Title: Find Me
Part: 1/?
Author: chibiANGEL
Rating: R
Notes: choppy, i think. is the part too short? i was completely worrying about that. grr.
'...' : thinking
-...- : '...'
*...*: accented
[did any of the above make sense? hehe] oh yes. i'm sorry about bad japanese. i'm still a beginner, but i want heero speaking as much japanese as possible? anyone wanna volunteer to be a japanese translator for me? :::chibi eyes:::


-----FiND ME [1/?]-----


Heero didn't want to be here. Wrong place, wrong time, and definitely wrong people to be around. He shuddered slightly. Not that he had anything against hookers and prostitutes, but they made him feel wary and very base.

'Why am I here again?' he asked himself, knowing the answer. 'Because Trowa sent me. Told me to take a vacation. Why did he tell me *here* of all places?'


"Heero," Trowa said absently. "You need to take a break."


"You do." His best friend turned and looked at him with his normal melancholy statement, half an eye hidden by a ridiculous bang. Trowa always smiled when Heero mentioned the bang, but refused to cut it back to a more reasonable hairstyle.


Trowa turned and typed something in the console, and waited as something bleeped onto the screen. "Have you ever been to New York City?"

"On an assassination once, yes," Heero answered, fidgeting with his own console.

Trowa prodded him in the arm and indicated his screen. "Here. Crystal Lake Hotel And Plaza. You should go for a vacation for a week or so. You really need it."

"Hn." Heero came his customary noncommittal answer. His mind began to wander slightly.

"Wufei's not coming back," Trowa interrupted his reverie.


"He's gone, Heero, and I know you're thinking about him. You've been sloppy in the last 2 shootings. Almost missed the last one; if you'd been at inch to the left he would've made it through with only a set of broken ribs. Sloppy, Heero. You're not usually sloppy."

After making that unusually long speech - for Trowa, anything above 5 words was usually long - he turned and looked at Heero, who was staring through his console screen.

"I miss him," Heero said hollowly.

"I know you do. But you have to let him go. Forget about him."

Heero held his head in his hands and closed his eyes painfully. "I can't, Trowa. I can't."

"You need a vacation," Trowa reiterated simply. "At least think about it.

"Hai, I will."


Heero smirked wryly to himself. That had been over 2 and a half months ago. Finally he'd convinced himself to go on this vacation. Their boss had readily given him 3 weeks leave; she was understanding, if a cold-hearted killer.

So now he was here; he'd somehow ended up in the racy section of the city, through his pointless meandering.

"K'so," Heero swore with a sharp intake of breath as he took in his surroundings. "Doko desu ka?" 'Where am I?'

A sign above his head told him nothing, but another look around was sufficient. Definitely the red light district of the city. Of all the places to wander to, he had to wander here. This would definitely be an amusing story to tell Trowa later.

Heero began to walk forward again, with his head down, hoping that after several blocks of walking forward, he would be somewhere else. Reasonable conclusion, he figured.

He bumped against 3 girls and murmured, "Gomen nasai," carefully not looking at their clothing - or lack thereof. They giggled and whispered amongst themselves. Heero continued forward, his sneakered feet plodding on the cracked sidewalk, littered with cigarette butts and condom wrappers and other oddities. A soda can here and there. Even pieces of ripped and tattered clothing, obviously abandoned as they no longer served their use. Heero walked on, ignoring everything around him.

'Issui wa hossuru', he thought, somewhat sleepily. His feet began to draw slightly.

Someone brushed up against his seductively, obviously hoping to win him as a customer. Heero gave him or her - he didn't really notice or care to notice - the full benefit of his glare, and they backed off.

Then, 'Suki da, Wufei," he said silently, to that mental image in his mind. 'I don't belong here, with the whores and the hookers. I belong with you. Wufei...'

He got no answer but the usual street noises, cat-calls thrown back and forth, leering seductions taking place all around him. The wind rustled at him and he tugged his lined leather coat tighter around him. 'Wufei... ai shiteru...'

He paused.

'It's definitely too cold to be in New York City', Heero decided, pulling his hands into his sleeves. 'Too cold for a vacation anywhere except Hawaii. I should have gone to Hawaii. Ch', Trowa; why did you send me to New York?'


"Besides," Trowa added amiably. "Didn't *you* say you wanted to go, some months ago?" He was no longer looking at Heero. Instead, he was staring absently at a photograph on his desk.

Heero smirked at Trowa's actions before his words sank in, sobering his statement. "Wufei wanted to go," he replied, in a monotone.

Trowa sighed again. Heero was a good friend, but had a tendency to have tunnel vision. Usually it worked to his benefit - he was reportedly the best assassin under 40 in the group. This time, though, all it was doing was making him wallow in stifled hurt, anger, and pain. 'You win some, you lose some', Trowa reflected. 'Wonderful'.

"Baka," Trowa borrowed from Heero's native language. Heero raised an eyebrow. "What?" Trowa retorted, smirking ever so slightly. "I picked up some Japanese. I ought to have, considering you and Wufei would have raging verbal battles with you yelling in Japanese and him screaming in Chinese and the rest of us not understanding a word."

Even Heero had to smile at that.

"Did you understand what he was saying?" Trowa asked mildly.

Heero actually laughed here. "Not word for word," he admitted, "but we got the general idea."

Trowa rolled his eyes. "*All* of us got the general idea," he murmured.

True, he was asking for an early death poking at Heero about Wufei like this. But the guy needed the prodding. If Trowa didn't bring Wufei up every once in a while, no one would. And Heero would be left thinking about Wufei by his lonesome. Never a good thing.

Heero knew why Trowa was prodding and - though talking about Wufei still hurt - he appreciated the gesture.

"Lunch time, guys. Getting food?" Relena was certainly too chirpy for her own good, and her persistent - thought thankfully somewhat subtle - chasing of Heero verged on idiotic, but she was also a master shooter. She'd back up Heero on a couple missions and he had been honestly glad to have her there. So as she stuck her head into the office, Heero offered a wan smile and rose, Trowa following suit. "Good," Relena chirped. "Let's go!" She cheerily led the way to the cafeteria.

Heero signed and picked up a plate, following Trowa into the line. Relena was babbling - as usual - and smiling every once in a while, trying to catch Heero's eye. He decided the plate had something of extreme importance written on it.

"Heero," Trowa said, after a while.


"You've been standing there for 5 minutes. Are you getting any food?"

Heero looked up, then around, sheepishly. "Oh." He reached out and took a sandwich and a roll. "Hai."

Trowa rolled his eyes and moved on.


He stepped underneath a glaring lamp and shaded his eyes, looking around again. Where was he now. 'Wonderful, I'm lost now', Heero thought to himself, rolling his eyes.

He turned to look across the street.

And saw a boy staring at him.

Duo began to smile slowly as the boy with the messy hair turned to look at him. Yes, he was beautiful. 'I want him', Duo thought, smirking.

Heero was staring.

The boy with the braid was quite possibly one of the most beautiful boys he'd ever seen. And somehow, led by an invisible pull, Heero felt himself crossing the street to stand a scant yard in front of the boy.

A girl next to Duo elbowed him, and Duo twitched. "He wants you," the girl murmured huskily into his ear, before walking off a couple yards, but keeping an amused watch.

"I know," Duo said, before she was out of hearing distance. "Score," he added, under his breath.

For Heero's benefit, Duo stretched languorously next to the street lamp, knowing the glare of the light highlighted his hair and made his eyes seem bigger and more violet. Perfect. He tapped his hair to check that it was still in a neat braid, and that his... tools were in there. He smiled.

Heero swallowed as he walked closer, cursing whatever hand was pulling him to this unknown boy. 'Kami-sama, he's a hooker! What am I doing here?! Trowa o korosu, the moment I get back'.

Angry at himself, and flooded with memories of Wufei, he yanked himself out of the hold and started to walk away.

"What's wrong?" the boy crooned.

Heero stopped. He felt a slight chill run down his back. The boy walked up slowly, and draped a hand over Heero's shoulder. "Can I help?" he added, in a breathy voice, into his ear.

Heero used every ounce of personal strength not to turn and jump the boy, to get out all his frustrations - sexual or otherwise. Instead, he stood coldly and sullenly as the boy leaned in closer, pressing his leg between Heero's.

Heero's stiffened - in more ways than one. Duo's lip curled up, feeling the body's automatic response, although Heero was desperately trying to control it. In any other situation, Heero would have simply walked again. Even now, he was trying to convince his body to move; one foot in front of the other, let's go. His legs wouldn't budge; his body was thoroughly enjoying the lithe boy that was slowly entwining his limbs around him.

"I think you need to forget someone, am I right?" Duo purred. "I can help, lover. I'm *sure* I could be good for you."

Flushing, Heero realized that he was still in the middle of the sidewalk, in the middle of the city, and several other prostitutes were openly watching the interaction, a few pointedly looking at the straining in the front of his jeans.

Duo let his hand nonchalantly slip down the front of the boy's shirt, -accidentally- brushing against a nipple. The boy twitched and locked his jaw. Duo laughed inwardly. 'Going to be a challenge, are you, beautiful? All right. Challenge me. Run away, hide; but I'll find you'.

Without a word, he disentangled himself from the boy and stepped back a little, a feral grin growing on his lips.

The boy glared at him once and began to walk off quickly in the opposite direction. Trying to put at much distance possible between them.

"Lost him?" the girl who had spoke before asked.

Duo laughed out loud. "Not a chance! He'll come back."


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