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Find Me - 11


"Wufei?" The soft voice carried across the white room.

Wufei's eyes flickered open, then focused on Heero, standing tentatively at the door. "He-Heero?" Eyes flew side in complete surprise. "Heero?!"

"Aa," Heero said softly, stepping forward. "Wufei..."

And Wufei looked away.

Hurt, Heero reached out to touch Wufei's face and froze as his lover flinched. "Wufei?"

"Go away, Heero," came a low rasp. The eyes closed in a trace of pain, but the voice was firm. "Go away, please, Heero."

"Do you - is this a bad time? Should I co-"

"No. Just leave me alone, Heero." Wufei turned and looked at Heero with glittering eyes. Heero couldn't tell if they were sparkling with anger or tears. Maybe both. "Please, Heero. This will be better for us. *Leave*."

It was all Heero could do to drag his feet out the door. Then, losing all self-control, he ran down the hallway and out the door, heart bursting.

Wufei closed his eyes and frowned. The clock ticked by seconds, minutes.

The door slid open again. A girl with black pigtails peeked in. "Wufei? How are you?"

With a slight smile, Wufei nodded to beckon her in. "Hello, Meiran. I'm fine."

A calloused but gentle hand slid up Duo's shirt, stroking his back lightly. Duo leaned in for another kiss and he could taste the lingering tang of the wine in Heero's mouth. Moaning slightly in pleasure, Duo tentatively pulled his own hands from behind Heero and began to make small circles on Heero's stomach, moving up slowly.


Trowa and Quatre collapsed on the poolside in complete laughter. Heero glared at them indignantly from the pool into which he'd just been shoved. Master hacker, brilliant assassin, and he couldn't keep his balance on a poolside.

Trowa was literally rolling on his pool chair, nearly falling off. Quatre's lighthearted giggles filled the air and even Heero couldn't glare at them for very long. Instead, he took his revenge.

In a sudden *whoosh*, Heero jumped out of the water pulling about half the pool water with him. Effectively dousing - and drenching - Trowa and Quatre.

"HEERO!!!" came Trowa's yelp! "OMAE O KOROSU!!"

This only made Quatre laugh the harder and this time Heero joined in.

"Hee-Heero," Quatre gasped, holding his sides. "Wh-What does that mean?" he panted, trying to stop laughing enough to ask a simple question.

Heero couldn't stop laughing either. It took several moments to compose himself, during which Trowa tried his best to deliver a glare much like Heero's trademark one. "It - It's 'I will kill you'," Heero finally managed to explain.

This sent Quatre into another gale of laughter. "I see!" Giggles. "Come on, guys; no killing here." He turned slightly serious - one could tell from the tone - but his statement was still cheerful.

Heero's lips broke from Duo's and began to almost absently wander down his jawline, down his neck, nibbling at his collarbone. Duo arched his neck back slightly, allowing for better access, allowing for more pleasure. He whispered his fingertips over Heero's nipples, up and down, swirls on his chest and stomach, each time easing lower. Ever so tentatively. Ever so slowly. And they could feel each other tremble, from the eroticism, and from the utter confusion of the tenderness they were for some reason showing.

"This is your first lesson in shooting. You will not learn to shoot or even aim today. Today we will work on stance, even hurried stance."

Heero glared at the young man who was coolly eying him for dissension. He didn't have the patience to spend a day or some days on stance. Heero wanted to learn everything, quickly. The only way to survived on the streets was to take in everything, as fast as you could.

So Heero was quietly resentful at the slow pace he was forced to learn at, each time trying to pointedly prove he'd perfected his stance and was ready to move on. It was a full 4 days until he was allowed to learn to aim, a 4 days filled with frustration.

With a muffled growl, Heero ripped off Duo's flimsy shirt and threw it somewhere behind him. But his hands were still gentle, moving and touching, trying to touch every part of the beauty.

When the kiss broke this time, they locked eyes, panting slightly, questioning slightly. Wondering. Confused, bewildered; exposed. Deftly, carefully, Heero picked up Duo and brought him to the couch in the room, purposefully avoiding the bed. He sat down and cradled the boy in his arms, beginning to lick and nibble down Duo's neck and chest. Duo arched his back and whimpered at the sensations. Closing his eyes, Duo could still see Heero's staring down at him: softly, thoughtfully, openly.

"Ninmu kanryou."

"Heero..." Heero didn't even have to look to know Trowa's warning glare. They were hiding in the bushes, waiting for their wingman to pick them up at the appointed time. The mission had surprisingly been completed before time, and now they have to lay low and be quiet for about half an hour.

"You know what it means, Trowa."

"Aa, demo... ore wa nihongo wo itou! Eigo wo hanasu! Ryoukai?"

Heero nearly fell backwards. True, it wasn't completely fluent Japanese, but it was Japanese nevertheless, and coming out of Trowa's mouth.

"Anou..." Heero almost stuttered.

Trowa almost broke their cover by laughing out loud. Instead, he muffled his face into his sleeves and didn't come up for at least a minute and a half.

Heero paused and cradled the boy close to him. Duo was surprised for a moment, then he curled up into Heero's arms, burying his face into Heero's shirt. Reaching outwards, Heero managed to grab the end of a blanket on the edge of the couch and draped it over the two of them. Snuggling, Duo murmured in comfort. His eyes flickered open, to rest upon Heero.

"What are we doing?" he whispered.

Heero held him closer. "I don't know."

"We're going... where?"

Heero's lip twitched slightly - then he let himself smile. "To the amusement park," he explained tenderly.

Wufei, still slack-jawed, could only stare blankly at him. "An... amusement park?"

Heero began to snicker lightly. He reached forward and took his lover's hand. "Aa. Quatre says they're fun. We're going with Trowa and him. He said to meet him out front in-" he checked his watch "-5 minutes."

"Heero, Wufei, coming?" Trowa asked, shutting down his computer. He turned to look at them.

"Amusement park?" Apparently Wufei hadn't gotten beyond that point yet.

Trowa smirked. "Yes, Wufei. We'll have fun. Come on." He jerked his head towards the door. Heero playfully pulled Wufei out the door, following Trowa.

Duo leaned in closer, until his mouth was beside Heero's ear. "I - I don't know you, but..." he trailed off. Heero softly ran his fingertips down Duo's braid.

"I think I understand."

Absolute silence, save for their shallow breaths. Then Duo nuzzled Heero's neck ever so slightly, ever so lightly. His breath traced over the subtle dips and curves, settling near Heero's collarbone, making goose bumps rise.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Heero's voice was barely audible, less than a whisper.

Duo stopped abruptly and faced Heero eye to eye, a trace confused and hurt. "Because - because you want it."

Calloused fingers touched Duo's lips. "And so we return to that," Heero finally said curtly. "Very well."

'What does he want from me, then?' a voice screamed inside Duo's head. But one glance into those eyes gave him the answer. 'He -'

Heero had since become somewhat stiffer, looking down somewhat coldly at Duo. He had retrieved his mask and fitted it back on.

But Duo wasn't ready to go back to his mask.

Instead, he tucked his head under Heero's chin and simply cuddled.

"This will be your office." Treize indicated the room in front of him. Situated in one half of the room was another boy, perhaps about his age. "That's Trowa. He'll help you out if you need help."

At mention of his name, Trowa turned around and looked at Heero. Heero noted with some amusement that the boy probably had problems with peripheral vision - one eye was obscured by a large hunk of hair. Heero nodded a hello, an action copied by Trowa.

Trieze jerked his head lightly towards the room, indicating Heero could enter. Hesitantly, Heero walked in and took a quick glance around. The room was divided in two. Most of the walls were made of glass for easy communication and vision, but there were segments of wall that weren't. Trowa had a cork board on his side. There were a few pieces of paper on it. On another piece of wall hung a rather boring calendar of dogs.

Heero relaxed again as Duo settled back into his arms. 'I don't want his seduction. I want... him. I want to comfort him. And God knows why.' His arms wrapped around Duo again, and he placed a chaste kiss on top of that head of hair.

Which reminded him.

"Duo, what do you keep in your hair?" he asked softly. He could feel Duo grin under him.

Duo slowly pulled out from under him and looked him in the eye, grinning slightly. Reaching up, he began to pull out articles, naming them as he placed them on the cushion behind him. "Lockpicks. Pack of gum. Two mints. Little pocketknife. My apartment key."

"And it all stays in your hair?" Heero was amused.

"Hell yeah. Benefits of long, braided hair," Duo proclaimed proudly. The mask was slipping back on, but inside, he didn't want to admit it. That feeling inside was what was making him stay cuddled up to the assassin.


Heero reached out and grabbed his wineglass. He took a sip, then offered it to Duo, who gratefully took a small sip. Duo yawned slightly.

"Damn, alcohol makes me sleepy."

"Then go to sleep." Heero gently lay Duo down on the couch, pushing Duo's belongings onto the floor.

Duo yawned again. Then the vulnerability settled back into his eyes as Heero began to move. "Don't leave me," he begged softly.

Heero stopped, then turned to look at Duo, his own eyes filled with emptiness and longing. With a nod, he lay down on the couch - luckily it was wide - and pulled Duo close.

"I'm going out for a mission in a couple days. I'll be gone for a few weeks, at least," Trowa told Heero.

"Hn." Typing on a keyboard. "Where are you going?"

A snicker. "Winner Corporation, San Francisco branch."

Heero raised an eyebrow and turned around, interest piqued. "Really? What are you doing?"

Trowa gave a lighthearted shrug. "Something or another. Riffling through their files, I suppose. Treize will give me exact information tomorrow and I'm leaving the day after, I believe."

"Sounds like fun," Heero smiled lightly.

"Yeah." A laugh. "Winner. Damn, they're rich. If we could just divert one branch of their funds..." he let it trail off. Both boys knew they would never do something like that. The Winner Corporation was no threat to them, but if they ever tried to manipulate the Corporation directly, Operation S would be rooted up and destroyed. It wasn't worth it.

But Heero laughed at the thought. "Would be nice, ne?" he joked.

Money wasn't that important anymore. The comradeship and sense of belonging - that's what the members of Operation S relied on. That was their reward for often risking their lives. It was certainly a great reward.

Duo felt himself snuggle closer to Heero. Heero reacted by letting his arm pull Duo closer. Duo dipped his head under Heero's chin again.

And they slept until the morning.

Wufei's eyes flew open in surprise.

Heero's lips sucked his lightly and, to Heero's absolute amazement, Wufei offered up his mouth.

Finally Heero broke away, gazing at Wufei intensely. Watching him for a reaction.

"May - may I ask what that was for?" Wufei asked somewhat breathlessly.

A silence for an interminable moment. "Because I wanted to."


And then his mouth was covered again with Heero's warm lips, lightly sucking, his tongue running over Heero's lips.

"And I don't think you minded, either," Heero added, having pulled away scarcely millimeters.


Heero was now kneeling in front of Wufei, cupping Wufei's face in his hands. This time, as he kissed, he asked silent permission and Wufei let Heero's tongue slide into his mouth. Exploring every corner. Flicking across his own tongue.

Wufei was completely beyond dazed and confused. In fact, he was nearly sure this was a dream. First of all, Trowa did not seem like the person to throw anyone into closets. Secondly, Heero was kissing him. Heero.

Heero. The boy he'd been watching since nearly the day he'd arrived. That boy was touching him and kissing him.

Slightly rough hands slid fleetingly down his cheeks, one resting on his chest, the other holding his chin gently.

Tentative kisses were places on his nose, his cheeks, his closed eyelids. And then Heero watched him anxiously for a response, hoping he had done the right thing.

Wufei's eyes flickered open again. "Heero," he breathed. "I - I never thought-"

His words stopped as a finger began to trace his jawbone, then reach up to whisper across his lips. Wufei caught a finger in his mouth and began to suck lightly, running his tongue over the tip, half closing his eyes again.

Heero nearly gasped at the sensation. His breathing shortened slightly.

Wufei reached up and caught Heero's hand in his.

"Why?" came his soft question.

"Because -" And Heero found himself without words. Only drowning in those beautiful onyx eyes, the depth pulling him in, making him mesmerized. "Because, I-" But he couldn't go on. Coherent thought completely left him and instead, he leaned forward to kiss his to-be-lover again. Gentle but persistent request of access. To his mouth, to his mind, to his life.

And Wufei let him in.

"Heero," Wufei moaned slightly as Heero's hands began to trace down his chest, making tiny circles and swirls. They shifted slightly until Heero was straddling Wufei's legs, nibbling Wufei's neck.

Heero finally pulled away to gaze intently into those hypnotizing eyes again.

Wufei threw everything to the wind. "Heero." Softly. Barely able to be heard. "Heero. I - I think I love you. I think I have loved you." He held his breath, waiting for an answer. Hoping he wasn't about to be rejected.

A small smile flitted across Heero's statement. "Thank God, then," came the equally soft, but intense, reply. "Arigatou, Kami-sama. Ai shiteru, Wufei. I love you, Wufei."

Letting out a sigh of relief, Wufei let himself be pulled close into a fierce embrace, reveling in just the mere touch of the boy he'd fantasized about for months. Breathing in that unique scent Heero seemed to carry around with him. Able to touch that face, that hair, that body; everything.

And then the door was yanked open, revealing a very pleased Trowa. For his troubles, he received two death-glares, and a promise of painful demise, and soon.

Heero woke to sunlight filtering in through the windows. And the street sounds. Of course.

He moved slightly, surprised to find a weight on his arm. Glancing over, he noticed Duo. Blinked, and then remembered the night before.

A soft touch glided across Duo's cheek, and he, already nearly awake, mumbled something about breakfast and blueberry pancakes. Heero stifled a low chuckle. Instead, he shifted slightly to allow himself to slide out from underneath Duo's sprawling limbs.

Sitting upright, Heero let his eyes feast on the vision before him. Duo's hair had come out during sleep and was tossed around wildly, beautifully. He was in his black leather pants, his shirt having been torn off the night before. And he was still mumbling about pancakes and now strawberry syrup.

"I don't know about strawberry syrup, but I think we can find blueberry pancakes," Heero murmured softly into Duo's ear.

Violet eyes flew wide open. "Huh?" It took him a moment to take in his surroundings. "Woah... must've been talking in my dream, huh?" he said quietly. A covert glance assured him that Heero was still maintaining contact with him - a good sign.

And then said Heero ran fingers down the chestnut mane, smirking slightly at the tangles. "Have a brush on you? Your hair needs a little brushing."

Duo scowled at his hair. "Damn, no."

"I've got one." Heero started to move, about to get up. Impulsively, Duo reached out and grabbed Heero's wrist.

Heero turned around and gave Duo a soft, inquisitive glance. With a blush, Duo let his hand slowly slide off the wrist. "What's wrong?" Softly, gently, soothingly.

Luminous violet eyes looked up at him. They had torn off their mask completely and lay before him completely vulnerable, completely frightened. "Lover," Duo rasped. Then, "Heero. Stay. Please."


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