Title: Love, Quatre
Author: chibiANGEL
Notes: follow-up to 'Dear Heero' and 'Dear Duo'. sequel? i have no clue what to call it. um. has the typical hints of shonen-ai, is death-ish and... yeah. ^_~


My dear friends Heero and Duo,

It's been a rough week for me and Trowa suggested I take time off. After begging, pleading, and threatening, Trowa and Rashid managed to make me agree to take an afternoon off from work. And I will spend that afternoon with you, now.

Things have changed since last I've seen you two. Heero, it has been over 3 years; Duo, two. I wonder if you ever remember us, and think about how we're doing. We miss you, you know. And I know you two are together; I know you two belong together, even if it took you so long to figure it out yourselves.

Wufei drops by often. He, Trowa, and I, have gotten to the point where we can reminisce. It used to hurt too much. Now we can remember and smile. I suppose they're right when they say it takes time. And I wonder who "they" are.

Heero, Relena says hello and asks if you forgive her for everything during the wars. She's gotten much better, in case you hadn't been paying attention. She is no longer the immature girl we knew. She has grown up quite nicely and now I'm quite proud to call her a friend. In fact, she, too, drops by often and Wufei has been so condescending as to admit her appreciates her company. There's Wufei for you.

Trowa also says hello to both of you. He means to set aside some time to write to you himself, but lately he's been so busy. I often tease him that he says I'm a workaholic, yet he is not one to talk. The circus has gotten immensely popular and they have shows once or twice a day now, most days. Of course they get days off on occasion, but Trowa and I spend those rare days together. I'm sorry I seem to manipulate his free time for myself; next time, I'll tell him to write you two.

Duo, remember that little estate of mine we visited together? I went back there a few weeks ago and I found a couple of your hair ties lying around, as well as various articles you owned. I hope you don't mind that I brought them back to my main estate with me, to keep in memorial. And Heero, I wish you'd left something.

But you did. I don't think I've ever told, but when I finished discarding the Gundams, I kept a piece of each. So Heero, I have a piece of Wing Zero in my office with me. You should come by and see it sometime. It's there with pieces from Deathscythe Hell, Heavyarms, Sandrock, and Nataku.

My sister Iria and Catherin had become good friends. Mostly I suspect they exchange tips in harassing us, the younger brothers. Don't tell them I said that, though. They love us, and I don't know what I would do without them.

Do you remember Dorothy Catalonia? She contacted me recently. She, too, has changed from the war-loving person she had been before. Certainly she has matured. I think we all have. That war did so much to us and for us. And sometimes I wonder what you two would be like now, here with us. Would you be well-adjusted or would you have the nightmares I still have on occasion? I'm sure we all do, and I'm sure you would, too. But I'm hoping in time they will become almost nothing.

And I miss you. Both of you. I will not pass judgment on your actions because it was your right. I'm surprised we did not all go. After everything we'd been through, hell would be a playground for us. Somewhere we could revel and relax.

I'm waiting for some form of word or message from you, although I know it's crazy to hope. Something to indicate you're together and okay. Maybe a sign that you are watching us. Do you watch over us, your old friends?

Life has gone on, and we have amazingly managed this far without any serious hazards or problems. Day by day the difficulties wane and we grow ever so slightly more accustomed to life. But we will never forget. Because I know the dreams will never go away. If you could dream them just once, Heero - and I know Duo, you have dreamed them many times - you would understand what I mean. It's ingrained into ourselves. Do you feel it?

Trowa also wants me to add that we will always remember you. In the way these dreams are burned into us, so are the memories of you two, who fought so bravely alongside us.

We miss you.

~Love, Quatre