Title: The Silent Ones
Author: Chiaki Dark
Disclaimer: Gundam Wing and its characters belong to their respective owners. However, this story and any original characters are mine.
Pairings: 2x1
Ratings: NC-17
Warnings: Lemon & Detail & Sap & a bit of Humor.

Notes: This is told from Duo's point of view. The plot bunny bit me in the arse with its huge teeth and I couldn't seem to write anything else until this was finished. n_n0 Post Endless Waltz. There is also some explicit descriptions as well as some crude language. But I don't think that's going to stop you. Feedback is appreciated.

BLAH=emphasis *Blah*=thought


The Silent Ones


It was lunch break at the Preventers while my lover was still out on a two-day mission. So where did that leave me? It left me in the cafeteria- "the Pit" as we liked to call it-with a group of guys from my department. I was by no means friends with them but I could eat while they chatted, occasionally throwing my two cents in, and for a while this gaping hole in my chest didn't seem so huge.

The sandwich in my hands was half-way gone, oozing mustard from all crevices. It immediately reminded me of his ridiculous yellow sneakers.

I couldn't help but smile.

"Maxwell?" I turned to the source of the voice, not bothering to school away my silly grin.

The guy was wholesome looking with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. Baker-electrical engineer; slight limp from an injury to the right leg during high school football, my mind supplied. "What's up?" I asked.

"Davidson here wants to know if Yuy's a ...Screamer," Baker's voice trailed off slowly as a blush stole across his cheeks. In fact, a quick look at most of the group showed similar reactions. I could feel every one of my muscles tighten. What the hell was going on here?

"C'mon, Maxwell!" Davidson pulled himself up in his seat and leaned over a nervous looking guy to smirk at me. "That fine piece of ass you've got. Yuy? I bet he's a Screamer during sex, huh? The silent ones always are..."

I couldn't believe my ears, and I could barely suppress the urge to knock the guy's teeth through the back of his skull. I'd already had two warnings from Une about my quote, "extreme behavior towards peers in regards to Agent Yuy." Another "outburst" and I would be suspended for a week.

"God... I'd put up with his cold shoulder any day if I got the chance to hear him scream."

The asshole hadn't seemed to notice his buddies leaving the table during his public musings about my lover.

"And that ass! It's enough to make a straight man want a taste!"

What was left of my sandwich lay mutilated in my hands. I longed to see his face in the same state.

"I bet he's a GREAT fuck."

Davidson never saw me coming.


Ten minutes later I was in Une's office. Surprisingly enough, she didn't look upset at all. Just tired. Really, really tired.

"Maxwell, I thought we'd already discussed your behavior. I assume you don't need any explanation of what it is I'm talking about." She steepled her fingers and rested her mouth against them. "I understand that you dislike rude commentary about Yuy, but couldn't you have just ASKED Davidson to stop?"

I flung my braid over my shoulder and smirked. "Davidson wasn't smart enough to know that NO ONE talks about Heero like that in the first place. He didn't deserve a warning."

"But he deserved to be beaten into a pulp?"

"Yes. Yes, he did."

Her sigh was loud and long. "You are hereby suspended from Preventers for the period of seven days, Agent Maxwell. In addition, you are to complete all your mission reports as well as Agent Davidson's, seeing as he won't be in any condition to do so himself. I expect you out of your office in fifteen minutes. Have I made myself clear?"

"Loud and clear, boss-lady!" I threw a grin over my shoulder. "I'll see you in a week!"

Her eyes were wide with disbelief, but she only shook her head. "I hope it was worth it, Maxwell." I don't think she really meant for me to hear it, but I turned to her slowly as an image of the unconscious Davidson with both eyes swollen shut, lip torn, and broken jaw lingered in my mind's eye.

I smirked at her, halfway through the door. "Oh my dear lady. It was more than worth it."


I knew he was in our room watching me sleep, even before my mind had come to full consciousness. "Welcome back, lover." I aimed a lazy smile at the shadow-shrouded figure near the window.


Many would assume that peace had loosened Heero's tongue over the years, but he was still as sufficient in his words as he'd always been. That did not mean, however, that he was unable to communicate. There were nuances in his body and eyes that gave away exactly how he was feeling and expressed more than words ever could, if you knew what to look for. Too bad I had no one to let me in on that little insight years ago. Ah well... there was never any use in crying over split milk.

I remained sprawled on our bed, watching his tight body move with the utmost efficiency. His gaze was obsidian in the dim early-morning light, or perhaps that was arousal in his eyes. Slowly, he began to unbutton his shirt, the smirk in his eyes revealing his knowledge of my suspension. "You haven't been playing nice with the other boys."

I sprang up immediately and stilled his hands. I could feel the blood pounding through his veins, so tight was my grip on his wrists. There. It was only a flicker of deep blue, but Heero could never resist my naked form. "Did you know that the little snot Davidson doesn't have enough common sense to fill a thimble? He felt he needed to share his sexual wonder-about MY lover-to a room full of people, and had the audacity to imply that he thought you'd be a `GREAT FUCK?!'"

I spat the last two words, pulled Heero flush against my frame, and continued with my rant. "He held this pathetic notion that you were a `Screamer' in bed. That having a cock shoved up your sweet ass would somehow loosen your tightly sealed lips...But I'm the ONLY one who will ever know the truth about you aren't I, love?"

Heero's body was humming with desire. I could feel his hard length nudging my inner thigh. My beloved Heero sure had some perverse fascination with my possessive nature-the kinky bastard-NOT that I'm complaining... I bent down to devour those pink lips, and broke away once he began to respond.

"W-what.... truth?" His deep eyes were overwhelming.

"That your words...your silence.... and everything else about you," I watched with satisfaction as Heero closed his eyes to pleasure. "Is MINE."


I never tire of witnessing Heero's writhing, naked form on our bed.

Not because his body causes my blood to sing.

Not because his beauty causes my heart pain.

But because in these moments, he is free in his surrender. Heero offers himself to me here, like a sacrifice to the gods. The god. HIS god. SHINIGAMI.

In our bed, everything is stripped bare. His deepest desires and greatest fears, and the euphoric pleasure that surges beneath the surface of his sweet, honeyed skin. I ached to worship him with tongue and lips.

I slowly draped myself over that supine form, breath hitching and Heero's own echoing at the full body contact. I sucked away his panting breath before paying homage to every corded muscle and every pusling vein along his throat and down his chest. Heero's fingertips dug into me then, as I kissed and suckled on his dusky nipples. I rolled the sweet bits of flesh between my teeth, pulled them taut, and drank my fill of them. Heero's entire body was arched up into my mouth and his breathing was short when I felt another insistent furrowing of fingers down my back. I met my lover's gaze whose plea was so blatant in their blue depths. Who was I to refuse him?

I snaked my body down, sliding my cheek easily along his torso with the slickness of sweat, placing a soft, sideways-kiss to his navel as I passed it on to the apex of all his pleasure. Only when I felt the warm, wet, pulsating cock beneath my chin did I turn my face into his groin.

Then I breathed in his scent and reveled in it.

"Heero," I licked up the precome oozing from the slit of the swollen, rosy head and met his hazy gaze. "I could FEAST on you..."

And I knew, even as I took him into my mouth that there would be no verbal reply. No moans or cries of pleasure. No pleading or words of encouragment. No...but there was his body and the way it moved against my own. Responded to my own. Caressed my own. There was the way he breathed-how deep, how shallow, how short, how long.

I grazed my teeth along his erection JUST right and the breath on his lips rattled.

I danced my fingers across his hot, puckered opening and the air slid in between his trembling lips, fast and sharp.

His body shivering, Heero propped himself up on one elbow and with his other arm dragged me up to kiss my mind away. Those wonderous blue eyes were pure fire as my darling lover parted his thighs further and skillfully aligned my throbbing, aching cock against his gripping heat. We both twitched with anticipation.

"SHIT..." I moaned, breaching his anus but only going so far in to allow his muscles to stretch around the head of my drooling erection. Heero writhed beneath me, breathing frantic. His body was trying to swallow me whole but I wasn't about to have any of that yet so I thrust into him then-barely penetrating-finding him already slicked up with lube.


Images of my love penetrating himself with his own fingers-preparing himself for ME-flooded my mind and the need to sink myself deep into his body increased a thousand-fold. I chose to ignore his brief smirk of satisfaction.

I had to call on the very last vestiges of my control to keep my thrusting shallow instead of ramming home and laying claim to a body and soul I knew to be mine. I was slowly driving myself and my beloved to insanity, but it all felt so good... Heero always felt so good... And not one of my previous sexual encounters could ever hold a candle to this firestorm in my body.

Every touch of Heero's skin warmed me to the bones-every kiss of his lips gave me life.

Then again, it is only right that I should share this intense, overwhelming pleasure with the only person I could ever truly love.

I must have been grinning like a right idiot because I suddenly felt those calloused fingertips trace my lips. I kissed them softly.

"Just thinking, baby."

Heero quirked his brow in silent inquiery.

"About us," I stilled my body. "And how right this all is. What we have is worth fighting for and I will fight for us every moment and everyday for the rest of our lives."

Heero's eyes held a definite glassy quality to them before they were closed to me and I was forcefully rolled over and onto my back. The dark chocolate head was bent down, chin resting on his firm chest as he slowly sank himself onto my wet cock. Those sculpted thighs bunched under the strain of supporting the majority of Heero's weight and one slender hand clutched at my hip. His other hand cradled his engorged sac high, exposing our intimate joining to my greedy gaze.

Finally, the firm globes of his ass rested in the junction of my thighs. Our eyes met and we knew it would not last long.

"Ride me, baby. FINISH US."

And breathlessly, he did.


"Agent Maxwell, I hope you've learned your lesson. I trust that the reports weren't too much of a task for you?" Lady Une asked even as she skimed through the folders of my work.

I only grinned at her then, with my hands behind my head in a facade of nonchalance-I was itching to get out of her office. "Piece of cake, boss-lady."


The hard stare shot my way paled in comparison to Heero's deathglare and I lifted an amused eyebrow at my superior. *Is that pathetic excuse of a glare supposed to intimidate me?*

Lady Une's lips twitched up momentarily. "Your partner should be returning with Agent Chang from their investigation right about now. You are dismissed, Agent Maxwell. Good day."

With a salute and a smirk I was out the door. My long strides quickly took me to Heero's office where my brunette was gingerly sitting himself down in his chair.

"Heya, baby..." My smirk widened into a full-blown grin as I locked the door. "You busy?"

Heero narrowed those blue eyes at me. "Duo..."

"You know it only turns me on when you growl at me like that...."

He was unresisting as I picked him up and sat him on the large desk. "Didn't you JUST come back from talking with Lady Une?"

"Um hmm. Asked me if I learned my lesson," I murmured into the soft skin right behind his left ear. There was a sharp tug on my tie. "And did you?"

I pulled back briefly to look into Heero's bright eyes. "Sure I did, lover! The next time someone decides to pull a stunt like that punk Davidson-I'm gonna kick his ass too!" A dark brow rose high and his sharp chin tilted down-it was Heero's way of not saying, "what are you up to now?" Hah. The little bastard knows me too well.

Our ensuing kiss was deep. "I'll just make sure to do the ass-kicking OUTSIDE of work!!"

He smiled at me then, and the rest of our afternoon passed in blissful silence.