Title: Baby Blue Eyes
Author: chibiANGEL
Archive: will be at my site when i'm done with it
Category: nice and angsty
Pairings: figure it out. ?+? and ?x? implied. hehe.
Notes: random, RANDOM poem. er...


some semblance of reality
and i feel it floating through me
with my eyes, everything i see
destroyed without care; and i bleed
baby blue eyes watch me now
i remember you always wondered how
the why of things, of soft and loud
if we could lie beneath a cloud
close your mind open your soul
take desire, swallow me whole
cast away the wrench of war
retie the velvet ropes so often torn
the lightning flashes and i fall
wondering if he is the victor of us all
and then i hear you call
and my feet move, no longer do they stall
baby blue eyes, lie tonight
say you'll stay through all our lives
don't mention her, please just try
you know what i want you to say, to lie
the ancient words flow through my heart
and i know i need you to restart
don't go away, don't tear me apart
this life is joy, it's truth, it's art
baby blue eyes do you belong to me
in this whispery facade of glory
in the nighttimes few that can feel
your heartbeat there with me
baby blue eyes
boys don't cry