i've been writing like a maniac in the last... couple days? yeah. ^_^ er... okay, it's a lemon and a half. i couldn't possibly finish the other one. i'm sorry. they're my first lemons and i SUCK at them!!! :::wails::: i know there's other stuff i should say but, as usual, i don't remember. gomenasai!!
oh wait. i know i promised 2x1 when i first wrote this fic. right now... the seme/uke is up for grabs. i know since duo's the prostitute it's gonna have to start 1x2, but i promise i'll progress to at least *some* 2x1, okay?

warnings: yaoi. 1x2/2x1 and 5x1


Find Me - Part 6/?


Heero began to walk quickly down the street again, secure in the knowledge that Duo was right behind him. It only took a few minutes to get out of the area and make a beeline for the nearest subway. He paid for the two of them and indicated Duo to walk in front of him now. Duo silently obeyed.

Once inside the subway, Heero lightly pushed Duo into a seat and sat down next to him.

Duo smirked.

Subtly, Duo pressed up against Heero's leg and leg his braid flop down on that side. It took all of Heero's self control not to touch him back.

'Damn it, lover. Touch me. I know you want to touch me. I know I'm beautiful; you know I'm beautiful. Hell, who cares if you fuck me in a subway. This is New York City: worse things have happened.'

They were silent for the 15 minutes of the subway ride. Right before Heero's stop, he stood up and lightly tugged on Duo's sleeve, indicated he should rise too. The subway slid to a stop and they wordlessly exited.

It was less than a minute until Duo was admiring the nice hotel Heero was leading them into. "Spiffy," was his comment, as Heero walked over to the elevator.

"Hn." Heero led Duo into the elevator and pushed the button for his floor.

As the elevator rose, Duo for all the world looked like an excited kid as he examined the wallpaper. "Wow, blood red and gold. Nice combo." Another light yank on his sleeve as the elevator stopped and the door opened. Duo obediently followed down the hallway, waited as Heero's opened his room door, and followed him in. Heero wandered around and flicked on a few lights.

"Close and lock the door behind you," were the first words Heero said since the street.

"Sure." Duo reached behind him and did as asked. "Nice place here, lover."


"Not talkative much, are you?" Duo's voice dropped into something more sultry as he walked forward into the little sitting room. Heero had migrated to the kitchen area and was opening the refrigerator.

"Want something to eat? Drink?"

Duo grinned. "Sure, anything alcoholic?"

Heero looked over his shoulder, raised an eyebrow, then nodded. "Champagne, white zinfandel, kahlua. Take your pick."

"Kahlua," Duo said immediately. "Damn that stuff is good." He swayed over to behind Heero and traced a hand over the other boy's hips.

Heero forced himself not to shudder.

'He's treating me like I'm a friend visiting him,' Duo thought sardonically. 'What -is- this?'

Heero poured himself and Duo some kahlua and held out the milk. Duo declined and took the shot down in one gulp. Heero was impressed.

"That way," Heero indicated the direction of the bedroom.

"Sure." Duo silkily walked several paces before Heero, letting Heero have a full view of his ass as he swayed.

In the bedroom, Heero set down his kahlua and milk on a side table. Then he turned to face Duo, who had taken the liberty of seating himself on the edge of the bed. Waiting, expectantly.

Seeing that he had Heero's attention, Duo stretched languorously, knowing the shirt rose when he did so. The flimsy pants also rippled and clung to him. The child of joy's mask was in place.

"Duo," Heero finally said, as if tasting the name.

Duo turned his face slightly and let the room's light bathe it. He knew it gave him a sort of angelic look that he relished. That they relished.

Heero absently reached out, picked up his glass, and took a sip. Duo's eyes casually raked around the room, noting that the gun on the table was broken down.

But Heero had been raised as an assassin. He noticed everything Duo saw. "That's not the only one I have, you know," his voice broke through Duo's musings. To prove his point, he pulled one out from behind his back. Duo was impressed.

"Spiffy," Duo drawled. "Lover, are you planning to *shoot* me?" His voice held incredulity and amusement.

"Certainly not," Heero returned, shoving the gun back into its holster in the small of his back. He walked over to the bed and harshly shoved Duo backwards. With the beautiful boy lying on his back on the bed, Heero let himself admire Duo.

He pulled himself onto the bed, straddling Duo's hips. Grasping Duo's face fiercely, he delivered a savage kiss. Duo, startled for a moment, began to kiss him back just as brutally. It became a battle between their tongues and lips, with bruising impact.

Heero pulled away first, and they were both slightly out of breath. "That was... nice," he murmured, tracing a finger down Duo's jawline. "Undo your hair."

Duo leaned upwards slightly to pull his hair out from underneath him. Slowly, he undid the hair tie and threw it across the room. Hair ties were cheap. Then he began to run his fingers through his hair, letting it slide silkily all over him, reveling in the look of admiration and lust filling Heero's eyes.

"Never told me *your* name, lover," Duo rasped in a low voice.

Heero shook his head slightly; the cascade of chestnut hair had mesmerized him for a moment. "Why do you need to know?" he asked sharply.

Duo smirked. "So I know what to scream out when you fuck me stupid," he replied, like it was the most sensible thing in the world.


Duo nodded. "Well, then, Heero," he whispered. "What shall I do now?" He reached up and ran a hand down Heero's back, pausing deliberately at the gun. Heero's eyes tempted him to take it, shoot him, and take whatever money was around. But said eyes also told him he wouldn't make it out of the room alive if he tried. Duo understood and let his hand pass over it, swirling down Heero's ass and around his hips.

Smirking, Duo raised his lips to Heero's ear. He said quietly, "So, what kind of occupation requires you to carry around guns like this?"

Without a word, Heero pushed Duo down again and began to lick, bite, and suck his way down Duo's neck. Duo began to squirm and finally to moan the slightest bit at Heero's obviously talented tongue. Without ceremony, Heero pulled the gray shirt over Duo's head and began to attack a nipple with his mouth, using his fingers on the other.

When both nipples were hard to the point of pain, Heero stopped his ministrations and looked Duo in the eye. "I'm an assassin." And for a moment, Duo's mask fell and a shot of fear lanced through his eyes.

But almost immediately, Duo was smirking again, slightly breathy, and tracing his way down to Heero's pants, where a bulge was becoming apparent. "When'd you start a nifty profession like that?"

"When did you start *your* wonderful profession?" Heero countered flatly. Duo winced slightly.

"When I was 11," he said coldly.

"Aa. Same here."

Duo gulped, a little more visibly this time. "You... *killed* someone when you were 11?"


Duo didn't need to understand Japanese to see this meant the affirmative. At this, he paled the slightest bit. He'd been in bed with several different types of people, but he didn't think an assassin was on the list. 'If I get home in one piece after this, it'll be one hell of a story to tell Bella and everyone!'

Heero saw the reaction and hid a smirk himself. "How old are you now? 15, 16?"

Duo sneered slightly. He knew he was small for his age, but he disliked it when people had to rub it in. "Seventeen, thanks."

"Ah." In one fluid motion Heero rid Duo of the pants. He now had a 17 year old beauty lying naked underneath him.

"I think you have too many clothes on, lover," Duo said in hushed tones. He reached up to divest Heero of said garments, but Heero pulled away. Duo leaned back, slightly puzzled. Then a slightly mischievous look slid into his features. He wriggled down until he was breathing lightly on the clothing holding Heero's erection. Heero tried to pull away, but the feel was too mesmerizing.

'Score,' Duo thought gleefully. He reached out and slowly undid the zipper of Heero's pants and then, deftly, pulled the pants off. Noting that Heero wore dark blue silk boxers. Mm, nice.

One hand reached up to Heero's stomach, then further up, teasing a nipple. With the other hand, Duo began to methodically unbutton the shirt, then pull that off too. In moments two boys were on the bed, naked, and breathing lightly.

"Now what?" Heero rumbled into Duo's ear.

"Let me show you," Duo purred.

"Wufei," Heero said softly, cutting through the moonlit darkness of the room. Wufei's arm tightened slightly around his waist in response. "Do you-" he hesitated a moment, not sure of what he was about to say. "Do you l-"

"Aa," Wufei said, borrowing from Heero's language. And again borrowing, "Ai shiteru, Heero." A light kiss was placed on Heero's neck to add proof to his words.

"Ah," Heero sighed blissfully. A small smile crept onto his face as he snuggled closer to his boyfriend. "Suki da."

"I know." A slight pause, then Wufei's hand began to creep up from his stomach, stroking his nipples in the end. Heero felt a comforting mouth cover his and he let himself go in a passionate kiss neither could have imagined from the other. Wufei playfully nipped Heero's lower lip and his lover growled with desire.

Slowly, gently, Wufei began to trail his hands down to the waistband of Heero's silk boxers. He ran one hand over the top, feeling Heero's hard on, not stopping his torrent of kisses. Leaving Heero breathless.

"I want..." Heero rasped.

"Have you ever," Wufei said quietly, "been... loved before?"

Heero understood him perfectly. "Iie," he said softly.

Wufei laid several light kisses on Heero's face. "Let me be your first, then. And you will be mine."

"Kudasai," Heero's voice trembled slightly.

He received a nod for an answer. Then Wufei lay his mouth gently upon Heero's and began sucking on his lower lip, making Heero moan slightly. A tongue passed over the lip, and Heero opened his mouth to let Wufei's tongue in, but his lover sighed and pulled back. Heero, confused, looked up at Wufei, who's eyes were shining slightly. "Slowly, my love," Wufei murmured.

In reply, Heero bent his head down and began to nuzzle at Wufei's collarbone. With tiny nips, he made his way up to the neck, then to the ear. As he licked Wufei's earlobe, he ran his hands down his lover's body, relishing in sheer touch.

A hand reached up and gently held his chin, pulled it to Wufei's mouth. They pulled together in another passionate, but slower, calmer, kiss. Tongues flickered in and out, sweetly and infused with love. Both began to breathe slightly heavier and try to pull each other closer, all the while hands roaming across each other.

Wufei first let his hands dip into Heero's boxers and Heero had to pull away from the kiss to moan in the pleasure as his lover's hand stroked his length. In moments he and said lover were divested of all garments and lying together underneath the sheets, covered in an anticipatory sheen of light sweat. Heero shivered deliciously.

Suddenly, Wufei began raining small kisses all over Heero's body, paying special attention to the nipples and the belly button, places he knew Heero was especially sensitive. Heero arched his back and tried to muffle his scream of pleasure. It came out as a soft shriek and Wufei smiled slightly. As much as he ever did.

Lips began to move lower and Heero began gasping for breath and reaching out to catch hold of anything. Finally he reached the bedposts and clung on as if for deal life when Wufei began to delicately lick his length. And then Heero felt his whole hard on being enveloped by his lover's mouth.

This time he screamed.

Wufei began to laugh softly, a feat quite amazing with his mouth thus occupied, and it made Heero shiver again. A tongue began to play with his tip and Wufei brought up his hands to help by rubbing the base with one and trailing across Heero's body with the other. Heero's already messy hair was completely disheveled and he tossed his head from side to side, trying to find release.

His lover was teasing him, Heero knew. With moans and supplications and little whimpers, Heero made it clear he wanted release, but Wufei wasn't about to let him be sated just now. Moments before he could come, Wufei withdrew his mouth and came up to kiss him. Heero's voice broke in a mewling cry as he reached down to finish. Wufei's hands intercepted and held his prisoner.

"Let me love you, Heero," he said in a hoarse, low voice which made tingles go down Heero's spine.

"You gonna fuck me stupid or make me take the 'nitiative?" Duo murmured.

A small smile played on Heero's lips. "Oh, I fully intend on 'fucking you stupid', as you say." He paused. "I want some fun first." His lips attacked Duo's shoulder, biting savagely at first. When Duo cried out at the pain, he soothed it with millions of tiny kisses and licks. Then he began a slow wet trail down Duo's stomach, lapping gently at his belly button, stopping at the base of Duo's erection. Duo gasped slightly.

'Talented boy, he is. Actually getting me hard without having to think my own dirty thoughts. Niiice'.

"Let me try something you'd like, lover," Duo managed to say between gasps. To illustrate, he gently pulled Heero up, turned him onto his back, and crouched down near Heero's crotch. For a moment, he simply let his warm breath swirl around the hard on, and Heero squirmed the slightest bit. Then he took the whole length in his mouth.

Heero drew a breath in quickly at the sensation. Duo's tongue and hands were fast and rough, but satisfying. It was a matter of moments until Heero felt himself spilling out into Duo, who promptly spat it back out on the floor.

"Are you going to be finicky about me swallowing?" Duo queried once he'd finished spitting. "And I got your pretty floor dirty."

"I don't care." It took considerable effort to get those 3 words out.

"Spiffy." Duo dragged himself back up and lay himself down on top of Heero, their crotches rubbing against each other. Heero pulled Duo's face closer to him and gave him another bruising kiss. Duo's lips were slightly red and his breath slightly labored as he broke away from the kiss.

Heero grumbled and pulled him back down. When he pleased, he ended the kiss. "*I* am in charge here," he growled.

"Sure, lover," was Duo's cheery return. He allowed himself to be rolled over onto his back. "Wanna fuck me now?"


Duo's jaw dropped as Heero actually picked himself up off of the beautiful, lithe boy and walked over to the desk, oblivious of his lack of clothing. On the desk was a laptop, which Heero idly flicked on. The prostitute on his bed looked completely shell-shocked for a moment as Heero seated himself in the chair as the computer swiftly booted up.

"How much do you usually charge?" the voice came wafting across the room.

"Five hundred an hour," was the swift reply.

"Do you have a going rate for the whole night?"

Duo's jaw really dropped this time. "Lover, you're sitting over there, I'm here, and you're asking me to stay the whole night? What for? To *talk*?" The last word was derisive, mocking.

"Maybe. Do you have a price? Or want me to count the hours?" The answer was cold and emotionless. Ignoring the snide remark.

"Thirty-five hundred," Duo answered sulkily. This was pointless. He was being paid to just sit there. 'Not bad. I could get used to this. But fuck, what if he's just prepping himself up for serious S&M? Damn, he's an assassin. For all I know, they're into that kind of kinky stuff. Giving pain and the like. I mean, he -kills- for a living!'

"Duo." Duo froze. Heero head swiveled around. "What's your last name? Have one?"

Duo thought for a moment. "Maxwell," he finally said. "Duo Maxwell."

Heero didn't move for a second, immersed in thought. "I see," he finally said, returning to his laptop. He typed a few things and something popped up, but Duo couldn't see from his position on the bed.

"What am I supposed to do: sit here and look sexy?" Duo finally asked, exasperated.


Seeing he was going to get no answer out of Heero, Duo decided to catch up on some much-needed sleep. If Heero wanted him awake, he would wake him up. Right now, Heero was sitting in front of a laptop and ignoring him.

'Figures: he fucks around with me, but doesn't fuck me. Damn, what's wrong with the guy?' Duo curled up into the messy and rumpled up sheets, fluffing a pillow in the process. "I'm borrowing your bed," Duo announced, "since you don't seem to be needing me or it. Wake me when you need either."

"Go ahead," was the stoic answer.

'Spiffy. I come here all ready to seduce a guy and he won't be seduced. Not even in the normal way, mind you, with him fucking me silly. No, he's got to be an abnormal guy. I wonder if all assassins are like this? What is he doing, trying to find out the next person he has to kill?' Duo shuddered at the thought. 'Good Lord help me. Lord, get me out of here alive and in one piece, please.'

"I - I don't want to hurt you," Wufei said softly. "But I am not sure how to do this."

"Shh," Heero comforted him with a kiss. "Please, Wufei. I know you wouldn't hurt me." He offered himself to his lover.

Wufei's erection was glistening with pre-cum and he fervently hoped he wouldn't hurt his love. Slowly, gently, he pressed the point of his erection at Heero's opening. With excruciating patience, self-control, and desire not to hurt his lover, Wufei slowly began to press in.

Heero cried out and Wufei froze, afraid he's done something. Before he could say anything, though, Heero said in a slightly choked voice, "Go on."


"Go on," Heero repeated. To emphasize his point, he began to press backwards, trying to impale himself, biting his lip at the pain that was lancing through him.

"Shh, shh," Wufei murmured. He held Heero's hips steady. "Slowly, love. I'm going to hurt you."

"Just go."

Wufei obeyed, pressing even slower than before. Now, through the hazy pain, Heero was feeling frustration that he wasn't being filled any faster.

Then, suddenly, Wufei grazed against something that made Heero forget completely about pain and frustration. When he cried out again, Wufei nearly cried himself, but Heero said softly, "Wu... fei... That feels so good. Please. Kudasai. Continue."

Finally, Wufei shoved in the final distance and was buried completely inside Heero, who was now hazy-eyed from lust. Wufei waited a moment, until he was assured that his lover was OK. He set a few kisses on Heero's shoulders and back, then withdrew slightly. Wincing slightly at the bit of blood that came out with him, he wrapped him arms tightly around his lover.

"Again." Heero almost demanded him to fill him again.

And again, he grazed against that one part that made Heero scream out. Now Wufei understood he was crying out from pleasure, not pain, and began to pump a little more quickly, trying to find a rhythm.

"Wufei," Heero was panting, and it was nearly driving him mad with lust, desire, and love.

Nearly reaching his climax, Wufei reached around and began to pump Heero, who soon spilled into his hand, screaming his name. Wufei followed suit, both in release and shout, and then both collapsed together into the messy blankets and sheets, too exhausted to get up and change them. Instead, they burrowed under a cleaner sheet.

"I love you, Wufei."

"I love you, Heero."

"I - I'll love you forever."

"And I you."


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