-----FiND ME (7/?)-----


"Heero!" Trowa gasped, suddenly running into their joint office. "You have to go see Commander Treize. Something about Wufei's mission!"

Heero's head jerked up and it took every moment of control he'd learned not to drop his stoic mask. Instead, he jumped up and followed Trowa at a rapid clip out of the office. At a quick glance, he could tell that the people in various nearby offices were scurrying about, in a low level of controlled frenzy. An icy grip held Heero's heart as he expected the worst.

"I'm sorry," Treize's voice cut through his thoughts. He stood before them, calm, placid. "I know how much he meant to you. But we believe Wufei to be dead."

It was like his body wouldn't obey him. Heero couldn't move, speak, or breathe. Finally Trowa had to jerk roughly at his arm to get his attention.

With a dry mouth, Heero finally said, "Commander, I request a mission as follow-up to his."

Treize's eyes held him sympathetically, exuding his understanding. "Granted. Mission parameters will be sent to your office. You may leave whenever you please; see Lady Une for any funds you may require."

"I will leave now," Heero replied curtly. He spun on his heel and all but ran to his office. Trowa watched him sadly.

"He has lost his heart to that boy," Treize remarked softly. "In our profession, it is never wise, and does not happen often. But when it does, it hits us hard."

"Hai," Trowa murmured. He watched through the office door as Heero hurried gathered a few things, turned off his computer, ran one quick check around the room, then trotted back out, with a beeline to Lady Une's office.

Duo was completely unaccustomed to sleeping at night, so it was no surprise to him that he woke up less than an hour later. A clock on the bedside table told him it was a little past 3 in the morning. With barely a yawn, Duo sat up and looked around again. Boring. Bored. He decided to amuse himself.

Seduction always amused him.

He slid out of the bed, delighting in the silken and satin sheets whispering around his naked body. Slowly and quietly, he walked over to where Heero, now wearing a pair of light blue-gray boxers, was still seated in front of his laptop. Typing away.

And then Duo lightly dropped a hand down Heero's chest while simultaneously lowing his head so his bangs tickled Heero's ear.

To his credit, Heero twitched only the slightest bit. Duo was amused. His eyes lazily scanned the screen, not really picking anything up. "Aren't you... bored of all that stuff?" Heero didn't move or reply, except the tapping of fingers on keyboard.

Duo changed tactics. "Who was he?" The words were barely above a whisper, but poured directly into Heero's ear.

"Who was whom?"

'Whom', Duo's inner voice snickered to himself. 'Aren't -we- all high and mighty, complete with correct grammar and everything, right? Damn, this guy's an icicle.' "The one you're trying to forget."

Heero froze completely. Not even typing now. Then, deftly, he clicked [control] + [s], saved whatever he'd been working on, then [start] + [shut down] and turned away from the computer. Duo stepped back a pace as the suddenness of Heero's rising.

He even uttered a small "Meep!" as Heero abruptly picked up the naked violet-eyed boy and carried him to the bed as if he weighed nothing. Before Duo could utter another sound, though, his lips were crushed in that violent kiss Heero had delivered before. Sucking and biting, 'reminiscent of what a loupgarou's kiss must be like', Duo thought to himself. 'Teeth and pressure, fighting over who's dominant'. Barely processing this thought, Duo began to kiss back and fight just as clearly and forcefully, and this time Heero pulled away slightly breathless, Duo the victor.

"We shall play your game," Heero growled before throwing Duo backwards to the top of the bed in what Duo took to be his typical rough way. He then nearly threw himself on top of Duo and again began a succession of kisses, nips, licks, and bites, all over Duo's body, carefully staying away from one region. Duo began to groan in real ecstasy as he strove to get the most out of everything Heero was giving him. When his hands began to creep downwards, Heero reached out lightning fast and gripped both wrists tensely in one hand. Duo cried out in slight pain, but Heero ignored him.

Then Heero began to pay attention to Duo's inner thighs, teasing the area around Duo's throbbing member, occasionally throwing in a lick or a nibble to the base. Duo was fidgeting and bucking, trying to get the satisfaction that Heero was blatantly denying him. Heero ran his tongue right where his leg met his crotch and Duo squealed in lust and frustration. The action was repeated on the other side and Duo was really and truly panting, unable to say a word, trying to plead with the beautiful boy teasing him.

The look on Heero's face was one of no mercy. He would get what he wanted, and Duo wasn't guaranteed anything at all. Duo knew the type.

Without warning, Heero engulfed Duo's hard-on and was rewarded with a scream. 'Just 3 more seconds. Please, just 3 more seconds of this and I can come; come on, lover, don't do this to me, PLEASE!'

Duo was pulled out of his near-ecstacy by teeth scraping against his tip, then the warm mouth leaving him.

"Please, please, please," his words almost ran together in a senseless murmur. "I need... I need... GOD, I need...!"

Heero smirked.

He let his hands and lips roam the beautifully toned body again, careful not to even bestow the lightest touch on Duo's aching hard-on, which was obviously straining to be completed. Not even the slightest touch.

Instead, he paid especial attention to Duo's nipples and thighs, which Heero had discovered were Duo's weak points, making him moan and shiver in lust and desire. A bite on the inner thigh soothed by kisses was his claiming mark, echoed with his words, "...*mine*." Duo could not form the words to make coherent complaint nor the thoughts to want to complain. He was riding an endless wave, furiously trying to reach the top, Heero never allowing him to get there. It was a maddening experience, though in the back of Duo's hazy mind he had to admit Heero was giving him on the best nights he could remember.

Heero shifted off from him for a moment, and Duo tried to collect his thoughts. He was about to reach down and let himself finally come, but Heero was back in moments and snatched his hands away again. Duo whimpered, but to no avail.

In his hands, Heero had a small tube of lubrication. 'He carries lube,' Duo thought amusedly. Before he could think again, he could feel his personal space being violated, eliciting a small squeak from him as a cold finger worked its way inside of him, quickly joined by more, searching out that one spot.

And found it. Duo practically flew upwards as he jerked from the touch. Heero almost laughed, and the look on his face was almost sinister.

'Great. Greaaatttt, the guy's sadistic. Wonderfluff.'

And in almost the same quickness, the fingers were removed and replaced with Heero's erection, working his way into Duo. Duo automatically tensed, but he forced himself to relax: years of experience had taught him the more nervous and tense he was, the more it would hurt.

But Heero was trying to reach that hidden spot inside of him, as he began to pump in and out. And each time he grazed there, Duo whimpered or moaned, continually trying to wriggle his hands out of Heero's grip, trying to lean forward hoping to get some friction even on Heero's stomach. Heero only pushed him backwards onto his back, pumping harder and harder.

Once more, Duo tried to plead. "Lover," he managed to moan. "Please, let me. Fuck me, but let to come. Please, lover, master, whatever the hell you want to be called."

"I am no man's master," was the cold response, albeit filled with his own pants. Duo's incessant squirming was only helping him reach his climax, and soon he came with a cry, "Kami-sama!" and then he felt himself soften, emotionally and physically, as he lay down next to the still-whimpering Duo.

"Shh, shh," Heero said gently. He reached down and began to stroke Duo, feather light and slowly at first, building in pressure and speed. It only took a few moments for Duo to let out his own cry and release. Sated, Duo let out a sigh and curled up slightly, an automatic and slightly defensive move.

"You think I'm going to hurt you, don't you?" came the voice wafting from somewhere above his ear. The voice almost had a tinge of amusement in its tonelessness. Duo didn't deign to reply, and he kept his eyes firmly affixed on something wonderfully interesting on the blank wall in front of him.

Every time he heard that voice...

Letting himself sigh mentally one more time, Duo once again donned the mask he'd momentarily dropped. "Sated?" he said mischievously.

"Not very," was the smirked retort.

"Good." Duo reached up into his hair - much to Heero's bemusement - and pulled out a small mint, still in its plastic wrapper. Duo swiftly unwrapped it, popped the mint into his mouth, and tossed the wrapped somewhere over his shoulder. His face grew slightly conniving, still with that smile. "Let me see if I can amuse you again, then."

"With a mint?"

"Ever tried it?"

A pause. "I don't believe I've done *anything* with a mint." Suspiciously.

Cheerily. "Don't knock it 'til you try it, lover." Duo slithered down until his mouth was level with Heero's again-tingling member. With a few breaths and licks, Duo had it erect again, and the mint had since been somewhat sucked away. Carefully maneuvering the mint into the corner of his mouth so he wouldn't choke on it, Duo engulfed the erection in his mouth again.

This time he went slower and gentler, wrapping one hand around the base, the other trailing down Heero's thighs. Added to the tingling sensation the mint was producing, Heero began to gasp in nearly no time, but this time Duo pulled out moments before he could release.

"Don't play with me," came the harsh words.

"No playing, lover," was the blithe reply. "Just making the fun last a little longer. I only brought one mint with me tonight, so sorry."

Once he'd finished talking, Duo balanced the mint on his tongue and began to carefully swipe the mint up and down Heero's length.

"It's one of those winterfresh things," Duo murmured, removing his mouth again, and happily sucking on the mint. "With the snap-ish things that are supposed to keep your mouth cool or something. Never got that. But they do hell on a blowjob." Heero couldn't find the words to reply; he was gripping Duo's head with one hand, and the bed sheets with the other.

The hand on Duo's head encountered something somewhat hard and metallic. In his mind state, Heero couldn't put together a coherent question, but he figured on asking later. His life may depend on it

Once the mint was all but gone, Duo began his rougher ministrations, finally letting Heero come, again spitting it out on the floor. "Messy floor we'll be having," he remarked before he was hauling upwards by Heero's muscular arms to play tongue-tag again. This time Heero won.

"You what?" Incredulous didn't cover Heero's tone. It was the most emotion Trowa had ever seen in Heero's voice.

"I have a boyfriend." The reply was slightly nervous. In all their years of friendship, they'd never been so close as to discuss sexuality, and Trowa realized this was probably the first time Heero would find out Trowa... happened to like boys. And he hoped it wouldn't ruin their friendship. It was hard to have as backup someone you were on touchy grounds with.

Heero's jaw had completely dropped. "You... have a boyfriend," he repeated slowly. "Trowa..." he paused, trying to find the right words. "In... our profession," he said with a wry grin, "I don't see how you can... making a workable relationship with anyone."

Trowa's gaze dropped. Inside, though, he was able to give a sigh of relief. At least his choice of gender hadn't been Heero's reason for disdain. No, it was his emotional weakness. This he could take.

"Who.. is he?"

Sighing lightly, Trowa looked up and smiled a little sheepishly. "Remember that mission I had about 2 and a half months ago? Infiltrating the Winner Corporation's Asian branches? When I infiltrated, I met the Winner heir; of course then, I was disguised as a common clerk. We... we got along very well, but I didn't want to get into anything with him." Trowa had to laugh quietly here. "I guess he knew who and what I was. I left there about a month and a half ago. Three weeks later, Quatre Winner found me somehow - I suppose being the heir of a worldwide corporation has its merits." A wry smile. "He was still interested in me, assassin or no."

Heero gave a short bark of laughter. "Your boyfriend is Quatre Winner, heir of the Winner Corporation," Heero said flatly, incredulously.

Trowa nodded slightly.

Amazed, Heero ran a hand through his hair and blinked. "Wow," he finally said. "Wow." A slow grin spread across his face, genuine and pleased. "I'm happy for you," he said slowly. "And I hope he deserves you."

Somewhat embarrassed at his show of emotion, Heero turned on his heel and left the room; Trowa stood in the middle of the room, slack-jawed and astonished.

"You don't run out of energy, do you?" Duo drawled.

Heero's lip twitched slightly. "I'm trained to be able to go for days without sleep."


Peeking out the window, Heero could see the beginning traces of gray entering the sky. The sun was going to rise soon. Duo was flopped rather exhaustedly on the unkempt bed, the hair flowing all over the place. Heero kept his eyes firmly out the window, willing himself not to sneak a lot at the beauty lying on his bed. One night of indulgence. One night, and now no more. He'd been foolish to think this could solve his problems. If anything, it only made him remember more, making that pain return right behind his eyes, pricking, piercing. But he wouldn't cry. He couldn't cry.

Duo was chomping lazily on a stick of gum he'd procured from nowhere; Heero suspected Duo had several more things hidden in that hair of his, but he was afraid to find out what. He mentally comforted himself with the fact that he had a gun within easy reach, and he had near-super-human reflexes.

'Heavenly Father, who watches over us. I, a poor sinner, a poor supplicant for you favor, ask you if you could still love me. This night was only more proof of the evil that resides within me. I seduce and I succumb and I give myself away. Every night I can, I do, and tonight I have done more than I have in the longest time. Am I still your child, Father? Am I still worthy to call my Father, and my Savior? Will you still reach out and take me to your heart and hold me and love me? I feel the wrong in my actions, and I confess. But confession is only half of it; I never stop. I confess and I continue. And one day I will be thrown in Hell for my life.'

Duo closed his eyes in thought.

'But Father, he is in so much pain, and the only way I know to help that pain is to give myself. And if I may be so bold, I have given him a night where he has no pain, only ecstasy. A night where he won't dwell on what hurts, but on what pleasures. And in the earthly pleasures is where I belong, Lord. I give little things to make a night a little better.

'But he is in so much pain. If you must turn away from me, please turn to him and love him as your child, because I know all men are your children. He is a sinner, and I don't think he believes in you, Lord, but please love him. Please.'

Heero abruptly turned from the window and stalked to a desk. He yanked out a drawer and fumbled with the contents for a moment. Duo ignored him.

Soon he heard the footfalls coming closer to the bed, and Duo deigned it time to open his eyes. He opened them a crack, and saw Heero's shadow over him. Eyes opened a little more.

"Here." Heero shoved a stack of bills wrapped in a rubber band into Duo's hands. "Get dressed and leave now, please." The please sounded forced and not the least bit polite.

Duo didn't talk back. The money looked to be more than his usual price and he wasn't about to argue with the boy about it or anything else. He swiftly pulled on his clothing and was out the door in about 30 seconds, leaving Heero musing at the window. Duo could find his way home from anywhere within a 100 mile radius. Subways were nothing new to him.

Once out of the building, Duo shoved the bills into a pocket momentarily. Lazily, swiftly, and messily, he re-braided his hair, having snatched up the hair tie from the floor upon spying it. Then he pulled out the money again and began to count it discreetly.

His eyes widened when he realized he had 8,000 credits.

'Damn,' he thought, mentally whistling. 'The guy pays well. Hope he comes back!' Cheerily, he made his way home.


Heero flicked on the vidphone and dialed.

"Trowa here."

"Trowa, can you send me more money - whatever's lying around - and tell Commander Treize I'm staying here as long as I can, until the next time he needs me?"

"Sure. What's up?"

"I'm not sure. If I find out, I'll tell you." Heero's statement told Trowa everything.

"You must be tired," Trowa said briskly. "Go to sleep now; well, throw off the top layer of sheets first, then go to sleep," he amended.

"Aa," was the distracted reply.

Trowa was slightly amused. "Sleep, Heero."

His friend glared at him. "I don't *need* sleep, you know."

With an indulgent smile, Trowa merely nodded, not saying a word.

"Yare, yare. Heero no baka," Heero muttered to himself. "Okay. Watashi wa issui o hossuru, ryoukai." A yawn interrupted him for a moment and Trowa snickered. "Hush," Heero sneered.

Trowa nodded again. "Heero. Sleep."

"I'm going, I'm going. Good night. Or good morning, rather." Heero tiredly reached out and flicked off the vidphone. He then dragged himself to the bed, where the smell of sweat and sex still lingered. After a moment's thought, he hauled himself to the little sitting room and tossed himself onto a comfortable couch. In minutes he was asleep.

The dawn of a new morning came.


NOTES: loupgarou is... er, an old word for a werewolf of sorts, i believe. sorry if i'm wrong... i'm pulling it out of my rusty memory. that blurby sentence that heero says near the end in japanese (i know. i butchered the grammar. i'm still learning, i'm sorry!) is supposed to say: "i need sleep, understood". *coughs*
the mint thing is for real. NO, i DON'T know from personal experience (hentais!) but my friend told me. 0_0
yes, i make duo say wonderfluff. hehe. ^_^
i'm already working on part 8. :::cheers::: =)
i'm listening to japanese music as i write this ("pure snow" - sasaki yuko, on repeat. hehe) and i found my new favorite phrase, which i will somehow use in the next part or so: tomodachi no koibito. for some reason, 'friend's lover' amuses me. don't ask. :::rolls eyes::: feedback...?


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