right. i had too much time on my hands in school today. my english teacher says our english homework is two poems by monday (*rolls eyes* lol) and i asked him if i could use poems i'd previously written. he said okay, but he wanted me to write newer stuff. so. this is what happened.


Title: Moon (///don't even ask, i don't know)
Author: chibiANGEL
Pairing: 2+1
Notes: um... duo's pov? to heero? i dunno what else. lol. post-war-esque, i suppose. weird. for some reason, i fell into this meter thing. trochaic, is that what it's called? don't remember. i mess up the meter sometimes, though. whatever. ^____^


Melted forsaken unspoken betrayal
You hate me you fear me but stay without fail
I watch for you wait for you selling my soul, and
Never to speak of the past yet untold
In all of the fire the rage you despise
I'll run from you, hide from you, never to lie
So watch me with fevered eyes red with despair
You've never release; this I saw as you lay with your
Eyes to the skies wondering why you should live 'cause you're
Taking and taking the lives you can't give
Now tell me my blue-eyed one, what will you do
When all of the wars die down, what will you choose
The fire the death and the rage held inside?
Will you run away, hide away, trying to find
Yourself within memories cold and unknown
To learn from your self from the signs you have shown
That the world can be woundrous, be kind and be sweet
And maybe it's kindness and justice you seek
Come with me learn from me I'll be your guide
In this world in these terrors you won't have to hide
I'll open your eyes to the peace you can have
And let no one and nothing will let you be sad
So tell me my friend do you dare take my hand
Dare to venture to stumble into this new land