Title: Written in the Stars
Author: Chiaki
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and its characters do not belong to me.
However, this story and any original characters are mine.
Pairings: Various
Ratings: NC-17 overall
Warnings: The whole shebang! AU; particularly for this chapter - watch out for sappiness etc... I'm a hopeless romantic! ^-^0

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Translations for the "Universal Tongue of the Stars" [ words are italicized ] will be at the bottom of the page.

".........." = speaking
*............* = thinking /private thoughts
[............] = telepathy/mind-speaking
+.........+ = Bond speaking (only happens between Dracon partners)


Chapter 4
Questions and Rheyas


Duo's feet pulled him forward betraying the fear running rampant throughout his mind. *His eyes..... By the Oracle... I've never seen such eyes... This seems crazy - but I feel like he's seeing the real me... I.... * He stopped a foot from the beautiful sehtri and held his breath as Heero craned his neck to maintain eye contact with the tall Guardian. Holding those powerful cobalt eyes once again, Duo gathered his courage and ever so gently, caressed the delicate jaw line.

Time stopped once more.

Duo's soul cried out in ecstasy at the touch; every fiber of his being trembled from the intense power of an unfathomable connection with Heero - one that could not be mistaken for any other even if it had just begun. One that belonged only to Rheyas.


+ + +

Quatre's smile faded to shock as the emotions of Duo and Heero assaulted him with their intensity. The blond Guardian gripped his head in pain as a storm of emotions and raw power invaded his being. Suddenly, the pain focused, golden eyes went wide with fear, and Quatre could only scream, "Heero!!"

+ + +

The ex-outlaw had watched with reverence and slight fear as the stunning Guardian with amethyst eyes approached him. Guardian Duo was a sight to behold; dressed in loose black with accents of silver and royal purple. His sculpted and slim physic were accentuated rather than hidden by his clothing, and his raven locks were restrained in a loose ponytail. Heero watched the muscles of the powerful thighs bulge with every step and wondered if he even had a chance to outrun the tall Guardian. And even if he wanted to move, Heero was sure that his body would not have obeyed his mind's commands to do so; he was rooted to the spot by those endless violet eyes and what they said to him.

Breathing hitched, perspiration gathered on his brow, and not really knowing why, Heero hoped and waited with anxiety for Duo's approval. Fragments of the photsems' conversation flitted through his mind. Maybe he would be the first - and only one to warm the Guardian's bed. Maybe he would be the only one Duo would hold safe in a warm embrace. And maybe he would melt into Duo's very essence, never to part....

The warmth on his face brought Heero back from his trance, only to have a sudden outburst of power and emotion strike him full force. Heero thought he heard the Guardian whisper something but the combination besieged Heero and he began to lose consciousness. Alarmed violet eyes were the last he saw before he was thrown into oblivion.


+ + + + +

....... Wake up Heero..........

A soft voice echoed throughout Heero's darkened mind, luring him from his slumber. *... Who.... *

Open you eyes Ira.... He worries.... Come... open you eyes now!

A sharp intake of breath announced the sehtri's return to consciousness and Quatre rushed over to the bedside. Duo was hesitant but moved forward, making sure to keep his distance from Heero, afraid he would hurt him again. He swallowed the large lump in his throat as he watched Quatre hover over Heero's prone form. Duo knew it was ridiculous, but jealousy raked its sharp claws across his heart nonetheless.

[ Where.... Where am I? ]

The golden one smiled. [ Oh Heero.... you've had us so worried! ]

[ Us? ]

[ Yes. Duo, the other Guardians, and myself. ]

"Guardian Duo!" Cobalt eyes snapped wide open as recent events flew through his mind's eye . "The ceremony..... I--"

"The ceremony was over two days ago," Duo stated quietly as he made his presence known to the one who held his full attention. "It ended shortly after the incident, but no harm was done." Compelled, he reached out to brush away an errant strand of russet but hastily pulled away as Heero flinched. "I... I hope you are well..." Duo strained, staring at his hand as if it were some weapon of vast destruction.

Heero saw the wounded look on the Guardian's face but could not find the words to express his apology. Mistaking Heero's silence for abhorrence, Duo finally looked up. "I understand Ira. I'm sorry if I caused you any pain," and before Heero could protest he spoke again. "Guardian Quatre and I will leave you now. We have matters to discuss. Photsems!" The two young maidens appeared suddenly. "Tend to Heero. I will return shortly."

Both bowed low and began to fuss over Heero who followed Duo's retreating form with longing in his blue depths.

+ + +

Quatre found himself in Duo's luxurious study. The Dainarian was pouring himself a drink. "Yalash, Quat?"

"Nah, zalam'ti. You have a reason for bringing me here?" The blond hoped he didn't sound too demanding.

"K'hela." Duo turned to face the large open windows. It was late afternoon and the second sun had begun to set (1). "Mah quet teim amna Heero."


Duo let his gaze fall to the drink in his hands, the liquid swirled golden in the dying light. "I want you to take Heero. I... he does not wish to be with me."

"Duo, this is madness! Yes, I admit that his losing consciousness after you touched him was rather odd - but that does not mean he doesn't want to be with you."

Amaryllis eyes blazed. "And what makes you so sure Quat? Didn't you see how scared he was of me? It was in his eyes!"

Quatre sensed the self-loath from Duo and decided to get straight to the point. "I know because I felt your interaction with him that night." Glassy violet eyes stared at him through ebony bangs. "It was the first time something like that has ever happened to me. I have the ability to perceive emotions and thoughts from other Beings. Not feel them - as if they were my own..." The blond Guardian moved to stand beside his friend at the window and mimicked his earlier action. "I felt your joy, your awe, and your ecstasy.... And I felt Heero's emotions in turn. They were not feelings of hate and anger."

"Then why did he faint? Why were you both in pain?" The question was soft.

"Heero has been alone for a very long time. How long - even he does not know. And since we cannot locate the ship on which he was taken, no tests can be made to determine how long he's been in solitude. We can only go by what he's told us. Contact of any kind was limited. He only docked to refuel and restock." Quatre turned to face Duo now. "While the amount of power and raw emotion when you two touched was extreme even for you, it was overwhelming for him. His mind and body couldn't handle it.... at least, not yet. It was not fear of pain that made Heero flinch from you earlier. Nor was it fear of you," he said gently. "It was fear of the unknown. Something I'm sure we're all afraid of?"

Duo nodded his agreement, "I understand what you're saying Quat, but what did you mean by `at least, not yet?'"

"I mean-" The platinum head shook.

"Tell me Quat. What is it?"

Duo found swirling, golden eyes locked with his. "Earlier, before we reached Dainar, I used my power on Heero...."


"And I couldn't read him. I couldn't read him like I can read others Duo! There was so much... uncertainty... surrounding him. It shielded him from my power. I was compelled to have you two meet, and I believe that he has potential."

"Potential?" A delicate ebony brow quirked in extreme interest. "To do what?"

"I don't know!!" Quatre laughed out loud, his smooth voice warming the air. Suddenly, sharp golden eyes pinned Duo with their stare. "To be anything.... to be like us."

Duo snorted, "Quat, you talk madness. Only those of--"

"No." The voice was hard. "I know exactly what I'm talking about. And he will prove it to you. Just give him a chance..."


The slightly shorter Guardian had reached his wits' end. *Damn you, Duo! You can be so stubborn!*

"Teim nirat ti'Rheya?! The one you've claimed to be searching for!"(2) Amethyst eyes narrowed at Quatre's exclamation. "Remember Duo," Quatre reached into his breast pocket and placed the small pendant into Duo's hand. "I felt everything.... and what I felt that night could only belong to Rheyas."

The Guardian of Sharram bowed to his brother, who slowly returned the gesture. Nearing the doors, Quatre called out, "ask Heero what he wants to do. I'm going to say goodbye to your mother and then I will take my leave.... Kree'tai, Duo."

Guardian Duo stood motionless, yet his mind was anything but still. The door closed and he was left alone with his thoughts in silence.

+ + + + +

"Oh Master Heero! We were so worried about you!" Sarka exclaimed. "You gave us such a fright!" Terran nodded in earnest by her side.

"I am sorry Sarka. Terran." The girls gave each other incredulous looks.

"M-master Heero, you do not need to apologize." Terran stated quietly as she took his trembling hand. "We were just...." She looked to her friend for help.

Sarka gave a weak smile and finished Terran's sentence. "Being girls - that's all. It's in our nature to fret. Please," she took Heero's other hand and they both helped him up. "We must get you cleaned before Guardian Duo arrives."

All three were so preoccupied with their own thoughts as Heero was washed up and re-dressed into his sehtri's garb that the return of Duo went unnoticed. Somewhat grateful for their ignorance, the tall Dainarian watched the young sehtri with doubt as Quatre's words echoed through his mind. *To be anything.... I felt everything..... like us...... only to Rheyas...* At that moment Heero's head shot up toward Duo's hiding place and cobalt fire consumed his soul once again. Wordlessly, Duo approached the still figure and the servants took their leave.

The distance separating the pair quickly diminished; Duo stopped an arm-length away. He looked down into Heero's face as if all his answers were somehow hidden there, and let his eyes caress every inch of smooth, ivory skin. They lingered on Heero's glistening bottom-lip before rising to meet the blue of his eyes. "I'm giving you a choice, Heero."

The smaller Being nodded with sincere gratitude. He knew that he was the only sehtri to be gifted with such a thing as a choice. "Guardian Quatre will be leaving almost immediately, and you...." Duo swallowed at the sudden dryness of his throat. "You may go with him, if that pleases you."

The braided Guardian then held out his hand, with the small pendant nestled in the center of his palm. Heero stifled the gasp that rose to his throat, but his surprise was evident. Cautiously, he regarded the amaryllis pools, which seemed to have set up a barrier against his probing, cobalt stare. "And the other option, my Guardian?" Heero asked in a quiet voice.

"To remain here...," Duo lowered his eyes. "With me."

His outstretched hand was suddenly covered by the soft hands of his sehtri, and closed over Heero's sole possession. "I wish to remain here, Guardian Duo." Their eyes met with fire. "If that pleases you, my Lord."


+ + +

"Will the sehtri be returning to Sharram with us Guardian?"

Golden eyes swirled with delight. "No, Rashid. I do not believe Heero will be leaving the company of his Rheya for some time now..."

"Guardian Duo and Heero are Rheyas?!"

"Mm." There followed a stunned silence.

"...I shall prepare for our departure then, my Lord." Quatre nodded as Rashid left, never taking his eyes off the palace of Dainar.

"Take care of him, Duo. Heero may very well be the answer for all that is to come..."


+ tsudsuku...



Words and their meanings...

photsem - servants
yalash - type of alcoholic beverage familiar of Dainar
nah zalam'ti - no thank you
Mah quet tiem amna Heero - I want you to take Heero
Teim nirat ti'Rheya - You would deny your Rheya?!
kree'tai - good evening

[1] Dainar has two suns! Heh. It's my Universe - I'll do what I please. ^-^
[2] Translation see above.

That was rather short ne? *cringes* Gomen minna! You've all been so patient with me and all I can produce is crap. *sighs* I was thinking of making it longer, but I felt like I needed to leave it there. The next chapter ensures some 2x1 action!! So please put away the guns, knives, pitchforks, etc. I promise to write faster!!

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