic idea…..

Sometimes the weirdest things can happen in an otherwise normal world. It all depends on what you think normal is. There are infinite possibilities floating around out there. All you have to do is find one you like. And so once more we delve into another weird ficcie, in a new story from the completely wacky worlds of ClarySage <that's me! ^_^

Warnings And Disclaimers: I don't own Gundam Wing, and I'm tired of repeating myself about my lack of ownership, I mean can't I at least pretend I own them? This Fic Contains: yaoi, bishounen, Au? , ooc? , lemon?, stuff…
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Bishounen Sundays

By ClarySage


It was another Saturday night like every other. That is to say my friends and I were hanging around trying to make up our minds what to do with the evening. So we sat around my kitchen table debating various activities, voices growing louder with each passing moment. Finally one of my friends raised his voice above all the others.

"I know what we can do!" We all turned expectantly towards him, falling silent.

"There's a new Sunday bar open on Oakland and Federal, it's only twenty bucks for all you can eat. But it's only open from midnight to six a.m."

I stared at him and started to open my mouth to ask about something that bugged me about that, when another of my friends asked my question for me.

"What kind of Sunday bar is only open from midnight to six? Those are some of the weirdest hours I've ever heard of." Eniam said, we all nodded our heads and waited for the answer eagerly.

"Sore wa himitsu desu."[1] We rolled our eyes in unison, Djinn always feels the need to quote anime for some absurd reason.

"Ok," I said, "so why is it twenty bucks? Isn't that a bit pricey for some ice cream?" Djinn just gave me another sly glance and then smiled brightly.

"Don't worry Zil, it will be all worth it. Trust me." I sighed, what could I do but trust him? After all, we almost always liked Djinn's plans, once we gave into them.

"All right my friend, but if this place sucks, you pay." I grinned and got up from the table. "Come on kids! Lets go pile in the minivan!" I laughed, and picking up my backpack skipped out the door, followed closely by my four friends.

The minivan thing was a joke of course; actually we've nicknamed my car, The Escape Pod From A Cadillac. It's just that small. I opened the trunk and put down the small piece that separated it from the back seat, and then I folded down the back seat and gestured for everyone to pile in. I always drive us places. Most likely because I get us there the fastest, I used to deliver pizza for a living. Old habits die hard.

On the way to the new Sunday place we blasted funky tunes and sang at the top of our lungs. Going only five miles above the speed limit at any one point we managed to arrive within ten minutes of leaving my house. We piled out of my tiny car, and linking arms walked slowly over to the entrance of the place.

Standing out front like a maitre de was a tall man with short ginger hair wearing what looked to be some sort of uniform. There was a bright red rose tucked into a buttonhole on it.

"Tonight is Gundam Wing night ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Bishounen Sunday Room." And with a courtly bow he gestured us through the tinted glass doors. We all trooped in, though Djinn stopped briefly and eyed the Beautiful man up and down for a moment. I grabbed his arm and pulled him along after us.

"Don't drool too hard my friend, a man like that is surely taken." Djinn shrugged and let me drag him inside, if somewhat reluctantly.

Standing behind the glass-topped counter we encountered upon going through the doors, was another perfectly gorgeous man. This one had long platinum hair and a stunning body. We all stopped in front of him and tried not to let our tongues hang out too much.

"Welcome to the Bishounen Sunday Room, our special tonight is Gundam Wing Pilots. It's twenty dollars a person for all you can eat, non-alcoholic drinks are free with the price of the cover charge." We glanced at each other then fished in our pockets for our money. Slapping down five twenty-dollar bills we grinned carnivorously at the beautiful hunk before us. He looked startled for a moment then, taking our money motioned us through the velvet curtains.

Finally inside, we all stared with awe at how big it was compared to the outside. Vaulted ceilings and plush furniture surrounded us in complete decadence.

"Well I say it's already worth the money just for the scenery." Remarked Eniam as he leered at a rather feminine looking purple haired guy walking by carrying an empty tray. I leered right along with him, and then got lost looking at the even more breathtaking boy who walked up to us.

"Welcome to The Bishounen Sunday Room, please follow me." I grinned wolfishly and swayed after the seductive creature that guided us to a back corner of the large room. We settled down around a huge wooden table, flinging our backpacks to the floor and lying back comfortably on the over stuffed couches.

Djinn picked up a menu and started leafing through it. Suddenly Micheal let out a loud shriek and started pointing frantically at the menu in his hands. I scooted next to him and glanced down. Then continued staring in amazement for another few moments. What was on this menu was not your average ice cream treats. Nope, this menu was definitely not the norm in any way, shape, or form.

Thebael absently wiped some drool from her mouth and leaned closer to her menu.

"Look at this one Zil, it comes with all the chocolate sauce you can stand, whipped cream, cherries. I'm getting this!" She pointed at the picture. I smiled hugely and turned the page. I prefer caramel or butterscotch to chocolate.

"Boy Djinn, for a place this nice you think more people would be here. How come it's so empty?" Eniam asked, turning in his seat and glancing around at the empty tables surrounding us. I looked too, and noticed he was right. We were the only customers here. Ah well, better service.

"I'm not sure, I've never been here before. I only just heard about this place the other day from a friend. I'm sure we'll like it though, I've heard nothing but good things about it." I nodded and continued flicking through Thebael's menu avidly.

"Are you ready to order your drinks?" A tall slim lavender haired boy was standing at our table, the same one who had walked by us earlier. I gently pushed Djinn's mouth shut and slid my eyes up and down this extraordinary looking guy. He had peculiar patches all over his face that looked to be made of stone. But that didn't really seem to matter. He was hot! I handed Thebael a napkin for the drool on her chin and glanced once more through the menu.

"I'll have a ginger ale please," said Eniam. I nodded and held up a finger to indicate I would have the same. The waiter nodded and gazed expectantly at the others. "And you sirs, madam?" Thebael quickly gazed at the drink menu and ordered iced water; Djinn nodded and said he would have the same. Micheal blushed and ordered plain water with a slice of lemon. The sexy waiter dipped his head in acknowledgement and went off to fill our drink order.

We exchanged glances and snickered at Djinn who was still watching the retreating figure. "Hey Djinn, don't fill up on the help, we still have to order our main course." I laughed and slapped him on the back lightly. He glared briefly then smiled and picked up his menu once more.

"I don't know about you guys but I'm gonna have the number three special." I looked quickly through Thebael's menu and nodded at that choice. "I think I'll have a number two with hot caramel and whipped cream, should I get chopped nuts too?" Eniam nodded vigorously at my choice. "Get the nuts, I think I'm gonna go for the number one myself, it looks way tasty."

Thebael and Micheal were still perusing the menu trying to make up their minds. Finally they both nodded. "We're gonna split a number 4 and a number 5. We both want to try them."

"Aw, hey guys," I said looking at them, " We can all share, I'm definitely gonna want to try the number one. Eniam grinned at me. "Good, I was thinking the one and two combined would be really tasty. Anyone see that waiter? I'm ready to order."

As if by magic our waiter appeared at our table and set our drinks before us. Then he pulled out a large notepad and glanced at us. I cleared my throat. "Anyone mind if I do the honors?"

"No, go ahead Zil." Djinn said without taking his eyes off our lavender haired server.

I smiled charmingly at the waiter. "My friends will be getting a 1, 3, 4, and 5. I'll be having the number two. Oh but don't worry about who's getting what," I said reassuringly, "we're all going to share." Nodding at our choices he closed his pad and sauntered off to fill our order. Once again Djinn let his eyes follow the beautiful boy's swaying rear. I tapped Eniam on the shoulder and gestured over at Djinn. "Do you think it's lust or love?"

Djinn sputtered a moment and then grinned. "Both? I wouldn't mind taking him home in a doggy bag." I laughed and threw my arms up in a defeated gesture. "Your incurable my friend, next thing you know you'll want to take home the doorman."

"Who says I hadn't already thought of that?" We laughed at him and then settled in to wait for our orders.

"So how do you think they serve this stuff?" asked Eniam looking uncertainly at the empty tables around us.

"I have no idea, we don't even seem to have any spoons." I checked the other tables looking for cutlery, but none was to be found. "Do you think they'll all be served on one platter? Or in separate dishes?"

Thebael looked down at her menu, which she was still clutching protectively to her chest. "I think they come in separate dishes, but since we ordered all together and said we would share, maybe they'll come in one dish."

Micheal, always the quiet one was looking at the few boys that served as wait staff, a bright blush riding his soft cheeks.

"Come on Micheal, I just warned Djinn about filling up on the help." Micheal blushed an even brighter red and said quietly, "That guy over at the podium is so sexy." We carefully eyed the specimen he'd pointed out. Djinn's eyes lit up when he spotted the slim green haired man standing at the podium near the front of the restaurant.

"Now, now Djinn, let Micheal drool alone, you've already picked two of the staff for yourself. Leave some for the rest of us." This was a game we always liked to play when we went out. Picking and choosing the various people around us as if at a department store shopping for furniture. Personally I was waiting for the Sundays to arrive.

Thebael tugged on my sleeve and motioned towards the kitchen doors. Four burly guys were carrying out a very large platter that was topped with a huge cover. The suspense was nearly killing me.

"Guess they do all get served in one dish," Eniam grinned and hopped up and down in his seat. I couldn't help but do the same. This was so exciting.

Carefully laying the giant platter on our table, two of the enormous men lifted the lid. We all gasped in delight when our main course was revealed. I handed Thebael another napkin.

"Stop drooling, I'm running out of napkins." She glared at me, but wiped her chin just the same. Then we all gazed at our Sundays.

"Hey," I said to the waiter, who had come over to see that everything was satisfactory, "Where are the spoons?"

"There are no spoons madam, our bishounen are much too delicate for such things. You must use only your hands and mouths to eat with." There seemed to be a twinkle in his eyes as he said this. I grinned up at him, "Ooh, I don't think that's gonna be a problem."

Eniam and Djinn were already sliding fingers through the whipped cream that was piled on top, licking their fingers and rolling their eyes at the tasty treat.

"Lets dig in!" I yelled wildly, and sunk a hand in the ice cream between the legs of one of our delicacies.

What had arrived at our table was one of the most amazing sights I had ever seen. Five gorgeous bishounen, topped with three different ice creams, caramel, chocolate, marshmallow, butterscotch, and strawberry sauce, then whipped cream, chopped nuts, sprinkles and what looked to be several bottles of cherries. I licked my lips and stared at my number two.

"Oh, where to start." Moaned Micheal. I laughed again and slid a finger through the caramel coating on my order. He shivered as my finger slid along his thigh.

"Ooo, they react so nicely," cooed Djinn. I nodded and leaned down to lick the neck of his order. "Tasty too," said Thebael as she sucked up a cherry from the chest of another of the bishounen in the dish.

Eniam was already busily licking the smooth stomach of his order, and barely touching any of the others in the dish. "Hey," I said tapping Eniam's shoulder, "I thought you said we could mix them together and share?" He stopped licking and wiped some of the ice cream from his chin. "Oh yeah, here." He put his hands into the Sunday and pushed one and two together. "That better?" he asked, looking at his handiwork.

"Oh yeah, much better." I leered at the resulting combination, and then leaned down to slide my tongue over the still warm caramel coating one delicate arm.

Silence descended upon our group as we busily licked and sucked on our various bishounen treats. The only sound that could be heard over our "mm's" and "ooo's" were the assorted moans and pleas of our orders.

"Oh my, yours is simply delicious Djinn." I mumbled as I licked my way down one perfectly shaped long leg. Djinn nodded and briefly toyed with the long bangs of his order. "Have you tried Thebael's number four yet?" I tilted my head and nipped a cherry off of a smooth hip. "Mm, no, not yet. But I'm making my way over to that side."

Micheal was somewhat jealously holding his number five and licking the chocolate-strawberry mixture from his face. "Hey, aren't you going to share Micheal?" Djinn whined. "Oh here Djinn, you can try some of my number four." Thebael lifted a slim arm and passed it over to Djinn. I looked over and eyed the blonde treat. "Can I try some of that one Thebael?"

"Sure," she said with a bright whipped cream covered smile," but I get to try some of your combined flavors over there." I nodded and traded places with her. Looking at the glazed eyes of the blonde covered in chocolate sauce, I grinned and slid my hands up his trembling thighs.

"This one is tasty," Djinn said over a mouthful of smooth curved flesh. I looked up and noticed he had turned over number three, in order to better lick the butterscotch covered bottom.

"This one too. Hey come on Micheal, aren't you gonna at least share yours a little bit?" Micheal shook his head vigorously and continued nibbling his way down the stomach of his exotic order. Djinn and I exchanged glances and then shrugged. When Micheal finds something he really likes he hates to share. Probably comes from being an only child.

Thebael was licking in between the bodies of the mixed one and two. "These flavors mix really well, don't you think Zil? " I glanced up from my chocolate-coated blonde and smiled.

"You ought to try Djinn's, it's fabulous." I said, Thebael grinned and traded places with Djinn.

Once again silence fell on our table, punctuated by the gasps, moans, and small begging sounds emanating from our Sundays. I glared at one and two who seemed to be getting a bit more into each other than into us. But luckily Djinn broke up their little party by bending number two over the edge of the dish and licking between his legs. I managed to grab number one before he could do anything more. Wrestling him back into the melting ice cream I smiled and lapped at his shivering form. He didn't try to move after that, he was much to busy being licked and sucked.

Micheal was now half in the dish with his order. Both of them seemed to be enjoying each other more then the ice cream. I chuckled and stroked my own slick marshmallow covered bishounen, he squirmed and moaned enticingly.

"Do you think they'll let us take home the leftovers?" Mumbled Eniam from around a mouthful of the butterscotch coated number three. "Mm, I doubt it, though I wouldn't mind taking them home for later." Djinn smirked as he lifted his head up from the writhing body of number two. I could only nod my head in agreement as I was much to busy enjoying my own spirited bishounen.

Eventually though we managed to remove most of the gooie toppings and ice cream from our orders. Sighing and leaning back we each snuggled the remains contentedly.

"Hey Zil?" Asked Micheal.

"Yeah?" I looked up from the lovely boy sitting in my lap.

"Do you think we could come back here next week?"

I grinned at him and stroked the exhausted bishounen lying on his lap. "Micheal, we'll be back here tomorrow night if I've got any say about it."

And so my strange tale ends. Every night we gather together at our favorite Sunday bar and pig out on the delicious treats available. I can't wait till tomorrow night. It's going to be The Slayers night.


[1] ] Sore wa himitsu desu is a phrase often uttered by one of my fav. Anime guys, Xellos, meaning "that's a secret" ehhh or something like that ^_^'


A brief key for those who got as confused as I did:

Djinn is male and orders a # 3 pilot aka Trowa, Trowa is topped in Butterscotch
Zil is female and orders a # 2 pilot aka Duo, Duo is topped in Caramel sauce
Micheal is male and orders a # 5 pilot aka Wufei, Wufei is topped with Strawberry sauce
Thebael is female and orders a # 4 pilot aka Quatre, Quatre is topped with Chocolate
Eniam is male and orders a # 1 pilot aka Heero, Heero is topped with Marshmallow

You will possibly recognize the maitre de/ doorman as Trieze, the counter man as Zechs and a few others roaming around the Bishounen Sunday Room, quite a few of them taken from The Slayers series, one of my favorites.


Hope that helps explain it a bit better ^_^'