Title: Got'cha

Author: CinC
Pairing: 2x1
Disclaiming: Gundam Wing and it's characters does not belong to me.
Warning: not sure yet.

Note: I've half way through chapter 6 of Marriage and What Not, but I can't get rid of this idea for this new fic. So here it is.


Chapter 1/8

He's a lonely fool, a stupid lonely fool. He walked resignedly along the road surrounding by highrise building. The man had just left another wedding party. Another one of his friends is getting marry and now, he's the last bachelor of the group.

"Damn it." He muttered bitterly and glared up at the night sky.

"I know I'm gay but it should'nt be so hard to find my Mr. Right." He yelled. "You heard me God. I put up with a lot of shit with you from the past. You took away my family. You took away my best friend. You took everything away from me. And did you see me turning bad for revenge to all the shit you gave me? I did not. Instead I worked hard. I'm now a respected working member of the society. What more do you want from me?"

A few lights turned on in some of the apartments, the man, oblivion, continued on. "I've never complained before. Couldn't you have at least give me something back for my hard work?"

He sighed, head dropped back toward the floor and mutter softly. "I'll forgive you, I'll forgive all the shit you gave me if you would just listen to me this once. I'm just looking for someone, someone to be with. Is it so hard for you to grant me this one and only wish? Is it so hard for you to give me my Mr. Right?"

He turned his head up curiously, he thought he heard something.

What is that? Puzzled, he took a step back and stared at the thing falling from the side of the building.

No, it's not something. It's someone. Suicide? He thought.

He stared, too stunned to move, as he watch the person, a male, descend from above.

He watched as the person touched the ground, rolled forward and comes into a crouch.

Mr. Right? He thought dazedly as the man stood up.

"Are you human?" Duo spoked, amazed.

"Baka." The man glared at him, turned and quickly walked away. Instinctively, Duo followed behind him.

"Hey. The name's Duo Maxwell." Duo started convsersationally at the shorter man beside him.


"Fine, don't answer me then. But don't you think it's really suspicious to be jumping down a highrise building in the middle of the night? Aren't you afraid I'm going to tell the cop about it?" Duo enquired, althought he knew he would never do what he said.

"Shut up. It's none of your business." The man replied curtly.

And then, Duo noticed the slight falter in step with the other man.

Aha, so he is human afterall. Duo thought.

"Need a help there?" Duo asked politely.

Heero glared sharpely at him for a minute, turned and ignore him.

"Heero..." A shrill voice sounded from behind them, prompting Heero to turn the walk into a run.

Duo ran after Heero, briefly turned to look back and saw a girl running up to them.

"So your name is Heero. Why is that girl running after you?" Duo asked curiously.


"Well, sorry to tell you but if you don't run faster, she's going to catch you." Duo said, noticing Heero's run coming slower and slower.

"Who is she anyway?" Duo asked, not expecting an answer.

"My employer. I'm her bodyguard and I just quit." Heero frowned slightly before replying.

"Well, then, you could be my new bodyguard." Anything to keep you in my sight, Duo added silently.

"You can't afford me." Heero replied disdainfully.

"Hey, you are talking to the owner of Maxwell Corporation." Duo protested.

Heero stopped running and turned to looked closly at Duo Maxwell.

Maxwell Corporation? He thought. The Maxwell Corporation whom specialises in Salvage operation, technology and Medical field. And especially in the Medical field, they've got the best doctor, the infamous doctor, shinigami, rumoured to be able to a person's death.

Maybe... Heero stopped his thought.

"Deal. You need to get me away from here." Heero replied, relaxed and promptly fainted into Duo's arm.

"My pleasure." Duo grinned widely as the man in his arm, he already knew Heero was drugged as soon as he notice the faltering step. "I won't let her get to you. You belong to me, Mr Right."

"Get away from my Heero!" A scream from the back torn Duo back to the reality.

Duo grinned madly at the girl, lifted Heero up his arm and ran.

"As at this moment, I forgive you God. I really do." Duo muttered happily.


End Chapter 1/8