Title: Shinigami's Law
Author: chibiANGEL
Pairings: 1+2 of course
Category: AU, deathfic, has yaoi/shonen-ai
Notes: oh, i dunno. ^__~


The metal rang sharply as the twin blades slipped around and against each other. The chill breeze whispered between the swords' dance, wiping the sweat from the two brows. One boy wearing a decided smirk, eyes falsely sympathetic. The other boy confused, hurt, and unable to hurt the first boy. Fighting only to keep his own life.

But the first boy had other ideas.

"Why are you doing his?" Heero's broken voice poured out his betrayal.

"Because..." And the seductiveness in his former lover's tone almost made Heero lose his rhythm. Only just in time did he pull up his weapon to prevent its twin from kissing his throat.

"Duo, please," Heero pleaded raggedly. "Stop this." It came out in a whisper, pregnant with pain.


And with that monosyllable, he closed all doors of connection between them. In Duo's luminous violet eyes, Heero could see his own end.


"You really love me?" Duo's voice was incredulous, barely above a whisper. He felt like he was dreaming, and if he spoke too loud, it would all end.

In response, Heero gently pulled Duo into his arms and tucked Duo's head under his chin. "Aa, I do," he said softly.

Suddenly, Duo pressed as close as possible to Heero, to the one he had loved for so long but he'd never expected anything in return. Heero, who had never been able to show emotion before, was holding him. Holding him, and had just said he'd loved him. That was enough to make Duo start sobbing softly.

"Koi?" Heero said, slightly alarmed. "I'm sorry, did I do something wrong?"

"No way," Duo said, raising his tear-stained face to look at Heero's. He was smiling. "You did everything right. Oh, Heero. I never - I never thought you could love me."

A tender kiss wiped away a tear. "Then why the crying?"

"Baka, have you never seen someone cry because they are happy?"

"No," Heero admitted. On a whim, he scooped up his newfound lover into his arms. Duo yelped for a moment, then clung onto Heero's shoulders.

Heero smiled at the reaction, and carried Duo over to a couch. He sat down, but kept the beautiful violet-eyed boy in his lap. Duo nestled as close to him as possible, and Heero wrapped his arms completely around him, and claimed him with a kiss.

For a moment, Duo was shocked. Every vein in his body was running with desire, with love, and with amazement. And he kissed Heero back with every ounce of ardor he could muster, surprising Heero with the intensity.

"You don't know how long I've been wanting to do that," Duo said breathlessly as they broke the kiss.

Heero kissed his collarbone and worked his way up to the jaw. "I love you, Duo," he said simply.

"And I love you too, Heero." Then Duo yawned. "Mm, I'm tired."

He felt a hand run down his braid, caressing it lovingly, albeit hesitatingly. "Go to sleep, then, Duo," came a soft rumbling voice in his ear. Duo blinked once, but he could stop Morpheus. Heero pulled him even closer, if that had been possible, protectively. "Just go to sleep, Duo."

"Mm." Duo didn't say another word - he was asleep.

Heero looked down at the precious bundle in his lap and wondered how he had ever gotten so lucky. Duo had loved him? For a long time? Had he really been such an idiot that he'd never noticed?

And how had he ever fallen in love to begin with? There were certainly many endearing aspects of Duo but when had he given himself the time to notice those things?

It must have been gradual, Heero decided. And he was very glad it had happened. The American had made him smile, just now, and he almost never smiled. And the little things about him that had beginning recently made Heero want to hug him and kiss him and take him wherever they had been. But he'd been afraid Duo would reject him.

Duo had loved him all the while.


And the next few days went by quicker than Heero could remember. Every moment he was wrapped in Duo arms, in Duo's presence. And that was more than enough for him. To love and be loved... he'd never dreamed such a thing could happen for him.

And one day at breakfast, Duo came up behind him and dropped a kiss on his neck. "Good morning, Koi." Duo had adopted the Japanese word and now used it more often than Heero did. Heero was pleased.

Heero turned to see Duo standing in blue silk boxers, blinking his eyes at the morning. "Good morning," Heero said softly, drinking in the sight of his beloved.

Duo rubbed his eyes, finally waking up to some degree. He padded over to the coffee machine and poured himself a generous cup. Forgoing the milk and sugar, he waited a minute silently, willing it to cool. Then he gulped it down as quickly as possible without scalding his throat.

"That wasn't too good for you, Duo," Heero teased, getting up to walk over to Duo.

"Yeah, it was," Duo answered with his trademark grin. "'Cause now I'm awake. Good, huh?"

Heero laughed.

Heero laughed. Duo's eyes nearly fell out of his face as he realized that. "Heero," he babbled. "You can laugh!"

"I *am* human," Heero pointed out, wrapping an arm around Duo's waist. Duo's statement turned mischievous.

"I think we should celebrate."

Needless to say, Heero was slightly alarmed. "Duo?"

Anything else he was planning to say was cut off by Duo's mouth on his, Duo's tongue dancing with his, Duo's body pressed against his. And Heero moaned slightly when Duo rubbed up against him.

"Please, Koi," came a breathy whisper as their lips broke apart. A hesitant hand found its way to Heero's waist, slipping lightly under the shirt. Finding no object, Duo probed up, letting his hand brush against Heero's nipples. Heero trembled at the sensations racing through his mind, already on overload, and he gave in to every lustful feeling he'd ever known. Without warning, Duo was swept off his feet and into Heero's arms. In moments Heero was making his way up the stairs to his bedroom, slamming the door closed behind them.

"Duo..." The words came out thick with desire.

"Heero." Duo pulled Heero onto the bed with him and kissed him deeply. "I love you. And I'll prove it to you."

"I love you."


One year. One year of absolute bliss. And then Duo started disappearing.

It was initially for half an hour or so, and he'd come back saying he'd been out for a walk. Heero took it at face value and didn't question it. But after a month of weekly walks, they became more often, and longer. Finally, 6 months after Duo had begun his disappearances, he was gone for a whole day.

Somewhat worried, Heero had called Sally to see if he'd been sent off by the Preventers and had somehow not been able to tell him. Sally had informed him that, no, Duo was on no mission and in fact, things were relatively peaceful.

Then Heero called Quatre and Trowa to see if they'd heard from Duo to no avail. A call to Wufei produced the same results. Heero realized he shouldn't be so worried, but it was certainly somewhat nerve-wracking when your lover left at 8 in the morning one day and wasn't back by 11pm.

Heero got no sleep that night. Instead, he tossed fitfully and started at every noise.

It wasn't until the sun had risen and Heero - weary, red-eyed, and grumpy - had convinced himself to go downstairs and make breakfast that Duo made his appearance. The lock in the front door clicked open and the door followed suit. Duo Maxwell walked in as if he'd only been gone for 20 minutes.

"Duo!" Heero, nearly beside himself with worry, caught himself right before launching himself at his lover. "Where have you been?"


Blink. Heero paused as the pancakes burned. "What?"

An impish grin, almost a smirk. "Nowhere important, Koi. Doesn't matter. And you're burning the pancakes." With these last words, Duo walked foward, pried the spatula out of Heero's shocked hand, and flipped the pancakes.

Heero didn't press the matter.


"Where are we going?" Heero was somewhat puzzled, somewhat amused. Duo had convinced him to stay out and watch the stars. When Heero had pointed out that they lived in a heavily wooded area and that the stars were scarcely visible, even from their roof, Duo hadn't been daunted. He'd told Heero there was a clearing not far from their house and they'd go there.

So now Heero and Duo were slowly walking through the woods, trying not to trip over things.

"Ouch," came Duo's voice.

"Hn. Baka. I told you we shouldn't be walking in the woods at nearly midnight."

A sheepish giggle came from Duo. "I know. Maybe we should've left earlier."

"Didn't I say that 3 hours ago?"

Duo giggled. "Come on, Koi. Don't throw my stupidity in my face." He leaned over and kissed Heero tenderly. Heero stopped to kiss him back.

Heero finally broke the kiss and asked, "How much further?" His eyes twinkled slightly with a mischievous thought.

Duo caught on completely and he smile happily at the idea. "Not much further," he purred.

And it wasn't. And there actually was a clearing nearby. Heero was surprised he'd never found it. But he didn't have too much time for contemplation before Duo jumped him and they rolled on the grass together, laughing like children.

"This is... nice," Heero murmured to Duo, lying beneath him. Staring up, grinning that mischievous grin of his, and Heero nearly drowned in those eyes again.

"Tell me you love me," came the words, nearly lost in the little sounds of the night. The crickets chirped and leaves rustled slightly in the zephyrs that swirled and left.

"I'll *show* you I love you," came the reply.

"That works, too."


And they'd been lying together, when it had begun. A glimmer of red light at the edge of the clearing. Heero had started, and he and Duo had hurriedly put their clothes on as the light spread, surrounding them, but hugging the line of trees. Immediately Heero's arms were around Duo, protectively. Duo put his arms on top of Heero's trying to be as close as possible.

And the line of red came closer until they could see a double line of soldiers. Dressed in black, carrying torches burning red. Heero pulled Duo closer.

One of the soldiers stepped foward, carrying two blades. With a practiced eye, Heero glanced over them and noted they seemed perfectly balanced and perfectly matched. They would be wonderful weapons... and he didn't intent on being on the recieving end of them. The soldier held out the blades.

"It is time."

And suddenly Duo pulled himself out of Heero's arms and walked forward, resolutely. "Come, Heero, your pick."

Duo suddenly looked malicious, smirking, and cold. Heero froze in surprise. "Duo?"

A nod towards the swords. "You pick your sword, and I'll take the other. Come on, Heero, before the sun rises!"

"What - what are you doing, Duo?" Heero couldn't move, much less pick up his feet and walk over to his lover - or the person he'd thought to be his lover. "What's wrong with you, Duo?"

In response, Duo savagely grabbed a sword and threw it. It landed in the earth a couple inches away from Heero's feet. Numbly, Heero grasped it.

It was balanced. It was perfect. The blade shimmered with an inner light, and the handle was light. The crosspieces were of ornate silver set with two black opals. Heero could see his reflection in the opals, the black shading making him seem ominous.

A glittering of the sword saved his life right there. Pulling himself out of his trance, Heero ducked to the side as his sword's twin came lancing down to where he'd just been standing. Duo on the other end of the sword, smiling. Always smiling. But this time... this time, the smile was calculated and cruel.

"Fight me, Heero," came the words in a hiss. "Don't you know who we are? Shinigami has sent us and you are long past your date of death. You keep running away from us - it's time, Heero." And he swung again, in a practiced and fluid motion.

Heero brought up his sword and blocked.

"See? I know you can fight with a sword. Guns are too easy, too simplistic. This is so much nicer."

This wasn't the Duo he knew. It wasn't the Duo he'd fallen in love with. But it all fell into place. The disappearings, and the insistence of going out tonight. Heero felt a tear fall at the complete betrayal he was feeling.

And the next 20 minutes was a blur of steel and silver, movement of two matched boys. One focused in killing, the other in defending.

"You never win a battle in defense, you should know that," Duo spat out, launching a series of attacks.

Heero parried, not adding his own attacks, merely stepping aside or blocking when Duo's blade came near him. "I know. I don't want to win."

Duo stared at him. "This is your last battle, Heero. You know, if you win, you may cheat death once again."

"And if I don't want to?"

The words were dropped coldly, an statement of defeat. In the next moment, Heero threw his sword as far as he could, and it buried itself into the trunk of a tree.

Duo stood before him, sword lazily drawing in the air between them. "What was that for, Koi?" he said mockingly. "Do you think I would spare you? NO!"

And with his last word, he drove the shining sword deep into Heero's chest. Silently, Heero dropped, his lifeblood spilling out.

Duo stood over Heero, watching him die. "Any last words, Koi?" The cruel smirk was still there, looking victorious.

"Aa. Ai shiteru." And Heero closed his eyes.

The moment Heero said those words, the clearing shattered, and the torches flared high. Shinigami came to claim the soul only to be blocked by one of his own soldiers.

Duo was crying as he realized what he'd done. He had Heero wrapped in his arms, sobbing over the lifeless body, whispering over and over, "I love you, Heero. I love you Heero."

"Give him to me." The soulless voice rumbled.

"No." In quiet defiance, Duo Maxwell turned to his master. "My Lord Shinigami, you have long ago claimed me. For 9 years now I've obeyed you. You claimed me as a soldier that day I should have died with Solo. The first among many days I should have died. And I obeyed you this last time. When I broke your law and fell in love. My Lord Shinigami, I obeyed you when you told me to kill the one I loved. But that is the last time. Truly, sir, I am your servant now."

Having said those words, barely able to speak without crying, Duo reached behind Heero, knowing his lover always carried a gun with him. Before the God of Death could react, the gun was pulled out of its holster, cocked, and fired. Into the heart of Duo Maxwell. Into a heart already broken.