yes, we've confirmed i've crossed the line from crazy to insane. ^___^ this is my lovely proof of it. a side-poem to my ficcie. from heero's point of view. don't look at me for what the -hell- i did with the rhyming because it's there... somewhere. as for anything else... pretend it's freestyle with an identity crisis. O_O;;;
oh yeah. i don't believe in capitalization (in case you couldn't tell)


./-Catch Me-/.


do i dare?
throw my life away without a care
draw me closer
into a weakness i despise
if you'll let me drown again in those eyes

into a risk into an oblivion that i don't have the courage to reach out for
it's a life and a whirlwind i wanted to tell myself i don't have time for
but he's here
he's here
and with a smile, with a dainty smile and lifting of lips
i'm lost

fighting for control of a situation a time a place a reason
fighting against the inexorable will that overrides mine
drawn ever closer to the flame; all i want is a reason
and i know all i want is to be his and for him to be mine

throw my life away
throw caution to the damned because i have no desire to follow caution
and yet
in everything i give and take
do i deserve beauty like this?

says he loves me
says he needs me
says he wants to stay
but lips have lied before and many times to me
taunting haunting beckoning but in the end
only shatters the picture i've built around me

i fall
i am falling
and only he can catch me