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[FiND ME] -----/*20.?



"C'est... c'est incroyable," Duo breathed, as they stepped outside of Heero's apartment complex onto the street. "Je me rappelle tout ces choses..." Heero turned to look at him curiously and Duo blushed. "Sorry," Duo murmured. "Just being here... makes me think of my mother. And she always loved to speak to me in French."

"Le francais, c'est un belle langue, ne?"

Duo grinned at him. "You lapsed into Japanese at the end."

Heero grinned back. "I know." He reached out and took Duo's hand in his firmly before taking another step. "Anywhere in particular you want to go?"

Shaking his head lightly - Heero marveled at the lovely bangs that framed the boy's face, tossed around by the headshake - Duo murmured, "Doesn't matter. Anywhere. With you."

With a light squeeze of Duo's hand, Heero chose a random direction and began walking.


The telephone rang and Treize looked at it blankly for a moment before picking it up. "Hello?"

"Hello, this is Treize Khushrenada, is it not?"

"Yes, it is," Treize replied coolly. Whoever he was talking to was obviously trying to get him alarmed. "Who am I speaking to?"

"My name's Mueller but it won't matter much anyways. Listen; ever heard of a Tristan Mordaux?"

Treize frowned slightly. "He was the son of Mr. Mordaux, the politician, was he not?"

"Score one for you. Stop being so stiff with me, I know who you are and what you do and I'm in the same line of business are you are."

"I figured," Treize almost snickered. Zechs popped his head into the office but Treize quickly waved him away. "So, what are you trying to tell me?"

"You trying to get him?"


"Come on, be straight with me."

Treize leaned back in his chair and toyed with the phone cord. "We are keeping a low priority look out and mission for him, yes."

"All right. Now what if I say we've found him and need your help getting him in?"

A suspicious pause for a moment, then Treize said slowly, "What's your interest in him?"

Zechs stuck his head in the doorway again and was waved away again, this time more impatiently. An audible growl was head from the blond as he retreated again.

"Same thing as you, I guess. Threat to the underground, isn't he?"

"And you've found him?"


For a moment, Treize stared out a window, deep in thought. "Do you have a line I can call you back on?"

"Sure." The voice rattled off a phone number that Treize caught easily and jotted down on a post-it which went onto the edge of a shelf next to his desk. Then the phone was returned to the receiver just as Zechs' head was visible in the doorway for the third time.

"Treize!" Zechs said sharply before Treize could say anything.


"Heero just called and said he's home, but don't expect him back at work for at least a few days."

Treize raised an eyebrow and sat up in his chair. "Oh?"

"Trowa says he has a new lover," Zechs said bluntly.


"Found him in New York. Apparently he was a prostitute," Zechs added dryly. He invited himself into the office and sat down comfortably in a chair.

"...I get the distinct feeling I should know all this already," Treize said blandly, leaning back in his chair again.

"Mm-hm. Probably a good idea to keep tabs on things, T."

Zechs rose and walked to the door as Treize registered the new nickname.

"Oh, by the way." Zechs turned his head to look at Treize. "About that Tristan Mordaux thing-"

"You were snooping, weren't you?" Treize accused, hiding a smile.

"Of course," Zechs didn't deny it. "You set Heero on that, didn't you?"


"Anything come up from our searches?"

"Not a thing."

Zechs turned back towards the door, but paused for a moment, thinking. "Just wondering how the hell some other group did."

"Not a damned clue." Treize shrugged slightly. "Doesn't matter, though, does it? If they pose a threat, we'll get rid of them."

"Hear they're an offshoot of some New York underground group," Zechs said casually, about to leave.

"Make a portfolio of whatever info you have and leave it on my desk sometime today," Treize said wearily. "That's what you've been trying to tell me this whole time, isn't it?"

With a soft laugh, Zechs walked out the door, finally. "Yep."

Heero come into the office and sat down numbly at his desk.

"Something happen?" Trowa, Heero had quickly found out, was incredibly soft spoken and rarely said anything unless he deemed it absolutely necessary.

"Ninmu kanryou," Heero answered softly.

"I don't understand."

With a deep sigh, Heero turned around in the chair and faced Trowa's one visible eye. "Mission accomplished," he said evenly.

"But something else happened?"

'K'so, why is it that the one time I'd prefer not to talk to anyone, he has to get talkative?' Heero thought frustratedly.

"Nevermind." Trowa swiveled back around in his chair and faced his computer again. There was silence for a few moments, save for Trowa typing and both of them breathing lightly.

"I miscalculated," Heero finally said.

"That's no crime. At least, not for us. We're human," was the low, even reply.

"I destroyed a preschool and a church."

A small intake of breath. "I can see where you'd blame yourself," Trowa finally said coolly, still not turning around. "Nevertheless, burying yourself under guilt will do nothing to atone for it. Just don't miscalculate next time." Then his tone softened and he finally looked around. "Heero, I guess I can't say it's not your fault, but you're not doing anything by being mad at yourself."

"I know," Heero said briefly. "It's just..." he hesitated. "I don't like thinking off the little kids buried under that rubble," he finally finished.

"Nobody likes to kill unnecessarily," Trowa said softly. "Not even mankind."

"Not true," Heero retorted, just as quietly. "Only mankind would be so cruel."

A green eye focused on him, before blinking in acquiescence. "Maybe."

Two twelve-year-old boys locked eyes for a moment, knowing full well that their maturity that surpassed their age was no blessing, but the result of knowing life too well. Both boys smiled sadly, invisible hands clasped in friendship.

"It doesn't help to be mad at yourself," Trowa said one last time, before turning around. After a moment, Heero, too, turned around and returned to his work.

Duo apparently remembered enough of San Francisco to keep them occupied for the better part of the day. He actually insisted on walking down Lombard Street, which made Heero laugh. They wove their way through Chinatown and Duo exclaimed - for what Heero assumed to be the millionth time in his life - over the arch that admitted entrance to the Chinese district. Giggling like two schoolgirls, they dipped in and out of stores, bought ridiculously overpriced trinkets - Duo protested, Heero bought - and finally returned to Heero apartment after having had an early dinner at a Friday's.

"Y'know," Duo remarked, after flopping onto a couch. "That restaurant I saw you at was a Friday's, I think."

Heero was slightly startled at Duo's memory. "Hn," was all he could think to say. Still, he was glowing from the sheer happiness in spending so much time with his lover. Duo had finally let most of his inhibitions go, and had reveled in the day out. Heero had found himself laughing more in that one day than he had before.

He lifted up Duo's legs, which were sprawled over the bottom end of the couch, and sat down where they'd been. Then Heero resettled Duo's legs on his lap.

Duo's head lifted up and viewed the proceedings critically. The moment he was stable again, he said, "Nuh-uh." Twisting himself around, he maneuvered himself until his head was in Heero's lap, and ankles dangling over the edge of the couch. "Much better," he smirked. Violet eyes focused on dark blue eyes, exuding innocence.

Heero could feel himself drowning for the billionth time into violet liquid fire. He couldn't help himself as he pulled those soft lips to his and indulged in a gentle kiss that Duo returned fervently.

The violet eyes closed but Heero's breath came in pants as Duo's mouth left his and wandered almost aimlessly along his jawline, down to his neck, leaving warm puffs of air at his collar. Slowly violet fire met with dark blue, both darkened with a stifled need.

"Please, Heero," Duo said in a low voice. "I - I want you to love me."

Heero almost stopped breathing as fire raced through his throat and down to the pit of his stomach, settling firmly between his legs. 'No... I don't want to do this,' he thought desperately trying to keep control of himself. 'I love him... I feel like he's whoring himself for me again'. But Heero wasn't able to make a sound, the close proximity of Duo made him lose all speaking ability.

Duo twisted slightly so he was sitting on Heero's lap, making the latter stifle a moan. Wrapping his arms around Heero's neck, Duo began dropping kisses on Heero's lips, lightly and gently.

"Please," Duo begged between kisses. All Heero could do was pull Duo's face closer, stealing one prolonged kiss.

Suddenly Heero felt Duo shift his position again, until they were pressed chest to chest, erection to erection, a blatant proof of what they both wanted. Duo rubbed up against him like a kitten, with soft mewling cries, as he began to unbutton Heero's shirt, leaving kisses in his hands' wake.

"Please," came the soft pleading again.

All the walls and the self-control Heero had came tumbling down. "Anything for you," he whispered into an ear covered with wisps of chestnut hair. "Anything you want, I would give you."

Somehow they lifted each other up and tumbled themselves into the bedroom and onto the bed, a sprawling mess of legs and arms and kisses. Duo's hair had long since come undone and was flowing around them in rivulets. Heero's fingers ran through the dark brown length, caressing it.

"I love you," Duo murmured, having pinned Heero down underneath his supple limbs. "I love you."

"I love you too," Heero breathed, squirming slightly. Duo pressed his arm firmly but gently across Heero's chest.

"Ah, ah," he murmured. Leaning down, he kissed Heero deeply, their tongues intertwining, leaving them gasping for breath. "Let me?" Suddenly he was shy and nervous, not sure what had sparked him to ask such a thing. "Nevermi-," he began to hurried retract his statement when Heero let his fingers slide down Duo's cheek delicately.

"Please, yes," came the barely audible reply. Then soft lips and slightly callused fingers rested at his collar for a moment, before descending down, fingers fumbling with the three buttons. Then the hands were moved to Duo's stomach, impatiently pushing upwards at the fabric, trying to remove the barriers. Duo obediently raised his arms and let the shirt slide over his head.

"Your turn," Duo whispered, working at Heero's buttons. In moments both boys were bare chested, panting slightly from rubbing against each other as much as possible.

Then Heero mewled softly when Duo's hands paused at the top of his hands, then determinedly went lower. Through the fabric, Duo began to caress and urge the erection to its peak. Heero gripped the bed sheets with a death grip, clenching his teeth together, trying not to scream.

"Nnnn, aahhhh, DUO!"

Duo giggled a little as he unzipped Heero's pants. In one deft movement, Heero was bereft of pants and boxers, and lay naked to Duo's hungry eyes.

"Tu es tres beau," Duo murmured. His eyes grazed over the whole form, lingering in the middle.

Heero had a moment to take a quick breath before Duo's mouth descended on his aching hard on. "Aahhhh!"

Surrounded by the head of Duo's mouth, Heero began panting in earnest, mindlessly thrusting up, trying to get enough friction for release. Duo was dutifully doing his best to help, varying his rhythm, playing his tongue around the hard flesh.

As Heero felt himself about to come, he nearly shrieked when Duo pulled his mouth away. Through hazy lust-filled and unsatisfied vision, Heero could see a mischievous smile playing on Duo's lips. "Duo," Heero moaned. "Fi-finish, please."

Duo pulled himself up to lay a sweet kiss on those begging lips. Pulling away, he teased, "Do you have any mints lying around?"

"I - don't - care." Duo arrested Heero's hand, making its way down, to finish.

"Let me." Massaging Heero's sac in one hand, Duo used the other and his mouth to quickly bring Heero to release. Heero cried out as Duo choked slightly, then swallowed.

"Let me return the favor," Heero said in a rough voice. Duo barely got in a small 'meep' before he was tossed - lightly - onto his back, with Heero kneeling over him, a feral grin on his face. "Wait a moment. I want to go find a mint." Before Duo was comprehend what Heero had just said, the latter was out the door, leaving a very shocked lover.

"Heero!" Duo yelped. He scrambled to the bottom of the bed and was about to go in search of his missing lover when Heero returned in the doorway with a handful of mints.

"Have a preference?" He held them out?

Duo raised an eyebrow at Heero, then surveyed the mints. "Am I gonna get a chance to taste?" he purred.

"Of course."

Heero stepped forward, then around the bed to the bed stand. Reaching out, he set a medium sized tube on top of the small table. Duo ignored it for the time being, and instead closed his eyes and picked a mint. "That one."

"All right." The words were low, seductive, feral. The rest of the handful was dumped unceremoniously on the table, and the selected mint unwrapped and popped into Heero's mouth. Duo almost drooled at the sight of the mint disappearing between those soft lips...

Heero pounced on him, and Duo found himself staring at the ceiling, gasping at the sensations that were prickling up his spine. He'd never been on the receiving end of this treatment and it was quite a shock to find out exactly how effective it was.

It took a moment for Duo to realize that Heero was teasing him in return. He twisted and thrusted, trying to get the release that Heero was tantalizing him with.

"He-Heero," Duo begged. "Please. PLEASE." Another moment, then he cried out as Heero finally let him come, and swallowed him with a seemingly insatiable desire.

"I love you," they said at the same time. Heero pulled himself up to delve seekingly into Duo's unprotesting mouth.

"Mine," Heero growled into Duo's throat, as they both tasted the remains of the mint.

"Yours," Duo agreed, barely anything above a throaty whisper. He reached out a hand and tangled it firmly into Heero's messy hair. "And you're mine."

"And I'm yours." Heero pulled Duo to the side gently until Duo was above him. Then, slowly, Heero reached out to the bed stand, picking up the tube. Silently, he held it out to Duo. "Make me yours," he said quietly. "Please."

With a sense of reverence, Duo accepted the tube and flipped open the cap, staring at it. Then his gaze transferred to a pair of Prussian blue eyes. "Are you sure?" he breathed.

Heero simply nodded.

After taking a moment to blink endearingly - at least, Heero thought it was wonderfully endearing - Duo squeezed a liberal amount of lubrication onto his fingers. Then, with hesitation born of uncertainty, he began to press one finger against Heero's opening, begging to his gods that he wouldn't hurt his lover.

"I'm not made of china, I won't break," was Heero's amused, albeit longing, words. Duo chuckled lightly and pressed with a little more will, stopping whenever Heero gasped. "Keep going."

'I've only been on the receiving end of this,' Duo told himself and, mentally, Heero. 'There's a world of difference'.

Finally he had one finger in and Heero was squirming for more. Leaning down, Duo captured Heero's mouth in a kiss as he pushed the next finger in and began stretching him, soon adding a third finger. Heero's breath was coming in labored pants, his eyes begging.

"Do it, Duo," Heero pleaded.

Carefully, Duo withdrew his fingers, leaving Heero whimpering. Taking a deep breath, Duo put the glistening tip of his erection to Heero's opening, then began to push slowly.

He almost pulled out when Heero winced slightly, but Heero pushed up against him, insisting on more.

And finally Heero went starry-eyed as Duo brushed against that one spot inside of him that made him want to scream out. "More, Duo!"

Duo pulled out and began a slow rhythm, increasing gradually in pace and in force, each time making Heero cry out in pleasure. They were both panting and trying to whisper words that were lost in their breathlessness.

Duo's hand reached between them to begin pumping at Heero. He continued slamming into Heero as he pumped, becoming only more turned on by the sounds his lover was making. Heero's erection twitched, then he came in a loud gasp, muscles clenching down on Duo. That was all he needed and with his own cry, Duo came, embedded into Heero.

They didn't move for a moment, then Duo fell to Heero's side, slowly pulling himself out. Heero's strong arms reached out and pulled Duo into a possessive embrace. Duo tilted his head up and offered a kiss, which Heero eagerly accepted.

"Je t'aime," Duo murmured.

Heero returned, softly, "Suki da."

"Mm," Duo's voice was buried into Heero's chest as he cuddled closer. Heero laughed a little as he pulled a blanket over them. "This is nice."

"Yes, it is," Heero agreed. He ran a hand through Duo's wayward locks, smirking as Duo made faces every time he hit a knot. "I'll have to brush your hair later," he said soothingly.

"Mm, I like that." Duo's voice was slightly sleepy. "Tired."

"I see," Heero answered. "Go to sleep."

He didn't get a reply. Smiling, supremely content, he settled down and followed his own advice.



-c'est incroyable : it's incredible
-je me rappelle tout ces choses : i remember all these things
-le francais, c'est un belle langue : french, it's a beautiful language
-je t'aime : i like/love you. apparently this is how the french say i love you. so... yeah. ^____^