Title: Written in the Stars
Author: Chiaki
Disclaimers: I do not own Gundam Wing or its characters. They belong to their respective owners. The story and any original characters are mine.
Ratings: NC-17 ( overall )
Pairings: Various
Warnings: The whole shebang - eventually. ::winks::
Notes: Wow...I'm actually working on one of my fics!! ::faints from heart attack:: The following are words I've created for my own purposes. ^-^

"The Universal Tongue"

k'hela ~ yes
da ~ why
ira ~ an affectionate term used for someone younger than yourself; "Young one..."
Mi'adra ~ Mother
irek ~ native animal of Dainar; a bovine
ehrat ~ what
kimash ~ customary sehtri garb; two pieces of cloth, covering both front and back, which falls down to the knees and is held up with a large strip of cloth at the waist
sehtri ~ concubine; sex slave
Rheya ~ soul mate; bonded

".........." = speaking //............// = thinking /private thoughts
[............] = telepathy/mind-speaking

+.........+ = Bond speaking (only happens with your Dracon partner)

This chapter is especially for Gem and Tina who have patiently awaited my slow arse to get in gear! Thanks luv!! ^-^


Chapter Three
The Presentation of the Gifts

From the moment Dainar's sun rose, the entire planet had been in a state of festive bliss. Duo, their former prince, had passed the tests of the Oracle the night before and was now a Guardian of the Cosmos. Today would be a day of joy and celebration for the forces of Balance. Every town and city decorated its streets, filled the air with music, tantalizing aromas, and laughter. After the ceremonial introduction of Guardian Duo at noon, the festivities would continue until tomorrow's light. The nobles, city leaders, and other invited guests would carry on at the palace. The lucky few would witness the elaborate spectacle of the Presentation of the Gifts from every planet under the new Guardian's domain and the other three Guardians.

The reflection in the mirror stared back at the Guardian with solemn eyes. They were like twin amaryllis pools. The soft and gentle glitter fooled those who only looked upon their surface while deeper, hidden within their depths, was his true self. All his life he'd been loved and cared for - and in turn, loved and cared for others. He had a lust for being alive, for taking risks, and for knowing no boundaries. Duo had everything anyone could ever want and yet... something inside was missing. The tall Guardian ran a large hand through his long bangs. All he wanted was to fill that impossible void in his soul...

No further thought on the matter could continue because a sentry, garbed in his ceremonial uniform called upon Duo. "My Guardian," he bowed low. "The ceremony is about to begin."

Duo nodded to his guard and the young man left. Taking a deep breath to calm his nerves he then got up and turned to leave his bedroom chambers, looking out the large balcony windows to gaze upon the noonday sky as he passed by.

// I hope my friends get here soon.... //

+ + + + +

Quatre watched the Being as he slowly came to. He had been there through Heero's nap and couldn't take his eyes off him. During which time, Quatre was also debating over whether to give Heero to Duo as he had initially planned - or to keep the magnificent young drifter for himself. The Guardian fought away the blush that graced his cheeks as fantasies with Heero pinned beneath him played over in his mind. His light coughing only brought attention to him as Heero sat up and turned his gaze on the taller Guardian. Clearing his throat for the last time and regaining control over his body, he finally looked up and was taken aback by Heero's cobalt blue eyes yet again. The ethereal twinkle was muted with sleepy haze and sooty, long lashes kissed high cheekbones.

// Mmmm......I believe Heero would look exactly like that after making love....only... a little more flushed and... //

Quickly dismissing the vision, Quatre greeted his mysterious charge. "Good midday Heero," his greeting was smooth and he smiled warmly only to have Heero look at him with questioning eyes.

[Ah! Please forgive my absentmindedness...Good midday Heero.] Quatre got up and seated himself on the bed next to Heero's legs.

[Aa...good midday, Guardian Quatre.] He replied as he bowed his head. The blond tenderly placed two fingers under the pale chin and lightly forced Heero to look at him.

[What is wrong?] Quatre could feel frustration and fear emanating from the younger Being.

[I...I know how to speak the universal Tongue of the stars....I just can't for some reason. I spoke it before...I know I did....I just don't remember how....I hate this.]

[Ahhh...you were alone for a long time?]

Heero nodded his head in painful memory, [Yes, my Guardian. Longer than you can imagine.....]

[Well I believe that you are just out of practice. Do not worry Heero... it will come to you in time.] Quatre again smiled as he brushed away a few stray chocolate strands and Heero blushed.

[Will I get to stay with you Guardian?] Golden eyes widened with surprise. Heero was definitely direct. At the moment, he was looking up at the Guardian with a hopeful look and Quatre understood the fear.

[Well you see Ira...] Quatre removed himself from the bed to look through the window at the vastness of space. [I would like it greatly if you could stay with me and I want you to.....]

His sentence drifted off as he turned to Heero, and was hit as something became clear in the depths of his eyes. // I want him to stay.....but Heero needs someone, and that someone isn't me...... // Quatre closed his eyes and reaching with his power, searched Heero's essence.(1)

Unaware of what Quatre was doing, Heero quietly watched the handsome God; Quatre looked like he had gone into a trance. Suddenly the older Being's eyes snapped open in shock, and it was Heero's turn to be stunned by what he found there. The gold in the Guardian's eyes was swirling with his power, and ever so slowly, a bewildered smile spread across the beautiful face.

// Hmm...his aura is most difficult to read. However, one thing's for sure. My uchuu no kokoro is telling me that he just might be what Duo of Dainar needs... // Quatre laughed with a light heart at the expression on Heero's face and at his recent discovery.

[Gomen Heero. But I... had already planned on giving you to a very close friend of mine....]

[Oh...] Heero drew the sheets around him closer. Sensing Heero's trepidation, Quatre tried to reassure the young Being.

[Duo is my friend and now Guardian of Dainar.] Heero looked up and the blond nodded. [He is a great Being and I trust him with my life. You will be in good hands Heero. Do you trust me?]

[K'hela, my Guardian...I do.]

[No, Heero. Not Guardian, I am your friend.] Heero smiled. [You will see much of me I'm sure. Duo and I are very close along with the other Guardians. Now...what do you say we get you cleaned up before we arrive at Dainar hmm?]

Whatever happened to him now, had to be better than what would've happened if Quatre hadn't saved him when he did, Heero thought. The genuine smile and comforting air surrounding his new friend gave Heero a feeling of safety he had long lost. Although he'd very much like to stay with Quatre, he subdued his selfishness and would follow what Quatre thought was best. The golden Guardian was honest and Heero would trust him. His smile brightened and looked straight into the glowing orbs of gold. [K`hela... my friend.]

+ + +

Heero blushed furiously as the two giggling servants scrubbed away at his naked body, but stayed still as they worked. They proceeded to chat as they washed his chocolate tresses with a sweet smelling hair soap, that of which he recognized to be a flower that originated from Aurora; the rose. Heero inhaled deeply. It was so soothing and soon he began to relax, listening to their dialogue as he had begun to remember.(2) He smiled slightly at the girls' gossip.

"I cannot wait to arrive at Dainar!"

"Oh I know~! I hear that Guardian Duo is as handsome as they come!" The girls swooned. "Do you think we'll get to see him?"

"I'm sure we will Sarka! Why, now that we must tend to Master Heero, Guardian Quatre is more than likely to bring us into the palace!"

"You're right!!" More giggling. "Saa....Master Heero you are one very lucky Being," she teased as she rinsed away the foam. "To be among the few Guardian Duo will surely choose to warm his bed!"

The darker girl frowned as Heero's blush turned an even deeper hue. "And why are you so sure that Guardian Duo will pick Master Heero? He'll probably have hundreds to choose from!"

"Ehrat?! Terran, are you blind?! Have you not seen Master Heero? Even Guardian Quatre sees he is incomparable!!" Said Being was currently wishing that he hadn't remembered the universal Tongue.

"Of course I have!!...It's just that....don't get your hopes up too high," she leaned in close above Heero's head and Sarka mimicked her. "I heard that Guardian Duo has very particular taste, and that he has never taken a sehtri. But the real kicker is... well, he's looking for his Rheya~! Imagine that!!"

"Well I certainly can! We all long for the one who is our Bonded--"

"K'hela... but very few are able to find the other..." They sighed simultaneously.

"Well even if they aren't Soul Mates..." Sarka grinned at a nervous Heero as she rolled her sleeves higher. "With us on the job.....Guardian Duo is sure to have very particular taste toward Master Heero!"

+ + + + +

The ceremonial introduction and speech had been elegantly carried out. Duo smiled down at his cheering people as delight rushed through his veins. Happy faces greeted him back as he waved and then left the large balcony.

"My son......I'm so proud of you! The ceremony was magnificent was it not?"

"That it was Mi'adra," he smiled lightly as he wrapped his arm around her. "Now....let's get this party started!"

"K'hela! Guards! The doors if you please..." She beamed, and the pair entered the large palace.

+ + +

Duo suppressed the yawn as he `listened' to the idle chatter of the Princess of Sanq, Relena. The blond completely bored him and he desperately sought a way of escape.

"Announcing Guardian Trowa of Heratt and Guardian Wufei of Shenlia!"(3)

// So there is a higher power... // Duo laughed lightly. "Excuse me, Relena. My friends arrive...." And with that, he left the confused princess alone in the middle of the floor.

"You owe us yet again Duo," Wufei indicated toward the blond girl with a slight nod of his head.

"Put it on my tab Wu," he winked and smirked at the other Guardian's annoyance. "Trowa." He gripped the offered arm in warm greeting and led them toward the refreshments. "Sooo....what kind of wonderful gifts have you brought for me? Hmmm?" The newly appointed Guardian exaggerated his search by looking around and behind his two friends as if they carried their presents with them.

"Must you always be so impatient Duo?" Wufei smirked lightly. "I'm not telling you a thing. You'll just have to wait until the actual presentation."

"You're never any fun Wu," he grinned as he faced the two. They both wore their ceremonial Guardian attire for the special night. Wufei looked magnificent in his loose black pants and sleeveless collared shirt prominent of Shenlia's exotic style. The jade colored fabric which reached his knees, fell vertical down both Wufei's front and back; it was held in place with an equally wide strip of red fabric that was decorated with the mystical Dracon of Shenlia embroidered in golden thread. A single shoulder guard slung diagonally across his torso and an intricately designed band encased his entire right forearm. Accents of ruby red glinted in his jet-black hair which was held back in a tight ponytail, and smoky gray eyes burned with the fire of his power.

Trowa stood to his left; he was the embodiment of royalty. Tall and straight, his clothes only magnified Trowa's strong presence. Emerald material encased his long legs and the ends were tucked into calf-high black boots. He wore a tight fitting, black shirt with a high stiff collar opened in front and black armor encased his chest. Silver thread accented the collar and an open long black vest, embroidered with more emerald completed the outfit. Long bangs of the darkest green, covered one of his sparkling bright green eyes and half of the handsome face.

"Has Quatre arrived yet?" Trowa asked as he took a sip from his wineglass.

"No...no Quatre hasn't and it's almost the Presentation of the Gifts," Duo cast worried eyes to the large entrance of the Guardian's Chamber. "Do you think he forgot about my ceremony?"

"Quatre wouldn't miss it for the Stars, Duo." The Guardian of Shenlia reassured him and placed a hand on Duo's shoulder. "You know that. He is coming from the Milky Way galaxy this evening--"

"All the way from there?!" Duo stared at Wufei wide-eyed. "No wonder he's so late. But why would he or anyone else for that matter... travel so far?" Trowa threw a glance at Wufei who nodded without looking back. "We didn't want to tell you on your day of celebration Duo," he began, "but now you must know." He whispered, "we must talk in private."

Duo nodded in understanding as he led the way to a secluded room not too far from the evening's festivities. "So what is it?"

Trowa sighed heavily, "a few days ago Quatre felt tremendous pain from the Universe and decided to look into it. What he found was... is unimaginable..." The tall Guardian ran a slender hand thru his bangs. "The entire Milky Way galaxy has been destroyed. Nothing has survived, and since Quatre's domain was closest to Zeronia's he decided to take it upon it himself and left immediately after. We didn't want the other galaxies' leaders to know about this until we had enough information to come to a conclusion."

"Do we know what caused the destruction?" Duo's voice was cold.

"No, we do not," Shenlia's Guardian answered. "Intelligence is looking into it as we speak and there are troops patrolling the area. We are sorry Duo - to be the bearers of such bad news."

The Guardian of Dainar shook his head and sighed, "there is nothing to be sorry for Wufei. I am only sad and angry that this has occurred. We have lived in virtual peace for hundreds of cycles. I do not want it to end......I don't want-"

They were interrupted by a light knock on the door as the Lady of Dainar came in.

"Hello boys," she smiled brightly at the other two Guardians. "Darling.... The presentation is about to begin. We're waiting for you."

With a small nod at his head Duo got up and was followed by his two friends out the door and into the Guardian's Chamber. Before stepping into the chamber's light Duo turned to his friends. "We will discuss this matter further after the festivities."

Trowa and Wufei nodded in agreement and entered the busy room behind their amaryllis-eyed comrade. The crowd parted easily, making way for their three Guardians who were walking toward the raised marble near the back of the large chamber. Silence fell as the Guardian of Dainar took his seat with his mother and advisors on the left, while the other Guardians took their place to his right. The announcer of the evening then stepped forward and projected the list from the small head-device he was wearing. He signaled to the conductor and the orchestra began a soft tune as he began the Presentation of the Gifts.

The amplified voice reverberated through the air, "On behalf of all the Stars and Planets within the known Universe, we Beings give our humble thanks to Duo, the Guardian of Dainar and present him with these gifts."

Duo forced the smile on his face to broaden as the most anticipated part of the celebrations began.

+ + +

Invaluable treasures lay in heaps on flat levitating cars, guarded by a number of sentries. The crowd had been delighted with glittering gems, glowing orbs, fantastic ships, exotic creatures, and so much more. There had been many Beings offered as sehtri, all of which Duo had politely objected to. The Lady of Dainar cast a worried glance at her grinning son who had turned down some of the most beautiful Beings she had ever laid eyes upon. She was aware of his Search but expected him to at least show some attraction toward one of the lovely individuals. As if sensing her thoughts Duo turned to her and smiled, a strange light glittered in his eyes. The small frown marring her face vanished as quickly as it had come; she would let her son do as he pleased as long as it made him happy. She smiled back and the ebony headed Guardian returned his attention to the latest gift presented to him.

"From the Guardian of Heratt, to the Guardian of Dainar," the announcer stated as guards from Trowa's planet came before the throne escorting a large, floating black case. Trowa stood proudly before his friend, bowed, and smiling ever so slightly he opened the box. The crowd watched in awe as Trowa pulled out a magnificent gun. The artisans of Heratt were renown for their expertise in the craft of weapon yielding, a practice which was tradition for the royal bloodline of the planet, and this piece was no exception. The green- eyed Guardian held out his creation with both hands to present it to his smiling friend. Duo took it with a bow and began to examine it further.

It spanned an arm's length and was a little more than five inches high, yet was light and most certainly durable. The gun was crafted in Sarki's Blood - the dark metalloid extracted from the core of a dying moon, and was accented with pieces of platinum.(4) Duo turned it on its side and noticed the royal design engravings of Dainar. Smiling, he looked up at Trowa who gave a light nod. The newest Guardian then activated his gun with a deft move and felt the power gathering to its center. Duo then lifted the gun, as if preparing to take aim, and a holographic scope appeared locking onto his current target - Trowa. The taller Guardian smirked as Duo quickly deactivated his gun.

"It only recognizes your energy signature, and..." Trowa gently brushed his bangs away from his face only to have them fall back into his twinkling eyes. "...has a power capacity to match its master."

The entire audience, including the celebrant, admitted audible gasps of astonishment. Before Duo's gift from Trowa, all manufactured weapons had certain power limits, and thus certain weapons were ineffective against aggressors with higher energy levels. The only exceptions to this were the legendary weapons of the Guardians having limitless power - not because the Guardians' powers were limitless, but because when necessary, each Guardian became a vessel through which the Power of the Universe could channel. With this new weapon however, a warrior wouldn't have to carry an assortment of artillery. And as the battle escalates, so can the fighter without having to change guns mid-combat, losing precious seconds, and risking life.

Duo beheld the future of weaponry and clapped Trowa on the back. "My Stars, Trowa!! You continue to amaze me... Thank you my friend. It is a beautiful piece that I will treasure for my life."

The slightly taller Guardian only smiled warmly and backed away. Duo then placed his gun on the floating tray closest to his throne and turned to face his audience again.

"From the Guardian of Shenlia, to the Guardian of Dainar!" The Shenlian Guardian strolled to stand before the dais, and with a simple gesture of his hand, brought forth a large, round container holding royal purple flames. Duo, who had immediately recognized the item for what it was, tried to control his utter excitement.

"Duo of Dainar." Wufei held his chin high with pride. "I bestow upon you the sacred creature of Shenlia - the Dracon."(5)

"Wu!" Duo quickly stepped forward to lightly grip his arm. "This is no joke my friend?" There was slight fear in his voice, to which Shenlia's Guardian chuckled. It seemed Duo had taken his childhood vow - to "never let a baka bond with a Dracon!" - seriously. Wufei shook off his laughter.

"No, friend. It is true. The Dracon is yours - that is... if it chooses you in return." Wufei's tone had turned a little solemn and Duo's anxiety skyrocketed. As tradition demanded on Shenlia, a group of Dracon candidates were selected for the annual Hatching of the Dracons. Once free from their shells, the infant Dracons would chose their partner, not the other way around.(6) Duo, being a Guardian, had a better chance of being a Chosen but the possibility of rejection still remained.

A sharp chirping drew the Guardian of Dainar from his contemplating state, and the tall Being stepped closer to the hovering contraption. The container's sides split and like a blossoming flower, opened up to reveal the metallic looking egg, approximately two and a half meters in height. Suddenly, the violet flames withered away and the gray egg began to crack. The audience held its breath as an ebony beak broke through its confine at random, bits and pieces of shell falling to the plate below it. Gasps of awe echoed throughout the hall as the black Dracon spread its large wings and lifted its glistening head in a roar. Duo swallowed the huge lump in his throat as the Dracon slowly examined the Beings surrounding it. The small creature was amazing; it was from head to tail, longer in length than the Guardian of Dainar and its hide was as black as space itself. All of a sudden, the eyes of the Dracon and Guardian met and the connection was made.

// Our eyes are exactly the same color! // Duo inhaled sharply as a warm male voice filled his head.

+ I am Khaelyn.... What is your name? + Iridescent violet eyes swirled with warmth.(7)

"...Khaelyn..." The tall Guardian was immediately humbled, and with a bow tried out his new link. + I... it is an honor Khaelyn. I am Duo of Dainar... +

+ Duo... + Khaelyn's amaryllis eyes shone with a golden warm glaze. + I wish YOU to by my Chosen. Will you accept me in return? +

The braided Guardian nodded in reverence and then broke out into a genuine smile. + Yes, Khaelyn. Let us be friends. + Duo took in a sharp breath as the metal link to his Dracon was completed, and the forgotten audience was remembered as applause broke throughout the hall. Then the young, black Dracon hopped off the platform and made his way to Duo's side. Wufei took this time to step forward and assist with the infant's care.

"Guards! Bring meat for Duo. The young one is hungry." Twin sets of violet eyes looked on him with gratitude. "Come Duo, feed him."

"Yes! Of course..." Duo smiled as he held out a large piece of irek to Khaelyn who immediately ate it up and demanded more. The braided one laughed. "My! His appetite is a rival to mine!"

Trowa, who had taken his spot on Duo's left, snorted. "No one rivals your appetite!"

"Hn," Duo grunted as he fed Khaelyn another piece of meat. "I still grow Trowa; I need my nourishment."

"Whatever you say Duo," Wufei joined in the fun of teasing their younger friend. "Whatever you say..."

The Dainarian's eyes narrowed as he realized his elders' most favored game - "pick on Duo" - and much to the other two Guardians' displeasure, kept his mouth shut. After a few prods and no success, Trowa and Wufei reluctantly fell into a normal conversation, which the amethyst-eyed Guardian joined.

The Lady of Dainar warmly smiled at the group before her. She knew that her son had genuine friends, and that if anything were to happen, the lot of them would be able to pull through. With a happy smile, Elina of Dainar raised her voice to the crowd. "Come my friends! The night is young - let us rejoice still!" And with that, the celebrating carried on.

+ + + + +

The light blue moon of Dainar was almost at its zenith when Sandrock touched down. A group emerged from the large spaceship and the Dainarian guards stood at attention.

"Guardian Quatre!" The officer in charge stepped out of line and bowed before the golden Being. "Sir, it is an honor to receive you. Guardian Duo, along with Guardian Trowa and Wufei await your arrival in the Guardian's Chamber."

Quatre smiled as he removed his hood. "Thank you. I have a party of eight excluding myself. We need no assistance getting there."

"Yes, Guardian." The tall guard signaled for his men to clear the way and stood at attention as Quatre and his group passed. When they finally entered the palace the Dainarian guards began to whisper among themselves about the curious hooded figure surrounded by the rest of the Guardian's party.

+ + +

Quatre came to a halt in front of the large double doors which led to the Guardian's Chamber and turned to his group. "Come Heero. Let me see you..." The blond Guardian waited with anticipation as the smaller Being approached him with light footsteps. He had not had the pleasure to see his charge before this moment and was eager to see the changes. With his cobalt eyes lowered , Heero pulled down his hood. "By the Oracle.... Ira... You are stunning!"

Heero lifted his head and gave a shy smile at his friend's compliment. "Thank you Quatre."

"Mmm.... Heero - I must be insane for letting you go," Quatre stated as he brushed back a chocolate strand behind Heero's ear. "But alas, I must keep my word." The taller Being smiled at the blush that graced the high cheekbones and suddenly noticed the glitter of silver hanging off Heero's ear. "What is this Ira?"

Panic flooded Heero's mind as Quatre reached for his only link to the past. [No! Please don't! It's the only thing I o-own....my mother..... Please don't!]

Shocked by Heero's sudden outburst of emotion, Quatre grabbed the frantic boy by his arms and calmed him down through his mind. As the Guardian's power washed over him, Heero stopped his thrashing and became still in the taller man's embrace.

[Ira... I am sorry, but sehtri are not allowed to have any possessions.]

[But--] Teary eyes blinked up at Quatre.

[But. I can keep it safe for you, if you'd like.]

[Y-you would do that for me?]

The Guardian of Sharram smiled, gently let go of his embrace, and held out his hand. Heero smiled sadly as he removed the small pendant and placed it into the open palm. [You may ask to see it whenever you please, okay Ira?]

[K'hela Quatre. T-thank you.]

Quatre nodded as he tucked the piece of jewelry into his breast pocket and then lifted the hood over Heero's chocolate mane once again. [Come. It is time.] And thus, he opened the doors to Heero's new future.

+ + +

The announcer snapped his head around to the entrance of his Guardian's Chamber and quickly cleared his throat. "T-the Guardian of Sharram; Quatre!"

The sea of bodies parted as the golden Guardian made his way toward his lifelong friends. A secretive smile touched the full lips and he bowed low to Duo. "My apologies, Duo."

"No, Quat. I'm only glad you made it," Duo stated as he petted Khaelyn's large head; the Dracon sat next to his partner's throne. "Come Quatre. Let us drink!" The other two Guardians nodded in agreement.

"Yes, Duo but first..." Quatre moved to the side to reveal the cloaked figure behind him. "I present my gift..."

A delicate ebony eyebrow arched up in confusion. Duo was positive that Quatre knew of his Search and that he disliked taking sehtris. // Why would you present me with one Quat? //

"Ah... Quatre. You know I--" His sentence was cut off sharply.

[Please Duo. Just... take a look. One look into his eyes...]

Dainar's Guardian jumped slightly at the mind-touch. // His? Ha... Quatre, you never cease to amaze me...How is it you know my sexual preference hmm? I must be more careful now when I look.... //

A chuckle erupted from his lips and Duo nodded to indicate his recognition to Quatre's plea. Sharram's Guardian then signaled to the two servants who immediately removed the cloak in quick moves. When they retreated back into position silence reigned throughout the hall. Quatre looked up to see an alien expression on his friend's face and smiled. // Sarka and Terran have done well indeed. //

"This is Heero... Heero, meet Guardian Duo."

Time seemed to slow down as the dark arches of lashes blinked delicately against high cheekbones and a pink tongue peeked out to wet dry, luscious lips. Duo began forward and let his gaze travel over the alabaster skin which was taught across his flesh. The young Being was not defined but showed potential; lean muscle could clearly be seen. The sehtri was garbed in only a black kimash, exposing his long, hairless legs and feet with elegant toes. Duo subconsciously licked his lips at the sight of the heaving, smooth chest and caramel nipples perked to attention. The Dainarian paused directly in front of Heero and followed the long arch of neck to his closed face framed by long bangs of russet. Duo took a deep breath. // No one can be this beautiful... and yet there is more... // Guided by some unseen force, Duo commanded, "look at me."

The cobalt jewels finally opened, pinning Duo with their soul-searching stare, and for the first time in his entire life the void within him was filled.


+ tsudsuku...


Author's Notes:

[1] One of Quatre's many powers as the Guardian of Sharram and Keeper of the Heart. Each Guardian has their own special abilities and each are a Keeper of the five aspects of Space; Heart, Silence, Justice, Darkness, and Light/Soul. :P

[2] So Heero's always been a quick learning, and he's not really learning it... he's RE-learning it. Remember, hundreds of years alone and you'd be out of practice too.

[3] It's so gosh-darn hard to make up names... so these are the names of the Guardians' planets. Vaguely based on the names of their Gundams in the anime.

[4] Er. I made this up too. I thought it sounded cool. So kill me. XP

[5] Well doesn't that sound familiar! Hmm.... I wonder what it could possibly look like.

[6] Adopted from Anne McCaffrey's Pern series. I do not take credit for this at all. I love her stories... ::smiles:: You should read it....it's quite good. ^-^

[7] Again adopted from the mentioned author. The Dracons instinctively know their own name. All actions regarding the Dracon are also adopted from the author.

Wow.... I finally got this thing typed. Ten pages.... oi!! -_- I don't know why it took so long. I just had so much to write; sorry about making you wait for Heero. Well he's finally here and this is gonna be good... ::smiles:: FEEDBACK is essential. THANK YOU to all who have been nagging me to get my arse in gear. ^-^ I couldn't have done it without you!! Oh... and just as a side note. I like entries in my guest book. They make me happy. ^-^00