Written in the Stars * The Beginning
Dedicated to Mina Lightstar
By: Chiaki
Pairings: it's a surprise!! *winkwink*
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Warnings: all......angst, sap, etc......you get the picture...oh yeah...AU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Notes: "........" = talking //......// = thoughts [.........] = "mind speaking" yeahyeah......that was the only way I could describe it. One can have private thoughts, whereas "mind speaking" is like, well...mind speaking. You only let other`s hear what you want them to hear. ^_^ Makes sense? It does to me!! ^_~

The group of five secretly made their way to the imperial ship's dock behind the palace. When they reached the enormous spaceship they found it surrounded by countless Shadows. The enemy had anticipated their move and was now blocking their only means of escape. The Shadows hissed upon spotting the Guardian and his family and immediately attacked.

"Protect your Lady!" the Guardian shouted as he headed for battle. The two guards automatically raised a force field around themselves and their Lady.

Armed with only a sword, the Guardian of Zeronia, flew at his calling. He was to protect the Cosmos with his life, but his family should not have to suffer that same fate. The Guardian assaulted with a force so great the Shadows were taken aback. This Guardian was by far, the strongest of the five, but he too would be overcome. The entities struck as one, surrounding and smothering the lone warrior. Finally, the mass of dark gray and black moved to reveal the last of the Guardians to the weeping stars.

The young woman's cry was like a banshee's shriek nearly shattering the heavens above. Even as her tears threatened to drown her, she watched in horrid disbelief as her Soul Mate fell defeated to the deck. Her husband was sprawled on the blood-drenched ground with his limbs twisted at unnatural angles. She thought her body would tear apart from its furious shaking as he lifted dark eyes to meet her gaze. Though their distance was great, she could make out his dying words.

"Run..," the vanquished warrior closed his eyes. "I love you ......both."

Ignoring the pair of guards, the Shadows turned their attention to the woman garbed in sapphire blue, clutching an undistinguishable bundle to her chest, and began to advance.

"Run Lady Celeste!! We will hold them back for as long as we can," the first guard yelled. Lady Celeste shook her head defiantly, not wanting to leave. With a solemn face the second guard approached his Lady.

"It was an honor my Lady," he bowed and turned to fire at the screeching Shadows. "Go now."

With a final look at her beloved, the woman ran back toward the battered palace.

* * * * *

Blinding light and deafening explosions filled the red sky. The screams of those in agony completed War's melody. The planet rumbled, threatening to collapse under the young woman's feet as she flew down the empty halls. Her home was attacked, her planet was dying, and her husband.....her love......gone. There was nothing left to fight for but the infant in her trembling arms. She glanced down at her child, who did not cry out once during the battle. He slept peacefully in his mother's warm embrace unaware of the danger surrounding him. She supposed it was better this way and let the tears flow freely, leaving a trail of silver behind her.

Finally she reached her destination. With a wave of her hand the metal doors opened blasting her with cold air. With another wave they closed and she quickly made her way to the nearest escape pod. Gently, so as not to wake her sleeping child, she secured him into place, and took a step back. She allowed herself this one moment before she would face the Shadows that destroyed all her hopes and dreams for herself and for her family.

The crying Lady gradually removed the treasure from her slender neck. It was a gift from her Love on the day of their union - such a short time ago. It was his Guardian pendant, a symbol of honor, pride, and his status in the Cosmos. It was carved from the same precious material that was the weapons of the Guardians. As the Guardian of Light, his pendant was a four-pointed star which looked much like the sword he carried, in the center of a ring. A sad smile graced her full lips as she placed the necklace in the tiny palm, and the hand griped at it.

The infant still did not stir as his mother caressed his tiny brow with a feather-light kiss and the pod's shield came down. The young woman set the coordinates of the silver cocoon for Death Scythe, the imperial ship of the Black planet, knowing that her son would be safe in the care of her dearest friend, the Lady of Dainar. The pod was off in the blink of an eye and she watched silently until the silver streak merged with the stars above.

"Good bye my darling," she whispered and proceeded for the Guardian's Chamber.

//We love you...//

* * * * *

The Shadows finally got passed the determined guards and the energy barrier surrounding the palace. The foul beings hovered for a moment before they swiftly flew down the main corridor and entered through wide double doors. The woman dressed in blue was standing alone in the center of the circular room. Her head was lowered and a tiny puddle of her grief collected at her feet. A Shadow floated forth, its red eyes pulsing with menace; it knew it would relish in its obliteration of the Lady. Halfway in its advance, it froze in mid air as eyes of cobalt blue shot straight to its core.

There was nothing that scared a Shadow. They were Fear itself, and yet this woman frightened them like nothing before. They had seen the eyes of those in pain, the eyes of the dying, and the eyes of the dead, but never had they seen such eyes as hers. They burned with a cold, blue fire that seared their very existence. From the floor rose a column, which glowed with the radiance of the planet. It stopped when it was level with her waist, and smiling, she slowly lowered her palm to its surface.....


The planet increased in brilliance before exploding with a force that shook the Cosmos, taking the Shadows with it to oblivion.

* * * * *

Thousands of miles away, a tiny smile spread on the lips of the still sleeping infant as he headed toward the ship Death Scythe.

* * * * *

A young soldier ran up to the silver haired man dressed in black. The youth's face was grave as he whispered into the elder's ear. With a gesture of his hand, the man dismissed the soldier and turned to see the anxious face of his Lady.

"The Shadows have been eliminated." Cheers of relief and joy resounded throughout the room.

"And my husband?" There was a long pause.

"All the Guardians have..." the aged man looked out the ship's window as a single tear rolled down his tired face. "...been defeated." A pitiful cry escaped the Lady's lips and her servants came running.

"Noooo...it cannot be...tell me Advisor. Tell me it cannot be!" He looked down at his Lady, trembling on the cold floor. Her servants tried to soothe her, but their efforts were in vain. He too could not believe that the Shadows had defeated the Universe's Guardians.

The leaders of the various Beings of the Universe had underestimated their opponents. The Shadows had isolated each Guardian, knowing that alone, their Powers were nothing against them. One by one the protectors of the Universe fell. The Guardian of Light was their last hope in their battle against the new entities. Unfortunately, like his comrades he was defeated. As a last resort to save the rest of Space, the Lady of Zeronia had sacrificed her planet, her life, and that of her newborn child's to annihilate the last of the Shadows.

"What of Lady Celeste?! Of her babe?! What has happened to my friend?!!"

"Lady Celeste......she...."

"She what?!!"

"She gave the Cosmos her life."


"Zeronia has been obliterated. Nothing is left of the Planet of Light." Gasps escaped the mouths of those in the room. Zeronia was a Key Planet and home to the Guardian of Light. Murmurs among the servants and guards were stopped when their Lady spoke up again.

"There was no other way...."

"No my Lady."

"Celeste always did the right thing....."

"Yes my Lady. What she did was very honorable and unselfish." There was a long silence before she whispered.

"Bring me my son. I want to see my son." The door slid open immediately and another girl came in carrying a seventh month old boy. The Lady smiled gently as she took her child into her embrace and held him tight. No matter how severe the pain was inside, the Lady's tears would not fall. She just sat there rocking her only son while humming an unknown tune.

* * * * *

[ Captain. ]

[ Yes? ]

[ There is a pod approaching from the port side Captain. Do you want me to retrieve it? ] There was a pause before the former answered.

[ Yes. ]

The rogue spaceship slowed down and brought out its arms to capture the silver pod. The entire crew stood before the chamber that held the tiny contraption. There was whoosh of air as the door opened and pressure was released. The pod levitated forth until it floated before the Captain. He punched in a few numbers on the control pad and the pod's shield came up. The outlaws were astounded to find a sleeping infant inside.

[ Captain....an infant? Of what Being? ]

The Captain lifted the babe into his arms, and slowly, the small Being awoke. He was immediately caught in the infant's intense blue gaze.

[ Captain Lowe? ]

[ I'm uncertain as to what Being this child is....... ]

[ What will you do with him Captain? Surely we cannot keep him. He'd be in too much danger. ]

[ He'd be in more danger if we do not. ]

[ But Captain-- ]

[ That's enough Noin. This is my decision. This is my ship. You do what I say. ]

[ Yes Captain. Sorry sir. ]

[ Get rid of the pod and then come to the bridge. You are all dismissed. ]

The crew of Hanako departed, trusting their Captain, who never led them wrong before. Noin did as she was instructed and stepped onto the teleportation pad her Captain was on only minutes ago. She arrived at the bridge in a matter of seconds to find her Captain seated in his chair staring at the infant who was staring right back.

[ What are you going to name him Odin? ]

He brushed a few dark brown bangs from the small brow before answering his friend.

[ Heero. ]

[ ......I like it. ]

A soft smile spread across Noin's lips as she took the cooing baby into her arms. Odin smiled fondly on the pair.

[ So do I. ]

* * * * *

From somewhere among the floating ruins of Zeronia a single Shadow struggled forth. Its red eyes dimming, it flew toward the boundaries of the Universe, heading for where it first came. Heading back to the rest of its kind and their awaiting leader...........


[ tbc ]



Knowing that you are all so smart, I'm sure you figured out that the baby boy was Heero. ^__^ Aa...my Hee-chan.

Chiaki: Meep!!!!! I s-said Y-YOOUUR Hee-chan.
::Duo quirks a single chestnut eyebrow::
Chiaki: Okay okay....*bows head and mumbles* I said he was mine....*sniffles*
::Duo glomps Chiaki::
Duo: Awww~! Chi-chan you're so kawaii~!!! I'm not mad.
Chiaki: You're not?
Duo: No, ::Duo grins broadly:: but if any of YOU three lay a finger on /MY/ Heero...you've got a date with your maker!! (Sound familiar?? ^_~) ::Turns to Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei who look at Duo with chibi eyes::
All three: Who......US??!! NEVER!!! ::All three pilots cross their fingers behind their backs::
Duo: Good. Now, as you were saying Chi-chan........
::Chiaki sweatdrops::

Ano......gomen. Heh. As I was saying....this is the very first chapter of my new ficcie. I don't know how long this will be....but I'm sure it'll be somewhat lengthy. ^_^ I was inspired to write a total AU ficcie for my Wifey Mina Lightstar. ^__^ She just deserves it ne?? ^_~ Love you Mina~! Hope you like this.....


Chapter two in Written in the Stars series is............

The Coming of Age.........

.....which is centered around a certain amethyst-eyed, braided bishounen.....::winkwink:: and more surprises. Oh good Lord. I'm already loving this!! =^.^=