Title:Written in the Stars: Chapter Two
Dedicated to Mina Lightstar
Author: Chiaki
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The Coming of Age


It had been hundreds of years of solitude and confusion. Thousands of days drifting throughout the stars. The once magnificent ship, Hanako, was falling apart at the hinges, its golden sheen lost. It was carrying its lone passenger toward the space dock of Mankelia, when a pirate ship ambushed it out of no where. Unfortunately the ancient ship was nothing compared to the latest, stolen technology of the Cosmos. The dark ship moved in fast and like a parasite, attached itself to the shell of the dead ship. The diminutive ship made no effort to attack and the pirates boarded easily. Quickly, they searched the spaceship for anything and anyone of value to fill their pockets with money.

"There's nothing here Jay," a tall pirate reported to his Captain`s back. "Not a damned thing."

"Jay!!" Was the raspy shout from the old pirate's communicator. The leader of the pirates snatched up the device from his belt and turned to face his tall companion.

"What is it Gee? What have you found?" There were sounds of struggling and Gee yelling out commands. The sounds stopped and through the communicator came light chuckling.

"You might say," Gee paused trying to think of the perfect words. "I've found a diamond in the rough."


It was time.

A millennia had passed and it was time for the Cosmos to welcome its newest Guardian; the tall young man stood proudly upon the circular marble dais on Dainar's highest peak. His youthful appearance misled one about his true age. Although he looked like he was only nineteen cycles (1), he had lived almost a thousand years. A Guardian's lifetime spanned much longer than that of the other Beings among the stars for obvious reasons. Now it was the day before his 1000th cycle, but as it had been done eons before, the Coming would start at sunset.

Dark brown eyes stared at the orange-red sun. He silently wished his father were here to see him, to be with him on this day of days. He trained for years, strengthening and developing his powers to reach their fullest potential and now he faced the greatest challenge as of yet. The challenge of the Oracle. If he could pass the tests and reach his destined weapon, he would be deemed worthy of the title Guardian, protector of the Cosmos and all within it.

His mother stood directly across from him with tears in her eyes while the rest of his court encircled the platform. Then the sky started to dim, the stars began to twinkle in the early evening sky, and the soon to be Guardian smiled softly as he disappeared with the sun.


"Guardian Quatre."

Slowly, the man standing before Sandrock's large window turned around. He had a well built frame; tall and strong. And he moved with a grace that all Guardians possessed. His hands were clasped behind his back and a solemn statement marred his beautiful face. His usually bright golden eyes were dark with sadness. Nonchalantly, he ran one slender hand through his platinum locks.

"Report Rashid."

"My Guardian, Aurora has been destroyed and the rest of this galaxy as well."

Quatre sighed heavily. They picked up a distress signal a few days ago from the remotest part of the universe. This sector would have been under the protection of the Guardian of Zeronia, but every Being knew Zeronia was no more. So Quatre went with his men to investigate; his sector or not, it was his duty to protect.

"Do we know what or who caused this massacre?"

"No sir. We cannot determine the means of death by which these Beings suffered. There are no marks, except for being burnt through......"

The past millennia had been relatively peaceful and now this. Quatre rubbed his temples. It looked as if that peace would soon be broken.

"There are no survivors?" Quatre looked out the window again.

"No my Guardian."

"Then there is nothing else we can do. Set up patrols around the galaxy. I want nothing going in or coming out understand?"

"Yes Guardian Quatre," a few tears escaped the golden Guardian's eye.

"We leave for Mankelia to refuel and supply."

"Yes sir."


When the warrior opened his dark eyes, he found himself surrounded by darkness. By nothingness. Unarmed, he waited patiently and in a great distance before him shone the bright light of his destined weapon. Abruptly, an echoing feminine voice spoke throughout the void.


He bowed slightly and with a grin, started off.

The challenge of the Oracle was made up of three tests. The first would be the test of the Body. The young man smirked in confidence as he continued to run while the darkness melted into a harsh terrain. He would show the Oracle just how powerful he was.

The first obstacles proved no challenge to the Dainarian. He finished them off quickly and easily.

// Pathetic....... //

All his senses were alert as he came to a stop before a great lake. He stood there, trying to sense his opponent. Suddenly he jumped up as a massive tail shattered the ground he was once standing on. He levitated a good forty yards above the rubble as the creature emerged from the water. It was a hideous beast, with rows of sharp teeth and glowing green eyes. Stretching its translucent wings and whipping out its blue forked tongue, the creature eyed its prey. Shrieking, it lunged for the Dainarian. The two danced at a furious pace, charging and lashing, trying to kill the other. His clothing was battered and torn, but he was left unscathed. The warrior paused momentarily to catch his breath as the creature lay panting on the bank. The beast recovered first and assaulted. With incredible speed he dodged the gaping mouth and gathered energy for his own attack. Transforming his black energy into a blade he sliced the monster's hide. It screamed in pain and retaliated with its tail. The warrior tried to get out of the way, but the beast managed to cut his face. Slightly shocked the Dainarian raised a hand to his bleeding right cheek.

"No more games....," and with that his power engulfed him, swallowing his surroundings, and destroying the beast. When the energy declined there was nothing left of the monster or the lake. The darkness had returned, a sign that he had passed the first test. He then slowed his breathing and cleared his mind.


"I want fifty percent of what you get with this one....."

"But Jay!"

"No buts Sam. I know as well as you do that THIS boy will fetch you a fortune......and I want half of it." Sam chewed on his bottom lip as he tried to decide. Yes, Jay was right. This boy was unlike any Being he'd ever seen before. Even with half the profit, Sam would be very rich indeed.

Heero watched the interaction between the two old men as he silently struggled to get out of his restraints. They were making strange sounds with their mouths and he couldn't understand them at all. However, he knew somehow, that HE was the topic of their dealings. Heero found that the rings around his wrists and ankles were strongly magnetic. There was no way to get them off. Carefully, he lifted his hands to his left ear and quickly covered it with more of his long dark brown hair. Hopefully, now they wouldn't notice his single and most prized possession.

"Fine. Half then." Jay smiled brightly and turned to the trembling young man.

[ What are you going to do to me??!!! Who are you??!!! Why won't you speak to me?!!! ]

// Odin......Noin......I wish you were here...... //

The one who took him from Hanako leered at him through his dark glasses.

"Okay pretty boy, Sam's gonna clean you up and then you're gonna go on display."

More nonsense spilled from the hideous man's mouth and Heero could only hope that he wouldn`t die that very night.


The nothingness remained. The Dainarian slowly walked toward the glowing of his weapon. As he progressed, he could hear faint whispers in the dark. The farther he traveled, the louder the whispers grew until they reached a deafening pitch.


He desperately tried to cover his ears, trying to shield them from the hoarse cries. His efforts made no change. The voices were all around. Outside, inside, everywhere....and then they stopped. A melody began to play on the soft breeze.

// That sounds so familiar......where have I heard that before?...... //

A figure appeared before him. It was a beautiful, young woman with incredibly long auburn hair. She hid her face with the child she held and was rocking back and forth. The Dainarian froze upon realizing who she was.


As if on cue, his young mother was torn in half, her blood splattering against the nothingness. The baby in her arms was thrown into the air and disappeared.

"No...." he breathed. Fear finally gripped his heart and he started to tremble. Snickering brought his attention back to where his mother's mutilated body lay. Between her parts stood a Being he'd never seen before. The monster before him appeared to be made up of swirling shadows, gray and black, contained in a human-like form. It reared up, exposing three huge claws attached to each upper appendage, both dripping with her blood. A black serpent-like tongue licked its lips and its red eyes glowed.

// I mustn't let them.......win.....it's all in my mind.... // The Dainarian straightened up and took a deep shuddering breath. The Being cocked its head to the side, as if sensing the warrior's resolve, and then smiled knowingly. The darkness wavered and changed. All the young warrior could do was try not the vomit upon seeing the gore and blood. He fell to his knees and clutched at his heaving stomach.

"My son....come with me......" He shot his head up at the unfamiliar voice. In the center of a bloodied field covered with fallen warriors stood....his father.......beckoning to him. Trembling, the warrior stood up, unsure and afraid for the very first time in his entire existence. Silver tears tumbled forth, streaking the youth's face, and clouding his vision.

"Come my son.....come to me....." the Guardian reached out a tainted hand.


"Yessss..." his father smiled. The warrior took a hesitant step forward. Emotion overcame him and he began to run toward the open arms of his father. The father he longed to know and love. Suddenly, there was a flash of light, and in that instant the Dainarian saw the horrible truth. Gathering energy once more, he forced himself to slow down, and walked toward the image of his father.

// My father died an honorable death protecting this universe, my mother, and me.....I will not let a Being as foul as you to corrupt that.....//

He stopped only a few feet away and smiled back.

"Die." He commanded and his "father's" face contorted with hate and reverted back into the Being he saw earlier. Without a moment's hesitation he released the stream of dark energy, completely eliminating it. The void returned and crying, he fell to his knees, awaiting the final test.


"Guardian Quatre?"

"Yes Rashid?" Quatre smiled as he watched children playing along the streets.

"Were you going to bring a gift for Duo's Coming of Age celebration? It is tomorrow night..."

"Rashid!! I completely forgot....." Quatre sighed. "Where would I be without you?"

"At a celebration without a present. You know how Lord Duo is......"

"Yes, yes!" Quatre waved his hand and smiled. "I know how he is.....we've only grown up together."

"Shall we go `shopping' then my Guardian?" Rashid smirked slightly and Quatre rolled his eyes.

"Of course," Quatre patted the taller man's back. "Lead the way my good man. Lead the way."

* * * * *

Hidden underneath a dark cloak, the Guardian of the Soul strolled along the walkways of Mankelia with his faithful sentry. It was a regular space station with ports for repairs and refueling. The large space-stay was also a "boiling pot" for various Beings of the universe. There were numerous shops and recreation for the weary traveler. Mankelia was also renown for its booming trade of personal sex slaves, which was legal all over the universe. All slaves were either captured outlaws or lone Beings wandering in space. The slaves of Mankelia were unsurpassed throughout the Cosmos.

After searching high and low through Mankelia's shops, Quatre considered "purchasing" a concubine for his friend. After all, it was quite common for those of royalty to own a few here and there. Especially the young princes and princesses of various planets; it was only natural.

// Maybe I should.....I mean....Duo's never had one yet....I'm sure he'll get a few at the celebration.......but.......oh....I don't know.....what do I get that baka??!! //

Quatre's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by loud screaming.

[ Help me!!! Please!!! Someone help me~!!! ]

"Did you hear that?!" Quatre searched for the source of the desperate cry.

"Hear what Guardian?" the blond man looked incredulously at Rashid until realization dawned on him. Someone was "mind speaking" and only very few Beings, including himself were capable of that ability.

[ Help me please!! Don't let them take me!! ]

"This way!!" Quatre darted for a large crowd a few yards ahead, cape billowing behind him, and Rashid quickly followed. The screaming in his head grew louder as Quatre approached the crowd. It was insane as to how many Beings were teeming around, blocking whatever attraction was on sale. Incredibly high prices were shouted at random and Quatre didn't know what item would be that sought-after, which these common Beings would spend so much money on.

[ Help me!! ]

Quatre threw off his hood and immediately the crowds parted. Every Being bowed, showing proper respect, and whispering "Guardian" as he made his way toward the center of the mass. Quatre kept his eyes locked on the man in dark red clothing from head to foot; the mark of a Slave Master. The Slave Master had his head bowed, but blinked nervously at Quatre through dark bangs.

"What is going on here?" the blond demanded loudly, causing a few of the Beings around him the tremble with anxiety. No Being in their right mind wanted to be on a Guardian's "bad side".

"N-nothing my Guardian. J-just a t-t-trading is all..." Quatre quirked a delicate platinum eyebrow.

"What is you name Slave Master?" Said man wiped his brow with the sleeve of his shirt.

"S-sam, my Guardian."

"And who is that?" Quatre indicated at the trembling nude figure on the center of the stage with a tilt of his head.

"Just a slave my Guardian."

"Stand up slave." The figure didn't move. "I said stand up!"

"My Guardian...," the Slave Master whispered. Quatre whipped his head to glare at the man. "He does not understand our words, my Guardian."

He turned his attention back to the Being on the stage floor.

// This Being is the one that cried out....... //

[ Stand up. I will not harm you. ]

The dark head shot up at Quatre's declaration and the blond Guardian was instantly caught in an intense gaze. The Being, a young man like himself, slowly stood up, revealed in all his glory, and Quatre understood.

"My God......" he breathed and continued to stare at the vision before him.


The Dainarian shielded his eyes from the intense white light that drove the darkness away. He now faced the final test, and if he passed....he would be worthy. He took a single step forward and a perfect replica of himself materialized before him. Taken slightly a back, he tried to recall everything, which his Advisors told him.

_You will come across many opponents and obstacles...some of which seem impossible to pass. However, it is quite possible as long as you believe in yourself. Your greatest and most formidable enemy....is one's self._

The warrior knew that his "twin" was his subconscious, the manifestation of his deepest secrets and desires. There was nothing he could do...... If his double were to attack, he would fail. To become a Guardian, you must want it....... body, mind, and soul.

Reflective brown orbs stared passively at him as the Dainarian waited with bated breath. Then the emotionless face lit up and smiled. His replica floated forth, becoming transparent as large ebony wings emerged from its back. The warrior was embraced by the image of himself and surrounded by the dark wings. It then placed a light kiss on the warrior's brow and was gone. He smiled triumphantly as he approached his weapon. The dark power around it intensified with each step until the weapon wasn`t visible at all. Without faltering, he reached into the orb of crackling energy and was instantly transported away.

When he opened his eyes his gaze fell on the weapon held firmly in his grip. It was a beautiful scythe of pure black, glimmering with each move he made. He looked around, finding himself surrounded by the brilliance of the Cosmos. He was in the Oracle's Domain. A place of wonder and purity where millions had risked their lives trying to find the Oracle because of its enormous power and ability to grant wishes. Only a few Chosen were allowed to grace this dimension. He beheld its beauty momentarily before the voice from the initiation of his Coming of Age returned. There was no trace of the usual monotone, but it spoke with a hint of pride in its depths.



"With my life and more." Duo whispered and was again engulfed in the Power of the Cosmos.

The Power lifted him up and held him suspended as the changes took place. Duo could feel the dark violet and black tendrils of his Power surging through his veins, caressing him, strengthening him. The torn clothing vanished and a black body suit took its place. Black boots and fingerless gloves materialized next, snug and fit. A deep violet sash wrapped low around his hips and silver armor protected his upper torso.

Duo's trademark braid unraveled and the chestnut locks began to change. A black so dark, it reflected the stars, swept down from his crown to the ends of the silken strands. He blinked and the dark chocolate brown that was his eyes, were now a vibrant amethyst. With the transformation complete, the Oracle spoke again.


There was a bright flash of white light and Duo found himself upon the dais once again.


Quatre was at a loss for words. This boy was beyond any Tongue of the stars and was sure there were no words that existed which were adequate enough to describe him.

Before him stood an image of perfection with a well toned yet lithe body. The lightly tanned skin was covered in goose bumps, both from the cold and the stares he received. It looked tight and smooth to the touch, accentuating every defined muscle. Long slender legs and arms...smooth chest.....tight stomach.....and well endowed. Chocolate strands fell just past his shoulders and was slightly messy; wind blown to be exact but it only added to his sensuality. He had intense cobalt eyes, which kept on darting between faces in the crowd and Quatre himself. Stormy, almost ethereal blue eyes which the Guardian believed could see into one's soul......

Then the boy "spoke" again, bringing Quatre out of his trance.

[ P-please. Help me. ]

Quatre looked around at the Beings in the crowd and sure enough their eyes were glued to the boy. He sensed the incredible lust radiating off the crowd and some of the stronger visions flashed before his eyes. Quatre was thoroughly disgusted and came to his decision.

"I will pay twice the amount of the highest bid for THIS slave." The response was immediate. There was a roar of upset; each Being wanted the boy for his/her own. Quatre flared in anger, his power intensified and glowed around him.

"You dare challenge a Guardian?!!" his voice boomed. The Beings fell into quiet once more as Quatre nodded his head to Rashid. The tall sentry paid Sam in full and returned to his Guardian. Removing his cloak, Quatre slowly approached the boy.

[ Do not be afraid. I will not harm you. ]

[ Who are you??!! ]

[ I am Guardian Quatre. And you are? ]

[ Guardian!! ] Realization shown in the deep blue eyes and he fell to his knees.

[ No....get up...] Quatre wrapped him in the cloak and stood him up.

[ Thank you Guardian, for everything. ]

[ Call me Quatre. What is your name? ] The boy was hesitant in his answer as they walked off the podium.

[ Heero, my Guardian..... ]

[ Heero.... ] Quatre breathed as the smaller boy passed out from exhaustion. Gently cradling Heero in his arms, he turned to his friend.

"Come Rashid. We leave for home." Rashid nodded and led the way back to Sandrock's dock.


Lady Elina approached her son slowly. She desperately fought the tears that threatened to spill forth.

// He looks so much like his father........oh Jarrel.....You'd be so proud of him........ //

The new Guardian stepped down and embraced his trembling mother. He knew what she was wishing because he was wishing it too. Duo hid his face in his mother's hair and silently cried with her.

"Oh Duo....my son.....Guardian of Dainar...I'm so proud of you. And I know your father is too."

Duo didn't answer. He didn't know how to respond, so he just nodded his head. And the pair stayed like that, bathed in the moonlight, crying in each other's arms.






[1] Okay. Age. The Guardians and their families age MUCH SLOWER than the other Beings. Why?! Because. You need a Guardian for protection and you can`t have them dying at a measly 89. Besides...it makes the story...more AU. ....etc etc.....one cycle is equivilent to one year......so Duo looks nineteen years old......but he's really 999...he'll be 1000 cycles aka years old in chapter three. Same goes for the other Guardians........

Aya!! How'd you like that puppy?!! I did! *giggles* Yeah....I'm not that great at writing about blood and gore....but I try. Really. I do. ^__^ Anyways. Hmm.....do you see a plot?? Oh my.....what's going to happen in the next chapter of Written in the Stars?? What will happen to the new Guardian??! Better yet. What will happen to Hee- chan???!!!! *laughs*

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